Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go Chapter 807


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Jun Xiaoyao’s grandiose voice spread everywhere.

Even in Universe Starry Sky, it can be heard.

All Heaven’s Chosen’s scalp is numb, and all eyes are turned to Jun Xiaoyao.

Is Jun Xiaoyao really going to kill the overlord?

If this is the case, it will definitely make waves.

Tai Xu Ancient Dragon Clan and Ba Ti Zu Tang will be furious.

Maybe an unprecedented Immortal Battle will be set off, sweeping the Immortal Domain!

“Jun Family Divine Child, stop!” Long Yuan couldn’t help but shouted.

“You dare!” Tyrannical Jue is also shout out loudly, the universe is broken by sound waves!

“Do you dare to see this Divine Child!” Jun Xiaoyao’s soles stomped on Long Yaoer’s head.

Long Yaoer’s name is miserable, and she wants to cry without tears.

She is the overlord!

able to support both heaven and earth, the overlord of the universe!

Each generation of the overlord is born, it is enough to shock the world, shake the world, is the trend of the times.

And what about her?

I am now stepped on by Jun Xiaoyao and tied with a chain of order as a bargaining chip for threats.

How can it be a tragic word?

“Young Master…”

In the starry sky, when Ah Jiu saw this scene, it was always cold and indifferent, with a little bit of vicissitudes of life in his pupils.

There was a slight ripple.

This little boy who has let her protect the way since birth.

Now that she has grown up, she has the ability to protect her.

This makes Ah Jiu feel that her choice is not at all wrong.

The people she protects also want to protect her.

“Jun Xiaoyao, are you going to set off Immortal Battle, the price you can afford?”

The anger in Domineering’s pupils seemed to burn away Nine Realms.

He was really pissed off by Jun Xiaoyao.

“You can try and see if this Divine Child has the courage!”

Jun Xiaoyao flicked his sleeves, his tone indifferent.

A Jiu has been his Dao Protector since he was a child. He has been guarding Jun Xiaoyao silently behind his back without asking for any return.

Jun Xiaoyao is an extremely short-term person.

For such a beautiful woman who silently dedicated herself, how could Jun Xiaoyao watch her get hurt in order to protect herself?

Actually, when I saw the drop of blood on the corner of Ah Jiu’s lips.

Jun Xiaoyao has already sentenced Tyrant to death.


The entire Bati Zutang was sentenced to death!

When he has the ability in the future, he will definitely destroy the ancestral hall of the Tyrant Body and completely cut off this lineage inheritance!

In the future, the Tyrant Ancestral Hall may not know it until death.

It’s only because of the drop of blood on the corner of Ah Jiu’s mouth that brought them extinction disaster!

On the Buried Emperor Star, many Heaven’s Chosen saw this scene, and they were all in awe.

Who would dare to threaten a Supreme Xuanzun-level Peak powerhouse like this in the Great Saint Realm?

Only Jun Xiaoyao dare!

“Jun Family Divine Child, if you have something to say, it won’t be so!” Long Yuan said hurriedly.

Taixu Ancient Dragon Clan, originally did not have much contact with the Pati Zutang.

The only connection is Long Yaoer.

It can be said that without Long Yaoer, the two Immortal Influences would not have any intersection.

Now, Ba Tianjue is provoked by the face of the lineage.

But Long Yaoer may be sacrificed.

Long Yuan naturally didn’t want to see this scene, so he wanted to be a peacemaker and hurriedly stopped.

“Heh… the person who hurt my Jun Xiaoyao, is that attitude?” Jun Xiaoyao is still cold.

Although he only has the Great Saint Realm Realm now, he has nothing to do with the Great Heavenly Venerate level Dragon Abyss and the Supreme Xuanzun level Domineering!

The atmosphere fell into a suffocating stagnation.

And in this atmosphere, from a far away place, suddenly there was a terrifying aura.

That aura, with a sense of barbarity, and at the same time, there is a boundless fighting intent, sweeping across the endless space!

The entire Buried Emperor Star, including some of the Immortal Influence bigwigs hidden in the dark, felt a powerful and wild fighting intent!

“This aura, really strong!”

“Does the influential figure appear again?”

“Who will it be? Is it the powerhouse of Jun Family that appeared?”

