Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go Chapter 806


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Jun Xiaoyao also feels that Ah Jiu’s aura is much stronger than before.

Before, Ah Jiu was in the Quasi Supreme realm.

The current aura is only weaker than Longyuan.

“Little Heavenly Venerable Realm?” Jun Xiaoyao was surprised.

From Quasi Supreme, Supreme, to Xiao Tianzun.

It seems that only two realms have been upgraded, which is not too much.

But you have to know that in the Supreme Seven Realms, every time you progress a realm, it is even more difficult than before adding up to the ninth stage of the Saint.

A Jiu can break through two realms in this short period of time, which is already extremely monster.

But when I think of Ah Jiu’s Dual Eye innate talent, this kind of progress is not incomprehensible.

“Dare to be rude to Young Master, even if you are Heavenly Venerate of the Taixu Ancient Dragon clan, what about?” Ah Jiu’s voice is clear and Leng Rushuang, and his hands caress the Jiaoweiqin.

If Long Yuan didn’t know it, she wouldn’t mind shooting.

Although Longyuan realm is Level 1 higher than her, it is still Heavenly Venerate of Ancient Dragon clan.

But Ah Jiu also has an invincible Dual Eye, which can make up for the realm gap.

“You are…the person…”

Long Yuan saw that his moves were blocked, and was about to get angry. When he saw Ah Jiu, he immediately frowned.

He knows that Ah Jiu is the subordinate of White Clothes Divine King Jun Wuhui.

Who is Jun Wuhui?

Jun Family The most amazing heaven defying character in modern times.

The cultivation time is the shortest, but the strength is chasing the ancestors of the Jun Family.

Using the method of One Qi Becomes Three Purities, one is the town of burial soil, the other is foreign land, and the other is the boundary sea.

He is a hero of many cultivator in mind.

Even Jun Family’s hostile influence, when mentioning Jun Wuhui, I have to sigh, White Clothes Divine King is a real hero!

Some people even think that Jun Wuhui is the peerless character closest to the Great Emperor who abandoned the sky in modern times!

This and the others, even if it is too imaginary Ancient Dragon Clan, do not want to provoke too much.

Not to mention Jun Wuhui, it is the Divine King eight tribes under Jun Wuhui’s command, each with its own merits, and they are all peerless figures.

Long Yuan temporarily calmed down.

He actually didn’t want to offend Jun Family too much.

“Now, can I talk calmly?” Jun Xiaoyao said indifferently.

If he didn’t want to get the heavenly book, how could Jun Xiaoyao stop talking like this.

Long Yuan frowned slightly, when he just wanted to say something.

In the depths of Universe Starry Sky, a coldly shouted overbearing was suddenly resounded.

“Long Yuan, why be afraid, Taixu Ancient Dragon Clan, plus my Tyrant Zutang, is it possible that Jun Family will not be successful!”

With this coldly shouted overbearing.


In the depths of the starry sky, there seem to be countless big stars Shattered!

A domineering silhouette, entrained in a heavenly might, stepping forward!

Along the way, the void collapsed and the stars fell!


Absolute powerhouse!

Even the aura is stronger than Longyuan.

A majestic and majestic silhouette appeared, dressed in jet-black heavy armor, and a pair of purple light eyes, bursting out terrifying beams!


On the Buried Emperor Star, many Heaven’s Chosen were surprised.

A Great Heavenly Venerate from Ancient Dragon of Taixu has just arrived!

A Jiu, one of the eight Divine Kings, appeared again.

As a result, another peerless powerhouse has appeared.

This stunned everyone.

Unexpectedly, the battle between Tyrant Body and Sacred Body would cause this kind of chain reaction.

“They are from the Tyrant Ancestral Hall, it seems that they can’t sit still…”

In the depths of the void of the universe, there was an Immortal Influence powerhouse who was watching a show.

Long Yaoer suffered a fiasco.

It’s not just the faces of her and Taixu Ancient Dragon Clan that matter.

It even lost the face of Tyrant Zutang!

The ancestral hall of the Tyrant Body is extremely deep, unlike the desolate ancient temple.

They have been prosperous, but very low-key.

Desolate Ancient Temple, only in the peak period, that is, when the three Sacred Body exist at the same time, can it fight against the ancestral hall of the Tyrant Body.

As for now, there is only one last-generation Sacred Body guard.

Not to mention the Tyrant Ancestral Hall, even the Tyrant Cang Family can suppress the Desolate Ancient Temple.

If it hadn’t been for Jun Xiaoyao, the complete Sacred Body, had arrived and saved the Desolate Ancient Temple.

The Desolate Ancient Temple may fall forever.

But from this it can also be seen how much the Tyrant Zutang hates Jun Xiaoyao.

