Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go Chapter 902

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The outer periphery of the tomb, outside a swamp.

Tuo Yueti Complexion Pale, the face is cold sweat.

One of his feet, accidentally stepped into a rotten mud.

Whole legs have been corroded, and they can be seen in the Legus legs with bloodshot.

“Hehe … Sure enough, I am not a character in this story …”

Tuoba is immersed in the ground and feels the spread of fire of life.

he exposed a bitter laughter.

Desperate and not will.

Tuo Yu is even unforeseen.

is in the periphery.

is in the blur of Tuoba.

With endless ancient magnificent, as if it comes from the sound from Antiquity Great Desolate, resounding his mind.

“等, can you want to become stronger, break free from your fate?”

This sound is like flatly thunder, and the brain of Tuo Yu is fried.


Tuo Yu is full of eyes.

In this day, you can’t see people.

Who will talk to him?

“I am a destiny, the master of creation, is the source of all Heavens, is the end of the end.”

“everything, started by me …”

“Everything, will be by the end …”

This sound, let the Tuo Yu are almost suffocating, shaking!

Destiny planner, creation dominated, all heavens source!

What existence is this? ?

is in the distance in the distance.

jun xiaoyao’s Primordial Spirit body is standing, and his face has a Faintly Discrrnable to play a smile.

Fudge this, Jun Xiaoyao is quite good.

All in all, the more God is god, but the more convincing.

This is like a game for Jun Xiaoyao.

On the other side, Tuo Yuyu breathes shortly, and the pupil is large.

He was originally died, and it was still a resumed of some energetic.

“Sure enough, I will die in the world!”

Tuo Yu is shaking every nerve!

he really has Great Opportunity.

and other people’s homes, if they are not a shortivation technique, if it is not a Divine Medicine, or some inheritance.


He met a god!

If it is in other places, I am afraid that anyone Will Not is easily flicked.

but where is it here?

is the tomb of the eternal ban!

rumors, really buried the spirit god!

I think so, I have encountered the return of the recovery, it seems not IMPOSSIBLE.

There is no Powerhouse, it will be bored to play him a black skin clarsman.

“Great Destiny and Creative God, please save me, I am willing to be your eternal believer …” Tuo Yuyu in Roar.

He is afraid to miss this opportunity.

jun xiaoyao is speechless.

He has not really begun to flicker, Tuo Yu is active.

But the scene is still there.

Must make Tuo Yu’s convinced, he is a pet care that is god.

This can be taught in one mind.


next moment, Tuoba’s eyes, Heaven and Earth reversed.

He looked at it, he came directly to a boundless universe.

“This … this is …”

Tuo Yu is distressed, stunned, and it is sauno.

he can feel that this universe is different from the exotic field.

“Sure enough, it is a great creation!” Tuo Yuyu stunned and shocked.

In his class, naturally, you can’t get the top supreme of the inner universe.

not in turn, even if you can contact, you will not doubt.

Because Jun Xiaoyao’s inner universe is completely a rule.

The inner universe of SuPreme is just the use of exotic rules.

is shocking at Tuoba.

is in the distance of endless universe.

A blurred Silhouette dish sits, with a stress of ALL Heavens Aura.

Silhouette, is enveloped by endless immortal glow, all kinds of Rune 璀, Great Dao is glorious.

He seems to be the beginning of all things, it seems to be the beginning of creation.

The fate of everything in the world is as good as the fruit, and it is as good as the long river, and it is flowing down.

After him, a ancient tree, ginseng, all over the Star River!

On each of the leaves, it seems to have a world that is boiling!

Tuo Yu is already shocked.

He naturally doesn’t know that it is a World tree.

It only feels that this is a great effort that even God does not necessarily have.

However, it is more shocking, still behind.

At that blurry Silhouette rear.

There is also a horrible Silhouette, which is still like IS A Antiquity Demon!

That kind of AURA, a plumber collapse all heavens.

is like a world, it must be annihilated in his hand.

“No … no … Immortal king …”

Tuo Yuyu brain a blank blank, talk is unfavorable, almost being treated by Terrified!

Although he did not face the king of Immortal.

But the king of Immortal is anger, and the entire exotic domain is trembled three vibration, Heaven and Earth discolored.

At the moment, the Demon shadow, AURA is not the king of Immortal.

and the king of the Immortal, then quietly fell behind the blurred Silhouette.

is like a servant or Guardian GOD.

“God, Wang Dao from the Immortal?”

Tuo Yu’s three views have been huge.

That is in an exotic, IMMORTAL standing in the tip of the tower, and the people who have been looked up.

The result is now, but only the servant of the fate and the creation of the creation!

He feels that fate and the god of the creation, I am afraid that than the average gods should also be mysterious, but also strong!

“Tuo Yu, see the god of destiny and creation!”

Tuo Yuyu, Shiver Coldly.

he Didn’t Expect, I came to the Tomb, I really hit the return of the recovery!

Tuoba is low, and you don’t even dare to see the blurred Silhouette.

I am afraid that Tang Jun is gods!

“吾 真 名, WITHIN REINCARNATION sent eternal life …”

The vocal sound sounded with an immortal inexperience.

Tuo Yu is excited to the heart to jump out!

He is now not going to eternal life, as long as it can become strong!


Among the void, a group rays of Light emerged, and finally turned in Tuoba.

That is a Jade Slip, which is naturally recorded with Dao Heart Demon.

“MANY THANKS Destiny and Great God!”

Tuo Yu breathing is urgent, inner ecstasy!

then, not only this.

on the World tree, a blade is shock.

The force of the world is directly integrated into the Tuo Yuyu WITHIN.

His CultiVation Base, she rises!

reached True God Realm!

Tuobaine is a moment, the brain is blank.

Feel the power of WITHIN THE BODY, Tuo Yuyu is almost red, shouted.

“Tuoba Yuhang Forever, the devout beliefs and the god of the creation, let Gods Sir’s glory, the people who suffer!”

Tuo Yu is also some self-knowledge.

he got the benefits, nature to presence mobilization for great supreme.

This is normal.

After a while, Tuo Yu is returned to the original place.

He found that his injury is completely good.

CultiVation Base is still True God Realm.

looks at Jade Slip in his hand, Tuoba is immortal.

a probe, his eyes were bursting.

“DAO Heart species Demon” is worthy of the Supreme CultiVation Technique given by Destiny and the Great God.

This CultiVation Technique is given to others CultiVation, you can get the Cultivation Innate Talent and results of others.

One pass ten, ten pass hundred, Tuo Yu will finally be strong, even he can’t imagine!

“My Must will fate with the glory of the creation of the creation, shining all the slaves!”

Tuoba is very strong, leaving the tomb.

However, he didn’t know, a Silhouette, in the void, laughing and watching him.

“Chess, has dropped, the new round of layout,”