Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go Chapter 899

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jun xiaoyao starts to explore the ten even Lottery encouragement.

and Jun Xiaoyao still wants to think.

here is an exotic!

Jun Xiaoyao, even reshape Desolate Ancient Sacred Body, absolutely to move a single step in existence.

As long as a person in the eyes, you can see it, Jun Xiaoyao’s identity.

This is not.

jun xiaoyao also feels that if you can’t do anything to prevent it, you might as well sit back and enjoy it.

He is also something that needs to be solved in an exotic domain.

For example, you can explore all kinds of important news information for exotic.

or, the soul book of one of the nine Heavenly Books, it is possible in the hands of the Africane Lineage.

There is also a drop of Father Jun Wu, is not in an exotic domain.

There is also the ghost woman, or there is a certain cause with the other side of CLAN, need to explore.

Thinking here, Jun Xiaoyao thought of Junyue.

Although he didn’t feel a good sense of Xuanyue, the Xuanyue was at the end, and he blocked him in front of him.

jun xiaoyao does not have in the vicinity to perceive the movement of Xuan Yue.

Obviously, she may be dispersed in the void chaos, and Jun Xiaoyao is dispersed.

may even fall.

All in all, there are many things, Jun Xiaoyao needs to come to the foreign domain exploration.

This time, it is just to let Jun Xiaoyao make the next plan.

“Since Deciding on Exploration, the Desolate Ancient Sacred Body is hard to let me act.” Jun Xiaoyao thought.

he started thinking.

In an exotic, Jun Xiaoyao’s identity does not bring a variety of conveniences.

will bring a fatal crisis.

According to reason, Jun Xiaoyao should start low-key acting.

but is biased, Jun Xiaoyao does not want to low-key.

“Right, Primal Chaos Azure Lotus brings me Primal Chaos Physique, which is like this …” Jun Xiaoyao is turned.

Out of an uniental unparalleled primal chas.

What should this do?

I think it is very good.

After a preliminary idea, Jun Xiaoyao began to explore the 10th Lottery excitation.

These can help him quickly recover.

“Great Technique of Stealing The Sky and Exchanging The Sun, you can hide AURA, shielded probes, and even strong causality can conceal and change!”

This first reward will make Jun Xiaoyao surprised.

This is just a sleeping pillow.

Great Technique of Stealing The Sky and Exchanging The Sun, as the name suggests, stealing the day, the sky is over the sea.

Despite Battle Stregth, it is the most needed for Jun Xiaoyao under the moment.

“With Great Technique of Stealing The Sky and Exchanging The Sun, others are difficult to explore my origin.”

Jun Xiaoyao believes that this CultiVation Technique is really practical.

Next, it is DAO Heart species Demon.

Jun Xiaoyao probes it, it is a bit surprised.

DAO Heart species Demon, is a Method that controls others.

Briefly, Jun Xiaoyao Cultivation has a DAO Heart species Demon.

This CultiVation Technique can be handed over to any other creative Cultivation.

and jun xiaoyao can be free to pass the Dao Heart Demon to the people.

Of course, Jun Xiaoyao my INTE TALENT will not decrease, or it controls how much it is transmitted to others.

After CultiVation, Withnin The Body will born Demon.

and can continue to use the DAO Heart Demon to others, get other people’s CultiVation Innate Talent, CultiVation results, and more.

This is a pass ten, ten passions.

and all CultiVation people are subject to Jun Xiaoyao.

Jun Xiaoyao as long as A Single Thought, you can let others explode, which is killed.

“This is too heaven defying?” Jun Xiaoyao was surprised.

This is simply harvesting slaves.

Is SYSTEM knows how he is good?

is wrong.

This is no longer a slave, if it is really spread.

maybe Jun Xiaoyao can be preached.

A new idea begins to be born in the jun xiaoyao brain.

but not urgent.

Jun Xiaoyao continues to explore the next SYSTEM reward.

7 star reward, all things.

This is also extremely precious resources.

even some Immortal Medicine can be planted on everything.

“It can be cultivated with this barld tree.” Jun Xiaoyao thought.

, it is 8 star rewards, and the road Source.

This makes Jun Xiaoyao solemnly.

Source can be said to be the essence between Heaven and Earth.

can be said that if a mortal gets the Source.

He will immediately use the genius for Peerless, and even manipulate Heaven and Earth Great Dao.

But this is not a Most Important for Jun Xiaoyao.

Because of his perception, it does not need to be the Source.

but …

Source Southerly said that it can be seen as a simplified version of INAO Embryo!

“If the Source integrated into the Desolate Ancient Sacred Body …” Jun Xiaoyao thought this.

will change from Innate Sacred Body Dao Embryo?

Take another step, even if it cannot be complete.

but is it possible to change the INNATE SACRED BODY DAO Embryo?

Jun Xiaoyao’s Primordial Spirit a wave of fluctuations.

Even just quasi-INATE SACRED Body Dao Embryo, it is more stronger than simple desolate ancient sacred body!

“is really going to take off.”

Jun Xiaoyao believes that his harvest is too big.

Next, Jun Xiaoyao continues to explore.

8 star reward, Quasi Emperor soldiers, big Luo Sword.

This is nothing to say, the big Luo Sword, the reason can reach 8 star, because it has a transformed Into quasi-fairy, or even the fairy.

Great Desolate Halberd, fragmentation in the previous war, so Jun Xiaoyao just lacks one hand of weapons.

and use the big Luo Sword, it will not be recognized by the people of the exotic domain.

7 star reward, 斩 Heavenly Art, there is nothing to say.

one of Five Great Divine Art, Jun Xiaoyao, has already gathered four of the Five Great Divine Art.

Immortal Slaughtering Sword, Origin SoveReign Dao Sword, Grass Sword Art, Heavenly Art.


But the 那 鸢 is Immortal Tribulation Sword Art.

jun xiaoyao is intended, after he returns to Immortal Domain, find this Sword Art of Fuse.

jun xiaoyao is still quite expected, and the Five Great Divine ART will make a wonderful change.

will change the top Sword Art of a high supreme?

then 7 star rewards, nine fetches, Life Pill, and 8 Star rewards, three students Immortal Medicine.

This is not much more, Jun Xiaoyao will integrate into Fleshy Body to restore Fleshy Body.

The original Jun Xiaoyao Fleshy Bady is broken, and it takes a long time to recover.

But if you integrate into ninex fetitions, Life Pill and three-life Immortal Medicine, it can greatly shorten the time.

, especially the three-life IMMORTAL Medicine, is a foreign immortal medicine.

It is a general immortal medicine more than ten times!

This is a bit a bit horrible.

can be said that this is a price without the city, there is no change.

final, it is the two most heavy things.

Jiuxing reward, the kind of belief!

10 star reward, Heaven black blood!

jun xiaoyao is also a little solemn.

After all, this level of reward is already the most precious.

jun xiaoyao is very curious, what is the role.

is the kind of belief.

jun xiaoyao explores some of the information.

This kind of beliefs need to be watered with Stregth of Faith and finally sprouted.

As for what is finally changed, Jun Xiaoyao is also NOT QITE CLEAR.

but Stregth of Faith is too difficult to collect.

Isn’t a resource for IMMORTAL ORIGIN? Treasure, you want to search, find it directly.

strengthenth of faith, not finding it.

If in Immortal Domain, the influence of Jun Xiaoyao, can you really collect a little Strength of Faith.

But the problem is, Jun Xiaoyao is now in an exotic domain.

This place, who will believe him?

“Strength of Faith, if this is this …”

Cerebral Divine Light Flased.

He thought of a wonderful operation!