Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go Chapter 965


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these two people, one is one of the seven emperors, the emperor of Mojie Imperial Clan.

One is the quasi War God of War God Academy, from the undefeated Primal Chaos body.

It can be said that this battle is absolutely eye-catching.

Not only the densely packed Heaven’s Chosen around War God Mountain.

And those gazes cast from thousands of 10,000 li in the dark also fell on the War God Mountain.

Many influential figures are curious about the origin of Jun Xiaoyao.

But because Jun Xiaoyao is backed by mysterious Immortal, they dare not be too impudent.

And this war may be able to see some clues.

“Primal Chaos body, here I am.”

Emperor Mojiezi’s tone was very plain, and the corners of his mouth even evoked a faint arc.

It’s like old friends who have been together for many years.

It can be seen from this that the vision and tolerance of Emperor Mojie is not comparable to that of Heaven’s Chosen of the Ten Great Heavenly Kings level.

There must be his reasons for being able to become the Seven Little Emperors.

“Emperor Mo Jie…” Jun Xiaoyao slowly got up, white clothed without staining dust.

He could feel the surging Law Power within the body of Emperor Mojie.

It is by no means comparable to the old Supreme servant beside Li Jiu Min.

And Jun Xiaoyao also noticed that by the body of Emperor Mojie, ten gods’ rings were layered on top of him, covering him.

A wave of familiarity spread.

“Magic Power immune?” Jun Xiaoyao pupil light darkened.

This kind of ability, he also has, and it is registered.

Obviously, Imperial Clan also has this power.

Not only that, but also a concrete immune ring.

The Primordial Spirit in Jun Xiaoyao’s mind, like a supercomputer, began to deduct it.

With the War God catalog, he can deduce all the cultivation technique Divine Ability abilities in the world.

Of course, because it is a preliminary comprehend, Jun Xiaoyao is also impossible and immediately deduced to the point of extremely profound.

But as long as it can leave an impression, that’s enough.

In the future, Jun Xiaoyao can use this to make his Magic Power immune to concrete and make his ability stronger.

Emperor Mojie looked at Jun Xiaoyao, his eyebrows frowned slightly.

For some reason, although he could feel it, Jun Xiaoyao’s cultivation base is only Quasi Supreme, which is lower than him.

But there is always a faint sense of anxiety in his heart.

“Perhaps, it is an illusion…”

Emperor Mojie shook the head slightly, looking at Jun Xiaoyao.

“I heard before that you used a Magic Power immunity at the Heavenly Immortal banquet in the Great Prefecture of the Heavenly Tomb. Where did it come from?”

Upon hearing this, the audience also listened with bated breath.

After all, Magic Power is immune, but the bloodline Divine Ability of Mojie Imperial Clan.

Jun Xiaoyao is not a member of Imperial Clan, how can I get this Divine Ability?

Jun Xiaoyao’s expression is faint, he is impossible to expose the Registration System.

Moreover, Emperor Mojie’s tone of questioning made him unhappy.

“What to do with you?” Jun Xiaoyao asked.

“Oh, it seems to be a hard bone.” Emperor Mojie didn’t care, nor was he angry.

“Since you don’t say it, it’s very simple, our impossible will let the bloodline Divine Ability, spread out.”

“The amount is that you are a rare Primal Chaos body unique to Eternal, so how about you join our clan after defeating you?”

The words of Emperor Mojie changed many Heaven’s Chosen complexion.

The Emperor Mojie, not only was not angry, but wanted to invite Jun Xiaoyao to join the Imperial Clan of Mojie.

I have to say, this step is very deep.

It can be seen from here that Emperor Mojie, Prince of the other side, and Heaven’s Chosen such as Li Jiuyao have different patterns.

Emperor Mojie wants to take Jun Xiaoyao for his own use.

“Not good, if Primal Chaos body really joins Imperial Clan of Mojie, then plus Emperor Mojie, will it be possible for Imperial Clan to have two Immortals in the future?”

Many people think of this, their expressions change.

Although it is currently in Two Sectors’ Great War, the foreign land is the same as the outside world.

But between the Great Immortal Imperial Clan, it is obviously impossible to have friction.

