Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go Chapter 724


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At this moment, all the people of the Fuxi Immortal Order turned into pig liver color, and they were as sick and uncomfortable as eating flies.

for a long time, they are all people who despise Chi You Xiantong.

Now, the people of Chi You Xiantong stepped on their heads, making them uncomfortable.

“Why, didn’t you laugh at me before, don’t you speak now?” Chi Yu sneered.

“In front of Chi Lie’s big brother, what do you count?” Chi Long’s red lips curled up with a glamorous curve, and she was in a very good mood.

It can be said that this group of Heaven’s Chosen from Chiyou Xiantong has the feeling of turning over serfs and singing.

The group of Fuxi immortal people strayed away.

“hmph, when the ancient emperor Sir comes out, you will look good.” Some people also foul-mouthed.

Jun Xiaoyao left the mountain.

For him, Sword Art alone made his trip worthwhile.

“Chi Lie big brother!”

Chi Long and the others stepped forward, full of worship in his eyes.

The reason why they can exaggerate is because of the silhouette in front of them.

Looking at Chi Long, who was sentimental in her eyes, Jun Xiaoyao under her visor, her expression indifferent.

If you let them know that Chi Lie had already died in his own hands, how would it feel?

Jun Xiaoyao ignored them and prepared to go to the banquet.

Seeing that Jun Xiaoyao didn’t respond, Chi Yu and the others didn’t take it seriously. They were all in joy at the moment.

Chilong’s beautiful eyes showed a faint color.

Before Chi Lie was cold, but somehow she would talk to her.

Are you reluctant to say anything now?

“Brother Chilie, why didn’t you notice that you have such a perception and strength?”

Cangli held hands, faintly smiled and said.

There is a smell of scrutiny hidden under the eyes.

“Yes, yes, Chi Lie, what chance did you get, how did you improve so much?” Wei Qianqian kept asking like a curious baby.

Jun Xiaoyao also ignored him, and walked straight ahead.

“This…” Wei Qianqian’s face was stunned.

This Chilie doesn’t even give them face?

“Is he floating?” Wei Qianqian turned his eyes, whispered.

Cang Li frowned slightly.

In his eyes, two ancient characters faintly appeared.

The left eye is a miniature “fate”.

The right eye is a miniature “lucky” character.

Cangjie Xiantong, inheritance from a mysterious ancient emperor.

The ancient emperor was famous for his writing into Taoism and derivation, and his name was Cangjie.

Even to this day, in Nine Heavens Immortal Domain, there is still a legend of Cangjie making characters.

This immortal system has the special ability to bless the Divine Ability Magic Power in the text.

At this moment, in the eyes of Cangli, the manifest has the word “destiny”.

I want to figure out the trajectory of that Chilie’s life and find out what chance he got.

But at the next moment, Cangli’s figure suddenly shook and he couldn’t help but let out a painful hum.

He hurriedly covered his eyes with his hands, blood leaking from his fingers.

“Hey, what’s the matter with you?” Wei Qianqian said surprisedly.

“No, how is this possible, that Chi Lie…”

Cangli’s hands were full of blood, and his eyes were so painful that he was almost blind.

His expression was shocked, and a trace of blood leaked from the corner of his mouth, and he suffered a great backlash.

This is just a rough calculation. If you move to the real position and you are unimaginable, you will suffer a huge backlash.

There may be life in danger!

“Cangli, what’s the matter with you?” Wei Qianqian was extremely puzzled.

“Too terrifying, what heaven defying chance did Chi Lie get!” Cangli’s heart beat violently, and she couldn’t calm down.

Jun Xiaoyao ignored all kinds of outside voices.

He keeps going.

In the void ahead, there is a Spirit Mountain floating.

Above Spirit Mountain, there are palaces of gold and jade in glorious splendor, like Heavenly Palace hanging high.

There is an extremely huge square in the center, where a large banquet is set up, and a variety of jade plates, delicacies, and fine wines are brought up by the waitress.

There is the place where the wedding banquet was held.

Now most of the seats are full.

