Profound Dragon Warlord Chapter 3169


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Shen Longxuan set off. He had previously sensed that the nearest piece of debris was in a certain realm, so his goal this time was there.

The reincarnation of Myriad Realms must be started as soon as possible. Myriad Realms has been completely messed up now. Some of the powers of the heavens were secretly lurking, but since I heard that some people have received the light of the beginning in Myriad Realms, they have to bear it all. Can’t help it.

What is the light of the primordial beginning? It is the rays of light emitted by the original source of the primordial beginning. Although it is rays of light, it is lasting forever. Collect it to condense into Supreme Beginning Strength.

Emperor Realm, Paragon God Realm, and even ancient Paragon God Realm need this kind of power. Even if the top Immortal Emperor Realm has obtained the light of the primordial beginning, if it can refining, it will also get huge benefits.

So, after this news, all the heavens began to act.

Just like the previous Profound Yellow World was blocked, that’s why.

Along the way, Shen Longxuan has received a lot of news.

Some powerhouses of the heavens, in order to get the light of the primordial beginning, kill the Myriad Realms powerhouse, take away their origin, and even suck the blood of Myriad Realms powerhouse, doing all kinds of abnormal things.


Shen Longxuan, who was lost in thought, was awakened by a burst of crying, and then he realized that he was wandering in the void, and he had come to a strange space.

The little doll on her shoulders didn’t know if she was hungry or was scared and cried.

Shen Longxuan has just sensed that his direction is correct, and there is no such strange space. As for its appearance, one can imagine that someone has acted.

“Come out! What are you doing sneaky?”

Shen Longxuan loudly said.

After waiting for a long time, there is no silhouette.

So he continued to walk forward, and let go of the immortal consciousness, covering this area with a radius of close to 30,000 li, with a barrier outside, and he entered the ambush ring of others.

With his current cultivation base, such a small space only takes three steps to reach the end.

But after thirty steps, he is still in the center of this space.

Shen Longxuan is a little impatient if the enemy doesn’t show up, just trapping him like this.

He took out the Taikoo poison pearl, activated the defense, buckled himself in it, and then saw that his silhouette suddenly disappeared in this strange space.

For a long time, there was no interest.

The creator of this space finally couldn’t hold on, appeared in it and started searching.

At this moment, Shen Longxuan could see clearly that it was the Emperor of Dragon. This guy looked around without seeing Shen Longxuan’s silhouette, and shouted, “Shen Longxuan, come out, let’s discuss it?”

Shen Longxuan is very surprised, this guy is not dead yet, can the Dragon Human Race resurrect indefinitely?

He also said to discuss it, and he immediately understood what he was going to do.

Then put away the Taikoo poison pearl, showing her figure.

For the powerhouse of the emperor state, Shen Longxuan now has the ability to contend.

“Emperor Dragon, do we seem to know each other?” Shen Longxuan said with a smile.

The Dragon Emperor replied: “You entered the battlefield of the heavens. When I and the Emperor Asses killed the War Pig, we killed the three of us, and then disguised as the Emperor of the War Pig and made it in the camp of the heavens. Confusion.

Finally, you seem to have activated something that wiped out our entire camp. Am I wrong? “

“You found it clearly, so what? What do you want to discuss?”

“Return that pearl to me, we will write off our previous affairs, and we can let you go immediately.”

Shen Longxuan coldly smiled, saying: “What if I don’t pay it back?”

“If you don’t return it, you will always be trapped in this space, unable to get out. You have to believe that our Dragon Human Race can do this.”

“Then stay here! I can just cultivation here quietly, it should be safe here!”


Longren Dizun was so angry that he couldn’t speak. He didn’t expect Shen Longxuan to be so rude and rascal.

He breathes deeply and continued: “Shen Longxuan, that pearl is very important to our Dragon Human Race. If you return it, we can not only let the past go, but also give you some dragon Human Race treasures. What do you think? “

“Don’t bother, I won’t give it to you.”

“You……refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit!”

After the Dragon King said, his figure disappeared, really leaving Shen Longxuan here.

As a result, Shen Longxuan was wondering whether the Formation of this space is also a treasure, right? You can follow yourself, can you take it back?

When he had this idea, he couldn’t deal with it. Although he was thinking about the problem at the time, it didn’t feel at all how he walked into this space.

So, he concluded, this must be a treasure.

Dragon Human Race is good at making beads. This treasure is probably an imitation of Taikoo poison pearl.

Thinking of this, Shen Longxuan once again activated Taikoo poison pearl, and the original power was continuously input, and the space supported by Taikoo poison pearl was continuously enlarged.

Because this space belongs to dark source energy, it is invisible to the outside world, so when it expanded to coincide with the 30,000 li space, Shen Longxuan moved a little.

“Give me!”

Shoo! call out!

After the two sounds, the surrounding space disappeared, and Shen Longxuan had two pearls on his hand.

“It turned out to be true?”

Shen Longxuan was a little excited. This Dragon Human Race was really interesting. He actually gave him a pearl. Although not as good as the ancient poison pearl, it is also a treasure.

“Huh? Return my orb!”

Not far away, Old Ancestor, the dragon man, was in a daze, and suddenly angry roar, finally couldn’t help but kill him.


The two played against each other in the void. In the camp of the heavens, Shen Longxuan was afraid of revealing his identity, so he did not use his full strength, but here, what is he afraid of?

With a sound of hōng lóng lóng, the Dragon Emperor was bombarded and flew upside down, and Shen Longxuan used the Myriad Realms Shuttle Technique, like a shadow, hitting the Dragon Emperor continuously.

According to his estimation, this dragon emperor is just the strength of the intermediate emperor realm, and it is not his opponent at all.

After a loud roar, the beaten figure of the dragonman emperor shattered and bloody.

“Ah! bully intolerably!”

hōng lóng lóng! !

Lightning flashed across the void, and the dragon emperor grew up and instantly turned into a giant of 100,000 zhang. Shen Longxuan’s attack fell on him, and it turned out to be minimal.

However, Shen Longxuan’s Strength of Fleshly Body has already reached the realm of the emperor, and it has grown to 100,000 zhang in an instant, with golden light exuding the body, and once again fought with the dragon emperor.

The Dragon Man Paragon became more and more aggrieved as he fought. He was not Shen Longxuan’s opponent at all, but he lost the Taikoo poison pearl at the beginning. Now if he goes back, he can’t make a deal at all.

If the clan uses this reason to deprive him of his emperor, then his whole family will be gone.

That’s why he secretly came to Myriad Realms to wait in the void. With induction, he really found Shen Longxuan’s location, and then used another treasure to trap Shen Longxuan.

I wanted to give it some benefits and exchange it for Taikoo poison pearl, but didn’t expect, trying to gain an advantage only to end up worse off, Taikoo poison pearl did not get it, and Shen also lost his treasure Longxuan took it away.

I couldn’t beat it, and the beads didn’t want to come back. He had a dead heart.

“Shen Longxuan, don’t force me to perish together with you!” The Dragon Emperor roared in despair.

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