Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go Chapter 809


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At this moment, the entire Buried Emperor Star is dead.

On the Buried Emperor Star, many Heaven’s Chosen are buzzing with their brains and their expressions blank.

Many of them are the first time to see the powerhouse of Supreme Profound Venerable fall.

This kind of powerhouse, in their eyes, is the existence of heaven.

As a result, it fell so easily now.

This can’t help but surprise people.

Many of the savage gazes looked towards War God are even more surprised, shocked, and amazed.

“I drop the tortoise, the Xuanzun of the Tyrannical Ancestor Hall kills if he says to kill it. It is worthy of the Divine King eight members!”

“Nonsense, this is a character who has been with the White Clothes Divine King. There are no weak soldiers under the fierce generals. They must have this courage.”

Many Heaven’s Chosen have a look of yearning in their eyes.

They didn’t want to be like this, heartily, and cut all enemies.

After that, War God set his sight on Longyuan.

Long Yuan’s whole body hair stands on end, a meaning of icy cold running up from the back.

It’s like a prey being watched by a hunter.

“This Fellow Daoist, the old man didn’t hurt anyone.” Long Yuan hurriedly waved his hand.

He only took one shot, and it was blocked by Ah Jiu without causing any harm.

Seeing this scene, many people are speechless.

Previously, he looked like an expert, Long Yuan, aloof and remote, at this moment, like a turtle.

But everyone can understand that the realm is higher than Level 1 and it kills people.

What’s more, the Xuanzun of the same rank was brutally beheaded by War God three or two times.

It is strange that Long Yuan is not afraid.

War God looked back coldly and ignored it.

He converged his own Xuanzun aura and descended on the Buried Emperor Star.

Ajiu also follows closely from behind.

On the Buried Emperor Star, Jun Xiaoyao leads Long Yaoer with a dog chain condensed from the Divine Order Chain.

Long Yaoer’s limbs have grown again, and she just wanted to stand up.

Jun Xiaoyao kicked Long Yaoer’s butt.

“Get down, have you ever seen a dog walking on two feet?”

Long Yaoer was kicked on the ground again.

“You…” Long Yaoer’s face was flushed red.

Jun Xiaoyao kicked his ass in public.

Through childhood, how has she ever suffered such humiliation?

Long Yuan treats her harshly at times, but never beats her. He is more intimate than his granddaughter.

But today, she seems to have experienced an unprecedented nightmare.

Being defeated is that’s all.

Now I am born a man, no, I don’t have the qualification to be a dragon anymore.

Although dragons and dogs are both animals.

But she is a little bitch, not a little bitch!

“In the eyes of this Divine Child, you are a dog. Looking up at me is what you should be.”

Jun Xiaoyao’s handsome and innocent face showed a cold smile.

If it weren’t for Long Yaoer, he still has the value of being a bargaining chip.

He doesn’t mind beheading it.

However, looking at this Long Yaoer, who is lying on the ground, wearing a collar and tears in her eyes.

What’s the matter of the inexplicable joy in my heart?

Is there something strange awakened?

Jun Xiaoyao shook his head slightly, and when he came back to his senses, both War God and Ah Jiu were in front of him.

War God is tall and strong, with bronzed skin and scars.

The gray hair is shaky, and on the cold face, there are two criss-crossed scars, and a pair of wild beast-like vertical pupils are full of wildness.

This is a Fiendgod-like man.

In terms of temperament, it is not inferior to the Demon King Li Xin that Jun Xiaoyao met before in the funeral.

For a man like this, anyone who gets closer can feel oppressed, as if he is suffocating.

But at this moment, facing Jun Xiaoyao, War God is quite aura, and the corners of his mouth pull out a smile that has almost never been shown.

This smile is a bit stiff and unskilled.

A Jiu looked at him in surprise.

War God still laughs?

Simply unprecedented.

“White Clothes Divine King Jun Wuhui’s subordinates, Divine King eight divisions, War God barbarians, pay respects to Young Master!”

War God is actually one-knee kneels directly at Jun Xiaoyao!

This makes Heaven’s Chosen in all directions shocked.

You know, this fierce man who kneeled to Jun Xiaoyao is a Supreme Xuanzun!

And just killed another Supreme Xuanzun!

This powerhouse actually bowed down to Jun Xiaoyao, and without the slightest hesitation!

