Primordial Sword Emperor Chapter 993

“I want to go to the end of the Road of Eternal and see what the eternal look looks like.”

Verdant Ruins is silent for a long time, slowly said.

“Eternal real appearance…”

Qing Ping Sword Spirit looked at Verdant Ruins, secretly secretly sighed: “It may be disappointing if you say it… but… According to my understanding, can you succeed in eternity, set foot on the Road of Eternal, step on you? The moment of time, the river can be judged from the side.”

Verdant Ruins associates with the position of Primal Chaos, the Lord of the Gods, the Lord of Time, and the others of Sword Spirit.

“You mean… ordinary people can’t see the sight of your time?”


Sword Spirit nodded: “No one can see your other timeline except yourself. Because, at the moment you achieve eternal, you have no past and future… and countless timelines. One, really, the only one, except that you can personally explore your own timeline, no one can no longer see your timeline mysteriously, in other words… even if I am in a special time in the river There is nothing that the soul wants to pass on the other pictures of your time.”

“Eternal… Tianding?”

“It’s not a god! If you are eternal, and your future moment has become eternal, then there will be signs of nature. This harbinger will be yours no matter what method you use to step into the long river. The insight, what you know…”

Speaking of this, Qingping Sword Spirit is stopped, said with a bitter smile: “In fact, this is a refutation. There are two conditions in the long river. One condition is that there is a long time in this world, another condition. It is the cultivator itself that has the power to attack the eternal realm, because, when you step into time, you will burn everything and give up everything. If you don’t have the ultimate eternal realm, you will enter the dead end itself. ”

“Then those Primal Chaos life, the life of life? Many of these life bodies are only Primal Chaos, the Foundation layer, Fifth layer’s cultivation base, is too early from the Eternal Realm world? Why do they choose to enter the time?”

“Those Primal Chaos lives and makes life different from us.”

Qingping Sword Spirit said something: “Every Primal Chaos life, life, life is a section of Legendary, they survive to this day, do not know how many years of years, maybe they were born more time than our Immortal Dao civilization Inheritance is still long, but also ancient. Under this long and old age, they have not had the spirit of forging ahead… Life and death for them no longer have special significance, all the purpose of their survival They are all in pursuit of the ultimate ultimate state – eternal, and as I said, whether it is eternal, they have already known at the moment of entering the long river of time.”

“The moment I stepped into the river, I knew…”

Verdant Ruins suddenly felt…

Road of Eternal, so cruel!

Sword Spirit nodded: “If they can really break through to the eternal realm in their lifetime, then when they step into the river, great perseverance, great wisdom, and great opportunities will surely border each other. In short, there will be various kinds. The coincidence of nature will naturally make them realm breakthrough, change their mood, and thus embark on the ultimate, into the eternal, and even everything where water flows, a canal is formed, it seems that they really step into the eternal opportunity, just step into the long river This moment…and if they simply do not have the eternal way, the pursuit of life is nothing more than a glimpse of the moon, in which case their mental state will be affected by what can be imagined… compared to living without hope, Death is a relief for them, and that’s why they will go out of time with the slightest hesitation.”

“The meaning of life…”

Verdant Ruins understood it.

Compared to those of Primal Chaos’ life and fortune, his time to make Primal Chaos’ life is too short, so short that their understanding of the meaning of life is completely different.

“Most Primal Chaos life, life, even if breakthrough, will only swim in the Primal Chaos universe, the edge of World, because they have not yet broken the meaning and sincerity of life, can not give up the feelings of sentient beings, but… …when you have lived long enough, you will find that it is a painful thing to continue to live… The time is the most ruthless, and the powerful Primal Chaos life, the life of creation, and even the erosion of the long years of loneliness, I chose to sleep on my own… and, is a permanent sleep… Like the Primal Chaos life and the life of the people, even though they can’t step into the ultimate eternal world, there is only a dead end, but they don’t know… I can die in the evening, I believe that the moment they fall, they must be laughing.”

Verdant Ruins heard what Sword Spirit said, and his heart was also a feeling.

Everyone wants Longevity to stay forever, but if the poison of light at that time would corrode you as a sentient being, then what is the meaning of living?


After a long silence, Verdant Ruins said slowly: “At the end of my timeline, I was the Lord of the Gods, the Lord of Primal Chaos, the Lord of Time, and many Primal Chaos lives, and all the timelines eventually point. This picture…and my timeline has never been integrated in the long river of time…Is it eternal, this moment is already doomed…even…Immortal Dao civilization has countless geniuses and no one Can you achieve eternity?”

