Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go Chapter 810


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“What, heaven book?”

all directions Heaven’s Chosen from all directions, first was taken aback, and then the color changed suddenly.

Nine Heavens Books, in Nine Heavens Immortal Domain, are known to everyone known to everyone.

That represents the nine ultimate ways.

Normally, Heaven’s Chosen will get a book of heaven, which is enough to soar into the sky and will cultivation one way to the extreme.

There are also rumors that if you can gather the nine books of heaven, you can know the mystery and see an unprecedented road.

Although since ancient times, no one has ever collected the nine books of heaven.

But it does not hinder all cultivator’s illusions.

Some Heaven’s Chosen present also suddenly realized, and instantly understood why Long Yaoer had such a terrifying recovery ability.

Even if the Heavenly Tyrant Body and Taixu Ancient Dragon bloodline are added, the resilience is impossible to that level.

The only possibility is…

“It turns out to be one of the nine books of heaven!” Everyone was suddenly enlightened, and their previous doubts were answered.

The book of life, also called the book of life, the book of vitality, etc.

Control Dao of Life.

In ancient historical records, there is no shortage of Heaven’s Chosen who got a birth certificate.

Although the student book can’t give the cultivator a powerful attack.

But it can bring abnormal life force and resilience!

For those who are in control of the book.

Rebirth and so on are all weak.

Blood rebirth, flesh and blood evolution, soul recovery, Primordial Spirit is full of vitality.

It can be said that as long as the vitality is not completely extinct, it can be restored over time.

This ability, simply heaven defying, can be called the number one lifesaver.

“No wonder the overlord’s recovery ability is so terrifying, and he can re-grow instantly even if his limbs are broken. It turned out to be a cultivation.”

“Unfortunately, what about the cultivation, but in the end, it was defeated by Jun Family Divine Child.”

To tell the truth, he really doesn’t want to hand over the raw book to Jun Xiaoyao.

Although Long Yaoer failed miserably this time, part of the reason was that Jun Xiaoyao played Long Yaoer once with the Dharmakaya.

Long Yaoer’s mood is a little unstable.

If Long Yaoer can know the shame and be brave, devote himself to cultivation.

Long Yuan also has a way to keep Long Yaoer improving.

Not to mention directly defeating Jun Xiaoyao, at least he will try to catch up.

But if you give the raw book to Jun Xiaoyao, it will undoubtedly make Jun Xiaoyao like a tiger that has grown wings.

Long Yaoer wants to come back again, and there is almost no hope.

Looking at the silent Long Yuan, Jun Xiaoyao’s lips have a icy arc.

He stepped on Long Yaoer’s head.

“It seems that there is nothing to talk about. This Divine Child gives Law Enforcer face, but you don’t give this Divine Child face.”

When seeing this, the Ancient Road Law Enforcer also frowned and looked towards Longyuan Road: “Longyuan Fellow Daoist, take a step back, and the sky is brighter.”

Long Yuan sighed, flicked his wrist, and threw a simple scroll to Jun Xiaoyao.

The birth book is not in Long Yaoer’s body, but has been kept in Long Yuan’s hands.

Jun Xiaoyao took it smoothly.

This book is bronze, as if stained with patina, and looks very simple.

Jun Xiaoyao doesn’t even need to determine whether this book is true or false.

Because he owns three books of heaven, he can naturally feel that this is true.

“The book of birth has fallen into the hands of Jun Family Divine Child. It’s like a tiger that has grown wings.”

“Yes, if Jun Family Divine Child can collect other bible books, he will be stronger.”

No one knows, this is the fourth book of heaven that Jun Xiaoyao has gotten.

Typical books, empty books, treasure books, raw books.

Nine books of heaven, Jun Xiaoyao is the fourth!

Almost half fell into Jun Xiaoyao’s bag.

Of course, Jun Xiaoyao will not deliberately publicize it, it is to cause trouble to himself.

“Okay, I have handed over the Shengshu to you, so let me go.” Long Yuan suppressed the anger in his heart, coldly said.

Long Yao’er didn’t dare to say any more, for fear that Jun Xiaoyao would kick her ass again.

But she also has despair in her heart.

Jun Xiaoyao got a student book, it was even more difficult for her to come back.

However, Jun Xiaoyao showed a playful smile.

He shook the head lightly.

“Are you playing this Venerable?!”

Seeing Jun Xiaoyao’s attitude, Long Yuan’s body was shaking with anger.

If the Buried Emperor Star hadn’t had Rule suppression, his aura would have been unable to help but erupt.

Jun Xiaoyao’s expression is still flat, saying: “This Divine Child is not such a person.”

“If at first talks peacefully like this, there is indeed only one condition, and I will release people directly.”

“But you disregarded this Divine Child’s willingness to talk and chose military force to take action, and also injured my Dao Protector. Shouldn’t this account be counted?”

Jun Xiaoyao is not a dumb person.

But he is also the person seeking revenge for the slightest grievance.

at first, it’s not enough to have a good conversation. Jun Xiaoyao is not greedy, as long as he has a book.

As a result, military force was required to do it, and Jiu was slightly injured.

Jun Xiaoyao is naturally impossible so talkative.

“You are unsatisfied!”

Long Yuan’s old face is blue, convulsing, his heart is going to explode!

Long Yao’er’s lovable body was also shaking, she was very angry, but she didn’t dare to speak any more.

“Then you treat me as unsatisfied. It just so happens that Ancient Road is lonely. It’s nice to have a mother pet to accompany you.”

Jun Xiaoyao said, pulling his hand.

At the other end of the dog chain, Long Yaoer, who was wrapped around his neck by the collar, fell on his feet.

When Long Yuan saw this, his heart was bleeding, and the words squeezed from his teeth: “What are the conditions?!”

Jun Xiaoyao slightly smiled, Jun Yan looks very peaceful, even a little “amiable”.

“I heard that in Taixu Ancient Dragon Clan, there is a Heaven and Earth Supreme Treasure called Spring of Life…”


When he heard Jun Xiaoyao say Spring of Life, Long Yuan’s brain only felt buzzing, his eyes went dark, and he almost lost his breath.

Jun Xiaoyao This is killing them as a pig!