“Senior, please, and this time I have to thank Senior for my help.” Jun Xiaoyao helped War God with one hand.

For these subordinates who follow his father, Jun Xiaoyao is still very respectable.

“tiger father will not beget a dog son, Young Master’s demeanor, impressive.” War God’s savage tone also admired.

Push the Ancient Road horizontally, and end the abuse of the overlord.

He saw Jun Wuhui’s demeanor on Jun Xiaoyao.

Even blue is better than blue.

But when I think of Jun Wuhui and War God’s eyes, a cloud of clouds flashes.

“War God, don’t you follow the Lord, in a foreign border, why?” Ah Jiu hesitated.

“This matter…” War God gave a sullen tone.

The trace of anxiety in Jun Xiaoyao’s heart resurfaced.

But he also understands that this matter is not suitable for public speaking.

“Senior, let’s talk about this later.” Jun Xiaoyao said.

War God is slightly nodded.

“Ajiu.” Jun Xiaoyao looked towards Ajiu.

“Young Master.” Ah Jiu nodded slightly.

Jun Xiaoyao stepped forward, extended the hand, and personally wiped off a little blood from the corner of Ah Jiu’s lips.

“Young Master…” Ah Jiu also froze for a moment, didn’t expect Jun Xiaoyao to do this.

“Fortunately, today, War God Barbarian Senior killed Naha Tianjue, otherwise, I will be very upset.” Jun Xiaoyao said.

“Young Master has grown up, and now I want to protect Ajiu.” A smile came up at the corner of Ajiu’s lips, peerless allure.

Although she is not asking for anything in return.

But seeing that Jun Xiaoyao cares about her so much, there is still a hint of happiness in my heart.

“If I have the strength, I will protect anyone I want to protect. Unfortunately, you are not as high as Ah Jiu your realm.” Jun Xiaoyao slightly smiled.

“Ajiu believes that with Young Master’s innate talent, it will not take long to surpass Ajiu’s realm.” Ajiu said.

At this moment, a cough came.

“Ah, that…Jun Family Divine Child, should we talk about it?”

Long Yuan also converged in an aura and descended on the Buried Emperor Star.

He looked a little embarrassed and helpless.

Jun Xiaoyao is like a okay person, chatting with War God Man and Ah Jiu, leaving him aside.

But the problem is that Long Yaoer is still held by Jun Xiaoyao like a little bitch.

What style is this?

Taixu Ancient Dragon Clan doesn’t want face?

“This Divine Child wanted to talk before, but you guys wanted to do it, now you want to talk again?” Jun Xiaoyao’s face remained unchanged, his tone of voice was sarcastic.

Longyuan complexion azure-white, that’s a hate in my heart.

But what he hates is not Jun Xiaoyao, but Naha Tianjue.

If it weren’t for Tyrant’s impulsive action, maybe the situation would not be so.

At this moment, in the sky, golden brilliance bloomed again.

A silhouette in golden armor appeared.

“Hey, it’s the Ancient Road Law Enforcer, why are they showing up now?” Some Heaven’s Chosen looked.

This Supreme Law Enforcer’s face is also slightly awkward.

It could be said that Divine Immortal was fighting.

He cannot afford to offend on either side.

However, this Law Enforcer still brace oneself and said: “Divine Child, on our Law Enforcer side, we also hope that Divine Child can spare the overlord’s life for the time being.”

“After all, you are all qualified to be’seeds’.”

“Seed?” Jun Xiaoyao’s eyes flashed with light.

“Young Master, Law Enforcer and Pass Defender lineage are somewhat related.” War God said brutally.

Jun Xiaoyao slightly nodded.

Pass Defender lineage, the prestige is very high, and it is admired by countless cultivators in Nine Heavens Immortal Domain.

It was a group of selfless powerhouses, guarding countless epochs in foreign borders.

Ancient Road Law Enforcer, part of it is the descendants of Pass Defender lineage.

Jun Xiaoyao only uses Long Yaoer as a bargaining chip.

“As long as I can agree to the conditions of this Divine Child, it is not impossible for me to release Long Yaoer.” Jun Xiaoyao said.

“Divine Child is really generous, with mountains and rivers in mind.” Law Enforcer exclaimed, arching his hands.

Long Yuan’s heart is also sighed in relief, as long as he can talk.

“The conditions are very simple, this Divine Child wants Long Yaoer’s cultivation book!” Jun Xiaoyao said.