Sword Spirit nodded: “To Little… All the creatures of the Great Luo Jinxian have never achieved eternal…”

“Da Luo Jinxian?”

“This matter… should be related to Daofather. Daofather used a magical technique to pin the true spirit of the great Luo Jinxian in the long river of time, so that it has a mystery that is close to the life of Primal Chaos. Luo Tianzhi’s power to punish Primal Chaos, what role does it not talk about for the time being, but from then on it will leave their shadows in the long river… The current true spirit can’t be pinned on the eternal life of the river, no one has ever appeared. “”

“If someone’s true spirit can’t be pinned in the long river of time, it proves…”

Qing Ping Sword Spirit nodded, at the same time said: “But … the possibility is too low, you have seen other silhouette images of your timeline from the long river of time, then naturally you should understand, Great Thousand Worlds, parallel time and space, Similar to Primal Chaos, the Lord of the Lords, the Lord of Time, the number of people in the Primal Chaos 6th-layer, they may try to attack the timeless, together,hundred thousand, million, million It’s not all, but without exception, it’s the end of failure… The horror of the Lord of Time, the Lord of the Gods, and the Lord of Primal Chaos are all the same, let alone our little Immortal Dao civilization? An eternal…can be called a world miracle! The cosmic darling of the multiverse universe is infinitely invincible…”

Verdant Ruins looked up and looked at all around the stream of light…

Every streamer is a timeline, and every timeline has countless people who are struggling and sinking…

And each of these timelines, myself, end…

They are all exactly the same.

Whether it can become eternal at this moment has already been determined.

Any subsequent efforts are meaningless.



This is fate…

What kind of despair is this moment that sees the soul of “destiny”?

Especially those who can’t see the “destiny” but their “destiny” has already been doomed, and change their despair! ?

Ultimately eternal! ?

This is a desperate end…

Verdant Ruins bowed his head and was desperate.

Cultivation ? Become stronger? Ruler’s own life?

What is the meaning of everything?

At the moment when “Destiny” was born, everything was already doomed.

Being able to stand in Peak is destined to be condescending, overlooking all beings.

Those who can’t climb the Peak position, even if they work hard and give up everything, can only continue to roll in the face of the ultimate road, and continue to sink.

“Destiny” is like a desperate scorpio, destroying all the hard work of everyone and grinding it into dust.


Verdant Ruins long put out a breath.

The moment of strength on the body seems to have been completely removed.

He turned back…

Through the timeline, moving towards looking back…

I want to unyielding to serve the “destiny” that is always hopeless and eternal. I want to touch the blood, and the Lord of the Gods, the Lord of Time, the Lord of Primal Chaos, and many life, Primal Chaos, just for the moment. … the glory of the death of the dynasty…

Still looking back and seeing without any results, looking at the obstacles that are still unable to be completely put down as a sentient being.

Low, dare to look straight, imagining the ultimate eternal proud head…

I will look to the group to build a part of my life and become a member of the millions of people on the Internet…

a long time……

The heart of Verdant Ruins has gradually calmed down.

All beings…

An adjective that he used to describe billions of creatures.


In the ultimate eternal…


It’s just a member of the public.

Since he is a member of all living beings, he has to live according to the living laws of all beings.

Thinking of this, Verdant Ruins’s eyes fell into the long river of time, falling into every picture of the timeline of time…

Each and everyone The same, different silhouettes continue to interpret the struggle of life and survival on a timeline.

He looked at…

It seems that all these pictures should be kept in my heart, buried, and never forgotten.

Although he understands…

When he began to pull out each and everyone’s life from the time and the river, and let them resurrect, in order to get rid of the long river of time, all the memories, life information, and soul information in him will disappear under the glory of time. Do it, but…

He still looked hard.

Look at this last glance…

“When you want to make a god of jade, you can see all the souls that have pinned the true spirit in the long river of time and resurrect it by projecting the power of the ‘key’ of the gods and jade.”

Qingping Sword Spirit nodded.

Verdant Ruins’s eyes fell on Singing’s Sword Spirit: “What about you?”


Qingping Sword Spirit shook his head: “I don’t know… Maybe, I will stay in the long river of time, I will stay until… until… The day of eternal birth helps me to get rid of this fate… ”


“Yes, fate.”

Qing Ping Sword Spirit replied again.

“Yeah… destiny…”

Verdant Ruins whispered in the mouth and then laughed.

Qing Ping Sword Spirit also followed faintly smiled.

The next moment, Verdant Ruins closed his eyes and looked at it, and the god of jade gradually appeared in the long river of time…

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