Primordial Sword Emperor Chapter 991

Verdant Ruins eyes opened, but the conscious aspect is still somewhat vague, so that after understanding of their “existence”, they are still in a state of paralysis.


A voice shouting around him, let him have a slight focal length, his eyes fell on the master of this voice…

A special living body that appears to consist entirely of time-sensitive matter.

“You finally woke up.”

This particular living body is relieved in relief.

But Verdant Ruins is still just looking at him, his brain is blank, and not say a word.

This particular life has met, and some are fortunate: “Fortunately, I have gathered your timeline as much as possible. I will return the information that was dissipated in your timeline to you, hoping to get you back.” come.”

While speaking, this special life is a virtual hand, pointing at Verdant Ruins’s eyebrows.

In this process, Verdant Ruins seems to have no idea what it means to resist, or even to realize what it means if this is between two people with life forms.

As this special life body pointed to Verdant Ruins’s eyebrows, suddenly, the many pictures and information belonging to Verdant Ruins’ own timeline, the lightning replay in his mind, starting from his creation of Shenyu from Dongyang Sword Sect, and then All the way through the hardships, from the continuation of the East to the continuation of the continuation, and then from the continuation of the continuation to other World, the main territory of Primal Chaos, the main territory of time, and finally to the Great Expert, top powerhouse, Primal Chaos life, and even Resonating with the Immortal Dao Civilization World, with the power of Immortal Dao Civilization World, the creation of Primal Chaos, the life of the same body, rushed to the Primal Chaos Foundation Layer, and finally the top life of the Lord of Time, the Lord of the Gods, the Lord of Primal Chaos, etc. Under the pressure of the body, open the Road of Eternal, and fall into the long river…

As for the memory in the long river of time, he has forgotten all.

Even if this particular life seems to be unable to reconcile all the pictures and information he experienced after entering the long river of time.

It took a long time for Verdant Ruins to spend a lot of time lost from this vast amount of information that he had lost. He was sobered from this disappointment: “I… How long have I been in that unconscious state? ”

“how long?”

This special life is a dumb smile: “Do you think that there is a concept of time in the long river of time? Millions of years and moments, in fact, only two different branches of time flow to that’s all.”

Verdant Ruins listened and converged.

After all, he has stepped into the Prime Layer of Primal Chaos, and he has trained himself to be the immortal top creature. He has quickly adjusted his state. As he calms down, his eyes once again fall into this special life, but it seems to be like What I thought of, suddenly said: “Qingping Sword Spirit!?”

This particular life looked at Verdant Ruins with some surprise and smiled nodded: “I don’t think you guessed it so quickly, but I am Sword Spirit.”

“Sure enough… So, what time is the picture of the time that has passed from time to time?”

Sword Spirit nodded: “In fact, I tried my best to pass the final picture to you, just want to tell you, the true mystery of the Road of Eternal, but unfortunately… until the last moment you understand the Road of our Immortal Dao civilization. What exactly is Eternal, and at that time, you want to explain to the Lord of Time, the Lord of the Gods, the Lord of Primal Chaos, and the life of many people, Primal Chaos, that it is too late, and I can only find a way. Lock your timeline and spend a lot of effort to find you in the middle of time…”

Verdant Ruins listened, stunned nodded.

For a moment, he couldn’t wait to ask: “The Lord of the Gods, the Lord of Time, the Lord of Primal Chaos, these creatures, they… step into the Road of Eternal?”

“Yes, as the top saint, the energy contained in the body is enough to ignite the Road of Eternal for tens of thousands of years, whether it is the life of the life, the Primal Chaos life, or the life of the nearby Primal Chaos, the life of the life. In the Road of Eternal, the environment outside the Immortal Dao Civilization World is now unprecedentedly clear. I am afraid that Primal Chaos Void, which is a million years away, does not have any Primal Chaos life, the existence of life, in other words, your approach, At least Immortal Dao Civilization World is guaranteed for millions of years.”

Verdant Ruins listened and couldn’t help but smile: “It seems that what I did is not meaningless, and sacrifice is not without any value.”

Qing Ping Sword Spirit smiled nodded.

“Right, the Lord of Primal Chaos, the Lord of the Gods, the Lord of Time, and the life of the life, Primal Chaos? They have entered the long river of time, who can successfully consolidate their timeline Really, I am the only one, step into the ultimate eternity?”

“Really me, the timeline, the ultimate eternity?”

Qing Ping Sword Spirit listened, said with a smile : “In fact, this answer, you should have been able to reveal this moment when you step into the river.”

“At this moment when I stepped into the river, I should have already revealed it?”

Verdant Ruins is a bit puzzled.

