Primordial Sword Emperor Chapter 987

Chero Ruler came very quickly.

Verdant Ruins Less than a month after seeing the old friends of the Great World, Chero Ruler had already arrived at the Sword Sect.

In fact, not only Chero Ruler, there are countless cultivators coming to the Sword Sect in this month.

There are messengers dispatched by major forces, such as the top powers who did not know Verdant Ruins but want to make some connections, and the many cultivators that are reluctant to have some relationship with Verdant Ruins. A large team rushed to the Sword Sect, and came to visit the Old Ancestor.

Verdant Ruins considers his intention to give the Sword Sect and the Mixed Empire platform. For those visitors, one after another should be.

If you have the status and status, you will receive it personally. Those who are not allowed to greet him will wait for a time to hold a feast. The time will be set after one year.

One year is not enough for many cultivators to come from all parts of Primal Chaos, even if there is a Teleportation Formation.

However, Verdant Ruins has limited time and can’t wait too long. He plans to put the rest of his time in Yulong Tengshengtian, and accompany his family, and then meet with Senior Sister Jiang Ningzhi. It’s good to be able to squeeze out for a year. As for those cultivators that can’t catch up, they can only blame them for being too far away from the Mixed Empire…

With the current status of Verdant Ruins, even if it is a black and white Venerable Lord, Da Yan Sheng Zun, you can not care about your heart, but also need to look at other people’s faces to follow the will of others.

Not until the opening of the banquet, the Emperor of the Mixed Empire had already come to Verdant Ruins with a minister of the Imperial Empire.

As he guessed, the current emperor of the Mixed Empire, Zhuo Shaolong, is the son of the Zhuo Family lineage.

However, his parents of Zhuo Qing ruins, who are bound by Innate Talent, have already died, and Zhuo Shaolong’s true identity is the son of Zhuo Yunqing.

Zhuo Yunqing’s cultivation Innate Talent is higher than the parents, and with the supply of Verdant Ruins resources, it has been built into Supreme for tens of thousands of years, and then fell in love with a cultivator. Formed a very large family.

At present, this family has a full population of people, and Zhuo Shaolong is a well-know figure of Innate Talent.

In 10,000 years, he not only surpassed the achievements of Zhuo Yunqing’s Supreme environment, but also surpassed Zhuo Yunqing in blue, and reached the situation of Ruler. This Innate Talent, the Sword Sect of the mixed yuan can only suppress him. Scattering, even if the sky is on the top of the people, the candle is better than the others.

With Innate Talent and ability, he successfully succeeded to the throne and became the emperor of the Mixed Empire eight hundred years ago.

Although the time is still short, in the eight hundred years, the mixed empire has undergone great reforms under his governance, and there is a lot of glory.

Verdant Ruins met him and confirmed that he was not a body possession. After reincarnation, he was given a piece of Law and presented a Creation God Artifact that matched his attribute.

However, even if he has the Creation God Artifact in the Ruler cultivation base, he will not be able to use it in a short time, unless he can one day enter the Great Expert, otherwise the Creation God Artifact will also be for him. However, it is a special defense that’s all.

One year later, the event will open.

Verdant Ruins took out a piece of Law and awarded it to Chero Ruler. If he was able to refining the Law, it would be very helpful for him to break through to the Great Expert.

Holding this piece of Law, Chero Ruler is also very emotional.

He did not expect that the small character that discovered the civilization of the past was able to grow to such an extent that his dignified Ruler had to find ways to please him.

In this feast, the Dragon Rain Lady, who represents the Great World of Xiaolong, came to the scene under the leadership of Azure Dragon Supreme.


The kindness between the two men has been broken. In addition to watching the Sword Sect on the high platform, the Dragon Rain Lady is not qualified to be close to him, and naturally does not talk to Verdant Ruins. qualifications.

After all, there are dozens of Great Experts attending this event alone, Ruler has thousands of people, and Supremes have reached a million. By relying on external forces to achieve Supreme, she naturally does not have the qualification to see Verdant Ruins alone. At the feast, she was forced to come together with Verdant Ruins.

Time flies, the bustling end.

The event lasted for three full months and finally ended in a paragraph.

The mixed Sword Sect is once again restored to calm down.

At this time, Verdant Ruins announced that he would re-enter the situation and start to peek into the mystery of Primal Chaos, and this time the retreat is longer than the previous one.

This result, although it is regrettable for the cultivators who are coming to see Verdant Ruins, but they can understand.

The higher the cultivation base, the longer the retreat, the similarity between Da Yan Sheng, Black and White Venerable Lord, giant dragon City Lord, and Bai Di is the best example, unless there is any big thing happening, or ordinary people want to see it. They are simply delusional.

