Preliminary Registration Desolate Ancient Sacred Body Chapter 453


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No one thought that in the ancient world, there would be such a huge Heaven’s Chosen melee.

And the source of this Heaven’s Chosen melee is the Immemorial Imperial Family and other influences against Jun Family.


The brilliance of all colors is roaring, Heaven and Earth are shaking, and the fluctuations erupted by this kind of melee are indescribable, like the world is destroyed.

Many Heaven’s Chosen found their opponents and started fighting.

“Jun Lingcang, I was just too lazy to use my trump card to fight you, now I will try again!” Qilin stepped forward, pushing his palm horizontally.

With Purple Qi three 10,000 li, there are many Qilin illusory shadows appearing, with his hand blasting, crushing All Heavens.

“Defeated means defeated. Today, you are dead!” Jun Lingcang said indifferently.

The actions of the Immemorial Imperial Family have already crossed the bottom line. Since this is the case, there is nothing left to say, there is only life and death.

The rest of the Jun Family sequence also collided with the top Heaven’s Chosen of the Immemorial Imperial Family such as Long Aotian, Huang Tiange, and Feng Luofei.

Here, Jiang Shengyi lifted the jade hand, urged by the power of Innate Dao Embryo, turned into an endless Dao Mark, spreading under her feet.

Jiang Shengyi normally quiet like a virgin, like Fairy in the moon palace.

But now, her angry shot, the blue silk fluttering, also burst out a trembling aura.

After comprehend the ancestor stone tablet in the ancestral land of Human Clan, plus many other opportunities, Jiang Shengyi’s cultivation base realm also reached the Heavenly God realm.

She held an angry palm and shot Wang Teng.

“Jiang Shengyi, although you are pregnant with Innate Dao Embryo, you are also impossible to be my opponent.” Wang Teng smiled and shot out with a probing hand, and Magic Power surged out.

As the Wang Family Young Emperor, he is a man of great luck and luck. He has not been defeated since he was born, and he was judged by his father as a Great Emperor.

So Wang Teng also has invincible Dao Heart, and he doesn’t think he will lose.

But Jiang Shengyi is Innate Dao Embryo after all, it is not in a short time to suppress Jiang Shengyi.

On the other side, Jiang Luoli and Jiang Chuhan met the Holy Sect son of Holy Sect, and the three fought.

The ancient freak of Jiang Family, Divine Seal King Body Jiang Tianyan, was stopped by Ao Guang, the little witch god, Heavenly Eye Sacred Child, and Wu Shuo.

“Jiang Tianyan, you want to help Jun Family, it’s impossible.” Wu Shuo said, his voice sharp and hoarse like a crow.

He and Jiang Tianyan are both ancient freaks and can be completely blocked.

“You want to die!” Jiang Tianyan holds a Divine Seal in his hand. Aura is extremely strong, like a Divine King who has died.

Although he is an ancient freak of the Late Stage of Heavenly God, the four people on the opposite side are also of the Late Stage of Heavenly God.

It is indeed a bit reluctant to want to fight one against four.

However, at this moment, Wang Chuan and Yi Yu came forward.

“If you dare to provoke the host, you must have the consciousness of death!” Yiyu pupil light was cold, burning Supreme-Yang True Fire all over.

Wang Chuan didn’t say anything, but behind him, a roulette shadow filled with Samsara Power appeared.

There is also the young king of Human Clan, Li limpid autumn water is also stepping forward.

It happens to be four to four.

“Then try it!”

Wu Shuo took the shot first, and between raising his hands, countless dark arrow feathers burst out, piercing a mountain into a sieve.

Jiang Tianyan also shot, the Divine Seal in his hand was shocked, and the halo spread out, colliding with those arrow feathers.

Yi Yu pulls away the Zhu Xing bursting bow, Unending Nine Stars, burst out!

Wang Chuan is also the power of sacred body to promote reincarnation, a great hand seal of reincarnation blasted out, as if to pull people into Endless Samsara!

Li Limpid autumn water of Human Clan also shot together with strong fluctuations.

Ao Guang, the little witch god, Heavenly Eye Sacred Child also shot.

A total of eight terrifying Heaven’s Chosen from the Heavenly God realm met together, like a starry universe exploded, and Magic Power rippled like waves.

As for the influence of the remaining parties, Panwu Divine Dynasty Wu Mingyue, Sacred Spirit Academy Hua Xiqing and the others are also fighting with many Immemorial Royal Family Heaven’s Chosen.

The little Demon who was watching the battle on the periphery saw it, and his big eyes changed.

After that, as if he had made up his mind, Little Demon also joined the battle.