“Really me, what is true, I am the only one? Any timeline related to him will be confined by him. In other words, when he breaks through to the ultimate eternal, his silhouette will no longer be in any time. There is a lot of time branches and parallel universes that you see in the long river of time. Didn’t you see the silhouette of the Lord of God, the Lord of Time, and the Lord of Primal Chaos more than once? This can already be proved. ”

“All failed? All failed?”

“Bundle the timeline, do it for me, ease said than done… In the long run of time, you should see the difference between the ultimate eternal realm and the Primal Chaos Sixth Layer, the ultimate eternal convergence of its own timeline I am the only one who can travel freely in the long river of time. In other words, if he wants to deal with the existence of Primal Chaos, the Lord of the Gods, and the Lord of Time, even if they don’t go to their timeline of weak hours. Kill them, and from other parallel timelines, they can pull out hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of them and their owners of Primal Chaos, the Lord of Time, and the Lord of the Gods, to deal with them. The difference between two realms cannot be described in words.”

Verdant Ruins heard that Sword Spirit said that he could not help but push suddenly shrink.

From other timelines, the Lord of the Lord, the Lord of Time, and the Lord of Primal Chaos were spun off, and thousands of them were stripped to deal with the Lord of Time, the Lord of the Gods, the Master of Primal Chaos on his timeline… …

This means…

“Is this the ultimate eternal realm…”

Verdant Ruins took a deep breath: “I originally thought that the gap between Primal Chaos life, life and Great Expert is already big enough, even though tens of thousands of Great Experts are impossible and a great life.” There is a counterbalance, but … they can at least see the gap between them, but Peak’s Primal Chaos life, the life of creation is more than the ultimate eternity, the gap is huge enough to see the gap between each other can not be done… ”

“Yes, it’s like an Ordinary creature with no extraordinary power. He can’t understand the greatness of the will of the universe. The difference between the two… can’t be described by words, to express it.”

Qingping Sword Spirit said, sincerely said: “The longer I stay in the long river of time, the more timeline of wisdom and wisdom, the more I understand the greatness and beauty of that realm.”

Verdant Ruins nodded.

For a moment, he transferred the topic to Qingping Sword Spirit: “Yes, why have you been ups and downs in the long river of time… And why are you in the middle of time, able to erode the power of time and lose yourself? ”

“I can’t explain this.”

Qing Ping Sword Spirit indulged: “Maybe… it is related to the great ancestor’s disk, the eternal disk.”

“The Eternal Plate…”

Verdant Ruins was silent.

After a while, he said slowly: “I want to know, can I still leave the time and return to my timeline?”

“Do you know how I found you?”

“how is it?”

“You have a lamp… there is a lighthouse in the fog, guiding me in your direction…”

Verdant Ruins felt a move in his heart and suddenly understood that the lamp should be the mysterious lamp from the Lord of the Red Prison.

“What is that lamp?”

“Nobody knows that the Primal Chaos realm and Eternal Realm worlds are too different. Anything that touches the Eternal Realm world is not something we can understand… but you, and everything about you, I can give you some answers…”

Sword Spirit said with a slight smile : “frankly, I have been observing your timeline for a long time.”

“Look at me?”

What did Verdant Ruins think of in his heart, “Knowledge Shenyu!?”

Qingping Sword Spirit nodded.

“Can I see things through the long river of time?”

“You don’t have the ability to observe the long river of time. In fact, you can only observe the line of time that belongs to you…”

“Please speak.”

Verdant Ruins doesn’t force it.

“If you want to elaborate, it needs to be traced back to a long time ago…that is, the broken battle of Immortal Dao Civilization World… At that time, we didn’t know what kind of mystery was hidden in Immortal Dao Civilization World, just trying to find a way I drove the invading life, Primal Chaos life out of the Immortal Dao Civilization World, and closed the Immortal Dao Civilization World, hiding it… In order to achieve this goal, I went back to the past through the long time and wanted to be in this disaster. Solve problems at the source…”

Speaking of this, Qingping Sword Spirit’s tone is slightly stopped: “Just… we know too little about the time and the river, and the time and space that we went to is still many years before the birth of the disaster source…”

“The power of time is indeed mysterious.”

Verdant Ruins takes it for granted.

Qingping Sword Spirit nodded: “At that time, I was dead for a lifetime, and I jumped out of time to return to the past. In the long-term influence of time, I also lost a lot of information about myself. When I really found myself, clear comprehension When I was responsible for my own shoulders, I had already wasted my Primal Chaos Void for a few thousand years. I have not given me enough time. Fortunately, there is no road to heaven, 茫茫Primal Chaos Void But let me meet the sage of the supernatant…”

“Upper sage?”

Verdant Ruins has a heart…

In the Immortal Dao Civilization World, he read through the books of the shocking world. Among the classics, all the saints participated in the war and fell. Only the supernatant saints did not seem to appear…

For a long time, he felt that the books were lost too much. There is a loss of information about the sage’s participation in the war. Now it seems…

This does not seem to be the case.

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