Primordial Sword Emperor Chapter 989

What is the most impressive picture of Verdant Ruins in his life?

It’s not the first time he’s practicing True Qi, it’s not the first time that Divine Saint has been shown.
Real body, not the first time, the white shadow is reassuring and daring to give him absolute trust in the practice of retreating in front of him. It is not the first time to obtain Creation God Artifact, not the breakthrough moment for Primal Chaos creature…


long, long ago!

A sun shone brightly morning, at that time, there was a breeze, blue sky and white clouds, green trees…


It could be a park, it might be a dojo, or it might be a piece of woodland.

He saw a girl…

The lively and fluttering ponytail, the face of the sky, the exquisite figure, the graceful and graceful grace…

That picture, which has been imprinted in his mind, he did not forget for a moment…

And now…

The same is the same picture.

A white clothed shadow, a slender waist with a long sword, a ponytail that flutters in the wind, and a pretty face that is beautiful and windy but still beautiful…

The two pictures, at this moment, crossed the barriers of tens of thousands of years and coincided.

“Verdant Ruins ……”

“Yes, I am back.”

Verdant Ruins looked at Jiang Ningzhi and suddenly felt that everything was like a passing, all dissipating, all the language, all the reasons, all the excuses, all the illusions, no more meaning, at this moment in his eyes, only There is this silhouette that has been portrayed in the depths of his heart since he was a child.

This is his true heart.

This is his true self.

“Compared with the time we agreed… a bit late, but I am still back.”

Verdant Ruins added with a smile.

Jiang Ningzhi fell from Void and looked at Verdant Ruins. For a time, she didn’t know how to do it.

What Verdant Ruins did at this moment was to follow his own heart, to put aside all the worries and distractions, and to go forward, to print this small heart into his heart, and never forget the silhouette into his arms.

Everything, where water flows, a canal is formed.


Jiang Ningzhi let go of her heart, relax her body and mind, and lean on him.

Coco looked aside, his eyes filled with a happy smile.

Recalling the bitterness of these two lives, his face is also a trace of embarrassment…

How many years have passed…

Young Sect Master and Verdant Ruins…

Finally it was this moment.


Time flows.

Verdant Ruins and Jiang Ningzhi both complained about each other, and it has been a long time since they were unconscious.

Next, Jiang Gingzhi led the way and walked on Dongyang Mountain with Verdant Ruins, truly understanding the bits and pieces of Dongyang Mountain.

Verdant Ruins’s time to enter Dongyang Sword Sect is too short, and since he spends most of his time practicing swords, he doesn’t know much about Dongyang Mountain, but Jiang Ningzhi is a native of Dongyang Mountain, the entire Dongyang Mountain, every flower and grass, every A scene has memories of her childhood. It is for this reason that she can still restore Dongyang Mountain after tens of thousands of years. It is really too deep impression on Dongyang Mountain.

Jiang Ningzhi’s interest in the scenery of Dongyang Mountain, Verdant Ruins also patiently listened.

Even if they are actually talking about a small trifle, even Verdant Ruins only needs to let go of his mind, and he can accurately understand every corner of Dongyang Mountain, but he did not do it, just like Mortal, naturally. Working with Jiang Ningzhi, it is like a pair of men and women in love, walking on the mountain road of Dongyang Mountain, dating back the past years of Mortal.

“If…if that didn’t happen that happened…maybe, in the next few years, this should be my life…we might get where water flows, a canal is formed… well, Maybe my parents will be slightly opposed, but they are still clear. If I insist on it, they will respect my choice… Finally, I will marry and give birth to a child in Dongyang Mountain…”

Verdant Ruins thought about it.

No accident, this is his future life.

And he doesn’t mind this Mortal life.


“Verdant Ruins, strictly speaking, at present, we have only three people in Dongyang Sword Sect. I, you, and coca, you are the sword saint of our Dongyang Sword Sect, go, I will take you there, You introduced us to Dongyang Sword Sect other disciplines. In addition, during these years, I also collected several instances of Innate Talent and focused on teaching them. I will bring them over and let them know you. “”

Jiang Ningzhi took Verdant Ruins’ hand and smiled and walked toward Dongyang Sword Sect.

Verdant Ruins was also a slight dagger, letting Jiang Ningzhi take it with her, and went to see her several disciplines.

In fact, her definitions have long been seen with God, and Innate Talent is really good, but…

Also just good that’s all.

If there is no special chance, the future achievements will reach the level of Xianjun and even the True Immortal level. As for the level of the Emperor and even the Great Expert level…

There is no hope.

However, he naturally would not say it in this case, and, with his current ability and means, these several disciplines, if they are really loyal to Dongyang Sword Sect, and get the favor of Jiang Ningzhi, he will give a little mention and give pointers. What’s the matter?

