Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go Chapter 1042


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“Why, do you think of your big brother again?”

Seeing Xuan Yue staring at herself in a daze, Jun Xiaoyao’s smile slowly faded.

He mistakenly thought that Xuanyue regarded him as the dead big brother again.

He is no substitute for anyone.

However, it was unexpected.

Xuan Yue shook the head.

“No, I am looking at you.”

Jun Xiaoyao was stunned.

This little girl, when did he learn to slap a guy?

“It seems that you have gradually got rid of the past.” Jun Xiaoyao said.

Xuan Yue narrowed her eyebrows and remained silent for a long time before she arrived.

“After talking with you before, I also want to understand a little bit.”

“I have always been trapped in vain obsessions, looking for someone who may not exist.”

“This is self-deception.”

Xuan Yue gave a bitter smile.

Knowing that the Bi An organization and the woman named Hua Lian is probably deceiving her.

But she was also willing to be deceived.

For an illusory promise of reincarnation.

“Just want to understand, life is most likely to be unsatisfactory.”

“The best way to remember your big brother is to look forward and live well.” Jun Xiaoyao said indifferently.

Xuan Yue was stunned.

Jun Xiaoyao’s words seem to have an inexplicable power.

She has been bound by memories and never had freedom.

I never even thought about my life.

And now, Jun Xiaoyao asks her to look forward, which means she wants her to hold her life in her own hands.

Xuanyue choked slightly for a moment.

She didn’t expect that Jun Xiaoyao would have such a warm male side.

He looked indifferent on the outside, but there was a fire in his heart, which made her feel a long-lost warmth and tranquility.

The subtle change in Xuanyue’s eyes was seen by Jun Xiaoyao.

What he wants is this effect.

Xuan Yue, to be used by him.

Xuanyue and Su Hongyi will be two sharp knives under his command.

“Okay, I’m here to tell you that I may be going to Clan Bian later. I hope you can lead the way and tell me some clues about Imperial Clan Bian.” Jun Xiaoyao said.

Xuanyue hearing this, nodded.

Even her life was saved by Jun Xiaoyao.

Is there any reason for her not to help?

“But now, blue Resurrection Lily lineage may have a big opinion on me.” Xuanyue reminded.

She was going to be executed by Prince from the other side.

As a result, she did not die, but Prince on the other side died.

See blue Resurrection Lily lineage, what kind of opinions will there be.

“It’s okay, I want to see who has the courage.” Jun Xiaoyao said flatly.

Now he has another identity.

Tushan Imperial Clan son-in-law!

Even the Nine-Tailed King of Tushan Imperial Clan gave him a red thread of marriage.

In addition, King Shenao, and his mysterious Immortal fictionalized by Gods Evil Thought.

It is equivalent to Jun Xiaoyao behind, with three Immortal kings back!

Just ask who would dare to mess with him?

“Didn’t expect that I am in a foreign land, and I can rely on my background to crush people.” Jun Xiaoyao thinks it’s a bit strange.

In Immortal Domain, his status is unmatched, and his identity as Jun Family Divine Child shocks everyone.

Later in a foreign land, Jun Xiaoyao lost the protection of his background and planned step by step carefully.

As a result, I still have such a strong background.

This is enough to prove that Jun Xiaoyao does not rely solely on Jun Family.

Even if he is alone, it is enough to be famous.

This is the real Eternal anomaly, Wushuang monster.

After watching Xuanyue, Jun Xiaoyao returned to his cultivation place.

Because the entire dragon vein of the foreign land was monopolized by Jun Xiaoyao, it was refining into the inner universe.

So to him, Heavenly Paradise is everywhere.

“Finally I can start the soul refining book.”

Jun Xiaoyao took out the soul book.

As one of the nine heavenly books, the profound mystery of the soul book is also endless.

That Chi Hongyu, even with the training of King Chi Xiao, it is impossible to understand how much.

Even in the process of the competition, it was too late to display the profound mystery of the soul book, and was defeated by Jun Xiaoyao three or two times.

“Let me find out.”

Jun Xiaoyao opened the soul book, sinking into it.

One by one ancient characters, such as the big Immemorial stars are moving, releasing rays of light, unfathomable.

Every ancient text seems to be deconstructing the soul, exploring the profound mystery of Primordial Spirit and spirit.

Jun Xiaoyao attaches great importance to soul books.

Because Primordial Spirit is the top priority of cultivation.

Even if the Primordial Spirit is cultivated to a certain level, it can escape from the fleshy body and travel the universe.

