Primal Chaos Ancestral Dragon Secret Art Chapter 799

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No one has ever thought that in the Moon Mountains there is really a false ancestral powerhouse position.

“Aren’t we here to save them?”

“The great wizard will finally unite all Heavens Myriad Realms, which is the greatest justice!”

These false ancestors, powerhouse on the side of the world, look at the fighting outside, and speak to themselves, and everyone spreads the general fanatics of evil.

“My lord, those Profound Yellow are coming towards us.”

“en? Our point of reference cannot be exposed. My lord, do you want to kill them immediately?”

A lot of false ancestors powerhouse at the same time looked to the forefront, a very big silhouette, a miraculous cave, filled with the same mood and fear.

That man has a long hair of green, with delicate and pretty, as if he was one of the Sunday’s natural beings, and he turned around to rhythm.

“No rush.”

“They seem to be waiting for reinforcements, and they’ll be as quick as they can.”

Green hair young shook the head, always smiling on his face, seems to be in his hands.

hu, the weight is getting stronger. “

“Damn, this is what the hell place is, and I can’t fly.”

At a time when Long Hao and the others withdrew, they were approaching the depths of the moon.

The weight here is nearly 100 times larger, and even breakthrough King Realm’s Ling Shu and the others have lost their capacity to defend themselves.

As for the nexus, it was even more likely that the pressure mountains were strong than the strength of the violent bear of fleshy body, and that she could fly on a sound footing.

hong long long!

Not far away, the waves of water, the flames of the sky.

Gou Shengjun’s shock dropped Long Hao, but there’s nothing on his face, even a little bit more.

“The gravity is getting stronger, so I’m not in the right place.”

At the beginning, Gou Shengjun was also able to suppress Long Hao easily, but now the strength of both sides is gradually moving towards peaceful status.

There’s no way Gou Shengjun, even though he’s out of the ordinary, strength of fleshy body is too far away than Long Hao, which brought together the Trident treasure body.

In a strong gravity environment, the power of magical power is diminishing, * * the power of power is beginning to emerge.

“It’s over!”

Gou Shengjun said a cold word, with a strong killing plan in his eyes.


A mysterious aura suddenly spreads out of Gou Shengjun’s body, and hides a mass of extermination, as if Heaven and Earth Vault of Heaven were to be crushed, leaving myriad spirits extinct.

Long Hao looked up and found an extra two-foot blade in Gou Shengjun’s hand.

Blue’s broken sword, with mysterious tattoos on it, such as howling, deep, big, in Void, and then the powerful sword qi broke the perimeter of Void.

“What sword is that?”

Everyone here feels a cold back, and it seems to be in the shed.

Even Du Tiancheng, who is Peak-Stage King, is now stark, and a threat of death is felt from the cold glow, which is above the broken sword.

This horrible formidable power is far beyond absolute grade magical treasure.


‘s how terrifying the sword is. What kind of horror would that really be?

“Saint Magical Artifact?”

Almost at the same time, the human heart shock, recognizing Gou Shengjun’s broken sword, was a crippling Saint Artifact.

Long Hao’s fuzzy, moving with a mysterious power, saw the legacy of the rule on the broken sword, with overbearing the power of suppress all living things.

Solemn threats, such as storm looting.

Apparently, Gou Shengjun, this is Tulip dagger.

He himself is Peak-Stage King’s strength, Saint Artifact, the strength of the residual rule, whose strength breaks the restrictions instantaneously and reaches the legendary level that is sufficient for the king of the 10th American War.

This strength, based on Long Hao’s current cultivation base, is blatant without magical power.

“Long Hao, redemption!”

hong long!

Almost a moment ago, Gou Shengjun’s hand broke the sword and hid a aura that broke Heaven and Earth, where Heaven and Earth fell into the blue cane, as if only that peerless sword light was left!

A knife of Heaven and Earth is dead!


outbreak of the rule of law has broken Heaven and Earth restrictions, allowing all to create a sense of fear in the face of peerless heavenly might.

“Long Hao, be careful!”

Ling Shu and Wei Liu and the others are all cousins. The sword is too horrible, as if it was a peerless Great Saint, the kind of horror force that oppressed everything, with brilliant heavenly might, to give a sense of powerlessness to all.

“Well, finally to die!” The slaughter of eyes shined, the twisted face is full of revenge Kuài Gn.

“Unfortunately, he was not able to smash his body in person!” Du Chenglong Evil fiercely.

“This sword, however, contains the strength of the rule, and it is sufficient for him to destroy both bodies and soul, even if the foetus is impossible.” Prince Hampson said with a smile.


Orange didn’t speak, but no one found out that his different eyes had plundered a glimpse of disappointment.

But all people’s instincts are the same, and Long Hao will never be able to live under this attack.

“A ransom?”

“hehe, even if you’re not expecting it in your life.”

Despite death threats, Long Hao still has no panic, not forced calm, but a man who awaits a long time ago, finally arrived.

hong long!

It is at this time that a rainbow comes across, like a round of bending months, lights Void and spreads the flash of sword qi.

In the appalling eyes of the people, two sword light lights struck each other, dividing Heaven and Earth into four petals, and then silent.

In a ravaging wind, Silhouette’s immunity from a Nah was invariably on Void.

She was dressed in the white robe of the moon, and she was picked up, and her skin snow was like corn, and the whole population distributed a temperament flowing from dust like Fairy, peerless and independent, peerless grace and elegance in the Moon Palace.

“Who is she?”

“Awesome, a sword flowing lightly blocked the strongest hit by Gou Shengjun, who had left Saint Artifact behind.”

Everyone was surprised to see the past.

It is only a shame that there is a veil on her face that will cover the veil and reveal only a pair of clouds like the stars, surrounded by freshlight, so that no one will be able to look at.

She stands up and floats, and aura on her body is uncertain, like the moon above nine heavens, and the imposing way is stronger than Gou Shengjun.

In particular, the sword intent that just passed out of that sword, such as the sunlight of the cold moon, seems to be permanently dispersed.

“Junior Brother, is that you?”

Like the immortal sound of the ancient kite, which suddenly bumped and shocked all of us, the sword qi of terrifying was felt from the sound.

It’s a sword repair, 10 points terrifying’s sword.

Even the sword has begun to gather, starting to hit the Sword Saint!

“But who’s Junior Brother?”

“Who is she talking to?”

Suddenly as it came, let everyone slip.

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