Profound Dragon Warlord Chapter 3171


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Shen Longxuan asked carefully and finally learned what happened to the ancestor Vermilion Bird.

It turned out that after this second piece of fragment fell, it turned into a piece of Danger Land in the void of the world, where there are vertical and horizontal sword qis, and there is no doubt that you will die if you enter the Immortal Emperor realm.

Even if the top Immortal Emperor powerhouse enters it, it has to be cautiously.

The ancestor of Vermilion Bird came in with people and it was fine. After determining the location of the debris, the area suddenly broke out, and the Vermilion Bird One family instantly killed and injured a group of people.

The ancestor of Vermilion Bird just got the fragments, and there was a passage connecting the heavens in the place where the explosion occurred.

Then the ancestor of Vermilion Bird took the clansman and was trapped by the powerhouse of the heavens. The powerhouse of the heavens was good at using swords, like a fish back in water in that space.

Some even got a breakthrough because of the powerful sword qi, but the ancestor of Vermilion Bird was miserable. He had to defend against the attack of the sword qi and avoid the encirclement and suppression of the heavens, causing heavy casualties.

Fortunately, he sent someone to bring back the fragments and news. The other Three Old Ancestors of Four Great Holy Clan have gone to rescue, but so far, no good news has been sent back.

“Okay! Tell me the location. It is very likely that there is a trap designed by the heavens, but you don’t have to worry, take care of it, and I will bring them back safely.”

Shen Longxuan finished speaking, the Vermilion Bird One powerhouse told Shen Longxuan of the location of Danger Land.

He stopped delaying and set off without stopping.

At this moment, Shen Longxuan is already thinking about one thing, whether the fragments of the nine-color Divine Sword have been obtained by the heavens, and they have used these fragments to set up traps, waiting for the people of the world to find them.

They did not completely kill the people of the Vermilion Bird One clan, it is very likely that they are not the ones they were looking for, because they did not have Heavenly Fire.

However, the Vermilion Bird One clan is really good at controlling flames, so it will cause them to explode in advance.

However, after understanding the truth, the Vermilion Bird One clan was trapped again, the purpose is to lead oneself into the game.

Hi! !

Shen Longxuan knew that the remaining pieces were not so easy to handle.

Now that the fragment is in his hands, he can’t save it at all, but can he not?

The people of Four Great Holy Clan are the holy spirit clan guarding the entire ten thousand realms stable. Without them, the ten thousand realms are likely to collapse in the battle. When the time comes, let alone the reincarnation of the ten thousand realms, all the realms Life is likely to die.

So, Four Great Holy Clan can’t have an accident.

Shen Longxuan was anxious, but calm. He knew that the more at this time, the more he had to understand the enemy’s intentions so that he could come up with countermeasures.

Thinking did not delay Shen Longxuan’s speed, but because of the constant use of the source-level treasure in the recent period, his Yuan Ling grew rapidly, from the original three ten thousand zhang long to the current fifty thousand zhang.

Actually, Shen Longxuan has already asked clearly that the growth of Yuan Ling not only involves the promotion of Immortal Emperor realm, but also the development of future realm.

As long as the cultivator’s soul will fall on the Immortal Path after breaking through the Immortal Emperor, the Immortal Path at the moment is like an egg, and the soul is the unhatched creature in the egg.

As long as the creatures continue to grow, they will gradually absorb the Immortal Path.

At this time, it was the Peak Realm in the Immortal Emperor realm. The Yuan Ling bred and grew on the Immortal Path, and finally absorbed it and turned it into its own thing, achieving a replacement.

In this process, external forces can also play a role to accelerate the growth of the soul.

But once the shell is broken, it is when you are promoted from the Immortal Emperor realm to the Emperor Zun realm. This process is very difficult, because the shell is very thick. Someone can break it and become the Emperor Zun realm, and some people also break it for life Do not open, stop Immortal Emperor.

When Leng Third Young Lady broke through before, Shen Longxuan carefully questioned this change. Because the two were close, Leng Third Young Lady told him all the details.

This gave Shen Longxuan a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between Immortal Emperor Realm and Emperor Zun Realm.

So, later can I help the holy king and all the saints to break through this realm, what he does is just a kind of guidance, but this is enough.

Actually, in the eggshell of Immortal Path, all cultivators are very confused. The more you grow, the more you will be confused.

Because there is no direction in the eggshell and I don’t know where to start, so Shen Longxuan guided them to use point to break surface.

Others are normal, but how about Shen Longxuan himself?

Thinking about it, he feels terrifying. According to his guess, Yuan Ling is between ten thousand zhang and 100,000 zhang. At this stage, he is in the emperor state.

The Ten Thousand Worlds Troll was underestimated by Shen Longxuan at the time. He always thought that the Ten Thousand Worlds Troll was in the Demon God realm, which is the Immortal Emperor Peak of Human Race. In fact, that guy has reached the Emperor Zun realm.

In other words, the powerhouse body of the emperor realm can be transformed into a real body of about 100,000 zhang. It is extremely powerful and can destroy the realm and break the sky.

Even if it is larger, it will not be much larger. Some special races can pass through this limit, but the difference is not too big.

So, with a limit of 100,000 zhang, Shen Longxuan’s own soul has grown to fifty thousand zhang, that is to say, his strength should be between the intermediate and high-level emperor states.

But his realm is still in the high-level Immortal Emperor state. This makes him speechless, but no matter what, his current strength is already very strong.

The only shortcoming is that someone else’s soul is already a powerful individual, but his soul is still in the eggshell, which makes his power to be more or less limited.

But consider that the soul of the streamer is only 12,000 meters, and the soul of the Nether Ghost is a bit larger, only 15,000 meters, Shen Longxuan is balanced again.

If you gain, you lose! He is a different kind of situation in this situation. Maybe he has reached the Peak of Immortal Emperor Realm. Can he really sweep the powerhouse of the Supreme God Realm?

“I wonder if my purple magic pupil can see the size of their souls?”

He is suddenly whimsical. If he can, he will be more confident when facing the enemy. If he can’t, it doesn’t matter.

After all, the primordial spirit in the eggshell grows faster, as long as the nutrition is sufficient, it can grow quickly.

This is an absolute advantage over other cultivators.

Withdrawing his thoughts, Shen Longxuan continued on his way. He is now at least twice as fast as before.

It took only three days to find that piece of Danger Land.

Standing on the periphery at the moment, Shen Longxuan took a breath.

The Danger Land is distributed in a sputtering shape, just like the terrain formed after a meteor fell on the ground and exploded, but this terrain was completely preserved and solidified in the void.

This is the effect formed by the sword qi.

But now the fragments in it have been taken away, the sword qi here is chaotic, and even the space is cut into pieces by the chaotic sword qi.

It’s just that the sword qi is majestic, and the space fragments cut is also very large, which causes this area to become multiple spaces, a few are connected together, and most of them are scattered in this piece of sword qi. In the area.

Shen Longxuan carefully sensed through the Four Elephant Holy Wheel, he was surprised to find that the people of Four Great Holy Clan actually ran to the center.

He looked at this area and tried to touch the sword qi.

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