Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go Chapter 901

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Which teenager is not a bloody blood.

Tuo Yuyu is the case.

He saw that the black pearl suffered bully, and he had always been a fire.

Why is the black skin is a slave, you have to suffer?

Is it a life?

“There is courageous boy, but unfortunately, it is too stupid!”

The alone, the giant is played, and the stroke is turned.

pu chi!

Tuo Yukou spits blood, being flying directly!


Tuolan pretty face pale.

“HMPH, if you don’t come today, you will give you the whole black centuo!”

“Anyway, these low-hearted slaves, like a wild grass, cutting a little and long.” Doo-eyed giant with killing intent.

“agrees, we agree!”

Black tonar patriarch trembling.

Tuolan’s eye circle is red, she is taken away by a single-eyed giant.

There is also a group of women and is also tied.

These alone human clan, the most short, there are three feet high, like a Little Giant.

It is conceivable that these women who are taken away will experience any nightmare.

The body shape of a single-eyed giant is not a simple torture.

is simply string to be stringent.

“Alan Elder Sister!”

Tuo Yuyu rushing down, the eyes must be cleared, and blood is blocked.

The heart is like a burst is generally angry and suffering!

“Hey, Child …” Black Metal Patriarch shook his head sigh.

“If I am strong enough …” Tuo Yu died biting his teeth, and his eye spreads blood.

This is a cruel place in an exotic domain.

weak, it is the original crime!

As long as the strength is strong enough, identity, status, resources, women, dignity, all!

“I want weak.” Tuo Yuyu pain.

They are poor in these slaves.

adds no resources, there is no good CultiVation Technique Divine Ability.

wants to rise, is more difficult than Bunding Day.

Immortal Domain, there are also some academic colleges, you can teach some ordinary Cultivator.

But the existence is not.

Even if there is innate talent, strength, people with status can join.

They have these slaves, even when Handyman is eligible.

“P> is at this time.


Heaven and Earth are also significantly natural phenomenon.

On several beyond a thousand li, there is lightning flash, Tribulation Cloud dense.

“What happens in the tomb, often there is often a quiet recently, what is wrong?”

Some Tribal Influncers survey are discussing.

Tuo Yuyu, slamming his eyes in front.


A strange place full of various deaths!

, but also, there are few lucky luck, which can get the HEAVEN Defying machine.

“If I can get it …” Tuo Yu felt unprecedented Rays of Light.

Do not say there is any CultiVation resource with his current situation.

Even if you want to step by step, you don’t know what you want to wait until the Monkey.

The only way is to gamble, let go!

Win, since then become a human revred, can even lead the entire ethnic group, out of the despicable slaveral position.

is lost, but it is just a life.

“Drag Out An Ignoble Existence, what does it mean, it is better to gamble!” Tuo Yuyu glanced.

At night.

Tuo Yuyu Alone, slammed away, the direction of the Moved Towards is rushing.


Tomb, in the dark valley.

Endless Primal Chas is in the air, and all kinds of order will interleave.

seems to be a sleeping gods.

and on the side, Jun Xiaoyao sleepless Silhouette emerged.

looks slightly unreal.

This is the shape of Jun Xiaoyao’s Primordial Spirit.

“Yes, this harvest is too big, my Cultivation Base has upgraded to the QUASI SUPREME.” Jun Xiaoyao muttered.

I know that Jun Xiaoyao’s age is less than thirty.

Such younger, step into the QUASI SUPREME.

is simply unique.

I haven’t found one in ancient history.

Even those seed level Heaven’s Chosen, young supreme, they have fewer ages with fewer ages.

even has a few thousand years old.

is just a young and young.

but Jun Xiaoyao, but it is really young, not just relative.

I am afraid that Jun Xiaoyao is also very young in the age of a hundred years.

“and this is not the limit, with the expansion of the inner universe, I don’t even have to deliberate Cultivation, Realm will be As the Tide Rises, The Boat Floats.”