Preliminary Registration Desolate Ancient Sacred Body Chapter 570


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On the whole deserted battlefield, when the fairy fetus was born, rising winds, scudding clouds.

The dojo outside Hell is also lively.

On the Emperor Road, there is no Heaven’s Chosen in the deserted battlefield, almost most of them come here to watch the excitement.

“It’s been more than a year, why is there no sign of Jun Family Divine Child?”

“Who knows, maybe it’s really cold.”

“If this is the case, it would be good news for other Heaven’s Chosen, but when the time comes the ultimate Ancient Road hegemony, my Desolate Heaven Immortal Domain may be weak.”

There was news before that in other Immortal Domains, Heaven’s Chosen, a monster taboo, appeared.

It can be said that this world of great controversy is really wonderful, Heaven’s Chosen rises, and the kings fight for hegemony.

A lot of Heaven’s Chosen in the dojo was talking about it.

Hell Star within 19 layers.

It is still a scarlet-red, a world like purgatory.

But if you look closely, you will find it.

The power of sin karma here is actually much thinner.

“How is it possible that Hell has accumulated countless epochs of sin karma, and he has absorbed most of it.”

In the eyes of Eternal Jie Tianmai, there is an unprecedented shock in her eyes.

In this more than a year, the cocoons formed by Jun Xiaoyao are absorbing the power of Hell’s sin karma almost all the time.

This horrible power of sin, even if it is contaminated, is enough to destroy the soul of a common Heavenspan pride fleshy body.

However, Jun Xiaoyao, like a bottomless pit, is constantly absorbing.

Eternal Jie Tiannv even felt that her strength had decreased a lot.

Because most of the power of Hell star has been absorbed by Jun Xiaoyao.

“There are so many sin karma, even Supreme can’t bear it. Is this the horror of the emptiness of destiny?”

Now, Eternal Journey Goddess has confirmed more and more that Jun Xiaoyao should be the real nihilist of destiny.

Only those with emptiness of destiny can absorb karma without any scruples.

Because of causal karma, it can’t affect him at all, and can’t contaminate his body.

But before him, he had the title of invincible Saint.

Now that the breakthrough has reached the Great Perfection Saint, how much strength will it skyrocket?

Jun Xiaoyao himself, if he doesn’t make a move, he is not particularly clear.

Of course, realm and so on are incidental, and Jun Xiaoyao doesn’t care.

His retreat this time was not mainly for the breakthrough realm.

“Finally awakened, Supreme Bone’s third Divine Ability.”

Feeling the hot bone in his chest, Jun Xiaoyao murmured.

In his chest, that Supreme Bone, which absorbed the power of endless sin karma, had already turned into a weird dark red, full of the power of Demon intention and sin karma.

Jun Xiaoyao urged Supreme Bone, the terrifying dark red Demon light, accompanied by the red lotus industry fire surging out.

Generally, Heaven’s Chosen, even if it is contaminated, will be entangled by endless sin karma, karma burns, and finally turned into ash.

“Supreme Bone Third Divine Ability, Demon Light of Sin Karma.” Jun Xiaoyao muttered to himself.

The first Divine Ability, Heavenly Tribulation Light.

2nd Divine Ability, reincarnation of Nirvana.

The third Divine Ability, Demon Light.

Of course, the Demon Light in front of you is just the prototype of the third Divine Ability. After Jun Xiaoyao goes deep into the cultivation, it will transform into a truly complete Divine Ability.

Same as Hand of Heaven and Samsara Dao Disk.

Jun Xiaoyao controls Supreme Bone again, the karma is dissipated, and Supreme Bone becomes crystal clear again.

“The harvest this time is more than that.” Jun Xiaoyao’s eyes were deep.

“In this world, where there is light, there is darkness. My source Great Dao Divine Ability, Genesis, 1st Style is the light of God.”

“When light appears, darkness is accompanied by it.”

“The endless karma of cause and effect in the world is a dark side force.”

Jun Xiaoyao muttered to himself, as if caught in some kind of clear comprehension.

His hands began to evolve various mysterious trajectories, within the origin of the body dantian, the power of the cosmic source surging out again.

And the power of the source of the universe is actually fuse together with the power of sin karma.

“This aura…”

In the distance, Eternal Jade Heavenly Girl felt the dangerous aura emanating from Jun Xiaoyao.

Just now Jun Xiaoyao used Supreme Bone to control the power of sin karma, which shocked her.

Now, the terrible aura emerges from Jun Xiaoyao again, and at the same time there is another force that makes the eternal miraculous woman jealous.

That is not the power of sin karma, but the power of the cosmic source.

In the end, Jun Xiaoyao is combined with the power of sin karma with the power of the source of the universe.

Countless dark red lines emerged from his body.

That is the line of sin, the line of cause and effect. If anyone is entangled, they will be robbed and bear great terror!

“This move is called God’s Punishment.” Jun Xiaoyao indifferently said.

Sin karma entangles and robs all beings.

This is Jun Xiaoyao source Great Dao Divine Ability, the 2nd Style of Genesis, God’s Punishment!

This move also implies that Jun Xiaoyao punishes the gods and blames the souls.

“This 2nd Style God’s Punishment represents darkness, and 1st Style God’s Light represents light. If these two tricks can be combined…”

Jun Xiaoyao has already begun to calculate whether these two moves can be combined into a more terrifying world-destroying strategy.

At this moment, the Eternal Journey Lady who was watching not far away was already speechless in shock, her body seemed to be frozen, extremely stiff.

Jun Xiaoyao is simply the outlier in the outlier, the monster in the monster!

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