Preliminary Registration Desolate Ancient Sacred Body Chapter 587


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What is happening right now is very strange.

Jun Xiaoyao condensed the Great Dao Immortal Qi of Jiang Shengyi.

And Jiang Shengyi condensed out Jun Xiaoyao’s fleshy body Immortal Qi.

Two Immortal Qi, one is condensed by Innate Dao Embryo, and the other is Immortal Qi based on Desolate Ancient Sacred Body and condensed from body book.

This Dual Cultivation actually allowed Jun Xiaoyao and Jiang Shengyi to condense an Immortal Qi belonging to each other.

This kind of scene can be said to have never appeared before.

“Interesting, is this the resonance between Desolate Ancient Sacred Body and Innate Dao Embryo?”

Jun Xiaoyao finds this change very interesting.

Jiang Shengyi also thinks it’s peculiar that the two physiques didn’t expect such a connection.

“Perhaps Xiaoyao and I are destined…”

Jiang Shengyi thought of this, and there was a sweet emotion like shame and joy in his heart.

Next, the two not at all condensed Immortal Qi again.

After all, Jun Xiaoyao and Jiang Shengyi have each developed three Immortal Qi in a short time.

Together, there are six Immortal Qi, which is already an extremely staggering number.

But the fairy tire still has a huge amount of energy left.

This energy was absorbed in half by Jun Xiaoyao and Jiang Shengyi.

Energy will sink into them within the body, and will play an important role next time you practice Immortal Qi.

Even if you want a breakthrough realm, this fairy fetus energy will also play an extremely amazing role.

Jun Xiaoyao and Jiang Shengyi, each are experiencing and consolidating their own cultivation base.

In the blink of an eye, half a month has passed.

The atmosphere of the entire deserted battlefield is also slightly anxious.

Many Heaven’s Chosen are wondering why Jun Xiaoyao has not yet made the appointment.

Ye Guchen was also calm, not at all, just sitting in the Heavenly Dao ring alone, waiting for the final fateful engagement.

Spirit Qi Cave**, after more than half a month of consolidation, the energy light cocoon that wrapped Jun Xiaoyao and Jiang Shengyi finally cracked.

The two perfect silhouettes are revealed.

“The harvest this time is too great.” Jun Xiaoyao put out a breath deeply, his expression also a little excited.

Now he, together with the Immortal Qi from the new cultivation, has already achieved eight Immortal Qi cultivations!

What is this concept?

It can be said that the Eight Immortal Qi, even on the Ultimate Ancient Road, is a taboo that no one dares to provoke!

Be aware that even in some taboo Heaven’s Chosen, the immortal Qi cultivation is unique!

What’s even scarier is that this is not Jun Xiaoyao’s limit.

He can also cultivation to produce more Immortal Qi!

As for realm, it’s not at all breakthrough.

Jun Xiaoyao doesn’t have a breakthrough, and a breakthrough must be a blowout.

So he did not at all use the breakthrough of the fairy fetus this time, but deposited it within the body, and left it for the breakthrough realm in the future.

On the other side, Jiang Shengyi’s delicate and beautiful face also has a touch of joy.

She has also cultivated six Immortal Qi, even if it is not as good as Jun Xiaoyao, but it is enough to be proud of the crowd.

What makes Jiang Shengyi even more delighted is that Jun Xiaoyao’s aura has become stronger again.

This is happier than her own breakthrough.

“Xiaoyao, how do you feel?” Jiang Shengyi took the lotus steps and approached Jun Xiaoyao.

“Very good. I knew it was so efficient. I should have joined Sister Shengyi Dual Cultivation earlier.” Jun Xiaoyao said truthfully.

Hearing this, Jiang Shengyi’s Xuedi became hot red.

This is too straightforward.

Jun Xiaoyao looked at Jiang Shengyi and said: “Sister Shengyi, are you testing my character?”

When he noticed Jun Xiaoyao’s gaze, Jiang Shengyi realized that his whole body was still smooth and clean, without any inch.

Snow-white skin is like jade, dizzy.

She blushed with a cry, and hurriedly took out her snow coat and put it on.

To be honest, even Jun Xiaoyao didn’t expect it.

Jiang Shengyi, who is slender as a willow in snow clothes, is actually so rich inside.

“Sister Shengyi is really deeply hidden.” Jun Xiaoyao smiled faintly and put on white clothed at a moderate pace.