“Hey, the little Demon fairy of Demon immortal sect actually helped the Jun Family?” Some Heaven’s Chosen saw this and were a little confused.

Demon immortal sect seems to have nothing to do with Jun Family, right?

Some people think that this may be Little Demon’s own thoughts.

“Xiaoyao little brother, people are betting on you.” Little Demon thought to himself.

Naturally, she did not act because of kindness, but because she wanted to make Jun Xiaoyao good.

Jun Xiaoyao walked out of his Great Dao, and if he does not fall in the future, he will definitely be a powerhouse.

“She actually shot?” On the other side, Ji Qingyi, who was also watching the battle, flashed with surprise.

Human immortal sect is opposed to Demon immortal sect. As a human immortal sect Saintess, she naturally pays attention to the movements of the little Demon fairy.

But Ji Qingyi thought about it, but still didn’t make a move.

The whole scene is extremely chaotic.

At the same time, the Nether God Crown Prince was trying to blast through the Array under the ground.

“Oh, the tortoise shell is hard.” Hell Nether Flame burned in the eyes of the Nether God Crown Prince.

Suddenly he raised his hand, and a terrifying haze burst out.

Finally, in his hand, an iron claw burning with ghostly fire appeared, exuding a strong wave.

It is the Life Source Supreme device of the Nether God Crown Prince, Hades Claw.

“That’s…Supreme device!” When many Heaven’s Chosen saw this, their eyes trembled.

It’s an ancient freak. The Supreme device says to take it, but it is the Divine Armament that even Supreme will love.

Nether God Crown Prince holds the claws of Hades and bombards them with one claw.

The purple black claws seemed to tear the void and crashed down.

The mask-like guardian Array directly blasted into endless light spots with a bang.


Nether God Crown Prince doesn’t even look at it, and uses Hades’s claws to motivate the strongest Divine Ability.

Heavenly Ghost Eighteen Claws!

Nether God Crown Prince in a flash, blasted out eighteen claws, superimposed on each other, and all blasted into the depths of the earth.

If this powerful move continues, even the ancient freaks will suffer severe damage or even fall without precautions.

“You dare!”

See the Jun Family sequence and the others in this scene, one by one eye socket cracked.

That was the last ancient freak in their Jun Family, how could it fall?

Jun Lingcang grabbed the black cloth over his eyes with one hand.

In an instant, the Dual Eye pupil light cracked Heaven and Earth, and a terrifying black light splashed out, and the sky was about to be burnt down.

Jun Lingcang can truly inspire the horror power of Dual Eye now.

Even Qilin, who was caught off guard for a while, was shocked back, vomiting a large mouthful of blood.

Jun Lingcang’s footsteps swept, and he wanted to support him.

At the same time, Long Aotian saw it, and a cold glow flashed in Golden’s dragon eyes.

He was naturally impossible to let Jun Lingcang rescue him.

“Tai Xu Shen Mark!”

Long Aotian displayed Taixu Ancient Dragon Clan’s inheritance Divine Ability.

As he flicked it out with one hand, a Dragon Mark flashed in the sky, drawing a scary trace, as if it could cut through the sky!

Jun Wushuang, who was fighting with him, was hit immediately, coughing up blood and retreated.

Although they are both in the Heavenly God realm, Jun Wushuang’s strength is still unattainable compared to the transformed Long Aotian.

“How did his strength become so strong?” On the other side, Jun Mulan, who was fighting with Concubine Feng Luo, also gritted her teeth secretly when she saw this scene.

Before in Xiangudao Lake, Long Aotian was in the hands of Jun Xiaoyao, it was like clown, there’s no resistance.

Now, Jun Xiaoyao is no longer anymore, he is beginning to dominate.

“Jun Lingcang, you want to rescue the last ancient freak in Jun Family, it’s just a dream!”

Long Aotian shot, blocking Jun Lingcang again.

At this time, Nether God Crown Prince also used Absolute Art again.

The horrible Divine Ability, one trick after another, poured down.

The whole land is bombarded and is about to fall.

Looking at this scene, many of the influence Heaven’s Chosen who watched the battle outside swallowed their saliva.

Nether God Crown Prince’s methods are really amazing.

If these powerful tricks fall, it is estimated that the ancient freak Jun Family doesn’t even have scum left.

“It’s over. In the end, the Crown Prince won.” The Nether God Crown Prince closed his hand, with a faint smile on his mouth.

The battle between him and Jun Family in the zero sequence ended in his victory.

But it was when the Nether God Crown Prince mouth showing a smile.

A lazy voice suddenly sounded from the depths of the earth.

“Nether God Crown Prince, your method is still as low-level as always…”

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