Jun Xiaoyao One, helped the Desolate Ancient Temple rise again.

Second, the Domineering Star Cang family was destroyed.

Three, almost completely abused the Tyrannical King Long Yaoer, and even treated the Tyrant as a dog.

Such actions have made Jun Xiaoyao a thorn in the eye and a thorn in his flesh.

Now, the Tyrant Zutang finally couldn’t sit still, and powerhouse came out.

“It’s him, domineering.” There is powerhouse surprised.

This is a peerless powerhouse in the ancestral hall of the Tyrant Body, whose cultivation base has reached the Supreme Xuanzun.

It stands to reason that such powerhouses generally do not show up easily.

However, this time the Overlord lost terribly.

It was the worst battle ever.

This influence will last for a long time, tyrants lineage for a long time, probably it will be the laughing stock of Nine Heavens Immortal Domain.

So the people in Tyrant’s Ancestral Hall can’t sit still, and they show up right now.

“When did Sacred Body lineage degenerate to such a degree, it needs to rely on plot against to win!”

As soon as Tyrant appeared, he opened his mouth with a mighty voice that spread throughout the Universe.

All the cultivators were a little surprised when they heard it.

Jun Xiaoyao’s Dharma body fought against Long Yaoer. This is also called plot against?

The only plot against among them is probably only, Jun Xiaoyao hides the fourth seal of Forbidden Immortal in the Dharmakaya.

But this is a normal tactic, and it has nothing to do with plot against plots.

Furthermore, the lineage of the overlord body once fought against three exotic Queens of Immortal alone in the Sacred Body, taking the opportunity to challenge.

Isn’t this shameless anymore?

Moreover, this truth has been exposed by Jun Xiaoyao, and almost everyone knows it.

Jun Xiaoyao’s face is very cold.

He didn’t expect, Tyrant Zutang, can shameless to this point.

“Those who insult Young Master, die!”

The terrifying sound of the piano turned into a sound wave of destruction, and Ah Jiu shot directly.

I don’t even care that Tyrant is a Supreme Profound Venerable powerhouse.

Because for her, Jun Xiaoyao’s reputation, like his life, is what Ah Jiu needs to protect.

“hmph, don’t think that you are a member of Jun Wuhui, I dare not move you, I dominate the ancestral hall, who have I been afraid of?”

Ba Tianjue shot directly, Zixue Taotao!

A Tyrant Fist came out and shattered the Universe. The formidable power and the Tyrant Fist displayed by Long Yaoer is simply not a concept!

“What, is he also an overlord?”

Heaven’s Chosen, who didn’t know the Ba Ti Zu Tang, was surprised.

The purple blood and Tyrant Fist are exclusive to Heavenly Tyrant Body.

“You are wrong. The Tyrant Body is the same as the Sacred Body. There are only so few people in an era. How can anyone be a Tyrant Body.”

“Some of the core powerhouses of the Tyrant’s ancestor hall can get the concentrated blood essence of the Tyrant Body, and have some of the power of the Heavenly Tyrant Body.” Some Heaven’s Chosen explained.

“so that’s how it is.” Many people understand.

Batianjue has a concentrated blood essence of the body.

That concentration, compared to the people of the Domineering Star Cang Family, is not much higher.

Just like Jun Xiaoyao, he would also give his Sacred Body blood essence to Wu Hu, Ning Chen, Xiao Xuan Xuan and the others.

The Sacred Body produced in this way, although not pure blood, can also get some innate talent.


Ba Tianjue and Ah Jiu fought, the majestic Magic Power ripples sway the Universe Starry Sky, one after another burst lines burst out.

Ajiu within both eyes, Primal Chaos haze appears, Dual Eye pupil light splits Heaven and Earth, accompanied by the sound of the piano.

“As expected of the Dual Eye piano girl, one of the eight Divine Kings, but unfortunately, the realm is still far behind!”

If it’s in the same realm, Tyrant will be really helpless, Jiu.

But now his realm is two levels higher than Ah Jiu.

The tyrant’s fist is shocking, and Purple Qi is surging, as if it has destroyed three thousand World!

Strong as Ah Jiu, he was also shaken back for a while, his lovable body shook, and a little blood appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Supreme Seven Great Realm, One Heavenly Layer, the gap is very big.

It’s far from comparable to the gap between the ninth level of Tongsheng.

On the Buried Emperor Star, Jun Xiaoyao saw a drop of blood on the corner of Ah Jiu’s mouth.

His eyes were suddenly cold as frost, everyone could feel it, and the temperature between Heaven and Earth seemed to be dropping rapidly.


Jun Xiaoyao stepped on Long Yao’er’s head.

“If you dare to hurt Ah Jiu again, this Divine Child has killed the Overlord!”