Profound Dragon Warlord Chapter 3167


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Leng Third Young Lady saw this and screamed: “The child is innocent, what are you doing?”

She stretched out her hand to snatch the child back, and when she looked closely, this Little Brat was unscathed, and she was still learning Shen Longxuan’s appearance, waving her little fist, punching holes in the void.


Little Brat said something in Ullah’s mouth.

At this moment, Leng Third Young Lady was stunned, and other people in the distance were also stunned. Is this a child? This is the powerhouse of the Emperor Realm!

It’s easy to crack the void or even collapse. As long as the strength is enough, an Immortal Emperor Realm can do it.

But like a small doll, piercing the void without affecting the surroundings, the degree of control of this kind of power is difficult even for the emperor.

“See it? Can I give birth to such a son? Still jealous? But it’s okay. I actually broke through the realm in anger, and I was not angry.”

Shen Longxuan grabbed Gu Tianxiao and placed it on his shoulder.

Leng Third Young Lady noticed the strange gaze around her, and suddenly felt sorry.

She came to Shen Longxuan’s side, pinched Shen Longxuan with her little hand, and asked: “Isn’t it your child?”

“I picked it up! I tell you, don’t tell me, this is a baby that the Heavenly Supreme gods turned into, he is amazing!”


Leng Third Young Lady opened her small mouth slightly in surprise, but she immediately said happily: “Then I just hugged God Paragon, Little Xuan Xuan, you still beat God Paragon, will we be in danger?

Does he have a name? Why don’t we call him Shen fourteen?

Otherwise we raise him slowly, then we don’t have a Paragon god to be a child, giggle…”

Shen Longxuan shook his head when he saw the look of Leng Third Young Lady. This child might not grow up.

The Poison of the Primordial Ancients is too powerful, even the god Paragon cannot resist it, even more how now the god Paragon, who has become a baby, can’t cultivation, how to remove the poison?

“I named him Gu Tianxiao, let him follow me, it is too dangerous to follow you.”

Shen Longxuan finished speaking, and the surrounding Profound Yellow World powerhouse has surrounded him.

Liu Guang and Nether Ghost looked at the child on Shen Longxuan’s shoulders. Not only did they not feel cute, but there was a fear of having one’s hair stand on end. This fear came from its origin. They looked at each other and even felt strange to themselves. .

Others didn’t feel this way. They came up to congratulate Leng Third Young Lady. The Leng Third Young Lady who had just entered the emperor realm was somewhat sorry.

After all, her breakthrough was made by jealousy, and it was a bit unpleasant to say it.

But no matter why, Profound Yellow World finally added a real powerhouse, and everyone was happy from ear to ear.

This gave hope to those who have not yet passed through. The most important thing is that they have just defeated the three heavens and solved the crisis of being siege.

After listening to the narration of the past by the king, Shen Longxuan remained silent for a long time, but he still underestimated human nature.

In the face of the test of life and death, there are often many people who cannot stand their ground. Those who abandon the Profound Yellow World alliance are like this.

But this is not to blame others, it can only be said that the heavens are too bad. Seeing that the people of Myriad Realms have united, they once again provoke separation.

Don’t even think about it, this move will definitely be used in several other major alliances, making the Myriad Realms alliance a mess again.

“Brother Wang, this is too dangerous. Let’s go back to the luxury realm star first. I will enable the permission so that you can send it back at a critical moment.”

Shen Longxuan finished speaking, and opened the Transmission Passage, which is also a gift from the Luxury Realm Star and is only for the owner.

The people of Profound Yellow World quickly disappeared into the void, until one hour after they left, all directions rushed to countless powerhouses to surround this area.

But they did not at all see anyone in Profound Yellow World, and they continued to search for unknown reasons.

At this moment, Shen Longxuan has given the authority to Shengwang and Leng Third Young Lady and the others, so that they can all open the passage at a critical moment and run back here.

Everyone discussed the next countermeasures, and it took a long time before they dispersed one by one.

Shen Longxuan sits cross-legged alone, and the little doll lies on his shoulders to sleep.

He took out a Universe Ring, and a storage space, which was obtained by killing the Emperor Lu and Emperor Dragon.

As for the Emperor of the Pig in the final battle, he ran out of all the treasures, so he left nothing.

He picked up the Universe Ring and Divine Soul rushed into it, suddenly a burst of rays of light flashed before his eyes.

This is not a space, but a world. This little Universe Ring is actually a source device.

Moreover, there is no life in this piece of world. They are all cultivation resources. Looking at the mountains of resources, you can’t see the edge at a glance, as if the whole world is there.

“They are all treasure resources of the origin level. How rich is this dragon emperor? This guy will not be their illegal child of the heavens, right?”

Shen Longxuan randomly took out a small crystal clear and near-transparent tree, surrounded by colorful and strange rays of light. Upon careful experience, this kind of treasure is also effective on him and can speed up the soul His growth rate allowed his cultivation base to quickly advance.

At this time, his soul has surpassed thirty thousand zhang, but if he wants to grow to 300,000 zhang, he doesn’t know how long it will take.

Most recently, he found that his connection to Myriad Realms Source Space seemed a bit unsmooth, and it was a bit laborious to get Source Power.

He felt that he might have requested too much, and Myriad Realms Source Space began to reject him.

According to his estimation, the original energy he has obtained is enough for the birth of a Paragon god.

So, instinctively, Myriad Realms Source Space must cut off the connection with him.

Because the Paragon gods no longer need the source energy, they can give birth to the source, and what the powerhouse at this time needs is Supreme Beginning Strength.

Shen Longxuan took a look at this Universe Ring, and dispelled the idea of ​​giving it away. These things must be reserved for his own breakthrough.

This is a good harvest. Shen Longxuan once again opened the storage space of Donkey Paragon.

It is still a piece of world. In this piece of world, there are creatures. Shen Longxuan is sure that he has never seen it.

The most important thing is that these creatures are all females. This will not be the harem of the Donkey Emperor, right? This guy has really strong tastes.

Looking at the big-bellied creatures, there were no duplicates. He suddenly discovered that the Lv Dizun had not been wronged all his life.

He also knows why the Emperor Donkey wants to build such a storage world, which is full of living things!

Shen Longxuan has no mercy towards these heavenly creatures, a wisp of Divine Sense swept through, all the soul flew away and scattered.

Then she gathered it up. There are also a lot of treasures here, and all of them are of different grades, which should be reserved for his harem.

The most important thing is that Shen Longxuan found a treasure house in a palace, which contained countless treasures. Among the many treasures, he saw a jade slip.

This kind of ordinary thing mixed in many treasures is doubtful in itself.

After taking it out, Shen Longxuan immediately read it.

“Divine Item Ranking List at the beginning!”

Shen Longxuan suddenly became interested when he saw this.

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