Preliminary Registration Desolate Ancient Sacred Body Chapter 579


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At this moment, the entire deserted battlefield is completely silent.

Time and space seem to freeze.

All the sounds seem to be disappeared.

All eyes are on the white clothed silhouette that appeared.

He is like an Immortal white clothed Gods, straddling the void and coming here.

Huang Jiuyan slashed out with all his strength, and was clamped by the silhouette with two fingers at will.

His other arm is surrounded by the blood-stained beauty in Xueyi.

A look of horror slowly appeared on the faces of all Heaven’s Chosen.

“Jun Xiaoyao!”

“It’s Jun Family Divine Child!”

all directions, countless shocking sounds of shock sounded.

Everyone’s expressions are shaking, and they take a breath!

“Jun Xiaoyao?”

Long Xuhuang and the others are also shocked by mistakes, didn’t expect Jun Xiaoyao to come out of Hell 19 layers.

More didn’t expect that he could rush to the deserted battlefield so quickly.

“Jun Xiaoyao, you…”

Huang Jiuyan also looked shocked.

The knife he cut out with all his strength was actually caught by Jun Xiaoyao with two fingers!

You know, that’s a Supreme device!

Blessing his own power, the average Saint would be split in half!

Jun Xiaoyao was blocked with two fingers.

Then, Huang Jiuyan’s expression suddenly solidified.

Because he saw Jun Xiaoyao’s eyes.

It’s as cold as ice!

The cold is like an abyss!

The indifferent killing intent seems to freeze the void of 10,000 li!


Jun Xiaoyao fell, like a Heaven trial!

The vast Divine Power, along with the power of the source of the universe, surges out from Jun Xiaoyao within the body.


The horrible Divine Power burst out, and the Supreme Device-level phoenix feather blade was shattered inch by inch directly under Jun Xiaoyao’s fingers!

The remaining strength is unabated, and he strikes Huang Jiuyan.

Huang Jiuyan’s whole person was overwhelmed by the vast divine light.


The sound of mournful scream came out, Huang Jiuyan’s body burst, all split up and in pieces, blood mist was flying all over the sky!

One move, Huang Jiuyan in seconds!

All Heaven’s Chosen around, the expressions are a little vague, Divine Soul trembled, and the scalp burst!

Huang Jiuyan, who has repaired three Immortal Qi, can’t stop Jun Xiaoyao!

“Big Brother Xiaoyao!”


“Sir Divine Child!”

“Young Master!”

Jiang Luoli, Jun Moxiao, Jun Lingcang, Yan Qingying, Yi Yu and the others are all excited.

In the eyes of the enemy, Jun Xiaoyao is the birth of Death God.

In their eyes, it is the savior of the world!

“Xiaoyao…you finally came, this…for you…”

Jiang Shengyi, who was held in his arms by Jun Xiaoyao, smiled from the corners of his bloody mouth.

The person she was thinking of, finally came.

Jun Xiaoyao has never been disappointing.

She held the fairy fetus stained with her blood in her hand and pushed it to Jun Xiaoyao, with a contented smile on the blood-stained fairy face.

His fleshy body was about to collapse and was hit hard. The first thing Jiang Shengyi thought of was to hand over the fairy fetus to Jun Xiaoyao.

Rao is a person like Jun Xiaoyao with indifferent emotions, and his heart at this moment is also slightly touched.

“Sister Shengyi, wait for me to get rid of these clutter first.”

Jun Xiaoyao reaches out to wipe the blood from Jiang Shengyi’s jade face.

Jiang Shengyi was slightly nodded, she was seriously injured, and finally couldn’t help it anymore and passed out into a coma.

Black’s forehead hair covers Jun Xiaoyao’s eyes.

The woman in her arms turned white head for him overnight.

In order to be able to hand over the fairy fetus to him and make him stronger, he is willing to be chased and killed, and refuses to refining the fairy fetus.

Jun Xiaoyao feels that this love is too heavy.

And all he can do is for Jiang Shengyi…

Blood washes the world!

