Primal Chaos Ancestral Dragon Secret Art Chapter 798

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Many have shown unbelievable expression in their eyes.

Even if we fight Peak-Stage King, Long Hao has no fear.

Up on Void.

Gou Shengjun’s face has changed, and the ticking acid, such as electrical fluctuations, is generally spread throughout the body, and only physical fighting will it be possible to see that crazy divine strength on Long Hao’s body.

“Your strength is strong, but cultivation base too weak!”

Gou Shengjun diligently said that the surrounding Void was shattering the road ripple, as if it was to be broken at any time.

the ripple moved towards Long Hao extends over the past, and suddenly becomes outrageous, and it seems that the waves of horror are generally dry.


Unmatched boxing, accompanied by strong golden light, ripple in the front.

This hit, Long Hao exploded all cultivation base, a boxing shattered a large number of Void, and ripple recovered again, which seemed to have melted with Heaven and Earth for the sake of one.

Long Hao only feels like mud cattle entering the sea, and magical power will operate.

“Good overbearing field, together with superpower here, can be suppress everything.”

Ling Shu and the others’ expression were all concerned about Long Hao.

“Gou Shengjun is, unfortunately, Holy Land heaven’s chosen, who has reached a very high level in Dao of water and is not expected to be far from the clear comprehension law.”

Du Tiancheng was standing away, hanging around his mouth smiling, and it seemed that you weren’t all going to do it.

The strength of the rule of law, the appearance of Heavenly Dao, is the strength of strongest in the world.

Even many of those who have Transcendent become Saint Saint Saint have been unable to hold such strength.

King Realm, in theory, cannot feel Heaven and Earth’s rules, but there are always some shocking ability and stunning talent generations, breaking Heavenly Dao and enforcing the rule through tireless efforts.

This man, who owns the holy power of heaven defying, transcends the weather defying presence of Peak-Stage King.

The most daunting king of the Ten Warriors of the Universe powerhouse is the powerhouse at this level.

At present, Gou Shengjun, while there is no clear comprehension rule, does not appear to be any margin in dealing with Long Hao in Du Tiancheng’s view.


It is at this point that Long Hao has a power of Great Desolate to recover, as incarnation became ancient True Dragon, a brutal aura that shakes the dark mountains around.

template: crackle

golden thunderbolt, attached to divine mark, became a mined sea surrounded by Long Hao and blocked the ripple attack on water.

“Wow, Junior Brother Long is also very hard to deal with.” Ling Shu and the others sighed in relief, while being nervous.

The crowd went back, led by the feathers, and moved towards the depths of the moon.

Long Hao broke up and blocked Gou Shengjun’s violent attack.

Although his strength is a little worse now than Peak-Stage King, it is also possible to counterbalance the Gou Shengjun flows with the strong defense of the Trident treasure body.

– [Laughs]


pound of magical power, as in the case of thousands of inbound into the sea, is brought together together with the finger seal of one zhang size, led by a large number of engraving mark.

Although not very large, the destructive power that is contained in it is indiscriminate.

“Divine Ability – Virtual falsehood!”


Gou Shengjun pointed out that strong power erupted, instantaneously destroying a large number of Void in the front, and even the heavenly punishment area of Long Hao almost failed.


Long Hao was shocked to spit out of blood, and treasure body’s turtles broke out of the tunnel tattoo, which seemed to be dangerous.

“It’s Peak-Stage King!”

sneered, Long Hao’s face remained calm and gradually adapted to Gou Shengjun’s strength.


next moment, when his surroundings were changed, the divine light of scarlet flowed out, like a fire lotus, surrounded by him.

At the same time, the gasoline between Heaven and Earth was quickly evaporated under a terrible flame.


Gou Shengjun has a sense of resistance to the flame of Innate by repairing water Element cultivation technique.

In particular, Long Hao’s bathing meningitis, such as heavenly fire, seem to burn everything and make it more sense to feel a very powerful threat.


In the instant, a boxing shadow, like a rainbow, runs through Void, and the gloomy light lights the moon landing.

High temperature assaults the senses seem to have to melt this side Heaven and Earth.


Gou Shengjun also pointed out that the pound of water Attribute energy erupted into a sea wave.

zi zi

finger seal collides with boxing shadows, such as a wave of collisions, water and fire, and the outbreak of two extreme power forces distorted Heaven and Earth.

“fleshy body, thunderbolt, flame… the kid learned how to break through King Realm is indeed a freak.”

Du Tiancheng’s eyes are sophisticated, freshly speaking.

the ordinary person wants to put a power plant in extreme order, breakthrough King, which is no longer difficult.

You know, like Long Hao, in the normal person’s opinion, it’s definitely kind of sticky, distracting from him, and eventually nothing will happen.

Above all, it is rare that there is no configuration technique without attribute, or that there are many attribute cultivation technique.

The magic of Primal Chaos Ancestral Dragon Secret Art, however, is not what a custom can imagine.

Moreover, Long Hao has learned far more than that, and Primal Chaos Ancestral Dragon represents the Universe of Sunnonsense, which is all Great Dao.

hong long long!

Fighting is even more intense.

Gou Shengjun, Peak-Stage King, was more alarmed, but, despite the fact that it had always been the stroke, it had not been possible to kill Long Hao, and it had begun to use extreme strength, such as Fire Dragon, to fight with fire Dragon.

peng peng peng peng peng

Long Hao is not afraid of it at all.

The only thing that surprised him was that Du Tiancheng and that slightly mysterious black clothed woman, who had been watching the fighting, had never meant anything.

Long Hao can feel that the strength of these two people is in no way weakened by Gou Shengjun, definitely at Peak-Stage King’s level.

If he comes together, he will never be able to resist it.

“What are you waiting for?” There are some disturbances in Long Hao’s heart.

In the depths of the moon, there is a creepy valley.

The weight here is no less powerful than terrifying, and it sucks the wind and the clouds down, and even the empty space is trembling.

And in that light Void, hidden a giant fortress.

“Profound Yellow World’s people fought themselves?”


The fortress, with a path of aura’s strong silhouette, is watching this battle with great interest.

“On the occasion of the two fronts of life and death, they are still fighting in the interior, experiencing power, which is a group of selfish, low-level creatures.”

“This has been the case at a time when we did so, and until the emperor came, everyone stopped fighting and united.”

“Good, the world can achieve true peace only under the great ancestral authority, and everyone can live freely, without fear of the risk of blackmail, life and death, which are inferior creatures that dare to resist the wizard.”

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