Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go Chapter 808


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In the previous generation of Jun Xiaoyao, the most stunning Immortal Domain character in the entire Jun Family is undoubtedly Divine King Jun Wuhui.

In that generation, there is a saying.

Heaven’s Chosen is not as good as the white clothed corner.

This shows the popularity of White Clothes Divine King Jun Wuhui.

But he is most famous not only himself.

And his subordinates, Divine King, a group of eight.

Everyone is a hero of the world, each has its own merits, and exists like a leader.

In general powerhouse, it is enough to have such a loyal follower.

Jun Wuhui has eight people!

At this moment, that is a majestic man with a stalwart figure, a staggered scar on his face, and a gray hair without wind.

It’s one of the eight Divine Kings, Heavenly Punisher, War God!

“Father’s subordinate…”

Jun Xiaoyao has deep pupils.

So far, Jun Xiaoyao has seen three of the eight Divine King.

Dual Eye Qin Girl, Ah Jiu!

Demon King, Li Xin!

Heavenly Punisher, War God is savage!

A Jiu has been by his side as his Dao Protector.

Li Xin followed Jun Wuhui, guarding the Eternal burial ground alone.

And right now, where did this war God come from?

I don’t know why, Jun Xiaoyao has a hint of anxiety in his heart.

On the other side, in the depths of the universe, the tyrant whose fleshy body was blown up can only escape with the Primordial Spirit.

“I have remembered this matter, and I will not let it go!”

“hmph, slander Young Master, hurt me Divine King eight people, still want to stay?!”

War God is coldly snorted, raising his hand and poking out, endless beast shadows emerge, turning into a fierce tide, and want to drown the Tyrant Primordial Spirit and kill it.

But at this moment, the entire universe seemed to be forbidden for a moment.

An inexplicable Supreme might, across hundreds of millions of layers of space, enveloped the entire Buried Emperor Star and the surrounding universe.

The whole Buried Emperor Star releases unprecedented rays of light.

Various regular patterns bloom.

This is the highest level of defense, which means that there is a terrifying force affecting this place!

Of course, War God is the first to bear the brunt.

He felt a deadly air lock on him, and his eyebrows seemed to be split, and a drop of blood shed.

The space power separated by hundreds of millions of layers is far from something that a Xuanzun can resist.

Not even the creation of Spirit Transformation can resist.

But in War God’s pretty eyes, there is no sense of fear, and the wild beast-like vertical pupils are full of indifference and killing intent.

“haha, very good…” The Tyrant Primordial Spirit was extremely fortunate, feeling that he had escaped from death.

It is the real peerless influential figure of Ba Ti Zu Tang.

“Dare to destroy my body, the next damn thing is you!” The Tyrant Primordial Spirit was extremely bitter.

But at this moment.

In another ancient and primordial dangerous Star Domain.

There is a deadly unmanned ancient star.

On top of the ancient star, there is only an ancient tree, towering up from the sky, and the crown of the tree tops the Star River.

This is an ancient tree of longevity, which contains endless Life Essence Qi.

Compared with the World Tree, it is still a rare Supreme Treasure, much more precious than Immortal Medicine.

At this moment, above the canopy of the ancient longevity tree, an old man is sitting impressively!

The old man has gray hair, but his cheeks are as shiny as a baby. He wears an old shabby robe, and he can’t tell which era he belongs to.

A pair of eyes, precipitating the vicissitudes of history, seem to have countless years circulating in them.

The old man holds a bamboo fishing rod in his hand.

The fishing line was actually condensed by the god of order, hanging down in the depths of the dark universe.

At this moment, the God of Order was slightly trembled.

The old man’s withered mouth evokes a faint smile.



The old man flicked his fishing rod in his hand!

The endless Star River swayed like water drops everywhere.

An extremely huge ancient beast was caught by the old man from the depths of Universe Galaxy.

This ancient beast is dozens of times larger than the ancient star of life. Upon closer inspection, it is surprisingly the ancient beast!

If this were to be seen by people, it would be absolutely shocking, and the eyes would pop out!

The ancient beast, the absolute evil in the universe, devours Sun, Moon and Stars, many life stars.

Even if it is as strong as Supreme, if you encounter the ancient beast, you will be swallowed by one bite.