Jiang Shengyi is slightly red, giving Jun Xiaoyao a charming look.

Don’t she know that Jun Xiaoyao is teasing her figure.

This can be regarded as sex. Is it harassing?

But Jiang Shengyi is not at all a bit of disgust, but will blush and heartbeat because of Jun Xiaoyao’s gaze.

Jiang Shengyi’s cheeks remain flushed, his expression pretending to be inattentive, but his eyes quietly fall on the clothed Jun Xiaoyao.

“It’s still too big…” Jiang Shengyi blushed and heartbeat, muttering in his heart.

After some sorting, the awkward atmosphere finally disappeared.

Jun Xiaoyao said resolutely: “Sister Shengyi, you have my fleshy body Immortal Qi, I have your Great Dao Immortal Qi, have you noticed the mystery?”

Jiang Shengyi’s expression also recovered, and said: “I feel it, if I urge Fleshy Body Immortal Qi, vaguely, it seems to have a sense of Innate Sacred Body Dao Embryo.”

“Yes, so am I.” Jun Xiaoyao nodded.

To put it simply, Jun Xiaoyao would bless the Great Dao Immortal Qi on the Desolate Ancient Sacred Body.

It can simulate Innate Sacred Body Dao Embryo in a short period of time, and the manifest will show part of the formidable power of Innate Sacred Body Dao Embryo.

The reverse is also true of Jiang Shengyi.

Don’t underestimate this change.

Innate Sacred Body Dao Embryo is definitely one of the most monster physique in the world.

Even if only a small part of the power can be simulated in a short period of time, it is enough to be used as a trump card killing move, making the enemy completely unprepared.

For this harvest, Jun Xiaoyao is very satisfied.

Of course, he will not forget that this was brought to him by Jiang Shengyi desperately.

“Sister Shengyi, many thanks.” Jun Xiaoyao said sincerely.

He stepped forward and held Jiang Shengyi’s fragrant shoulder.

Jiang Shengyi’s heart is sweet enough to melt.

“Xiaoyao…” Jiang Shengyi called out suddenly.

“en?” Jun Xiaoyao just responded.

A picturesque fairy face is in front of you.

Daily eyebrows are curving, her eyes are like limpid autumn water, her red lips are bright, her teeth are glittering.

A kiss like dragonfly touches the water lightly landed on Jun Xiaoyao’s lips.

Just touch and leave.

The mature and gentle Jiang Shengyi, at this moment, is like a little girl of first love. His heart is throbbing and beating constantly.

Jun Xiaoyao didn’t feel much on the contrary, he was an old driver in his previous life.

“Let’s go.” Jun Xiaoyao said.

There is also Emperor Road waiting for him, and Jun Xiaoyao is also impossible to be trapped in this land of warmth and tenderness.

Outside the cave, many people are waiting.

Jun Xiaoyao and Jiang Shengyi walked out at the same time.

Looking at the snowy face of the sunset, the starry eyes are moist, with a shy Jiang Shengyi.

Everyone present was taken aback, and then shook the head with a wry smile.

Dual Cultivation, its main purpose is not cultivation either.

Everyone understands, and those who don’t understand will understand when they grow up.

“What do you look at me so?” Jun Xiaoyao asked.

“Hehe, congratulations, it seems that soon, this world will be born a Shaking the old illuminating the new Innate Sacred Body Dao Embryo.” Jun Moxiao said.

“It seems that soon, I will have Young Lord!” Nine-Headed Lion was also booing.

Jun Xiaoyao is speechless.

For the first time, he found out, why are these people around him so gossiping?

Jiang Luoli is even more teary with big eyes and a small mouth, with an aggrieved appearance.

In the end, Jun Xiaoyao explained it a bit, and the misunderstanding was resolved.

“Well, Ye Guchen probably has been waiting for a long time. The Emperor Road of Desolate Heaven Immortal Domain should indeed end.” Jun Xiaoyao said resolutely.

Ye Guchen is definitely a very powerful opponent.

“Xiaoyao, you must be careful and not careless.” Jiang Shengyi stepped forward and stretched out his jade hand to tidy up Jun Xiaoyao’s clothes, warned repeatedly.

“Don’t worry, he is an interesting opponent, but…”

“The only one who can defeat me is myself!”