Profound Dragon Warlord Chapter 3170


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Shen Longxuan laughed, “Dragon Man Emperor, we are enemies, you kill my Myriad Realms countless people, and still expect me to let you go? Since you are here, then don’t leave!”


The little doll standing on Shen Longxuan’s shoulders also waved his fists, babbling gibberish.

The Dragon Man Emperor finally saw the little doll clearly, and his eyes immediately became frightened, because he actually felt the breath of the dragonman Old Ancestor on the little doll.

That’s the God of Paragon!

But this aura is not bad, he was shocked immediately.

Dragon Man Old Ancestor was caught by Shen Longxuan?


The Dragon Man Emperor directly knelt in the void and yelled: “Old Ancestor!”


Shen Longxuan also stopped. What happened to this guy? Is he really the Old Ancestor of Dragon Human Race?

Seeing that the figure of the Dragon Man Emperor is rapidly shrinking, Shen Longxuan has also recovered to its original state, he pointed to the Dragon Man Emperor loudly said.

“Don’t come to this set with me, I am not the Old Ancestor of your dragon Human Race. If you want me not to kill you, I can find a better reason?”

But the Dragon Man Emperor did not at all listen to his words, but excitedly said: “I finally understand why Taikoo poison pearl was taken away by him. It turns out that he was chosen by Old Ancestor.

Then everything is much easier. I went back and told them, saying that Taikoo poison pearl was taken away by Old Ancestor and my crisis was lifted.

But I don’t know what Old Ancestor’s plan is. Have you found the weakness of Myriad Realms, that’s why you found Shen Longxuan and controlled him.

You are now disguising as a little doll so that it won’t be noticeable…”

The Dragon Man Emperor became more excited as he talked about him, and he kept talking about him. Shen Longxuan looked at him like he was watching an idiot.

He suddenly rolled his eyes and got an idea.

“Shut up! Are you trying to tell all the plans of Old Ancestor so that everyone knows?”

Shen Longxuan suddenly shouting loudly, interrupting the Dragon Emperor.

Seeing the confusion in the eyes of Emperor Dragon Man, Shen Longxuan continued: “I am now the spokesperson of the Dragon Man Old Ancestor. We usually pretend to be father and son, come! Call father!”


When the Dragon Man Emperor heard these two words, he was struck by lightning and stood blankly on the spot!

His mind was blank, and his whole body was trembling uncontrollably. The dragon man Old Ancestor is called Shen Longxuan father. Is this possible?

But I did hear what I just heard, it was not an illusion.

“Why? Don’t you believe it?”

Shen Longxuan directly grabbed the Dragonman Old Ancestor, handed it to the Dragonman Emperor, and said: “Show him two punches! Hah! Hah!”

Sure enough, Little Wawa slapped two punches casually following the way of Shen Longxuan, but under these two punches, the two corners of the Dragon Emperor Emperor were directly interrupted.

That was the hardest thing about the Dragon Human Race. At this moment, it was easily interrupted. The pain made the Dragon Emperor grin, but not only was he not angry, he was a little surprised.

Because he just sensed some Old Ancestor’s breath just now, he didn’t dare to believe it all, but now he believes it, it is clearly the Old Ancestor, with a light punch, the dragon horn cuts off, except Old Ancestor, who can do it?

“Old Ancestor, I understand, everything depends on your instructions.”

Shen Longxuan slightly nodded, silently put away the two dragon horns, and then said: “My words are Old Ancestor’s words, he calls me father, I call his son, you must remember this relationship.

This is an extraordinary time. Don’t pay attention to these red tapes. Everything is important to the overall situation.

Get up first. Now that you met, Old Ancestor has several things for you to do…”

Shen Longxuan gave a few orders directly, and the Dragon Man Emperor was stunned when he heard it, and he asked after Shen Longxuan finished speaking.

“Old Ancestor, you want us to kill the war pig camp. I can understand this, but why do you want to kill the Lv Dizun clan, they are our allies?”

“Shit ally, do you know why my son is doing this? It’s not all the old donkey God Paragon.

One day, my son was walking in the heavens, and the Old Guy suddenly emerged from nowhere and kicked my son in the head.

If I hadn’t saved my son back then, your Old Ancestor would be dead now, so he trusted me very much, and then it became what it is now.

Now you understand why my son wants you to do this, right? Don’t you believe me, do you want my son to beat you a few more times? “

Shen Longxuan took a mouthful of “my son”, and the dragon emperor was trembling all over when he listened. That is a Paragon god! I didn’t respond to being called so, and I was still giggling there.

It seems that what Shen Longxuan said should be true, so he hurriedly nodded and said: “I understand, the subordinates will do it now!”

The Dragon Emperor turned around and wanted to walk away, but Shen Longxuan immediately said: “Wait, my son needs your treasure resources to recover from his injury. You have to prepare more and give it to me next time.”

The Dragon Emperor sighed and gave Shen Longxuan a Universe Ring. “Old Ancestor, don’t worry. Next time I come, I must prepare more.”

Shen Longxuan then let him go.

Although they didn’t kill the Dragon Emperor Emperor, but let them kill the other heavens, which is more valuable than killing him.

Shen Longxuan took a look at the Universe Ring in his hand. The things inside were all good, worthy of being the powerhouse of the emperor state, and he was full of good things.

He robbed some of them last time, and this time there are so many more. It seems that you will have to pit more next time.

Shen Longxuan made up his mind and flew again. There was no obstacle this time, and he quickly approached the target.

Looking from a distance, the realm in front of me is actually fiery-red, exuding a strong flame aura, and I feel the heat even far away.

In Shen Longxuan’s eyes, this area is like a burning sun.

But his feeling is very obvious, the second fragment is in this realm, and the name of this realm also appeared in his mind: Vermilion Bird Saint Spirit Realm!

This is the realm guarded by the Four Great Saint Spirits Vermilion Bird One clan. If there is no guide from the fragments, Shen Longxuan really can’t find this realm.

Soon, he appeared in this foreign domain.

Huh! !

Shen Longxuan could hear a Fire Phoenix call. It was not a warning, but a surprise.

He has the four elephant holy wheels on his body, Four Great Holy Clan can clearly feel it, and has a sense of closeness to Shen Longxuan from the inside out.

The one who just tweeted was the original spirit of this realm. Shen Longxuan even saw a Vermilion Bird’s illusory shadow appearing outside the realm, exhaling a flame of welcome, just like setting off fireworks.

Shen Longxuan was no longer polite, and flew directly into the realm. After showing his breath, the powerhouse of the Vermilion Bird One clan hurried over.

Shen Longxuan is their benefactor, helping the Vermilion Bird One clan turn on the Holy Spirit bloodline, just as it is, it is enough for them to be grateful for a lifetime.

Because the Sacred Domain collapsed and destroyed, their Four Great Holy Clan couldn’t awaken the Bloodline Strength at all, but Shen Longxuan solved the problem of their Four Great Holy Clan alone. This is the great benefactor.

Shen Longxuan directly explained his intention, and the Vermilion Bird One clan immediately took the second fragment, but they looked at the fragments one by one, but their faces were bitter.

Shen Longxuan saw something was wrong, and immediately asked: “What happened? Where is your Old Ancestor?”

“An accident happened to Old Ancestor. In order to find this piece of debris, Old Ancestor sank into a Danger Land, and then was chased by the powerhouse of the heavens. At this moment, he is on the verge of a desperate situation, and I hope Master Shen will help!”

The powerhouse of the Vermilion Bird One family knelt down and asked sincerely.

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