But now, this old man has a laid-back look.

Taking the god of order as the line, fishing and swallowing stars ancient beast!

However, just when the old man wants to reap the results.

He is suddenly frowned and his movements are slightly stagnant.

At this moment, Tun Xing’s ancient beast flicked.

The huge body comparable to Immemorial Kunpeng shattered countless stars, and the fragments were scattered.

The ancient beast disappeared into the depths of the dark stars.

When the old man saw this, he didn’t feel annoyed. It was just frowns, with the eyes of the vicissitudes of time, as if he had penetrated the endless space.

“Heh… now the water is muddy, and all the stinky fish and shrimps have come out.”

“It’s the Tyrant Ancestral Hall, the little thing Tyrant, from the Primal Chaos Dao Zun breakthrough to the Quasi Emperor, do you have the courage to provoke me Jun Family?” The old man shook his head slightly.

Next, the fishing rod in his hand shakes.

The fishing line turned into by the god of order scattered thousands, breaking through hundreds of millions of spaces, penetrating the universe, and rushing to an ancient place.


In the void, there seemed to be a faint groaning sound.

“Jun Family Seventh Ancestor, Jun Tai!”

In the dark, a cold voice sounded.

At the same time, there is a sense of fear.

This old man who retreats from the longevity tree and fishes the Star River.

Awesomely the seventh ancestor of Jun Family, Mrs!

Before, Jun Family was performing Immortal Battle in Desolate Heaven Immortal Domain.

There have also been other Immortal Domain’s Quasi Emperor powerhouses.

As a result, he was blocked by Jun Family Sixth Patriarch, Jun Taixuan, who was drifting in Universe Starry Sky.

After that, Jun Taixuan wiped out Ancestral Dragon Nest with a single sword.

At the moment, this Jun Family who is fishing Star River, the seventh ancestor Jun Tai A, is a figure of the same era as the sixth ancestor Tai Xuan.

His strength is naturally unpredictable.

“Hey…If your Tyrant’s Tyrant ancestor wakes up, maybe the old man would really be afraid of two or three points, but it depends on you as a young man…”

Mrs. A laughed.

There is no more life on the side of the Pa Ti Zutang.

Obviously, the overlord of Quasi Emperor who had broken through to a catastrophe was extremely jealous of Mr. Tai A, and he did not dare to take any shots at will.

Jun Tai Ah pupil light is deep, looked towards somewhere.

“Exotic land, time is running out.”

“My “seed” of Jun Family this generation, called Jun Xiaoyao, is it a good doll…”

Jun Tai A smiled with relief and continued to close his eyes, fishing for Universe Galaxy.

Go back to the Buried Emperor Star.

Everyone can feel the power of Supreme.

“This is definitely not the power that the Supreme Seven Realms can have, the Quasi Emperor, there are Quasi Emperor-level non-revered objects that are secretly shot!” Some of the lively influential figures are all surprised.

Didn’t expect Sacred Body The battle for supremacy can have such a profound impact that even the Quasi Emperor secretly shot it.

Everyone felt a suffocation.

It’s as strong as War God, but also has a feeling of being oppressed to the extreme. The eyebrows are about to split and blood drips.

Jun Xiaoyao’s expression has not changed much. He believes that the family will not remain indifferent.

Sure enough, but within a quarter of an hour, the Supreme power dissipated.

“There is another powerful force in action, Jun Family Quasi Emperor!” In the depths of the starry sky, many influential figures were surprised.

Jun Family is as strong as ever, and will not let his family be oppressed.

“Sure enough, I don’t know which ancient ancestor is?” Jun Xiaoyao indifferently smiled, even this scene has already been reached.

The Tyrant Primordial Spirit who fled to the distance saw this scene, and he was stupid.

The Quasi Emperor of their patriarchal ancestor hall, unexpectedly stopped!

“Now, can you still run?”

War God’s tone is cold, a big hand leaned forward, the flames of war burned, and the shadow of the beast appeared, like a raging wave.

“no! ”

Ba Tianjue let out a desperate cry.

The endless wave of Magic Power floods its Primordial Spirit.

The Supreme Xuanzun of the Tyrant Ancestral Hall has fallen!