In a single thought, thoughts are like the sands of the Ganges, neither born nor dying, not increasing or decreasing, Immortal is not bad.

Of course, that is already a very high soul realm.

Jun Xiaoyao’s current Primordial Spirit level is still infinite.

At the level of quantitative change, it has not really reached a qualitative change.

But Jun Xiaoyao believes that with the soul book, the transformation of his Primordial Spirit is only a matter of time.

Even the Primordial Spirit III can be completed with preliminary cultivation.

Next, Jun Xiaoyao sank into the cultivation.

On the other side, deep in the university, there is a quasi-Immortal who is in a good mood.

Surprisingly, the King of Fufeng.

After learning that Luo Xiangling was in retreat and refused to see Jun Xiaoyao, King Fufeng became extremely comfortable.

“The younger generation is still too young, how can you play with Luo Wang’s feelings at will.”

“Since he is married to the Tushan Five Beauty, then this person will never have any contact with King Luo.” King Fufeng smiled slightly.

Before, Jun Xiaoyao was a thorn in his eye and a thorn in his flesh.

He also couldn’t understand why Luo Xiangling would like Jun Xiaoyao.

Where did he lose?

And now, news of Jun Xiaoyao and Tushan Wumei fighting for three months has spread throughout the foreign land.

King Fufeng believed that Luo Xiangling should give up completely.

“Since this child has no threat, let him go. It is a very troublesome thing to move him.” Fufeng Wang said to himself.

With the protection of King Shenao, he was absolutely impossible to move Jun Xiaoyao.

At most, do some small actions secretly.

Purple Bamboo Forest, a lonely place, rarely visited by people.

In the secluded courtyard, a surpassingly beautiful and unparalleled woman is sitting cross-legged alone.

The limpid autumn water is the bone of Divine Jade, and the long blue hair pouring down like a waterfall.

That fair and delicate face can’t pick out a single flaw.

The long eyelashes make the water-cut pupils twinkling, giving people a feeling of gentleness like water and richness like jade.

It is Luo Wang, Luo Xiangling.

Only at this moment, she could not calmed down his mind.

No matter how you want to sink into the cultivation.

As long as you close your eyes, you can see the woman sitting on Jun Xiaoyao’s lap.

That’s right.

Luo Xiangling saw it.

Before, after dealing with the Divine Emperor’s son, Jun Xiaoyao went to the recruiting ceremony alone.

At that time, Luo Xiangling still had a little grudge in his heart.

But she also believes that Jun Xiaoyao It shouldn’t be to invite relatives.

As a result, I heard the news later that Jun Xiaoyao not only became the son-in-law of Tushan Imperial Clan.

And one marriage is five.

At that time, Luo Xiangling was heart in chaos.

But she is Luo Wang after all, and she still wants the face she needs.

So I wait patiently.

Whoever thought about it, news came that Jun Xiaoyao and Wumei bridal chamber had been in for three months.

At this time, Luo Xiangling could no longer hold back, and went directly to the Great Prefecture of the monster.

With her quasi-Immortal ability, she can naturally sense where Jun Xiaoyao is.

Then, I saw Kagura sitting on Jun Xiaoyao’s lap, hugging his neck and talking cordially.

Luo Xiangling looked at it from a distance, not knowing what it was like in his heart.

After that, the only thing that made Luo Xiangling a little relieved was that Jun Xiaoyao had nothing to do with that woman.

Instead, he left directly.

Luo Xiangling approached, wanting to ask about Jun Xiaoyao.

But because of his face, he didn’t show up in the end and left.

“He came back, but didn’t come to me…”

Luo Xiangling muttered to himself, and suddenly felt a sense of suffering.

Although she released the news that she was in retreat.

But Jun Xiaoyao should also take a look.

However, Jun Xiaoyao never came.

This made Luo Xiangling unable to calmed down his mind.

“Is it pretentious, but I am a little angry in my heart.”

Luo Xiangling felt a little grievance.

The long silent heartstring was touched by Jun Xiaoyao.

As a result, Jun Xiaoyao had a bridal chamber with other women in a blink of an eye, and there were still five.

There is also a Kagura, making that kind of ambiguous moves.

As long as it is a woman, I am afraid that I will feel uncomfortable.

Luo Xiangling is really hard not to get sulking.

In fact, as long as Jun Xiaoyao came to explain, even if he really got married, Luo Xiangling would recognize it.

But Jun Xiaoyao didn’t even come here.

Like a scumbag who neglects women after his honeymoon period.

Luo Xiangling, who has been single for so many years, has lost her feelings for the first time.