The terrifying aura, spread out from Jun Xiaoyao within the body!

The coercion of Saint Great Perfection, powerfully overwhelming all directions!

Heaven and Earth trembled, the stars trembled!

Many Heaven’s Chosen, even just feeling this aura, feel suffocated, and their bodies are about to be crushed to the ground.

“Jun Family Divine Child turned out to be Saint Great Perfection!”

“This is too terrifying too!”

all directions, horror sounds one after another.

“Jun Xiaoyao, you…” Long Xuhuang’s complexion also changed drastically, feeling that kind of aura actually made his Dao Heart unstable.

“No…I am an invincible dragon and phoenix body, I will not lose.” Long Xuhuang gritted his teeth and muttered to himself.

The fierceness of the descendants of the crocodile ancestor at this moment is also suppressed by the vastness of Jun Xiaoyao.

He seems to have gone from being an Antiquity to a worm.

“How is this possible?” The descendants of Crocodile Ancestor couldn’t believe that Jun Xiaoyao’s strength had reached such a terrifying realm.

At this moment, Huang Jiuyan, who had been beaten into blood mist, suddenly recovered in a violent flame.

“It’s Phoenix Nirvana!”

Some Heaven’s Chosen pupil light flashed.

Huang Jiuyan cultivation has Phoenix Nirvana tactics, which can be Nirvana nine times, reborn in desperate situation.

This is a very monster method.

Jun Xiaoyao’s move just helped Huang Jiuyan to perform the last Nirvana.

However, after Nirvana was reborn in the flames, Huang Jiuyan didn’t have the slightest joy on his face.

His look pale as paper, with the color of terror still remaining in his eyes.

Just now, he was in Jun Xiaoyao’s hands, like an ant, being crushed at will without any resistance.

That feeling is like facing the vast Heaven!

Even, even if Huang Jiuyan has been Nirvana nine times now, the bloodline has changed and his strength has skyrocketed.

But he felt that he was still an ant in front of Jun Xiaoyao!

“Jun Xiaoyao, with you alone, do you want to deal with all of us?” Long Xuhuang shouted coldly.

He wants to get all the little giant Heaven’s Chosen who stepped in, onto his boat.

Jun Xiaoyao didn’t say a word.

The entire deserted battlefield fell into a strange silence.

But it is this silence that makes people more suffocating!

Long Xuhuang and the others sweat appeared on their foreheads, and it was obvious that they were extremely uneasy.

Finally, Jun Xiaoyao slowly raised a hand.

A terrifying power of destroying the world is surging.

Jun Xiaoyao, did not say a word of nonsense with Long Xuhuang and the others.

Because at this point, all cruel words seem pale and weak!

Only blood and killing can calm Jun Xiaoyao’s anger a little bit.

Jun Xiaoyao within the body, in the origin of the gods, the power of the source of the universe bursts out!

At the same time, the power of sinful karma is surging.

Light and darkness, two powers, intertwined, merged and converged in Jun Xiaoyao’s hands!

Jun Xiaoyao at this moment, seems to be the god of creation and the god of destruction!

God’s Light and God’s Punishment, two source Great Dao Divine Ability, merged in his hands, bursting out unprecedented terrifying power!

“The three realms are bright, do my best to give life, and the whole world sinks in darkness with one thought!”

Jun Xiaoyao embraces the unconscious Jiang Shengyi in one hand, and raises the other hand high, the power of two types of source Great Dao Divine Ability, combined in his hand, burst out World Destroying Might!

Jun Xiaoyao one hand shrouding the heavens, destroy everything!


An indescribable wave of annihilation, with Jun Xiaoyao as the origin, spread out!

It’s like a hundred nuclear bombs exploded at the same time, and it’s like thousands of stars exploded at the same time!

The land around 10,000 zhang has fallen, and the thick cracks spread like a canyon all directions!

Everyone can’t escape this world-destroying fluctuation!

Jun Xiaoyao is angry, Heaven and Earth sinks, all souls die!

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