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The end of Desolate Heaven Immortal Domain Emperor Road, the 10th eight pass, named Hangu Pass.

After exiting Hangu Pass to the west, it is the starting point to embark on the ultimate Ancient Road.

Besides the 10,000 li void of Hangu Pass, there is a vast and endless Ancient Battlefield.

It is not so much a battlefield, but at a glance, it looks like a Desolate Wilderness Continent suspended in the Universe Starry Sky.

It is said that this deserted battlefield is extremely Ancient Vestige, so many great opportunities are left behind.

For example, the fairy fetus, this kind of Heaven and Earth rare treasure that appears almost impossible in other places, can be found in the deserted battlefield.

At this moment, a long time has passed since the battlefield of Lihuangtian opened.

Many Heaven’s Chosen are competing among them.

Of course, there are also some Heaven’s Chosen, in appearance, not at all go in, because they have been tired all the way along, Dao Heart is exhausted.

Now they are curious, who can win the seal of enlightenment and embark on the ultimate Ancient Road.

There was also a battle between Ye Guchen and Jun Xiaoyao, which also attracted many Heaven’s Chosen.

Even some aboriginal creatures on Emperor Road gathered here to watch the excitement.

In the void, a middle-aged man dressed in dazzling armor, with a Supreme coercion, suppressed the audience.

He is the Eighteenth Pass of Emperor Road, the Guardian of Hangu Pass, and Du Tuo Supreme.

Desolate Battlefield is the ultimate test place for the last level of Emperor Road, which is very important.

Even Du Tuo Supreme had to pay attention and stayed here.

“Tsk tusk, fairy fetus, that’s something that even this Venerable would be tempted.” Du Tuo Supreme exclaimed.

The Heaven and Earth Supreme Treasure of the fairy fetus, even his Supreme will be tempted, not to mention the Heaven’s Chosen who are involved in the battle.

In order to get the immortal fetus, Immortal Qi was repaired. They could do anything.

One-to-one fair competition?

It doesn’t exist at all!

“But what puzzles this Venerable is that the little girl from Jiang Family got a fairy fetus, why not just refining?” Du Tuo Supreme shook his head, with doubts in his eyes.

Although Jiang Shengyi was targeted by all directions, she should be able to take the time to refining the fairy fetus.

With her Innate Dao Embryo aptitude, if she refining the fairy fetus, she will definitely become the highest taboo Heaven’s Chosen.

But Jiang Shengyi, not at all do it.

At this moment, in the depths of the deserted battlefield.

On a deserted Gobi.

A celestial shadow rushed away.

She wore snow clothes, white hair, fairy face, peerless, beautiful and refined.

The figure is graceful and flawless, and the lovable body is quite beautiful, like a relict of snow lotus, jade muscle and fairy bones, with dusty temperament.

It is Jiang Shengyi.

Only at this moment, her condition is not very good.

The exquisite and picturesque fairy face is pale and bloodless, and the snow clothes on his body are stained with blood stains, like blood plum blossoms.

With her white hair like frost and snow, it looks beautiful.

“Persevere, hold on…must wait, he will…” Jiang Shengyi jade hand wiped away the blood remaining on the corners of his lips.

During this time, she was besieged by Heaven’s Chosen from time to time and escaped all the way.

As for the Jiang Family and Jun Family people who wanted to help her, they also encountered some harassment and blockades and could not come in time.

After all, the Heaven and Earth Supreme Treasure of the fairy tire is crazy enough, and no one can resist this temptation.

What makes Jiang Shengyi feel a little uncomfortable is that some small giants seem to have reached some kind of agreement secretly and start to target her with all their strength.

Just as Jiang Shengyi was thinking about it, a silhouette suddenly appeared from the void in front of him.

It was a beautiful figure in Tsing Yi, sitting on the lotus platform, her face covered with white gauze, covering Xianhua, only revealing a pair of pupils as clear as limpid autumn water.

