Preliminary Registration Desolate Ancient Sacred Body Chapter 585


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The next few days will be warm and plain.

Since Jun Xiaoyao set foot on the Emperor Road, he was pushing all the way and fighting in all directions without stopping at all.

Although Jun Xiaoyao is used to this kind of life, there is still a trace of fatigue.

In the past few days, Jun Xiaoyao has had a very relaxed life.

I have nothing to do with Jiang Shengyi Jiang Luoli, chatting with Jiang Shengyi Jiang Luoli.

Otherwise, it is to discuss with Jun Moxiao, Jun Lingcang and the others, or point to other Jun Family sequences.

Jun Xiaoyao is a younger generation, but his perception monster has a deeper understanding of cultivation than some Old Antiques.

So during this period of time, some Heaven’s Chosen of Jun Family and Jiang Family, under the guidance of Jun Xiaoyao, are like enlightenment, and their cultivation base has made great progress.

Even later, many Heaven’s Chosen who stayed in the battlefield of the deserted sky came here admiringly, wanting to get advice from Jun Xiaoyao.

Jun Xiaoyao is not stingy either. He started preaching directly and attracted many Heaven’s Chosen from all directions.

For him, these sermons are nothing but one hair from nine oxen.

Jun Xiaoyao’s casual understanding is enough for other Heaven’s Chosen comprehend for a long time.

When Jun Xiaoyao preached, the sky was falling into chaos, the ground was rushing Golden Lotus, in the sky there was a big Dao Mark road intertwined, and there was surging divine beauty, as if to explain the ultimate truth in the world.

For a time, Jun Xiaoyao’s reputation in these Emperor Road Heaven’s Chosen has skyrocketed again.

Those Heaven’s Chosen who said that Jun Xiaoyao’s methods were too extreme at this moment are sitting in Jun Xiaoyao’s seat religiously, listening to the guidance quietly, with a really fragrant expression on their faces.

Even Du Tuo Supreme came to listen to Jun Xiaoyao’s sermon.

This surprised a lot of Heaven’s Chosen.

Who ever thought that even Supreme came to listen to Jun Xiaoyao’s sermon.

After listening, Du Tuo Supreme also had to sigh, the student surpasses the master.

Even if he is Supreme, the gains are not small.

At the same time, Du Tuo Supreme also admired Jun Xiaoyao’s methods.

Jun Xiaoyao’s casual blessing erased his very ruthless deeds of killing thousands of Heaven’s Chosen.

No one says that Jun Xiaoyao is a Demon of a murderer anymore. They all regard Jun Xiaoyao as a teacher. They are grateful and respected.

In the next period of time, Jun Xiaoyao talked leisurely. It was all right to watch Jiang Luoli and the little Demon fairy quarrel.

It’s Little Xian’er, some of which was beyond Jun Xiaoyao’s expectations.

She actually knows how to hold her thighs.

“Sister Shengyi, you are so beautiful!”

“Sister Shengyi, Little Xian’er also bleeds and saved you!”

“Sister Shengyi, I always feel that Xiaoyao Little Elder Brother wants to eat me…”

Looking at this silver-haired, crystal-clear and tender Little Xian’er, like a porcelain doll, Jiang Shengyi’s maternal love is overflowing, don’t mention it.

“Xiaoyao, you can’t refining Little Xian’er.” Jiang Shengyi said.

Jun Xiaoyao is speechless.

He did plan to fatten Little Xian’er before refining.

However, this girl has also become a thief, and she knows how to join forces and win allies.

“Don’t worry, Little Xian’er can also be regarded as Sister Shengyi’s life saving benefactor, I will naturally not do that.”

Jun Xiaoyao said with a slight smile to Little Xian’er.

But Little Xian’er always feels panicked behind his back, thinking that Jun Xiaoyao is “unscrupulous”.

On the other side, Nine-Headed Lion glanced sideways, whispered: “How do I feel like a family of three?”

“Shhh, I don’t know how to see through, but I understand everything. It seems that I can only find a way to be the concubine of Xiaoyao Little Elder Brother in the future.” Little Demon muttered.

