Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go Chapter 897

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in Nine Heavens Immortal Domain, except for Desolate Ancient Aristocratic Family, Immortal Divine Dynasty, Top Holy Land Major SECT.

There are also many academics, colleges.

These academic colleges, deep heritage, inheritance, and many of them are not weak in Immortal Influence.

, such as Jun Xiaoyao, also has the identity of Desolate Heaven Immortal Domain, Sacred Spirit Academy Sacred Child.

other parties Immortal Domain have their own academics.

Monster Race Monster King School.

IMMEMORIAL IMPERIAL FAMILY Ancient SoveReign Academy is famous for Hech.

But these are far more than Nine Heavens Xianyuan.

Nine Heavens, is the high school hall of Nine Heavens Immortal Domain, with top resources and Inheritance’s SuPreme Holy Land.

This Academy is an IMMORTAL DOMAIN All young generations, the most mematic for the most Yearn for Something Even in Dreams.

and Nine Heavens Education for Everyone, Irrespective Of Background, as long as the strength is strong enough, INNATE TALENT is strong enough, willing to fight IMMORTAL DOMAIN, there is a chance to add it.

, the four masters have said.

If the Divine Ruins World is very big, it is eligible to get a fairy.

and the fairy creation is in the Nine Heavens Xianyuan.

Nine Heavens Xianyuan, a plurality of era will not be opened once.

Only in the most chaotic big world, Immortal Domain encounters the crisis, the Nine Heavens Xianyuan will open.

Cultivate true elites and top pillars for Immortal Domain.

The Heaven’s Chosen participating in the Divine Ruins World will have the opportunity to join.

Those SuPreme taboo Heaven’s Chosen, and even get the fairy-level BAPTISM.

Of course, many people don’t understand.

The ancient emperor and the Others, which is eligible to join the Nine Heavens Xianyuan to get the fairy.

Immortal Domain has many youngster, which set off a wave against the emperor.

Immortal Domain’s real hero, Jun Xiaoyao has come, and the ancient emperor will have a fairy.

It can be said that the ancient emperor, with Fuxi Xianchang, the reputation in Immortal Domain, is smelling.

Of course, in the end, the ancient emperor and the Others, or you can enter the Nine Heavens Xianyuan.

After all, the authority of Xian Ting is still unobstructed.

After the Nine Heavens Xianyuan opened a year.

There is also a Major Event, which has also begun to affect the Immortal Domain pattern.

Those seeds in the ancient history, starting a germination, recovery.

Jun is the first, but it is the last one.

jun xiaoyao’s fall, it seems to be a letter of igniting this golden prospective.

You sing me to debut.

jun xiaoyao ended, showing the king of hegemony, the stars.

Among the abyss Vortex, there is a raging Demon ambitious eight-party, so that Heaven and Earth are cold.

of the supreme, swept the eight parties.

A young supreme with Demon, such as Demon, recovered from the abyss.

“How many years, this bright Great Golden World, finally waited!”

This is a man who is full of Demon flames.

“I have seen Shengluo SIR!”

all Directions, Powerhouse with Pluto Lineage.

The seed character of Pluto Lineage, St. Ruo, appeared!

Ancient ancient ancient, there is an ancient tablet that is towering into the horizon.

It seems to be engraved with countless truth inscriptions.

around, three laps, three laps, surround the truth of many Quele SECTs.


The whole truth is the ancient tablet begins to tremble.

Various Divine Order Chain and the truth text, branding.

Cracked in the earth, Divine Glow 10,000 Zhang!

a wrapped in the endless holy light and Silhouette in the truth, slowly stepped.

“The dusk of the gods will come, and the new god will be created.”

“Supreme’s Allah, the more the chaos of Calamity Tribulation, the more you need truth and belief.”

“Xinyu Guran Holy SECT, you can have eternal life!”

This voice is extremely vast, spread spreads Above the Heavens and Under the Earth!

“Pursuing the Truth, follow the Glory of God!”

countless quile Holy SECT Powerhouse, believers, in worship.

The seed-level character of the Qur’an Holy SECT, the child of the truth, is born!

Dragon King Temple, a dragon hill.

Dragon Qi is raging, a Golden Dragon King gun, punctured the vanes.

Silhouette, a stary, starts to wake, vibrate the land of 100,000,000.

Dragon King Temple, Xuan Zhen, awake!

Up to time.

starts with a bit of seed recovery.

Immortal Domain officially entered the era of blooming in the wildflowers.

The seeds buried in the land have been successively restored.

a bit of a seed-level young supreme, qi and blood, shocking.

Everyone is a legend of an era.

This is a group of groups.

Young SuPreme, blood is thin!

Heaven’s Chosen, stunning universe!

When the “P> is from time to time, it will rush out of the Heaven’s Chosen who has a sleeping, like a True Dragon recovery, to rise in this era.

can be said, all Heaven’s Chosen wants to compete for this generation!

Of course, it is not all seeds that will germinate at the same moment.

For example, in Immemorial Imperial Family, some real straight ancient sovereign.

For example, those named voices do not significantly show the seed passage of IMMORTAL DOMAIN.

For example, the terrorist chaos body in the depth of the PRIMAL CHAO.

For example, an ancient Human Emperor of Sleeping …

All in all, the prosperous curtain has been opened.

has begun to have a role.

is to see who it will stand on the stage.

This is the best era and the worst era.

jun xiaoyao, one king, the group of stars!


In the eye, three years.

three years, it is not long.

even for Cultivator, it may be more than three years in a short closure.

But for these three years, it is already enough to make everyone, began to gradually forget, and once the brilliant name.

jun xiaoyao!

Although Jun Family is still strong, it is still the most unusuried DESOLATE ANCIENT ARISTOCRATIC FAMILY IMMORTAL DOMAIN.

but less jun xiaoyao, I always feel like it is similar.

Jun is although it is equally stunned, in a young supreme, it is also an unlimited existence.

but with Jun Xiaoyao, it is always missing something.

has no taste.

and in these three years have also happened.

The wars of foreign fields and Immortal Domain are getting more and more frequent, and more and more dead injuries.

The friction of the two borders, starting to heat up, open from the real battle, not far away.

, Jun Xiaoyao once riding, got Nine-finger Sacred Dragon Dragon Inheritance, Longji Princess.

Zeng and Jun don’t leave your hand.

finally failed.

In addition, Myriad Clans Chamber of Commerce This huge monster has been completely swalloweded by Jun Emperor.

The Snake Human Clan, the Desolate Ancient Temple, etc. on the Ultimate Ancient Road.

is also the leader of the Medusa Queen, and the leader of the last Sacred Body Warri, and the Jun Territory.

Between a time, the Jun Tibet is created by Jun Xiaoyao. Influence.

is already much better than before, too much.

can be said that except for the heritage.

Any other aspect, the Jun Emperor is unwereed in the IMMORTAL INFLUENCE.

is unfortunately, this huge monster is lost to the Lord of Tibet.

Everyone in the Tribut is praying in a timely.

The owner of their emperor returns!

is when the Nine Heavens Immortal Domain Rising Winds, Scudding Clouds.

has been forgotten by many people. Jun Xiaoyao.

After three years of void abyss drifting.

is slitted by a secondary element, inhale it.

Jun Xiaoyao’s Primordial Spirit once again feels Aura of Heaven and Earth rules.

This Aura is that Jun Xiaoyao is slightly smuggled.

“This … isn’t Nine Heavens Immortal Domain’s Heaven and Earth rules?”