Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go Chapter 898

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This is a dead land.

Heaven and Earth have thrown.

Hand-shaped dark mist, surrounded by it.

The Rays of Light in the sky is also difficult to settle down.

Find a place, everything is groggy.

There are various disabilities, ancient scorpion, and grave graves.

There are also a variety of dangerous killing formation, corrosive glap.

in the sky, the dark material of the silk is surging.

There are also various contaminated Divine ORDER CHAINs, such as hinges, from time to time.

This is a eternal life of the earth, more like an eternal prohibition.

At this time, in this case, in the void, suddenly thunder is rolling.

has huge cracks, and the sound of lightning thunder is surging, and it is fried as flatly.

The sound resounds around the land.

In Several Thousands Li Foreign Domain, there are some souls with shocking purposes, and the LOOKED TOWARDS is far prohibited.

“What happened to the Tomb?”

“Is it a taboo of sleep?”

“Hey, don’t say more, be careful of ominous causations.”

Some people are in the whisper, and the eyes are full of fear and joiencies.


“Where is this?”

“with Nine Heavens Immortal Domain has a completely different rules.”

a group of Blood Mist, accompanied by bones, from Void Crack, falling within a dark valley of this Area.

An ancient Talisman is a faint emperor.

is a mess.

, a little Primordial Spirit in Jun Xiaoyao is fluctuating.

For this Heaven and Earth, he is curious.

But before this, it still needs to explore the situation in the universe.

jun xiaoyao primordial spirit, sinking into the inner cosmic.

look at it, the whole city is universe, the zifeng, the broken is broken.

is like a honeycomb.

It is conceivable that GODS Evil Thought is enclosed in it, and how much damage has caused Jun Xiaoyao’s insiders.

is good, after these years of suppression seal.

gods evil thought, finally is the soul of Azure Emperor, to suppress the deepest place in the universe.

“Seon lost horses, knowing non-blessings, although this gods evil thing, giving me a big damage.”

“but without destruction there can be no construction, as long as there is a World tree, my internal space will move forward into a big step forward.”

Jun Xiaoyao heart.

Not only is the inner universe, but also himself.

Fleshy Body seems to be broken, even the Supreme Bone is crackled.

But this is the WITHOUT DESTRUCTION THERE CAN Be No Construction.

After complete transformation, Jun Xiaoyao will only be stronger.

“Didn’t Expect, you are really successful.”

The shadow of azure emperor is once again, and the voice is elegant and clear.

“This is still much longer thanks to Senior, Junior is just a place.” Jun Xiaoyao said.

“You don’t have to be self-modest, maybe you are likely, complete my legacy, build the world Immortal Domain.”

“In addition, what do you know?” Azure Emperor asked.

jun xiaoyao is not solving.

“Rank Three Thousand Physiques First, fate is virtual.” Azure Emperor Indifferently SAID.

“Destinity is not?”

jun xiaoyao is surprised.

He knows that he is transmigrator, but it is no one to fate.

Yongbu Tianwu once seen, but it did not know.

Jun Xiaoyao thought that he was because of Transmigrator, so he could scam.

Didn’t Expect also has a destiny of this professional term.

“Three Thousand Physiques, the fate is king.”

The tone of azure emperor has a solemnity.

can make a mythical emperor, show so solemn.

It can be seen that fate is virtual, and what is the existence of the taboo.

jun xiaoyao is also DIDN’t Expect.

It was originally thought that heaven defying is already HEAVEN Defying, two top physique, desolate ancient sacred body and sales bone

Good guys, originally doing three Physique.

The fate is virtual, or the existence of Ranked 1st in Three Thousand Physiques.

“Everything in the world has its own track.”

“But you, it is jumping out of the existence of River of Destin, no one can explore your causality, and you can’t.”

This is why, Jun Xiaoyao can deceive the reason for Heaven.

“Senior, have you been in the same fate with me?” Jun Xiaoyao asked.

He is indeed curious about it.

If you don’t know the eyes of Azure Emperor and experience.

It is estimated that no one knows.

azure emperor paused, said: “Destiny is nothing, because heaven defying, Since Ancient Times is hardly found.”

“and even many people think that this Physique, there is no existence, just people think about it.”

“But I used to find a trace of traces in ancient history books.”

jun xiaoyao hearing this, the heart is a shock.

Is there any other fate of unreasonable?

“I don’t know his name, I don’t know if his origin is, and I don’t even know if he really exists.”

“I only know that he has a code, and the fortune is.”

“Delivery Master?”

jun xiaoyao crumple frowned.

He couldn’t help but remember the life-telling blind of his life.

saying that he will definitely see the peak in this life.

The case is true of


“Forget it, now you shouldn’t think of this, but how to live in an exotic site.” Azure Emperor Faintly SAID.

“It turns out that this is an exotic domain.”

jun xiaoyao is in.

No wonder Heaven and Earth rules and Nine Heavens Immortal Domain are completely different.

Jun Xiaoyao thought that he had entered what is the restricted area of ​​Danger Land.

Didn’t Expect has come to an exotic domain.

“Gods Evil Thought has been sealed, I will see you Fleshy Body to be crushed, short time is difficult to recover.”

“I will stay 30. Grade 3 Primal Chaos Azure Lotus can help you with the body, but also have the power of the shoulder primal chas.”

Azure Emperor, let Jun Xiaoyao, this mood, people who are mysterious, they can’t help but have a good idea.

thirty grade 3 Primal Chaos Azure Lotus, this is a Heaven Defying level Great Good Fortune!

is absolutely comparable to the top 10 star reward!

After more reminishes, Jun Xiaoyao will have the power of Primal Chas!

Azure emperor, although not a Primal Chaos body, its body is an Azure Lotus in Primal Chaos.

So Azure Emperor has the same Attribute capabilities as the Primal Chas.

and now.

Jun Xiaoyao can also have the same Heaven Defying Physique like Azure Emperor!

If the Desolate Ancient Sacred Body, there is also a transformation of SuPreme Bone.

The power of Jun Xiaoyao, what monster, anomeric, monster, can not be described!

I want to think about after all.

jun xiaoyao, but the existence of Destin is virtual, Desolate Ancient Sacred Body, Supreme Bone, Primal Chaos Physique in One Body exists.

This is no longer the problem of Heaven Defying does not Heaven Defying.

jun xiaoyao is a scope of thinking of ordinary people!

“Many Thanks Senior!” Jun Xiaoyao is grateful.

“Don’t, this is, you can solve the repayment of Gods Evil Thought this evil fruit.”

azure emperor lips, showing a faint smile.

smile, stunning eternal!


The remaining energy of Azure Emperor has poured into 30. Grade 3 Primal Chaos Azure Lotus.

This Primal Chaos Azure Lotus exudes a pure primal chas, and there are also various Primal Chaos to come out.

At this time, Jun Xiaoyao remembered again.

The ten even Register rewards, it seems that it has not been carefully explored.

maybe, you can reward the bonus, calendering the treasure of the Eternal Invincible!