Primordial Sword Emperor Chapter 985


At the moment, Zangzheng is reading a book of books. I don’t know what information is recorded, and I’m watching keen interest pleasure.

After discovering that there was more than one person in the yard, he was slightly startled, and then the breath of the Supreme strong man would break out.

But without waiting for him to shake the might of the Supreme strong, Verdant Ruins has taken the lead: “I have been missing for many years, I trust you have been well since we last met.”

“You? Verdant Ruins, are you!?”

The eyes of the Tibetans fell on Verdant Ruins. It was a surprise: “Are you back? It’s been tens of thousands of years. I asked the people of Immortal Dao civilization and said that you have closed the shards and smashed the pieces. For a long time, I didn’t expect you to be really long enough. It’s really a good time to retreat for more than 60,000 years.”

Verdant Ruins smiled: “I don’t want to, but the refining Law shards are not an easy task, and the more time I get to the back, the more time I can take, and I can’t be half-lost.”

He naturally wouldn’t tell the Tibetans that they were actually fighting with the Lord of Primal Chaos and the Lord of Time, to get rid of their pursuit.

The difference between the two is too big, telling him that nothing more than plainly let them worry.

“I can understand this, and I have listened to other people. Now you, but the famous Great Expert, and the top of all Great Experts, it is said that there is a list of the most powerful Gods, you are Is it famous on the list? When you come to this realm, cultivation base, if you want to go a little further, it will take a long time to cultivate and precipitate. Even if it is me, now if you have a sentiment, a retreat, it is estimated to be several hundred. For thousands of years.”

Tibetans really understand.

“Is this time coming back for cultivation to come to an end?”

“It’s not that it’s just a temporary bottleneck, so I stopped practicing and went out.”

“What is the bottleneck…”

The truth of the Tibetans is nodded: “The higher the cultivation base, the harder it is to break the bottleneck. It is a good choice to go out at this time. Unfortunately, we old guys are now far behind you. Well, let alone teach you as before, even if you and us say that we can’t understand, top powerhouse, you have overtook us too many old guys.”

“It’s still a lot worse than the people who played the foundation when I first started practicing.”

Verdant Ruins smiled.

He did not feel that his attitude changed because of his cultivation base. He felt very good.

At this time, there was a footstep outside the yard, and then a woman with an Unrivaled Realm cultivation base came in from the outside. She was accompanied by two men and two women of the same age as her cultivator. The cultivation base of these people is also in Unrivaled Realm.

“Zu grandfather, let’s see you.”

The woman went to the yard and ran over with a smile.

“Hey, grand grandfather, you have a guest, who is this? I have never seen it in these decades.”

“It’s Xiaozhen.”

The Tibetans are looking at this girl, her eyes full of love for Junior: “No disrespect in front of this adult.”

“No matter, feel free to do it.”

Verdant Ruins looked at the girl and said: “Master, this little girl, has your Bloodline…”

The Tibetans really couldn’t help but look old: “This… I later became a Taoist with the glass sister, and gave birth to a son and a woman, and the two of them, but also eager to fight, open branches and leaves… Chizhen Shantou is my great granddaughter.”

“Children and grandchildren are full of people, you can enjoy the happiness of the family.”

Verdant Ruins said with a smile.

“Isn’t it?”

The Tibetans also laughed very happily: “Compared to the little bastard and several other Juniors, Xiaozhen often comes to see me, and I like it very much.”

Verdant Ruins nodded, the eyes fell on this girl named Chizhen: “Okay, I am also her elder, the elders meet, I can not have any meeting.”

While speaking, he has a slap in the face, and a breath of mysterious Law has been condensed in his hands.

“this is……”

Seeing this group of Raw energy, Tibetan people still have no reaction, but the four people behind him and the young people of Chizhen’s peers can’t help but yell: “Dayuan! Dayuan! This is big. source!”

“My goodness, it is actually a great source of such a treasure, and there is such a treasure. The hope of promoting Supreme in the future will be dozens of times that of other people… getting this thing is almost equal to half a foot into Supreme. The situation is over.”

“It is such a treasure!”

After Verdant Ruins gathered a big source, he handed it directly to Chizhen: “This is my meeting for you.”

Chizhen also recognized this thing in front of her. She knew very well the preciousness of a big source. She suddenly shook her head in a hurry: “No, no. This gift is too expensive, I can’t accept it…”

On the other hand, the Tibetan people are very happy: “Since Verdant Ruins gave it to you, then you will take it. I believe that such a thing is nothing to Verdant Ruins.”

Verdant Ruins nodded.