Among them, there are some descendants of Immortal Influence, the ancient Aristocratic Family dísciple, the descendants of Supreme Great Clan, Sacred Child and so on.

These characters who are rarely seen in the normally gathered together at this moment.

And only the ancient emperor of Fuxi Xiantong can have this face.

Chi Long, Chi Yu and the others chased up, silently following Jun Xiaoyao.

Ahead, two beautiful maids stepped forward, with a very respectful expression: “Si Lie Sir, please here.”

This attitude made Chi Long, Chi Yu and the others a little surprised.

In the past, Fuxi Xiantong did not treat them so politely.

Jun Xiaoyao is nodded.

The maid ushered them to the most noble and luxurious seat in front.

There are no descendants of Immortal, descendants of Ancient Race.

Wei Qianqian and Cangli also came.

Wei Qianqian glanced at Jun Xiaoyao, and hummed, “Isn’t it the comprehended Sword Art? What kind of air, I also… and… uh, I can’t understand it.”

Cangli’s face was extremely jealous, and he didn’t even dare to explore Jun Xiaoyao’s aura again.

In the distance, another azure robed man arrives.

His arrival has also attracted the attention of all directions.

“The people of the Shennong Xiantong have also come.” Wei Qianqian said.

“Wei Qianqian, Cangli, and Chi Lie, it seems that only the four of us came to this wedding banquet.” Azure robed man lightly said with a smile.

His name is Yao Qing, a descendant of Shennong Xiantong.

This lineage Xian Tong is proficient in refining pills and medicine.

Yao Qing is one of the well-known figures of the younger generation, known as the meditation doctor.

Because he not only can pill concocting, but also concoct poison.

“I don’t know if Lingyuan’s elder sister will come.” Wei Qianqian muttered.

“Ling Yuan…” Hearing this name, Yao Qing couldn’t help but feel a touch of surprise in his eyes.

This is a woman who makes him unforgettable.

After came back to his senses, Yao Qing turned his gaze to Chi Lie, faintly smiled and said: “Didn’t expect, among us descendants of immortals, the one who hides the deepest is you.”

In the face of Yao Qing, Jun Xiaoyao didn’t mean to take care of it either.

Now he just wants to wait for the wedding banquet to begin, and take a look at the ancient emperor, one of the seven rebellious emperors, and the others.

Seeing that Jun Xiaoyao didn’t respond, Yao Qing’s face was also slightly stiff, and then he sat in his seat.

Next, a voice suddenly shouted: “Wa Huangxian Tong is here!”

Many eyes of the audience gathered in an instant.

But to their disappointment, it was not Ling Yuan who came, but her maid, Ruying.

Ruying oval face is as white as jade, with black hair tied in a double bun.

She said generously: “The emperor Sir has something to do, so she can’t come, and she is here to congratulate Ruying.”

Hearing this, Cang Li and Yao Qing flashed a faint look in their eyes.

It seems that Lingyu still has no face for selling the ancient emperor.

He didn’t even come to the wedding reception.

The ancient emperor knew that he might not be in a good mood.

Next, Ruying came to the VIP seat.

Although she is a maidservant, she is the maidservant of the emperor Lingyu, and she is naturally qualified to sit down.

“Ruying, I heard that you met the legendary Jun Family Divine Child at the Seventieth Pass of Ancient Road. What does he look like, what personality, and how powerful is he?”

Wei Qianqian was originally a talker.

Besides, she was also very curious about Jun Xiaoyao, so she crackled and asked a lot of questions.

After Ruying heard this, she was silent, seeming to think about the wording.

Cangli, Yao Qing and the others are all waiting.

They also want to know, what kind of a powerful and terrifying peerless person is this person who pushed Ancient Road invincible horizontally, and even asked the ancient emperor and other seven Heaven’s Chosen Supreme to jointly deal with it?

Incarnation Chi Lie’s Jun Xiaoyao Dharma Body, calmly picked up a cup of tea, and savored it.

After thinking for a moment, Ruying sighed, and she couldn’t help but flicker in her eyes.

“The world is surging, and who is the master, Young Master is unique in the world!”