Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go Chapter 1041


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In the void, Jun Xiaoyao’s silhouette manifest appeared.

In this conversation with Kagura, the amount of information was too much, and Jun Xiaoyao had to sort out his thoughts.

And to make arrangements, what should be the next step.

Until now, Jun Xiaoyao has been exposed to deeper and deeper things.

The cause and effect behind it are getting bigger and bigger.

It even involves the origin of foreign land and the origin of dark matter.

This is the mystery of taboo.

There are many great secrets and great horrors in this world, which cannot be explored.

Since ancient times, I don’t know how many Peak powerhouses have been involved in all kinds of mysteries and strangeness because of their curiosity.

In the end, I don’t know how to die.

Jun Xiaoyao’s behavior is simply dancing on the tip of a knife, accidentally it is possible that Wanjie will disappear.

And at this time, the benefits of the fate of nihilism are revealed.

At least causality is hard to involve Jun Xiaoyao.

“Although I am a transmigrator, my destiny is emptiness, I am outside the Three Realms, I am not in Five Elements, I am not involved in cause and effect, and I am not in the dust.”

“But you should be cautious, you should be cautious. When the time comes, it will be troublesome to roll over.”

Jun Xiaoyao’s eyes are as deep as the starry sky.

It is hard to imagine that Jun Xiaoyao is only Supreme, and he began to explore these Eternal mysteries.

You must know that there are many taboo mysteries, even the Great Emperor is secretive and dare not dare to get involved in cause and effect easily.

“Next, the first thing is to wait for the remaining two kings to appear, presumably It shouldn’t be wait too long.”

“After the two kings appeared, it was almost time to go to the unspeakable place, and there was another opportunity to register there.”

“But before that, I still need to go to the Imperial Clan to investigate the cause and effect of the ghost face woman. Maybe there will be an unexpected harvest.”

“Go back to War God Academy first to see how Xuanyue is injured, and let her lead me.”

Jun Xiaoyao is planning step by step.

The only thing that made him feel a little bit helpless was the whereabouts of his father Jun Wuhui.

Jun Wuhui disappeared completely after fighting the Chi Xiao King at the border gate.

To be sure, he did not return to Immortal Domain.

However, there is no news from Jun Wuhui in Alien.

It was as if he had completely evaporated.

There are two possibilities.

First, Jun Wuhui is not in a foreign land at all.

On the 2nd, Jun Wuhui hid deeply, and even, there may be alien creatures hiding in the dark.

Don’t think it’s impossible.

In Immortal Domain, there are foreign undercover organizations such as the other side organization.

In a foreign land, there will naturally be some undercover Immortal Domain.

It’s just that these undercover agents hide too deeply, and Jun Xiaoyao knows it impossible.

“The first one is unlikely, then it may be the 2nd.” Jun Xiaoyao made a judgment.

The reason is simple.

He always felt that Jun Wuhui’s card disappeared at this point in time, there must be his reason.

Even Jun Wuhui’s battle with the Scarlet King might be in his plan.

Jun Xiaoyao is very curious, what exactly is Jun Wuhui’s plan?

What is his purpose?

“I haven’t seen this father since I was born, but I am a little expectant. What trouble can father make in this foreign land.”

Jun Xiaoyao thought to himself.

Fight the tiger biological brother and join the father and son pawn.

He is looking forward to the moment of fighting side by side with Jun Wuhui.

Next, Jun Xiaoyao is going to return to War God Academy to investigate the situation of Xuanyue.

Suddenly, a strange light flashed across Jun Xiaoyao’s eyes.

Because he smelled a familiar aura.

That is a ray of incense aura.

As I said earlier, Jun Xiaoyao deliberately stained his body with incense when he was staying with Luo Xiangling.

In this way, Luo Xiangling’s body was naturally contaminated with a trace of incense aura.

This is for Jun Xiaoyao to find out if Luo Xiangling is secretly peeping at him as a slut.

After all, Jun Xiaoyao also wants privacy.

If a quasi-Immortal really wanted to hide, Jun Xiaoyao really couldn’t detect it.

After sensing this trace of aura, Jun Xiaoyao naturally knew that Luo Xiangling, a small vinegar bag, was here.

She still likes to observe herself secretly.

Jun Xiaoyao did not reveal any abnormalities on the surface, let alone Luo Xiangling.

Otherwise, Luo Xiangling would not doubt, how did Jun Xiaoyao perceive her existence?

Soon, this strand of aura disappeared.

Obviously, Luo Xiangling didn’t want to show up in person for the sake of face.

As a Quasi Immortal, this aspect is still necessary.

