Primal Chaos Celestial Body Chapter 1977 – Comrade Mao

Primal Chaos Celestial Body Chapter 1977

Chapter 1977 Flying Wolf Star

Chapter 1977 Flying Wolf Star

Chapter 1977 Flying Wolf Star

“Murong Yu, this time you helped me a lot. I don’t say anything extra. If you say more, it’s a sentimental! After that, if there is anything to send, as long as you pass a message, even if I fight this life, I will help. You!” After leaving the Thunder Sound Danger Land far away, the Murong Yu 2 people had to be separated.

After all, one person has to go back to the Dongfang Aristocratic Family, and one person has to go back to Supreme Sun Cult. The direction of the two major forces is different.

Murong Yu rolled his eyes and looked at Dongfang Haoren silently. He helped Dongfang Haoren just because he felt that his friend could pay, and he didn’t want to get his return.

Besides, if you want someone to repay, Murong Yu will not find Dongfang Haoren. This guy didn’t know how miserable he was in the Dongfang Aristocratic Family. When he had enough ability to repay, Murong Yu didn’t know what realm to achieve. At that time, where do you need the bonus of Dongfang Haoren?

“Dongfang Haoren, do you think that if you go back with Thunder Sound Drum, can you improve your family status?” Looking at Dongfang Haoren, Murong Yu said with a heavy face.

Thunder Sound Drum is the Origin Artifact of Comprehending Mysteries Realm level. Not to mention that it was obtained by Dongfang Haoren, a small cultivator with only Universe Light Realm 1st Rank, even if it was obtained by the Manifestation Realm level’s powerhouse.

Moreover, with Dongfang Haoren’s status as Dongfang Family, the Dongfang Family is very likely to kill the Dongfang Haoren after he turned over the Thunder Sound Drum.

After all, if Dongfang Family gets the news of the Origin Artifact of the Comprehending Mysteries Realm level from Thunder Sound Drum, all the power of the entire Supreme Sun Galaxy will be afraid of them.

Dongfang Family is strong and good, but there are eight other forces that are similar to their strength. What’s more, Supreme Moon Cult and Supreme Sun Cult are far beyond their behemoths?

Dongfang Haoren was not an idiot, and soon understood the meaning of Murong Yu’s words. Immediately, his face was gloomy. He didn’t think about such a thing, but he still had to bring the Thunder Sound Drum back.

Not just because of him, but also because of his father!

“Even if this is the case, I must bring the Thunder Sound Drum back.” Dongfang Haoren said to Murong Yu.

Murong Yu could not help had a bit of a heartache. The brain of this goods will not be damaged in the explosion just now? Ming knows that it is going back to death and going back?

“You have Thunder Sound Drum, and your aptitude is also very good. As long as you have enough natural resources, you don’t have to rely on Dongfang Family to grow up quickly.” Murong Yu said solemnly, trying to persuade this guy who burned his brain Don’t go back.

Dongfang Haoren shook his head: “I go back, not just because of me, but also because of my father! My father’s last wish is that I can return to the core of the Dongfang Family, and eventually I will run the Dongfang Family and dominate the Supreme Sun Galaxy.”

Murong Yu suddenly speechless, Dongfang Haoren’s last wish is really strong, does he think that Dongfang Haoren has this ability?

“It’s the same after you break through to High Realm.” Murong Yu persuaded again.

Dongfang Haoren shook his head and never wavered his decision. This gave Murong Yu the urge to shoot the slap.

“In this case, then I will accompany you back.” Murong Yu helplessly said.

Dongfang Haoren turn pale with fright looking at Murong Yu: “You don’t want to go back to the cross? After you get Thunder and Lightning Spirit, go back to Supreme Sun Galaxy is the level 8 Elder’s discipline. Your identity will also rise!”

Dongfang Haoren couldn’t understand why Murong Yu gave up that opportunity? If it is him, he would like to return to Supreme Sun Galaxy immediately, and then become the discipline of Level 8 Elder.

Murong Yu rolled his eyes and, to be honest, Thunder and Lightning Spirit had no effect on him. The reason he came here was to grab the Thunder and Lightning Spirit in addition to repairing the Profound Thunder Bead.

Originally, he intended to use the Thunder and Lightning Spirit to become the discipline of the 8th Rank Elder. But isn’t Thunder and Lightning Spirit now locked up by Profound Thunder Bead? Murong Yu simply couldn’t get it out of the Profound Thunder Bead interior.

In other words, Murong Yu simply cannot complete this task. And he killed Li Nan, Li Nan is just a Level 2 Elder that’s all, and is not in the eyes of Murong Yu.

But Li Nan’s Father is Level 8 Elder. In the absence of the Level 8 Elder Disciple, he will go back and Li Nan’s Father will let him go.

Li Nan’s Father Li Jiang will definitely slap him if he is not sheltering him. Dignified A Level 8 Elder shoots an inner sect disciple. Does Supreme Sun Cult’s executives say something? What to look at, the value of Murong Yu is far less than that of Li Jiang.

Therefore, Supreme Sun Cult can’t go back in a short time. And he has nowhere to go, and he can only go back with Dongfang Haoren. With him, Dongfang Haoren may not be destroyed by Dongfang Family.