I thought, Verdant Ruins would follow Jiang Ningzhi to the Sect great hall.

But at this time, the light on his body suddenly dimmed, and his figure was stopped on the spot.

This change made Jiang Ningzhi slightly startled, and asked with concern: “Verdant Ruins, what happened?”

“Nothing, let’s go.”

Verdant Ruins said with a smile.

I don’t know why…

Jiang Ningzhi looked at Verdant Ruins at the moment, but he was a stranger with a faint feeling.

Although he and the previous Verdant Ruins have not changed in terms of mental stimulation or spirituality, but…

It’s true, it’s not the same.

But where is it different, Jiang Ningzhi can’t say why?


“too fast.”

Primal Chaos Void, a huge amount of Verdant Ruins on the body of a few hundred thousand light years, a sudden sigh.

“Give me some more time… even a month… another day…”

While speaking, his gaze is directed at the Primal Chaos Void.

The Lord of the Gods, the Lord of Time, the Lord of Primal Chaos, and the many Primal Chaos life, the life of life, swept the killing intent, and completely blocked all the roads he could escape, even though their attacks are estimated to need a few Only a few months can really reach, but the primal Chaos spirit of so many lifes of Peak’s life has completely disrupted the space and time in this range.

Even the order of operation of Primal Chaos Void has become a mess in this Primal Chaos Void.

Under the influence of this power, his body and incarnation’s induction became more and more stubborn. Under the influence, he had to slay the incarnation, let him continue to accompany Jiang Shuangzhi, Senior Sister, otherwise…

At the moment when the induction of the ontology is disturbed, the incarnation will die on the spot because it cannot sense the body.

But even so…

If he really dies, the incarnation that contains his mind and mind will also collapse.

“Time is more tense than I expected. However, the people I have met have already seen it. All the wishes have been fulfilled… although the final end is not perfect, but… sooner or later, face this moment, So, early, what is the difference later…”

Verdant Ruins said, looking straight ahead, looking at these top creatures who have forgotten to find the eternal Profound Truth.

Achievement Primal Chaos He is not able to understand the ultimate eternal pursuit and desire of these living things, but…

Perhaps when he is also like them, being trapped in this realm for hundreds of millions of years, and suffering from a life without meaning for hundreds of millions of years, will also be crazy to be able to further hope and dawn…

at the moment……

This madness is just a little ahead of schedule.

“I will face this moment sooner or later. There is no difference between it and later. So… what are you waiting for? Let us set foot on this Road of Eternal to see what is the ultimate eternal, what it is!”

Verdant Ruins finished, no longer control himself with the body boiling power, the entire Primal Chaos universe, and even the Great Desolate World, all the energy, life essence, the essence of the gods, all madly burned, turned into the most pure Nourishment, firewood, moved towards that time.

Under the constant perfusion of this force, the time of the original faintly discernible has become extremely clear, and the ultimate eternal breath is not revealed at this moment, and it is released in the light. Even in the long river, even Seeing countless time pictures, at this moment, these time pictures are no longer in the form of unintelligible information, but a substantial picture of each and everyone…

Innumerable pictures show the Lord of the Lords, the Lord of Time, the Lord of Primal Chaos, and the life of the life, the life of Primal Chaos, and the time of this time, it seems that this picture is the ultimate of all living beings, all living beings At the end…

“Eternal! Eternal! That’s Road of Eternal!”

“It turns out that the eternal mystery of Immortal Dao Civilization World can only be revealed in this way. To be able to show him a Primal Chaos creature or a creature that has been burned by Immortal Dao Civilization World… I almost cast it. Cheng Da wrong, and the ultimate eternal loss!”

“It’s ridiculous, the Road of Eternal we’ve been searching for for so many years is so simple that it’s so obvious that we’ve done so much useless over the years…”

“Road of Eternal! The end of this road is the ultimate eternal, the end of eternal!?”

When I saw this Road of Eternal, which was self-expressed by Verdant Ruins, I understood it. For a time, it was strong enough to be the leader of Primal Chaos, the Lord of Time, and the leader of the gods. Primal Chaos, who is still in the Fourth Layer of Primal Chaos, has a life and a life of life.

I knew that the Road of Eternal needed to be displayed in this way. Why do they have to fight with the Immortal Dao civilization?


To achieve a true win-win situation!

Fortunately, although it is only now known about the truth of the Immortal Dao Civilization World Road of Eternal, it is not too late, the Road of Eternal, in this moment, in front of them.

Now, the Lord of the Gods, the Lord of Time, the Lord of Primal Chaos, a lot of life, Primal Chaos life each and everyone can’t wait, with that burning self, with great perseverance, great courage to step into the Road of Eternal Verdant Ruins Step into this long road that symbolizes the Road of Eternal.

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