Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go Chapter 725


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There are not too many words, and there are not too many beautiful words.

Only sixteen words fully expressed Ruying’s emotion and shock.

To be honest, this is Ruying’s most real feeling.

Before seeing Jun Xiaoyao, she really didn’t know that there would be such a strange man in the world.

This kind of emotion is purely from the perspective of a woman, even if she is from Xianting, she has to sigh.

Hearing this, Cang Li and Yao Qing’s expressions changed slightly.

Actually, no man likes other women and praises another man in front of them.

Not to mention this man, he is still in the opposite camp.

Xian Ting and Jun Family, although there is no conflict for the time being.

But the world knows that these two giants will eventually fight for the Immortal Domain.

“Ruying, these sixteen words are a bit heavy.” Cangli smiled and said.

“Yes, the word “Universal Unparalleled” can not be used by anyone.” Yao Qing also took a sip of tea and said casually.

Sakura smiled when she saw it.

Who said that only between women can there be jealousy.

Men are equally jealous of men who are better than themselves.

“As Ying said, there is no lie.” Ruying said with a smile.

“Is that so god?” Wei Qianqian’s curiosity was completely aroused, itchy, like a cat scratching.

She really wants to see with her own eyes what kind of a romantic Jun Family Divine Child is.

“Ruying, are you from our Xianting or Jun Family?” Yao Qing jokingly said.

“This is just Ruying’s true feelings that’s all.” Ruying said.

“Hey, you won’t fall in love with that Jun Family Divine Child at first sight, right?” Wei Qianqian said with a smile.

“Where is…” Ruying hurriedly retorted, but her cheeks were red.

“But Ruying feels that Jun Family Divine Child and the emperor Sir are a good match.” Ruying said as if she changed the subject.

As soon as these words came out, Cang Li, Yao Qing and the others’ faces condensed.

Some Heaven’s Chosen hearing this around, also showed error on their faces.

Ling Yuan is who?

The emperor of the emperor Wa, the most noble existence of bloodline status, looking at the Nine Heavens Immortal Domain, they are all a shining pearl.

Not to mention, she is a person who is qualified to compete for the Position of the Fairy Queen.

In the future, there may be a female queen, or even the master of the female fairy garden!

And Jun Xiaoyao is destined to be the pillar of Desolate Ancient Jun Family.

these two people, although their status and status are matched, they are definitely impossible to fight together.

It is absolutely impossible to have such a relationship.

The only relationship between them is the enemy relationship.

After a short silence, Yao Qing suddenly said with a smile: “Ruying, your joke is a bit funny.”

“Yes, this is a bit unrealistic.” Cang Li also shook his head.

Ruying also felt that her words were a bit absurd.

But she just thinks Jun Xiaoyao is worthy of Lingyuan.

Change to Cangli, Yao Qingzhi and his ilk.

Although he is a descendant of Xiantong, he is good enough.

Compared with Jun Xiaoyao, the appearance, temperament, strength, innate talent, temperament, are still a distance.

Of course, she won’t say this, lest these men feel jealous again.

“I’m really curious, if only Jun Xiaoyao can appear in front of me.”

“Hey, Chi Lie, why don’t you express any opinions, then Jun Xiaoyao is also our common opponent in Xianting?”

Wei Qianqian sighed, glancing at Jun Xiaoyao’s side.

Jun Xiaoyao is indifferent, turning a blind eye.

Post an opinion?

Do you beat yourself?

Ruying’s gaze also turned to Jun Xiaoyao. For some reason, looking at the silent dark silhouette, she felt a sense of incomprehension.

Just when Ruying wanted to speak, and wanted to ask something.

The Heavenly Palace in front of me suddenly opened, and there was 10,000 zhang divine glow overflowing, immortal glow, and mist surging.

Eighteen beautiful maids, all the stars cup themselves around the moon, like a beautiful girl in a red dress.

The girl’s supple blue silk is turned into a wedding-style bun.

use strength to bully the weak facial features, without much expression.

The eyebrows are like feathers, the eyes are like limpid autumn water, the muscles are like snow, and the Heaven and Earth Spirit show like a fairy, eye-catching.

It can be said that this girl is enough to make any man feel amazing.

“She is Tiannvyuan, so it is no wonder that she can enter the eyes of the ancient emperor.”

“Yes, at first, I still think that with the identity of Tiannvyuan, whether the ancient emperor is a bit high, now it seems that even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beauty.”

“But how do I feel that the female kite doesn’t seem to be too happy this day?” Some people also saw the clue.

It stands to reason that it should be the dream of many women to marry the ancient emperor.

But they can’t see a hint of joy from the pretty face of the girl.

It’s like…

It’s an exquisite doll, completely without a soul.

“Shhh, don’t tell me, I have heard that the female kite seems to have a slight intersection with Jun Family Divine Child…” Some Heaven’s Chosen lowered their voices.

“There is such a thing, no wonder.”

Mount Tai returns without looking at Yue.

After seeing Mount Tai, the other mountains are nowhere to be seen.

Even if he is as good as the ancient emperor, I am afraid it is worse.

On the other side, there are also vast rays of light surging.

Everyone was shocked to find that in the void, there were patterns of gossip emerging.

Eight kinds of Attribute Power circulate in the sky, mysterious.

It gives people a glance, as if they want to sink into it.

At the same time, behind the gossip pattern, one can still vaguely see the extremely ancient and transcendent silhouette of an aura. If Gods stand tall, it is filled with incomparable coercion.

“That’s… Fuxi Sacred Body natural phenomenon, Fuxi plays gossip!” Some Heaven’s Chosen eyes were shocking.

This special physique natural phenomenon is too terrifying, and it’s too heavy for people to breathe.

In the endless Haoguang, a detached silhouette came with a hand.

Wearing a gossip robe, handsome eyebrows, strong posture, and abundance like jade.

Like a dragon, a horse, a phoenix, and a king!

It is the ancient emperor of Fuxi Xiantong!

The ancient emperor has a bold posture, standing there, as if he is the center of Heaven and Earth, and everything else is a foil.

“Many thanks, everyone came to the wedding banquet of the emperor.” The ancient emperor arched his hands slightly, his voice was faint, but it spread throughout Fei Lingxing.

“Where and where, it is our honor to be able to attend the wedding banquet of the Emperor Sir Sir.” A group of Heaven’s Chosen got up and returned the gift.

The identity of the ancient emperor is not comparable to anyone.

It is Cangli, Yao Qing and other descendants of immortals who also cupped the hands to show courtesy.

Instead, it was Jun Xiaoyao, who didn’t respond at all and didn’t even stand up.


The ancient emperor swept his eyes and noticed Jun Xiaoyao.

“Chi Lie, he unexpectedly came, but his aura…” There was a doubt in the eyes of the ancient emperor.

He didn’t expect Chi Lie to come.

Before, he and Chi Lie had some conflicts, although he gained the upper hand in the end.

But after taking a look, Gu Dizi withdrew his gaze.

For him, a Chilie can’t make any waves.