Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go Chapter 964


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Accompanied by the system’s prompt sound fell.

In Jun Xiaoyao’s mind, 49 War God pictures immediately appeared.

Each of these 49 drawings is branded with a supreme powerhouse silhouette from Heavenspan.

There are those holding Zhan Ge stab into the sky, and there are those holding the giant axe rend apart the earth.

There are those who fight the sky and the land, and there are those who push the Great Desolate horizontally.

Everyone can be called a world-famous War God, unparalleled in power.

There are many more quintessences of fighting, condensing them, which contains the Divine Ability Great Dao.

“This is, the War God catalog?”

Jun Xiaoyao was surprised.

He originally thought that this War God catalog should be a volume of cultivation technique Divine Ability.

It now appears that the War God catalog is neither a cultivation technique nor a Divine Ability.

Strictly speaking is the Supreme method that explains the subtlety of Martial Arts and the mystery of Divine Ability.

49 sets of War God pictures, each of which contains incomparable battle essence and mystery.

As the so-called Dayan number, forty out of nine.

These 49 War God pictures have evolved the essence of the Divine Ability fighting method to the extreme.

“This is perhaps what I need most.”

Jun Xiaoyao pupil light is very bright.

He does not lack the cultivation technique, nor does he lack the Divine Ability.

What is missing is comprehension.

This is also the reason why Jun Xiaoyao’s original source Great Dao Divine Ability, Genesis, has been unable to comprehend 3rd Style.

It is not because Jun Xiaoyao’s perception is not strong.

But his foundation is too thin and lacks accumulation.

Those who can create their own Divine Ability are powerhouses that have lived for more than tens of thousands of years.

Their experience and vision are extremely rich, which can be called a treasure trove.

What about Jun Xiaoyao?

The age is still too young.

At the age of 20 or 30, in the cultivator, not to mention a baby, at most it is equivalent to a fledgling teenager.

Jun Xiaoyao can reach this realm at this age, which is already an absolute monster.

His life experience is obviously impossible compared with some tens of thousands of years old monster.

And this War God catalog can just make up for the lack of Jun Xiaoyao’s accumulation.

“These 49 War God pictures, even if one is taken out, a Heaven’s Chosen comprehend can create a War God.”

“Not to mention the 49 War God pictures, if they can all be comprehend, it would be nothing worse than the chaotic Great Emperor of the flourishing period.” Jun Xiaoyao thought.

The entire life of the Great Emperor of the Luan Ancient Kingdom was spent in battle.

Combat experience and accumulation can be said to be extremely rich.

Because of this, he was able to create the top forbidden spell of chaos.

The War God catalog, to some extent, saves the accumulated time for Jun Xiaoyao.

If he comprehend these 49 War God pictures, his comprehension of the Divine Ability fighting method will never be weaker than that of the Great Emperor.

It can even be sublimated to a new realm.

“I have a hunch that if I can comprehend this War God catalog and add an opportunity for inspiration, my source Great Dao Divine Ability will evolve into a 3rd Style.”

Jun Xiaoyao’s own Divine Ability, Genesis, currently only has two styles.

God’s light, God’s punishment.

There are also two fusion ultimate moves that take out at the same time.

It’s just that one ultimate move, and it can’t be counted as a 3rd Style.

Jun Xiaoyao is confident.

His Genesis, if it could evolve into 3rd Style.

Absolutely stronger than the formidable power of the previous two fusions!

After registering the War God catalogue, Jun Xiaoyao directly sat beside the battle halberd and started comprehend.

Anyway, the emperor Mojie hasn’t come yet, he can just take advantage of this gap to get a preliminary understanding of the essence of the War God catalog.

“Hey, why did Primal Chaos directly sit down?”

Many people are puzzled.

“The enemy is now, it’s time to adjust my mood.”

Many people think that Jun Xiaoyao is calming his mind.

After all, his opponent this time is not Heaven’s Chosen of the Ten Great Heavenly Kings level.

It is the real Supreme Heaven’s Chosen, one of the Seven Little Emperors.

I am afraid that no one of the younger generation in the foreign land can face the Seven Little Emperors without being indifferent.

Naturally, they don’t know that Jun Xiaoyao is in the catalog of Comprehend War God.

Time passed bit by bit.

What puzzled everyone was that Emperor Mojie did not arrive soon.

It’s like delaying time deliberately and let Jun Xiaoyao wait here.

“I understand, the heart is the best, the Emperor Mojie wants to make Primal Chaos feel the pressure.”

“Yes, the longer the time is, the more easily the mentality fluctuates. The psychological tactics of Emperor Mojie are really wonderful.”

Not to mention the academic dísciple, it is the Elder, it is also a sigh.

As one of the seven emperors, Emperor Mojie is truly extraordinary.

See the real chapter for details.

Just the psychological tactics of this procrastination, you can see the delicate mind of Emperor Mojie.

“I don’t know if the little friend can withstand this kind of pressure.”

Mu Lao looked towards Jun Xiaoyao.

Jun Xiaoyao still sits cross-legged with his eyes closed.

In this short period of time, Jun Xiaoyao has initially comprehended the exquisiteness of several War God pictures.

“so that’s how it is, there is such a magic method hidden in the War God catalog, which needs to be refined.”

Jun Xiaoyao was suddenly in his heart.

In this short period of time, he realized a kind of essence in the War God catalog.

Battle Saint Method!

One method works, everything works!

This method can deduce all Divine Ability and simulate all fighting methods!

This is the essence in the War God catalog.

Jun Xiaoyao is only an initial contact now, and he has realized this essence.

I have to say that the talent monster has reached the extreme.

Outsiders naturally don’t know what Jun Xiaoyao has gained.

If Emperor Mo Jie learned that his deliberate delay, it only made Jun Xiaoyao realize the new method.

I guess he will vomit blood too.

In the following time, Jun Xiaoyao learned some fragmentary Divine Ability from the War God catalog.

Such as Zhanbei Shou, Moving Mountain Seal, Kaitianquan and so on.

Although it is not the Great Divine Ability of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, it can also enrich Jun Xiaoyao’s combat methods.

After all, his current identity is Primal Chaos body, and many of the previous moves cannot be used, otherwise his identity will be exposed.


Ten days later.

War God Academy of Skyrim.

A golden light Great Dao intertwined with Law Power spreads from the distance in the sky.

Above the golden light Great Dao, a detached silhouette came leisurely.

It was an extremely handsome man with long hair waist-to-the-back, blowing in the breeze.

Skin is like suet jade stone, more delicate than many women.

Around him, there are ten rings of gods covering him.

Looks like handsome Gods from the myth, with the aura of Great Dao.

Emperor Mojie, here comes!

“It’s the son of Emperor Mojie!”

The entire War God mountain was a sensation, and the eyes of Heaven’s Chosen from all directions converged.

Many of them have seen Heaven’s Chosen at the Seventh Emperor Level for the first time.

A glance is heart-shaking.

This is simply a Child of Gods, coming to the world.

Emperor Mojie Aura is too detached, Supreme coercion surges.

The ten-fold Magic Power immune ring makes it even more like a son of a god.

The imposing manner and coercion of assaults the senses are awe-inspiring.

At the same time, Jun Xiaoyao, who was sitting next to the battle halberd, also slowly opened his eyes.

The eyes of the two were intertwined in the void.

Heaven and Earth lost their voice, ten thousand people held their breath.

A shocking battle is about to be staged!