On the Immortal Domain side, Jun Family is in conflict with Xian Ting, let alone a warlike alien.

Jun Xiaoyao joined the Imperial Clan of Mojie, which is obviously not good news for those imperial Clan who are vaguely hostile to Imperial Clan.

“Sister Wanwan, sir…”

Tu Shan Chunchun’s small face has a trace of tension.

They also want to pull Jun Xiaoyao into Tushan Imperial Clan.

“Look at Young Master’s choice. I believe Young Master is not the kind of person who is willing to live with others.” Tu Shanwan said.

If Jun Xiaoyao joins Tushan Imperial Clan, that is the identity of Princess.

Joining Mojie Imperial Clan is just a tool for Mojie Imperial Clan.

Other Heaven’s Chosen, if they can be invited by Imperial Clan, they are absolutely eager to join.

Jun Xiaoyao’s expression is very plain, with a hint of playfulness: “Join Mojie Imperial Clan, and then become your vassal?”

“That’s not it, you are Primal Chaos body, your status is equal to mine.” Emperor Mojie said with a smile.

“What if I don’t agree?” Jun Xiaoyao asked.

Emperor Mojie narrowed his eyes, then smiled, and said: “If you don’t agree, you still have to join. It’s just a means, not so tender.”

Obviously, Jun Xiaoyao’s Primal Chaos innate talent, even Mojie Imperial Clan, couldn’t bear to kill him.

But the meaning of Emperor Mojie has also been expressed very clearly.

If Jun Xiaoyao doesn’t follow it, Imperial Clan will naturally have a way to control Jun Xiaoyao and use it.

“Heh, I’m afraid you won’t be able to hold this knife and hurt him.” Jun Xiaoyao also smiled.

“Then you can try!”

Emperor Mojie brushed his sleeves, the ten-fold divine ring flashed all over his body, and a Supreme coercion poured out, causing all directions to tremble, and Heaven and Earth changed its color!

Jun Xiaoyao smiled coldly.

At the next moment, I saw him raise his hand and directly held the battle halberd.

This sudden scene made everyone hold their breath.

“What will Yu Xiaoyao do?”

“Does he want to pull out the battle halberd?”

“How is it possible, this is the first generation of War God inserted here, even the Immortal can’t be pulled out.”

“Yes, I heard Elder from the academy say that unless it is the successor of the will of the first War God, no matter how strong it is, it can’t be pulled out!”

Jun Xiaoyao’s actions undoubtedly shocked all directions.

Since the battle halberd has been unplugged since ancient times, the War God Mountain has gradually become a place for fighting.

As for the battle halberd, no one will try to pull it out at all.

As a result, at this moment, Jun Xiaoyao right hand, directly on the battle halberd.

“Oh, do you want to pull out the battle halberd?”

Emperor Mo Jie had a faint expression, tilted his head slightly, looking at Jun Xiaoyao.

The name of battle halberd, he has naturally heard of it.

It’s just that Jun Xiaoyao is thinking about it now. Is there some last-minute preparation?

Tens of thousands of eyes fell on Jun Xiaoyao.

Astonishment, surprise, watching a play, doubting, sneer, all kinds of expressions, everything.

Jun Xiaoyao doesn’t care.

But seeing him within the body, Divine Power surged, and on his wrist, the black six-pointed star mark seemed to appear faintly.

“Get up!”

Jun Xiaoyao gave a clear whistle and shocked one arm!

Suddenly, on the halberd of God Cry battle halberd, that one after another bloodline-like pattern, as if it had come alive, began to wriggle.

Then it was directly transformed into blood vessels, which emerged from the halberd and plunged into Jun Xiaoyao’s wrist and arm.


The whole battle halberd was sobbed, and Jun Xiaoyao pulled out every inch!

The entire War God mountain began to tremble, cracks opened, and rocks rolled down.

Heaven and Earth are turbulent, the Universe is trembling, a deep and domineering terrifying aura is like Demon, sweeping Heaven ten 10,000 li!


Accompanied by a shocking sound like the opening of a universe!

God cry battle halberd, pulled out by Jun Xiaoyao, pointing diagonally at Heaven!

Ten Great Prefectures in a foreign land, trembling simultaneously at this moment!