Primal Chaos Celestial Body Chapter 1799

Chapter 1799 alarms the Foreign Domain! Return back to the past !

Chapter 1799 alarms the Foreign Domain! Return back to the past !

Rumble ……

That is, in the moment when Yao Tian soul was smashed, it was clear and cloudless, and the sky of 10000 Li clear sky suddenly changed. For a moment, the entire sky was covered by the thick layers of 1-Layer.

Moreover, this range is still in the nature of Saint World. In other words, this sudden cloud enveloped the entire Saint World. The most frightening thing is that these clouds are all bloody, so bright, and even revealing the blood aura!

Blood cloud !

Crackle and rattle ……

At the next moment after the emergence of the blood cloud, the downpour also fell wildly. Each and everyone incomparable gigantic’s raindrops are also like blood, with a pungent smell of blood, spilling over the entire Saint World.

Blood rain!


After the bloody rain, there is a burst of incomparable gigantic blood thunder and lightning.

Heaven and Earth mutation !

In a flash of time, all life in Saint World was stunned. This Heaven and Earth mutation is really horrible. Because many people who have been exposed to heavy rain have discovered that those are not raindrops at all, but really blood.

“It’s Paragon fallen! Legend has it that if Paragon is gone, Heaven and Earth will have this kind of blood cloud, blood rain and blood and thunder and lightning of Heaven and Earth Phenomenon. This is a special kind of Heaven and Earth for the top powerhouse. The way of mourning.”

Suddenly, a Saint seems to think of something, exclaimed.

Is there a Paragon fallen?

After the news came out, it was even more shocking than the bloody rain. ,

The first time, what appeared in the minds of everyone was Paragon Yao Tian of the Monster family. Today is the time of the duel between Yao Tian and Murong Yu?

Suddenly this Heaven and Earth mutation appeared, then whether Zhao Tian has been killed.

Was Yao Tian killed by Murong Yu?

How terrible is Murong Yu’s strength!

For a time, Monster Race and Saint Race’s powerhouses were frightened, and each and everyone looked at each other in dismay.

At this time, Immemorial World.

“Paragon Yao Tian is dead! Holy Lord finally killed Paragon!haha…”

In the great hall, Human Race Great Alliance, the powerhouses all laughed wildly. Because of the death of Yao Tian, ​​because of the power of Murong Yu.

For the sudden bloody rain, Murong Yu has already been expected. Because at Immortal World and Divine World, this kind of Heaven and Earth Phenomenon will also appear after the top powerhouse falls.

Therefore, Murong Yu did not feel any strange. In the moment when Yao Tian was killed, he explored the big hand and grabbed Yao Tian’s fleshy body and then threw it into the River Chart Luo Book.

The next moment, he turned to enter the River Chart Luo Book and escaped. But it is already late. At the same time that Yao Tian was killed, Hua Tai and the other two Paragons have already taken shots.

Bang! Just for a moment, the strength of the three Paragon murders has enveloped the full range of Murong Yu. The terrifying strength has been slain and has sealed all the retreats of Murong Yu. Murong Yu can’t even get into the River Chart Luo Book right now.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Between the minds and movements, Murong Yu has seen multiple treats on his body. River Chart Luo Book, Universe Yin-Yang Cauldron, Xuanyuan Sword and many other powerful treasures.

After these explosions, they all revolved around slowly, and they fell down and said that Murong Yu was firmly covered.

However, even so, Murong Yu still feels a strong death aura!

Soul Storm!

Almost at the same time, Murong Yu once again Soul Attack. And this time it also contains the inexplicable strength of the previous one. Just, let Murong Yu be speechless. When he killed Yao Tian, ​​the inexplicable strength had been used by him as much as 80%.

Now only 20% strength, although still powerful, is not enough to kill any of the three people. Of course, if only for one of them, Murong Yu still has the confidence to kill it. But if he kills one of Paragon, but the other two Paragon’s strengths will surely bombard him on him. Murong Yu will be smashed into slag.

One life for one life!

Murong Yu also has the opportunity to resurrect, and it is worthwhile to change one life. However, he does not want to waste a chance to resurrect now. Therefore, he splits the strength and only forces Hua Tai three people to return to the defense, giving him a chance to escape.

Reverse Space-Time !

After Soul Storm, it also brought out the most effective Battle Skill now – Reverse Space-Time.

All the time strength was erupted by Murong Yu. Most of the strengths are on him, and a small part of the strength is shrouded in three Paragon.

With the words “shua”, Murong Yu figure disappeared into place.

At the same time that Murong Yu disappeared, three Paragons such as Hua Tai were also backing up to Murong Yu’s Soul Attack. They saw Yao Tian’s soul being killed twice by Murong Yu.

Although they are all Paragon, so is the same thing. In case it was killed like is Yao Tian, ​​then sad urged.