This is the turn of Dongfang Haoren to persuade Murong Yu, but Murong Yu’s character is also the person who decides what will not change. In the end, under the sigh of Dongfang Haoren, their 2 people vacated and moved toward the direction of Dongfang Family.

The cultivator of Universe Light Realm 1st Rank is not high or low in Supreme Sun Galaxy, but it also avoids a lot of trouble. After a long period of flight and transmission, the Murong Yu 2 people finally entered the Dongfang Family.

Flying Wolf Star !

“Hey, isn’t this a Great Young Master Haoren? I heard that you are looking for the Thunder Sound Drum? Now that you are back, I am afraid you have found the Thunder Sound Drum? hahaha…”

Murong Yu 2 people only took out the Teleportation Formation, and even when Murong Yu had not had time to observe the surrounding environment, an eccentric voice sounded in his ear.

Looking at the past, I saw a few low rank Universe Light Realm youths are parked in front of their 2 people. And those people are looking at Dongfang Haoren with a taunting look, apparently ridiculing Dongfang Haoren.

“hahaha, look at the good people. The young Master looks confident. It must have been found in the Thunder Sound Drum. Isn’t it better to take the Thunder Sound Drum and let the brothers see it?” Another mocking with a smile .

“You too can see Great Young Master Haoren? Just dare to go to Thunder Sound Danger Land with his weak taste? I heard that he also started a good people outside of Thunder Sound Danger Land, and also persuaded Others don’t go in. Later, is Thunder Sound Danger Land not a mutation? Are those who have not entered any gratitude to you? Great Young Master Haoren ?”

Listening to these cynicism, Murong Yu frowned slightly. Even if they are not ridiculed, he is also anger soaring to the heavens. If it were him, he had already punched these disgusting guys by punch.

But now it is on Dongfang Haoren, and he is the party, and he is not good at it. Therefore, he looked towards the Dongfang Haoren.

Dongfang Haoren is a good people, and his temper is surprisingly good. Although the few people sneered at him, his face remained calm. It was just Murong Yu who discovered the terrifying killing intent that he hid in the depths of his eyes.

Seeing this scene, Murong Yu suddenly felt a bit like a similar look.

This is similar to what he did before Mortal World, before entering the Culture World? In the Murong Family, even if his surname is “Murong”, there is no status at all. Even the most low level servants can bully him.

Now, Dongfang Haoren is like his replica, and the story repeats itself.

“Let’s go.” Dongfang Haoren just glanced at them coldly and then left with Murong Yu. But those few people have been in front of the Murong Yu 2 people.

“Dongfang Haoren, don’t you know that Flying Wolf Star is the home base of our Dongfang Family? It is a top secret place, and it is strictly forbidden for unidentified people to come in. I think this kid is suspicious and his eyes are flickering. I suspect he is Spy of other forces. You guys took him down and killed it on the ground!” A Universe Light Realm powerhouse headed by Murong Yu sneered.

Although he also wanted to kill Dongfang Haoren. But Dongfang Haoren after all is Dongfang Family’s discipline. It is not allowed to blatantly kill a family younger generation on the Flying Wolf Star.

Although you can’t kill Dongfang Haoren, you can kill Murong Yu. It seems that Murong Yu is a friend of Dongfang Haoren. If Murong Yu is killed, what would Dongfang Haoren look like?

The voice has not yet fallen, and several Universe Light Realm powerhouses have been released. The big hand came out and went straight to Murong Yu. The horrible aura emerged from them – it was already the strongest strength that had already erupted, trying to kill Murong Yu?

Murong Yu’s pupils jerked, and the terrifying killing intent was brewing in his heart. These bastard want to kill him? This is simply courting death!

“Give me a roll!” Just, Murong Yu hasn’t had time to get started yet, and Dongfang Haoren started. I saw that he was loudly shouted first, then violently shot, and the fists violently bombarded!

These people ridicule him, he endured, after all, it has been so many years. But Murong Yu is his friend, his brother, and he also helped him get the Thunder Sound Drum, which is great for him. He will never allow these people to know about Murong Yu. What’s more, these people actually want to kill Murong Yu?

This directly caused Dongfang Haoren to break out.

boom! boom! boom!

Between the stone fires, the cultivators that grabbed Murong Yu were directly bombarded by Dongfang Haoren. Each and everyone squirts blood in Void.

“Give me a roll!” Dongfang Haoren broke out a dozen horrible aura than those people, just like War God, murderous-looking loudly shouted.

The “Dongfang Family disciple complexion changed” headed by “Universe Light Realm 2nd Rank?” exclaimed.

“You didn’t expect it? I went through a break and broke a small realm?” Dongfang Haoren sneered, stepping forward and banging at him with a punch.

The other side sneered again and again, and rushed up without fear. He is also Universe Light Realm 2nd Rank, how can he be afraid of Dongfang Haoren with realm?

Seeing that the second goods actually greeted Dongfang Haoren, Murong Yu’s eyes suddenly passed a touch of disdain. Although Dongfang Haoren is only Universe Light Realm 2nd Rank, but Murong Yu on the road has specially trained him. His real battle strength is far from being as abnormal as Murong Yu, but it is definitely not the same.

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