It is Ji Family Goddess, Ji Qingyi.

“Ji Qingyi, it’s you.” Jiang Shengyi’s beautiful eyes showed the color of guard, within the body Innate Dao Embryo’s power flowed.

“Jiang Shengyi, Qingyi doesn’t want to declare war with you. I can use all kinds of precious treasures to exchange fairy fetuses with you.” Ji Qingyi said.

She is not at all killing intent, and she doesn’t want to shoot.

“You know, this is impossible.” Jiang Shengyi shook his head.

What a precious thing the fairy fetus is, how can it be replaced by any treasure.

Furthermore, she got a fairy fetus and her own thoughts, impossible to others.

“How about exchanging the celestial scriptures?” Ji Qingyi said with a slight smile.

“What, do you have a fairy scripture?” Jiang Shengyi was really surprised.

The celestial scripture, what a rare thing it is, the rumor is a real celestial, the Supreme method left over.

Even in some Immortal Influence, there may only be some incomplete fairy scriptures.

“My celestial scriptures are naturally not complete, but there are also half of them, enough to cultivation Immortal Dao Divine Ability.” Ji Qingyi said.

Jiang Shengyi pupil light took a deep look at Ji Qingyi.

Ji Qingyi is not only Desolate Ancient Ji Family Goddess, but also a Human Immortal goddess.

As the successor of the two Immortal Influences, Ji Qingyi is rather low-key, unlike Jun Xiaoyao, who is famous throughout Desolate Heaven Immortal Domain.

But she is definitely the one who hides the deepest, even Jiang Shengyi can’t see through.

However, Jiang Shengyi still shook the head.

Her fairy fetus has long belonged.

“Really, that’s a pity, you missed a chance to make good relationships.” Ji Qingyi sighed.

“Make good destiny, with you?” Jiang Shengyi said.

“It’s not me, it’s the heir of the real immortal sect, an existence destined to become Supreme, and I’m just a helper, this immortal fetus also wants to obtain it for him.”

Jade hand jade hand rolled up the blue silk on the temples, his tone was as calm as a waterway.

“The real immortal sect descendant?” Jiang Shengyi’s beautiful eyes revealed a ray of surprise.

The dignified immortal sect Saintess, the unpredictable Ji Qingyi, turned out to be just a helper?

“Human immortal sect is not the native master of Desolate Heaven Immortal Domain, but like Holy Sect, it is preached from other Immortal Domain.”

“The existence that is destined to become Supreme is in the line of the Human Immortal Sect Lord, a descendant of heaven defying who has been sleeping for many epochs.”

“His physique is also one of the top ten horror physiques in Three Thousand Physiques. Its origin and background are even more taboo.”

“It can even be said that the background of that person is not worse than Jun Xiaoyao.” Ji Qingyi said.

Jiang Shengyi felt a little uncomfortable hearing this.

She doesn’t like it, someone can compare with Jun Xiaoyao.

In her mind, Jun Xiaoyao will always be the man standing in the Peak and overlooking the common people.

“You don’t hand over the fairy fetus, but you don’t merge the fairy fetus. Is it because you want to leave the fairy fetus to Jun Xiaoyao?” Ji Qingyi speculated.

Jiang Shengyi’s face remained unchanged, but beautiful eyes flashed slightly.

Obviously, Ji Qingyi got it right.

“Such a precious fairy fetus, if you merge with Innate Dao Embryo, you can definitely sublimate to Extreme Realm, and the dragon and the others will be defeated in front of you.”

“And you are willing to be hunted, besieged, and injured, just to leave the fairy fetus to Jun Xiaoyao?”

Ji Qingyi sighed, she was really surprised, it was beyond her expectations.

The precious thing like the fairy fetus is enough to turn the siblings back and kill friends.

Jiang Shengyi desperately kept the fairy fetus, but not for himself, but wanted to leave it to Jun Xiaoyao.

What kind of deep feelings can make a person make such a dedication choice?

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