“What nonsense are you talking about, woman to have no shame!” Jiang Luoli stared openly.

“Aiya, no matter how many people have no shame, they are always better than a certain defeated dog?” Little Demon fairy Yin-Yang said strangely.

The so-called defeated dog naturally refers to Jiang Luoli.

“aaaaaah, stinky woman, who do you say is the defeated dog, I will fight you!”

Jiang Luoli exploded its fur, like a cat with its tail stepped on.

She Jiang Luoli, never admits that she is a defeated dog!

Time passed slowly, Jun Xiaoyao enjoyed a rare peace.

All Heaven’s Chosen have not left the deserted battlefield. They are looking forward to the final battle.

“Xiaoyao, the reincarnation of Sword Demon is not to be underestimated. He hides deeply. It can be said that he has never made full progress on Emperor Road.” Jun Moxiao warned.

Jun Moxiao is also very strong, if he wants to compete for the rankings, he can compete with Ye Guchen.

But even Jun Moxiao is not sure enough to beat Ye Guchen.

This Sword Demon, who cut off the past and reshaped the true self, hides it deeply and is very terrifying.

Jiang Shengyi at the side stepped forward and said: “By the way, Xiaoyao, you haven’t refining that fairy tire. If it is refining, the odds of winning should be even greater.”

Looking at the unrecovered vitality, Li Rong still carried a trace of Jiang Shengyi, Jun Xiaoyao shook his head slightly and said: “Sister Shengyi, your Innate Dao Embryo fits best with the fairy fetus. If it is refining, it will be great. Progress, if I refining, it is just icing on the cake.”

Jun Xiaoyao’s words are true.

Although the fairy fetus is also useful for him, it is obviously more effective for Jiang Shengyi.

“No, Xiaoyao, this is my heart, and you can’t refuse.” Jiang Shengyi’s face was raised in a rare, serious manner.

“cough cough, can you think about my feelings?” Jun Moxiao coughed dryly.

He is a single dog, and he is shown off.

“Master, you are Desolate Ancient Sacred Body, Jiang Family Goddess is Innate Dao Embryo, why can’t you cultivation together?” Nine-Headed Lion said suddenly.

At this time, all the eyes of everyone present suddenly turned to Nine-Headed Lion.

“What’s the matter?” Nine-Headed Lion’s nine faces were stunned.

“You are really a little clever ghost.” Little Demon whispered.

Even Jun Xiaoyao was slightly stunned, didn’t expect this.

It stands to reason that he is Desolate Ancient Sacred Body and Jiang Shengyi is Innate Dao Embryo. If the two are cultivated together, they can indeed increase the effect.

even more how, there are fairy tires as an aid.

If two people participate in Great Dao together, the effect will definitely be overwhelming.

Just…isn’t this the same as Dual Cultivation?

Jiang Shengyi obviously thought of this too, and her shining fairy face instantly fainted with a touching blush.

“This is a good way.” Jun Lingcang and the others agreed with nodded.

They naturally hope that Jun Xiaoyao can beat Ye Guchen and win the title of King of the Emperor Road.

Just Jiang Luoli, Yan Qingying, Long Ji Princess, Little Demon Fairy and other women, I feel a little bit palatable.

But they also hope that Jun Xiaoyao can become stronger, so they don’t at all object to it.

“Sister Shengyi, this…”

Jun Xiaoyao just wanted to say whether this is a bit inappropriate.

Jiang Shengyi is the low head, lightly said with a thin voice like a mosquito: “Xiaoyao, I can do it.”

The beautiful woman bows her head, smiles shyly, and is charming.


Jun Xiaoyao is not a procrastinating character. Now that Jiang Shengyi agrees, what else does a big man have?

After that, everyone evaded suspicion and left.

Jun Xiaoyao and Jiang Shengyi found a cave with ample Spirit Qi and prepared to refining the fairy fetus.

Cultivation with Jiang Shengyi gave Jun Xiaoyao a strange feeling.

He remembered in the story of the past life, a certain Yang named Heaven’s Chosen, and his aunt cultivation the Heart Sutra of Jade Girl…