At the same time as the defense, Murong Yu’s Reverse Space-Time has also shrouded them. So, like Murong Yu, they disappeared directly into place.

“All disappeared?”

Seeing this scene, countless Saint Race and Monster Race’s Saints are in a mess, they don’t know what it is. Why are everyone disappearing?

As for the Human Race Great Alliance on Immemorial World. Since Murong Yu has reversed the space-time, after returning to the past, they can’t see anything. The huge crystal screen suspended in front of the great hall just saw darkness.

“Heaven and Earth has never seen a natural phenomenon. The three Paragons should not die.” Saint Race and Monster Race’s countless Saints gathered in the place where the Murong Yu four people disappeared, each and everyone was forced to look at each other In dismay.

However, Saint Race is a little better, after all, they don’t have Paragon fallen. And Monster Race is both shocked and angry. Paragon has been smashed, and in case another Paragon is dead, Monster Race is really not far behind.

Saint World, Foreign Domain.

“Well? Yao Tian is dead?” Paragon Cang Lang, who is in the cultivation, opened his eyes and passed a touch of killing intent. Just before, Yao Tian’s soul jade slip suddenly burst into a pile of powder.

“Is it that Saint Race guys killed Yao Tian?” Paragon Cang Lang was angry and the endless killing intent broke out from him. Then he was coldly snorted and disappeared in place.

When it reappeared, he had already come to the endless blood and appeared in front of Paragon Xue Tao.

“Yao Tian is dead, and the other person can’t be contacted. However, only Heaven and Earth Phenomenon appeared. It should be that only Yao Tian is dead.” Before Paragon Cang Lang talked, Paragon Xue Tao was face was Gloomy appears in front of Paragon Cang Lang.

“Must be the ghost of Saint Race! I know that Saint Race will secretly play tricks! Mom, don’t think that they have a few more Titled Paragons, and they have anxious me, I killed them directly.” Paragon Cang Lang murderous-looking said that the endless killing intent broke out from him and looked very embarrassing.

“Not to be reckless, go and see the situation first.” Paragon Xue Tao is also a bit angry. The Paragon of Monster Race is not much, it belongs to the kind that is one of the dead ones. If it’s really Saint Race, he doesn’t mind killing a few Saint Race’s Paragon.

As for why not doubt Human Race? Because Human Race didn’t have Saint descend to Lower World at all. As for the person who is Saint World, Human Race killed Yao Tian? Even if Murong Yu stood in front of them and told them personally, they just laughed, how could they believe it?

However, they haven’t had time to leave yet, Paragon of Saint Race rushed over to murderous-looking. Because their Paragon can’t be reached. Although the soul jade slip is not broken, but what is the connection? They also thought that the monsters of the Monster family wanted to take the opportunity to kill them and go to Saint World’s Paragon.

The battle between Paragon is on the verge!

The things of Yao Tian fallen quickly spread in the Foreign Domain. For a while, these Paragons were shaken.

Saint World!

boom! boom! boom!

Just after the disappearance of Murong Yu four people, one day later, Void broke open, and three wolf-like figures rushed out of Void.

“Murong Yu! I won’t kill you, I won’t be a man!” Hua Tai snarled. The other two Paragons are just as angry as him.

It was reversed by space-time and returned to the past. And this is not just to reverse the space-time for them, Murong Yu has moved some hands and feet. Disrupted their space-time.

If it weren’t for the strength of the three people, I am afraid that I would have lost it in the endless hours and could not return.

After learning from the surrounding Saint’s mouth that Murong Yu had not appeared yet, Hua Tai three people looked at each other and then sat down on the spot.

They all think that Murong Yu also sent his own Reverse Space-Time to return back to the past. From the experience of their return from Reverse Space-Time, once Murong Yu returns, it must have appeared here. Therefore, Murong Yu is here waiting idly for opportunities. Once Murong Yu takes the shot, they will take Murong Yu.

However, they do not know when Murong Yu will return. Therefore, they intend to stay here for a long time. Wait until Murong Yu appears, anyway, for them, it is not at all.

So, when will Murong Yu come back? What is he doing at this time?

Before 1 Era, Huaxia Cultivation World, the capital of Great Xia Dynasty, Anyi City.


A figure suddenly dropped from the sky, slowly descending from the above Vault of Heaven, and finally suspended in the air of Murong Yu, one of the great Xia Dynasty strongest families.

At this time, the Murong Family is coming and going, so it’s no fun. But no one can find this person over them.

Just a black clothed youth, not who is Murong Yu?

At this time, Murong Yu is looking at the Murong Family below with indifference. Here, it is the place where he was born, but his hometown!

Today, he finally used the opportunity of skyrocketing power to reverse himself to space-time and return to the Murong Family before his birth. He wants to see who his parents are!

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