Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go Chapter 900

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“DAO Heart species Demon is not a great missionary holy master.”

Jun Xiaoyao thinks.

use Dao Heart species Demon, casually flicker some exotic life, then spread.

then saying is what Antiquity Great God is given.

Streamth of Faith is not Hua Hua?

is flicker.

with Jun Xiaoyao Black-Belly’s character and deep heart machine.

I am afraid not to be?

Even Heaven has been transferred by Jun Xiaoyao.

Don’t say that it is the group of exotic.

The only thing you need to pay attention is to be temporarily unable to provoke those High Rank Powerhouse.

If it is found by a king of IMMORTAL, it will not be very wonderful.

This method is indeed possible.

jun xiaoyao has been thinking.

final, 10 star reward, Heaven black blood.

According to System’s tips, this is a drop of black blood dropped above Heaven.

jun xiaoyao can integrate black blood into WIDY to open the dark mode.

All aspects are fully improved, and the strength has skyrocketed.

Of course, it is also possible to fall into an emperor, Wanjie is no longer, and it will always recover.

However, this is only one of Heaven black blood.

As for other secrets, Jun Xiaoyao also needs to explore themselves.

“This thing, it seems to be related to the dark matter of the exotic domain, is it one of the sources?”

“and what is it, where is it?”

“This drop black blood, who?”

jun xiaoyao has some doubts.

But since it is a SYSTEM reward to him, be careful, what is the big problem in IT ShouldN’t BE.

And with this drop of black blood, Jun Xiaoyao is more perfect to integrate into an exotic domain.

Because of the foreign domain, there is a little dark matter.

and Heaven black blood, but the source of the dark matter.

strictly speaking, Jun Xiaoyao is more like exotic life.

Next, Jun Xiaoyao began to prepare.

He will integrate the Source, incorporate Blood Mist bones.

is also Primal Chaos Azure Lotus, also invested.

jun xiaoyao is intended, while the sacrifice is two body.

These two bodies are himself, there is no one.

can also be directly integrated in the future.

The only difference is.

He is one of them, is the same Primal Chaos Physique as Azure Emperor.

Another body, it is a Source that combines the road, qualified transformed Into quasi-INTE SACRED BODY DAO EMBRYO.

Subsequently, Jun Xiaoyao puts the nine fairy Life Pill and three students in it.


primal chaos pumps!

Various QI and Blood!

The shares fluctuates, as if it is breeded with Peerless Gods!

Jun Xiaoyao’s Primordial Spirit is also crazy recovery.

Spirit GOD in your blessings, not only quickly restore Fleshy Body, but can quickly restore Primordial Spirit.

Jun Xiaoyao Primordial Spirit, like a spirit god sitting on a disk, a chanting.

Soon, his primordial spirit, from a slight light, becomes the fire of Primordial Spirit.

The last three Great Dao flowers, the top of the past PRIMORDIAL SPIRIT is sitting on the past.

is at this moment, outside the black centine.

dong! dong! dong!

a few heads of Jozhama high, come here.

Exotic family, singular human clan.

will be a mid-flow column, Equivalent to ordinary residents.

The status and slave are not a concept.

“The low-cost black leuka, the day is coming.”

One-eyed giant in A Low, Muffled Voice, IndifanceLy SAID.

“SIR, isn’t it just up to supply? How do you now?”

A group of people in the Black Piece came out, which is the Black Leather Patriarch, with the strength of the Heavenly God.

but in front of the alone, it is not enough.

“Are you questioned?” Doo-eyed giants indifferent.

“Small don’t dare!” Black Paler patriarch strands.

“HMPH, now our world and Immortal Domain, the war is getting frequent, the resources need to consume,” “

“Origin Stone, herbs, metal minerals are handed out.” Sinding Giants Indifferently SAID.

“You are too much!”

Suddenly, a teenager sounds.

It is a teenager who is a 167 years old, dark, and perseverance.

is integrated and well-known.

His name is Tuo Yu.

At this moment, he is angry with an alcohol.

“en?” The one-eyed giants, shot in the eyes.

“Xiaoyu, don’t impulsive!”

Next to a woman, a Pretty Face is discolored, and the Pretty Face is discolored.

her figure, Curvaceous, wheat skin, although slightly rough, also with a wild temptation.

is like a sexy female leopard.

She is Tuo Yu’s Elder Sister, Tuo.

“哟, yes, yes, there are women’s women, but also to levy, used to comfort our people.”

“You are these animals!”

Tuo Yueti Socket Cracked, Zhang Qou!