Preliminary Registration Desolate Ancient Sacred Body Chapter 451


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In the depths of the Xuantian mountain range, Spirit Qi is vast, like a dragon.

A team has stepped across the sky, and the aura of each of them is enough to make people tremble.

“It should be here.” Gu Chanzi stopped and looked away.

But seeing this place, the nine mountain range ups and downs, Spirit Qi is like mist.

This is a rare dragon’s den.

“Yes, the terrain here is the Jiulong pilgrimage site. It is most suitable for nourishing ancient freaks. The last ancient freak of Jun Family must be here.” Gu Cicada solemnly vowed said.

“Since this is the case, what else is there to delay.”

Nether God Crown Prince was the first to stand up.

He didn’t say a word, and shot directly, and the terrifying underworld surging out, turning into a dark seal.

With this seal condensing, between Heaven and Earth, there seems to be the cry of thousands of ghosts.

“Sun Luo’s death mark!”

The Nether God Crown Prince’s seal fell, as if a party fell in the night, and the entire Xuantian mountain range was roaring and trembling.

The mountain range broke, rocks fell, and the earth collapsed.

This kind of fluctuation is extremely terrifying, just like the Single Palm Extinguishing the World.

“Really strong big means!”

Whether it is the people in this kingslayer team, or the influence Heaven’s Chosen who is onlookers in the distance, they are all trembling.

Nether God Crown Prince, this random hand, is estimated to be able to kill any True God Realm Heaven’s Chosen at will.

Even the Heaven’s Chosen of Early-Stage in the Heavenly God environment, dare not resist.


The entire mountain range seems to be destroyed.

The earth also cracked the gap of thousands zhang.

But in the gap, there is endless golden glow spreading out.

A golden Array is faintly visible, transforming into a golden mask, covering the entire earth.

“There is even an Array?” Nether God Crown Prince raised his eyebrows slightly.

But the others are extremely excited.

This Array also represents that the last ancient freak of the Jun Family is indeed here.

“Break this formation directly and destroy the last ancient freak of Jun Family!” Long Aotian’s eyes burst.

“Yes, first kill the Jun Family ancient freaks, then kill the Jun Family sequences, and finally kill Jun Family Divine Child, Jun Xiaoyao!” Huang Tiange is also coldly shouted.

All the hostile influences of Jun Family are high morale.

Jun Family, will be in Xiangu World, causing the group to be destroyed!

At this moment, an extremely indifferent voice suddenly sounded from the sky in the distance.

“Who gave you the courage to say such ignorant and stupid things?”

“Look at Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, who dares to destroy my Jun Family!”

As the voice fell, a line of silhouette came.

Looking around, the seven transcendent silhouettes are lined up in the void.

Like seven Heavenly Gods, with a breathtaking oppression aura!

It is the remaining seven-digit sequence of Jun Family!

The seven major sequences of Jun Family are here, and the aura makes the void boil!

“Sequences of Jun Family!”

In the distance, many onlookers of Heaven’s Chosen were filled with excitement.

One side is the Immemorial Imperial Family Heaven’s Chosen, and the other side is the seven sequences of Jun Family.

This scene is interesting.

Everyone looked towards Jun Family Seven Sequences, with a terrified look in their eyes.

There is no other reason, just because of the Jun Family sequence, the strength has improved too fast.

The first sequence headed by Dual Eye is Jun Lingcang, whose cultivation base has reached the Middle Stage of Heavenly God.

The 2nd sequence Jun Wushuang and the third sequence Jun Mulan have also reached the Early-Stage of Heavenly God.

The remaining four of Jun Wanjie, Jun Xuehuang, Jun Xiyu, and Jun Zhangjian, the cultivation base is also in True God Realm Small Perfection or Great Perfection.

It can be said that the seven sequences of Jun Family are already extremely good.

“The Jun Family sequence is really too strong. If they can survive this tribulation, their future will be limitless.” Someone sighed.

“I don’t think it’s good enough. Although the Jun Family sequences are here, they can’t change the situation.” Some discerning people also saw it.

In the seventh sequence of Jun Family, there are three Heavenly God scenes.

