Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go Chapter 723


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On the top of the mountain, thousands of Sword Qi cut the void.

Usually Saint is near and may be cut into pieces.

But none of this can affect the pitch-black silhouette sitting in front of the nine-leaf sword grass.

He is like a dark Iron Pagoda, and like a Demon god sitting cross-legged.

Thousands of Sword Qi, not close to him!

The silhouette of that person puts too much pressure on people, like a Demon boss.

Cangli, frowns of the Cangjie immortal system, has the color of thinking in his eyes.

The descendants of the Nine Great Immortals have more or less understanding of each other.

In his eyes, Chi Lie had a withdrawn personality. Although his strength was strong, he was not so strong that he was afraid.

This is a bit unimaginable.

“It seems that during this period of time, Chi Lie got a lot of chance.” There was a dignified look in Cang Li’s eyes.

The Nine Immortal Orders are not monolithic.

Not to mention these immortal descendants, they still have to compete for the Position of the Little Emperor of the Fairy Court.

Both are competitors.

But it’s not like Jun Family Heaven’s Chosen competing for serial spots.

They are descendants of immortals, but they have no bloodline relationship.

So the fight is far more cold and cruel than the fight for bloodline Heaven’s Chosen in the family.

So after seeing Chilie’s cultivation base upgrade, Cangli was not at all at all happy.

“Cangli, it seems that you have another strong competitor.” On the other side, Wei Qianqian laughed, very lively.

Although she is a descendant of Jingweixian, she didn’t intend to compete for the Position of Young Emperor of Xianting.

Actually, Jing Wei Xian Tong always stood on the side of Wa Huang Xian Tong.

In other words, Wei Qianqian is actually from the school of Emperor Lingyu.

“Hehe, there is motivation only when there is pressure.” Cang Li smiled gently, extremely refined.

“No way, No way, don’t people really use pressure as motivation?”

“Also, how do you feel like you are under pressure?”

“In fact, it doesn’t matter, you should be a little buddhist, just like me.”

Wei Qianqian opened her mouth, making Cangli’s eyes twitch slightly.

This descendant of the Jingwei Xiantong, although charming and cute, is notoriously broken mouth, like a lark, chirp chirp twitter twitter talks endlessly.

It’s just a talkative.

And just in such a passing time.

Jun Xiaoyao devotes himself to comprehend.

Although he is only a Dharmakaya, he also has a complete comprehension.

He seemed to see a nine-leaf sword grass growing stubbornly on the Great Desolate.

While the sword leaves oscillated, countless Sword Qi burst out, cutting down the big stars outside the sky.

In just a few days, the wedding banquet of the ancient emperor and Tiannvyuan will begin.

“Sure enough, these few days have been too short.” Many of the Heaven’s Chosen who sat cross-comprehend shook the head with disappointment.

In such a short time, let alone comprehend the complete cursive Sword Art.

It is to realize that a half move is impossible.

Even if the monster is like an ancient emperor, under the long-term comprehend, it is only 30-40% of the comprehended Sword Art.

“It seems that Chi Lie failed.” Cangli was not surprised when he saw this.

Of course, I didn’t laugh at anything.

After all, it’s him, and it’s impossible to comprehend something in these few days.

“Huh, I was shocked. I really thought Chi Lie had such a heaven defying.” Wei flourishing jade hand patted his chest and exhaled.

When Chi Long, Chi Yu and the others saw it, their complexion was slightly bleak, but they were not disappointed and so on.

This is normal.

“Hehe, that’s how someone overestimate one’s capabilities.” The people from Fuxi Xiantong began to frigid irony and scorching satire again.

Just when Chi Yu and the others were about to reprimand, suddenly, one after another exclaimed.

Everyone looked at it, and the expression was stunned.

Because on the top of the mountain, the roaring Sword Qi suddenly solidified at the same instant.

It’s like being frozen in the sky!

The gaze of the audience almost suddenly, simultaneously converged on the silhouette of the cross-legged.

Wei Qianqian and Cangli are also slightly shocked.

Jun Xiaoyao slowly got up, under his visor, there seemed to be thousands of sword lights flashing across his eyes.

After that, Jun Xiaoyao pointed it together as a sword, and drew one finger towards the sky!


Void Riot!

Thousands of sword light, all in one place!

Vaguely, in the void, there seemed to be a green grass emerging.

The grass has nine leaves, and there are endless mysterious lines on the leaves.

Sword Qi Tearing the Heavens and Splitting the Earth!

The incomparable brilliant sword glow seems to cut Space-Time and cut the universe!


On the stars beyond Fei Ling, countless big stars shattered and were chopped down.

A shocking meteor shower formed!

A blade of grass, kill Sun, Moon and Stars!

At this moment, the audience was in an uproar, everyone’s eyes widened, and they all took a breath of cold air, unbelievable.

“This…Is this, the complete cursive Sword Art?”

“This formidable power should be right.”

“But how is this possible, only a few days have passed?”

“Did Na Chilie ever comprehend the Sword Art of Sword Art before?”

all directions, all Heaven’s Chosen was shocked and their scalp was tingling.

In a few days, comprehend a Great Divine Ability. What kind of a monster’s talent perception is this?

Know that even if it is the ancient emperor who can comprehend at any time, so far, it is only 30-40% comprehended.

Cang Li and Wei Qianqian were also a little confused, and they didn’t react for a while.

Chi Long, Chi Yu and the others all showed surprises on their faces after a brief shock.

The shock that Chi Lie brought to them was too big.

Countless noises spread around, and many eyes were filled with surprise, incomprehension, jealousy, and jealousy.

Jun Xiaoyao ignored it.

His perception is not enough to describe it as monster.

It’s really nothing to comprehend a Great Divine Ability in a few days.

It didn’t take long for him to understand Immortal Slaughtering Sword Art.

“It is worthy of the ancient Divine Ability, the formidable power is indeed good, it is no wonder that it can be compared with True Dragon, Kunpeng and other Divine Ability, and is one of the Five Great Divine Art.” Jun Xiaoyao muttered in his heart.

Yes, this cursive word Sword Art is also one of Five Great Divine Art.

Jun Xiaoyao has cultivated Immortal Slaughtering Sword Art and Origin Sovereign Dao Sword in Five Great Divine Art.

Now there is another cursive word Sword Art.

Five Great Divine Art, he owns the third.

The Five Great Divine Art is all from Sword Dao.

The current Jun Xiaoyao, even if he is not specializing in Sword Dao, his attainments in Sword Dao are far more profound and powerful than many sword repair Heaven’s Chosen specializing in Sword Dao.

This is the strength of Jun Xiaoyao. There are no shortcomings in all aspects.

Jun Xiaoyao fully comprehended with the Sword Art.

The withered nine-leaf sword grass also turned into fly ash and dispersed with the wind.

In other words, the ancient emperor has already impossible to comprehend the complete cursive Sword Art.

“The ancient vestige is gone.” Many Heaven’s Chosen looked startled.

This is undoubtedly a great loss for Fuxi Xiantong and the ancient emperor.

But Fuxi Xiantong couldn’t say anything.

Because they wanted to be open.

This is very aggrieved and uncomfortable.