Many Immortal Influence powerhouses are wondering and guessing.

In Long Yao’er, Long Yuan and Ba Tianjue appeared here.

Jun Xiaoyao, naturally impossible is only one Dao Protector Ah Jiu.

People from Jun Family, may be showing up.

However, after Ah Jiu sensed this aura, his expression was unexpectedly surprised.

In Dual Eye, the rays of light flicker.

“This aura, is he…no, he should be impossible to come here…”

Just when everyone was amazed.

A terrifying wave swept from the depths of the universe.

It was a vast sea of ​​Magic Power, in which a horrible scene of beasts galloping.

Golden 猊, Pi Xiu, Zhen 犼, Fei Yi, Bi Fang…

All kinds of Hong Desolate Ancient beast illusory shadow, gathered into a sea of ​​destruction beasts, and went to surging strikes against Tyrant Jue, Longyuan and the others!

“Well, Supreme Xuanzun Aura, who is it?” Tyrant’s expression changed.

His fist strikes the world, with purple glow surging, shaking all directions!


Under the collision, Tyrant retreated several hundred zhang violently, crushing many ancient stars, shaking his chest, and a look of shock in his eyes.

As for Long Yuan, he was injured and retreated violently, coughing out a mouthful of blood.

Although he is Taixu Ancient Dragon powerhouse, his realm is Level 1 lower than Supreme Xuanzun.

“Could it be that Jun Family’s powerhouse is here, to give Taixu Ancient Dragon Clan and Bati lineage a stab at it?” The influential figure in the dark was suspicious, paying close attention to the situation.

In everyone’s attention, a stalwart silhouette came out of the sky.

Every step you take, the entire universe seems to be shaking, and Supreme Xuanzun’s aura is fierce.

It was a gray-haired man with criss-crossed scars on his stern face, fighting Inferno Blazing Praire all over, with a sense of savage killing.

He himself, seems to be an incarnation of soldiers and soldiers, and his life is full of war and flames!

At the same time, with a sense of wildness, there are endless beast shadows around.

“Who is he…” Some Heaven’s Chosen don’t know why.

Jun Family does not seem to have such a character.

“Sure enough, it was him!” Ah Jiu Mou light flashed.

The gray-haired man, silent, a pair of indifferent pupils are actually vertical pupils like wild beasts!

He stepped on the sole of his foot and directly killed the Tyrant!

“Wild Wild Slaughter Heaven Seal!”

The gray-haired man scratched with five fingers, and the violent Magic Power converged into a great seal. If you want to destroy the world, suppress and kill!

Star River rewinds, the void is violent, and the surging flames of war are burning!

“You…could it be…” Tyrant’s eyes trembled!

He seemed to think of who the man in front of him was.

But how could he appear here?

But now there is no time for Tyrant to think, he can only do his best.

The purple fist light illuminates the dark universe.


An unprecedented collision erupted, like a giant ancient life star bursting apart!

The battle between the two Supreme Xuanzun powerhouses was 10,000 zhang and the scene was amazing.

Even on the surface of the Buried Emperor Star, there are countless regular patterns appearing to resist the fluctuations of the two great Xuanzuns.

However, what surprised everyone was that.

Although they are in the same class, but domineering, they are at an absolute disadvantage and are directly shaken back.

The gray-haired man killed again, in a vigorous posture, his palms like to open the sky, and directly divided into two with a loud explosion!


The endless purple blood exploded and splashed everywhere in the universe!

all around, countless people’s faces are dull and shocked!

A Supreme Xuanzun was dignified, and his fleshy body was blown up in twos or twos!

Moreover, it also contains the tyrannical essence of concentrated blood essence.

This fuck is too strong, right?

Many people were shocked and looked towards the gray-haired man.

Where did he come from? It’s so strong!

With a loud roar, the Domineering Primordial Spirit burst out, trying to escape.

His Primordial Spirit shouted with horror and anger: “It’s you, War God, how come you came here?!”

Hearing this sentence, Heaven’s Chosen on the Buried Emperor Star, and everyone around him, was taken aback.

Some people came back to his senses in hindsight, and there was an extreme tremor in their pupils!

“It turned out to be him…White Clothes Divine King Jun Wuhui under…”

“One of the eight tribes of Divine King, Heavenly Punisher, War God is savage!”