In the Great Expert phase, it is not without retreat for millions of years.

After the completion of the mixed Sword Sect, Verdant Ruins did not leave, so he has received the news…

One person, who has already gone out in advance, is coming to Sword Sect.


The mixed Sword Sect is a mountain range.

Verdant Ruins stood on the platform of the mountain range and looked at the rising sun in front of it. It seemed to be in the bottom of his heart.


Awkward, he snorted.


The sword light flashed, white clothed together, and the clear and clean silhouette appeared behind him.

White shadows.

“What happened?”

White shadow asked.

“What is it?”

“Several people can’t feel it, maybe even if it’s sensed, it’s out of absolute confidence in you, and don’t think there will be a major event… but I know that there must be something very big, this is happening. It makes your actions in the past few years… just like saying goodbye…”

The white shadow came forward and stood on the side of Verdant Ruins.

“You think about it, and there is no major event.”

The white shadow turned his head and stared at him like a star.

Verdant Ruins did not evade and met her gaze.

For a while, Bai Shuying sighed: “I understand, this thing, we are not involved in the qualifications… Tell us, and don’t tell us, it doesn’t make any sense, it’s not as good as it is weak. Use a good faith lie as a bully to leave a trace of missing…”

Verdant Ruins didn’t think that the sensitivity of the white shadow was so acute that there was no veto at the moment.

“when are we leaving?”

“I’m leaving right away, and I’ve been leaving it for a long time.”

Verdant Ruins said, his eyes fell on the white shadow: “I am waiting here, on the one hand… I want to take a look at you again, on the one hand… only you can take my inheritance and maintain our mix. Sword Sect is prosperous.”

Take a look at you…

These four words make the white shadows tremble slightly…


She did not say anything after all.

Just like she had a farewell to Verdant Ruins…

At that time, she already knew that there was always another woman in the heart of the man.


The weight of that woman did not fill the whole of his heart, but…

This is not what she wants.

Her open-mindedness is just to cover up the white peacock pride in her heart.

This pride will not change for anyone.

Even if it was born in the peerless Innate Talent, she was amazing, and she was amazing, and the man who shocked the entire Primal Chaos universe – Verdant Ruins!

“I understand……”

For a while, Bai Shuying immediately sighed with a sigh of relief: “You can rest assured that as long as my white shadow is still in this World day, I will never let the Sword Sect, which is the safe haven of our Great World, be here. The piece of the universe is interrupted by inheritance.”

“I believe.”

Verdant Ruins nodded.

In the end, he took out a bracelet directly and handed it to the hands of Bai Shuying.

Virtual Sky Ring!

It is able to suppress the imaginary ring of the incarnation of the Lord of the Gods and the Lord of Time, and in the more than 60,000 years of returning to the Immortal Dao Civilization World, he re-refined the virtual sky ring, which has made it possible to seal the town. The range is enhanced, even the incarnation of Primal Chaos is able to suppress, and the internal space is extremely stable, even if one world becomes a World cultivator, Small World can incorporate it without The phenomenon of exploding each other’s World.

“The things inside are handed over to you, there are quite a few Law fragments and some Creation God Artifact… With the uninterrupted supply of these Law pieces, I estimate that during the thousand years, you cultivate to the equivalent of six lines. Level level should not be difficult, plus there is a Creation God Artifact that I tailored for you… With it, you can’t reach the level of my ability to hold Scarlet Abyss sword, but It’s enough to force you to press the ordinary top powerhouse.”

Verdant Ruins finished, whispered one sentence: “With my demeanor in this move, it is not difficult to shock those small things.”

“Hundred thousand years, enough.”

White shadow nodded, will connect the virtual sky ring.

The resources in this virtual sky represent a responsibility.

Next, she has to shoulder the responsibility of replacing Verdant Ruins and defending the Sword Sect from now on.

“You…hundred thousand years can’t return…”


Verdant Ruins shook his head: “Maybe soon… maybe… no more coming back.”


“Sketch, hope you… can live your own wonderful!”

Verdant Ruins turned and looked at the white shadows of the dusty, clear face.

The white shadow meets Verdant Ruins’s eyes. At this moment, she wants to go forward, or to stay, or to do something…


She can’t do it.

Verdant Ruins is not reluctant.

If Bai Xiaoying really moved him on this matter, then the white shadow is not a white shadow.

“Okay, hope… we can have a chance to see you again.”

“Yes, I believe, will definitely.”

White shadows are heavy.

Verdant Ruins smiled and nodded to her, the next moment, the body shape turned into a streamer, went straight into the sky, disappeared without a trace.

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