Preliminary Registration Desolate Ancient Sacred Body Chapter 454


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This voice seemed to be lazy.

However, all the Heaven’s Chosen present found that the temperature between Heaven and Earth suddenly dropped to freezing point.

It was an extreme killing intent and coldness, which infected the surrounding Heaven and Earth and caused changes.

“This kind of aura, Taoism!” Many Heaven’s Chosen present were discolored.

Dao Shenjing, the understanding of Dao Mark is further deepened, every move, even a kind of emotion, can cause changes in the environment of Heaven and Earth.

After hearing this voice, the pupils of Prince Nether God suddenly shrank, exploding with extreme coldness!


Under the earth, there seems to be an Earth Dragon moving.

Immediately, with a violent roar, a Divine Armament suddenly propped up from the ground.

That is an umbrella!

An extremely huge umbrella!

The endless Dao Mark is imprinted on the umbrella surface, and the brilliance is emitted during the rotation.

This umbrella is also a Supreme device!

“No wonder!”

Seeing this scene, many Heaven’s Chosen felt puzzled.

It stands to reason that no one should be able to survive under the powerful attack methods of Prince Nether God.

And this Supreme weapon level umbrella turned into a defensive weapon, blocking most of the formidable power of the Nether God Prince’s moves.

“That’s… the Secret Umbrella. Is it the one sleeping here?” In the distance, the ancient freak of Ji Family, Ji Changong, watching the battle, his face suddenly filled with shock.

“Who?” Ji Qingyi was a little surprised.

As the ancient freak of the Ji Family, Ji Changong is so gloomy!

On the other side, Ye Nantian, the ancient freak of Ye Family, also has a touch of shock in his eyes.

“Yes, Tianji Umbrella, it’s really him…”

Although Ye Nantian and that person are not in the same era, they do not hinder him. He has heard the legend of the heavenly umbrella.

“Damn, the one from Jun Family has not been killed by the Nether God prince!” Wu Shuo, an ancient freak of the monster Divine Palace, also changed drastically.

Those ancient freaks who know a little about it, all complexion greatly changed.

As for the other Heaven’s Chosen present, they were also shocked.

In the past, some ancient freaks were born, and they have not caused such a shock.

Jun Family, what is the origin of this ancient freak in sleep?

As for Jun Lingcang and other sequences, I was slightly sighed in relief.

At least the ancient freak of their Jun Family has not fallen yet.

As long as you are alive, you still have opportunities.

“Your life is hard.” Prince Nether God icily said.

A silhouette, slowly stepping out from the depths of the earth.

The young man has hair fluttering all over his head, mixed with strands of white hair.

A plain white loose robe, with a bottle gourd around the waist.

The appearance is also unparalleled, with features like jade, and he is about to catch up with Jun Xiaoyao’s level. In his era, he can also sink countless women.

Jun handsome man slowly raised his hand. That day, the umbrella shrank and fell into the hands of handsome man.

He holds the umbrella of heaven in his hand, and hangs the bottle gourd at his waist, which seems to be leisurely and lazy.

But there was no ancient freak who dared to despise this existence.

“Aura of Taoism, who is he from Jun Family?” Ji Qingyi’s pupils also made ripples.

“Drunk lying on the battlefield…Jun Moxiao!” Ji Changong’s tone was extremely solemn.

With the birth of Jun Moxiao, there was a wave of shock.

When some Heaven’s Chosen learned about the origins of Jun Moxiao, they all stared wide-eyed.

The former Jun Family zero number sequence!

Have a strong Human Sovereign body!

Another horrible monster!

Now some onlookers of Heaven’s Chosen finally understand why Immemorial Imperial Family and other influences must find ways to eliminate Jun Family younger generation.

Because of this fuck, too terrifying.

A Jun Xiaoyao will make Desolate Heaven Immortal Domain all Heaven’s Chosen breathless.

If you add Jun Moxiao and other ancient freaks.

Then Emperor Road, let other people go?

Just Jun Family directly occupy the entire Emperor Road.

“My Jun Family, the former zero sequence!” Jun Wushuang, Jun Mulan and other sequences are also exciting.

“This is the realm of Taoism, even Xiaoyao hasn’t reached this realm yet.” Jun Mu Lanxin said.

“Jun Moxiao, a legendary, awakened.” Jiang Tianyan, who was fighting Ao Guang and the others, was muttered in his heart.

With the birth of Jun Moxiao, the whole situation seems to have changed.

Jun Moxiao raised his eyelids and looked at Prince Nether God, indifferently said: “Prince Nether God, in our age, you are my opponent who can barely raise interest.”

“But now it seems that your method is not worthy of your identity.”

“hmph, winner is the king, loser is the villain, Jun Moxiao, are you so naive?” Nether God Prince coldly said.

Jun Moxiao didn’t say anything. If he was so naive, he wouldn’t be qualified to suppress an era.

“Jun Moxiao, don’t think that the crown prince doesn’t know, your aura is not integrated with contemporary Heaven and Earth, you are at the lowest point.”

“With the above attack, you must have been injured. It would be ridiculous if you want to fool this prince.” The Nether God prince saw through Jun Moxiao’s situation.

“So what, cut you, it’s not a problem.” Jun Moxiao’s voice fell and raised his hand.

The surface of the heavenly umbrella suddenly closed and turned into a shape similar to a pointed cone.

From the heavenly umbrella to a gun-shaped weapon, the heavenly machine gun!

“Jun Moxiao drunk lying in the battlefield, Heaven’s Chosen fought a few people back, Prince Nether God, take your life today!”

Jun Moxiao held the sky machine gun, picked up the bottle gourd around his waist and took a sip.

The Taoist realm aura burst out in a flash, sweeping across the sky, the endless Dao Mark swept out like a big wave!

“It’s you who should fall!”

The prince of Nether God also urged his own bloodline of the Pluto, and the aura steadily increased, and finally exuded a wave of the Taoist aura.

“Two Taoists!”

All directions Heaven’s Chosen are shocked, this kind of battle, unprecedented!

The two monsters are fighting together.

However, anyone with a discerning eye can see it.

The prince of Nether God was born very early. Aura blends with Heaven and Earth. It is incomparably harmonious, and the strength can be used to the extreme.

And Jun Moxiao, who just broke the barrier, was already at a low point. In addition, he had resisted the prince of Nether God forcibly, saying that there was no injury at all, that was impossible.

So the current situation is still not good for Jun Family.

“The battle must be resolved quickly, without delay.” Long Aotian’s eyes flashed cold when he saw this scene.

If Jun Moxiao does not get rid of first, there will definitely be a big hidden danger.

So far, Long Aotian looked towards Jun Wushuang.

His footsteps flashed suddenly, as if shuttling through the void, the speed was reaching the extreme, and the next moment appeared in front of Jun Wushuang.


Even Jun Wushuang was taken aback, very surprised.

The speed of Long Aotian is too fast.

As everyone knows, Long Aotian cultivation has completed a half-volume empty book and has a preliminary grasp of Space Power.

“Tai Xu Dragon Fist!”

Long Aotian punched out, along with the Taixu Ancient Dragon illusory shadow, the entire space is shaking, as if it can break a sky.

Pu chi!

Jun Wushuang vomited blood, his figure retreated violently, and his whole body slammed into the ground with a slam, and he was hit hard.

Then he continued to rush towards Jun Mulan and the others while shouted.

“Resolve these sequences first, then form the Four Spirits Heaven Punishing Formation, and kill Jun Moxiao!”

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