But on the side of the Kingslayer team, Heavenly God has more realities.

Long Aotian, Feng Luofei, Huang Tiange, and Qilin are all in the Heavenly God realm, and there is also the Heavenly God Middle Stage.

There are also the three young kings of Xiangu, Ao Guang, the Little Sorcerer God, and Heavenly Eye Sacred Child, as well as the powerful existence of the Late Stage of Heavenly God.

There is also the Nether God Crown Prince, an ancient freak with extremely terrifying strength, which is trembling in fear.

In addition, there are many Immemorial Royal Family Heaven’s Chosen, which are also around.

The Jun Family sequence wants to fight, which is simply unrealistic.

However, the faces of Jun Lingcang and other Sequences are not at all timid.

Yes, there are only endless killings and fighting intents!

Long Aotian and other Immemorial Imperial Family Heaven’s Chosen were not surprised to see the arrival of the Jun Family sequences.

Anyway, they have killed the two ancient freaks of Jun Family, and the remaining one will soon be killed.

The ending is doomed.

It’s better to say that these Jun Family sequences are coming, just to catch everything in one net.

Qilin stepped out. He was born with purple Qilin horns for the first time. He wore a purple Qilin battle armour. He carried a ray of said with a sneer in his eyes: “Jun Lingcang, are you walking right into a trap? “

“Defeated, still have a dog barking face?” Jun Lingcang’s face was indifferent.

Hearing this, Qilin’s face suddenly cold, icily said: “I was just too lazy to do my best before, Jun Lingcang, you think about courting death so much, we will fulfill you!”

“Impudent, my old lady hacked you guys to death with a sword!” Jun Mulan held a heavy sword and raised her eyebrows. The blood of War God within the body was boiling.

“Don’t you put us immortal kings in your eyes?”

Ao Guang, Crown Prince of the Dragon Human Clan, stepped forward. The golden hair was scattered, and his face was handsome, like Gods of light, which made people have an urge to worship.

As he stepped out, the little wizard god of the ancient witch tribe and Heavenly Eye Sacred Child of Three-Eyed Divine Race also stepped out simultaneously.

For a time, the three young kings of the ancient immortals flourished in an imposing manner.

That is the terrifying Heaven’s Chosen from the Late Stage of the three Heavenly God!

Even if her temper is as fierce as Jun Mulan, her complexion can’t help but feel a lot of pressure.

At this moment, a lightly said sound came.

“Ao Guang, when did you get involved in the battle of Heaven’s Chosen outside.”

As the voice came out, the entire group arrived.

The woman who speaks, wears a Baihua Ling Luo skirt, has a fair complexion like porcelain and her eyes are as clear as limpid autumn water.

It is one of Xiangu Four Great Races, the young king of Li Human Clan, Li limpid autumn water.

Beside her, Jiang Shengyi, Jiang Luoli, Jiang Chuhan, Jiang Void Spirit and other Jiang Family Heaven’s Chosen were standing.

“That’s…the young king of Li Human Clan, and Jiang Family Goddess and the others!”

“Sure enough, I knew that Jun Family, no matter how arrogant, would not be so stupid that a few people would come to die.”

all directions, there was a whisper of discussion.

“tsk tsk, didn’t expect Jiang Family are also here, but even if the young king of Li Human Clan is drawn, he is at a disadvantage in the situation.” The little Demon fairy watching the game from a distance shook his head .

“hmph, Lilimpid autumn water, I advise you not to interfere, you know, we have three people here.” Heavenly Eye Sacred Child said indifferently.

He killed a sequence of Jun Family casually before. It can be said that he and Jun Family also forged an irreconcilable hatred.

“Should, come soon.” At this moment, Jiang Shengyi thought of it.

At this time, a silhouette appeared in Yuankong again, and that terrifying aura had also reached the Heavenly God Late Stage!

“Jun Family is in trouble, how can my Jiang Family not help?”

As the voice rang out, a young man with dashing eyebrows star eyes, holding a Divine Seal in his hand, appeared.

It is an ancient freak awakened by Jiang Family, Jiang Tianyan!

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