“Hey, I just solved the trouble of the five foxes, and now I realize that this is the real trouble.” Jun Xiaoyao has a headache.

That’s all the five foxes.

They wanted to push Jun Xiaoyao anyway, but they couldn’t push it down.

And Luo Xiangling is different.

She is a quasi-Immortal!

If she really started, Jun Xiaoyao would really not have the power to resist.

“That’s all, when the time comes, go back to War God Academy to comfort her.” Jun Xiaoyao shook his head slightly.

He swears that he will never hug beautiful Aunt’s thighs casually.

Come out and mix, sooner or later, I will pay it back.

After a long time, Jun Xiaoyao returned to War God Academy.

His return undoubtedly caused a huge sensation again.

In the Great Prefecture, the Divine Emperor who killed one of the seven emperors.

At the recruiting conference, he abused Chi Hongyu, and even the ten-tailed black fox, one of the six kings, was not Jun Xiaoyao’s enemy.

Tushan’s five Princesses, and at the same time led the red line with him.

The most outrageous thing is that even Tushan Concubine Ming’s red line is also tied.

In the last three months, he came out of the palace.

Each of these things is enough to cause a sensation.

Not to mention these things, and at the same time focus on Jun Xiaoyao alone.

“War God Sir, my role model!”

“Kill the emperor, abuse the king, win the beauty, Xiaoyao Sir is our benchmark and belief!”

The dísciple of War God Academy can be said to have become Jun Xiaoyao’s ardent fans.

Jun Xiaoyao staying with them in the same institution is their pride and pride.

There are more female disciples, and they become Jun Xiaoyao’s fanboys.

I kept screaming, saying something to my big brother, I will only feel sorry for the big brother and the like.

Regarding these, Jun Xiaoyao all smiled.

“Ah, Xiaoyao Sir smiled at me!”

“Shut up, Bichi, Sir is smiling at me!”

Seeing this reaction, Jun Xiaoyao suddenly had a new idea.

The Destiny Church is recruiting believers.

Relying on his popularity in a foreign land and being an idol, believers are not yet coming.

As for treating fans as leeks?

Please, which idol doesn’t harvest his fans like leeks?

Of course, this is just an accidental brain hole of Jun Xiaoyao.

After that, Su Hongyi, who learned that Jun Xiaoyao was back, came to greet Jun Xiaoyao.

Su Hongyi has no opinion on Jun Xiaoyao’s marriage.

Her identity is a follower of Jun Xiaoyao.

All the actions of the master, she is not qualified to comment, not even qualified to be jealous.

Jun Xiaoyao is her god, the master she followed to the death.

“Everything is okay in the school, where is King Luo?” Jun Xiaoyao asked.

He wanted to find King Luo and comfort him.

Even if it’s a pet cat, it has to be petted frequently, right?

“Back to the master, not long ago, King Luo announced that he would retreat and will not see anyone for the time being.” Su Hongyi said respectfully.

“oh?” Jun Xiaoyao raised his eyebrows.

Is this sulking, or is it really jealous?

Jun Xiaoyao didn’t look for it anymore.

When licking a dog is impossible, it is impossible in this life.

“It happens to be the next time, I will bring the comprehend soul book, but before that, I have to go to Xuanyue.”

Jun Xiaoyao came to his attic.

Push a door open.

A slender girl in a black silk skirt was sitting in it.

The facial features are exquisite, the eyebrows are picturesque, and a mole with blood and tears at the corner of the eye adds a touch of beauty.

Under the snow-white swan neck, there is a delicate collarbone like butterfly wings, with a scarlet Resurrection Lily mark on it, which is charming and charming.

It’s not Xuan Yue or who.

“Your injury is healed?” Jun Xiaoyao said gently.

Xuan Yue was stunned. It was the first time that Jun Xiaoyao spoke to her in such a gentle manner.

Because of her injury to Jiang Shengyi before, Jun Xiaoyao has always been very cold towards her.

“Well, but also many thanks to the Primal Chaos blood essence you gave, otherwise my injury will be impossible to heal so quickly.” Xuanyue whispered.

“That’s good.” Jun Xiaoyao slightly smiled.

It’s also time for Xuanyue to work.

However, seeing Jun Xiaoyao’s handsome smile like a heavenly man, Xuan Yue was momentarily in a trance.

This is the first time Jun Xiaoyao smiled at her.

The smile is beautiful, dazzling like the sun, and inexplicably gives people a kind of stability.

Xuanyue, who had a miserable life experience and tortured, couldn’t help being immersed in this kind of stable warmth.