Big source is actually the power of Law that has been surrendered, and the value is worse than that of Law.

Ordinary Great Expert wants to surrender a part of Law’s power to become a big source, it takes a lot of time, but for the actual realm who has reached the Primal Chaos Fifth Layer, it is not difficult to tear a piece of Law, let alone A large source of districts? If he wants, it will not be difficult to gather dozens of copies and hundreds of big sources in one day.

“Receive it.”

Verdant Ruins said that he would directly enter the big source into the body.

“Thank you… thank you…”

Chizhen originally had some lively characters, and was also frightened by the big source to the treasure that Verdant Ruins took out.

At this time, a young girl behind Chizhen is like a stared wide-eyed: “Verdant Ruins … we… Supreme Elder of our mixed Sword Sect, the great emperor of the mixed empire Under the name of the Swordsman, the real name… It seems to be called Verdant Ruins… And, as far as I know, when the young town of Supreme was young, he had a great relationship with the great mixed swordsman… Is it… ”

She guessed that the exit, the remaining three, suddenly suffocated.

Not only them, even Chi Jane also opened wide, staring at Verdant Ruins, the voices are a bit unfair: “Big… adults… you, Supreme Elder, our Sword Sect, the supreme emperor of the empire Are the great mixed swordsmen squatting?”

Verdant Ruins smiled, just nodded.

The Tibetans on the side of the Tibetans did not have that many thoughts. They directly said: “It is possible to condense the big source and so on. Even the ordinary Great Expert can’t do it, except for our Sword Sect only one after another Supreme. Who else can be outside Elder.”

Chizhen and the others heard the truth of the Tibetans, and suddenly looked at Verdant Ruins with a look of god-like look. Each and everyone reacted and quickly bowed to the ceremony: “pay respects to the sect of the sword.” ”

Verdant Ruins nodded, and then he said to Zangzhen: “The gods and the candlelights should be on the side of the Sword Sect. I am going to go there. Do you want to go together?”

The Tibetans were somewhat moved, but for a moment, he waved his hand: “My character has been lazy, and I will not go with you to run around. You go alone.”

“Then I am gone, the superiors take care.”

“Become a Supreme, my life essence is endless, and you have the master of this “Mighty God” list to do the backing, who can not open my eyes to hit my idea? You must be careful, do not be too hard to cultivate things. You are strong enough now.”

“I will pay attention.”

Verdant Ruins made a slight dagger, but stepped on it and disappeared.


After Verdant Ruins left, the hard-pressed Chi Jane, brought by Verdant Ruins, jumped up: “The mixed swordsman, His Majesty the Emperor, is a great hybrid. Sword Emperor squats, I actually saw the real person under the squadron of the sword, it is incredible.”

The rest of the four people are also excited, expression is excited and difficult to self, half can not see the style of Unrivaled Realm master.

After all, for the Sword Sect and the empire of the mixed empire, Verdant Ruins, a full-fledged Legendary, can’t be overemphasized.

The Tibetans on the side saw it, chuckled, and said in a bragging tone: “What is the squatting sword in your mouth? Come here, little guys, sit up, don’t be afraid to tell you, that year, I hid it, but almost became his master…”


Zang Zhen’s innocent people have braved their great achievements against these Juniors, and Verdant Ruins is a flash, appearing in the Tibetan Sword Sect.

At this time, the hidden Sword Sect has already been incorporated into the Sword Sect. Only the swords and swords are still guarding the continuation of the sword. It is as if some people with high ages are used to the outside wind and Rain Rain, return to your hometown for leisure and pension.

Verdant Ruins is also very respectful for the sword swordsman. In the past, if he was not taught by his sword Sword Dao and offered him the resources of Jin Dan, he wanted to have higher achievements. It will take a long time, and even in the retaliatory strike of the subsequent sword, there may be a degrading danger. Therefore, for this old man, even if he has now achieved the true Primal Chaos creature, he can be the owner of Primal Chaos. The greatness of the Lord of the Gods and the Lord of Time is still alive and still respectful.

After chatting with Zang Jianjian for a day, I felt a lot of emotion, and Verdant Ruins didn’t stay longer, and set off again.

This time, his goal is to mix Sword Sect, and the mixed empire where the Sword Sect is currently located.

The Mixed Empire has been in existence for more than 60,000 years, but his Supreme’s Taishang Emperor hasn’t really looked at his country yet. Now that he still has time, he plans to use it in the vast territory he has fought. In the year, take a good walk and appreciate these great rivers and mountains…

If you don’t take a closer look…

He is afraid that there will be no such opportunity in the future.

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