Profound Dragon Warlord Chapter 3172


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Crack zhi zhi!

The itchy cutting and friction sound rang on Shen Longxuan’s arm, and the sword qi cut on it actually cut a spark, but only a white mark was left on his arm.

“No problem!”

Shen Longxuan flew directly to the land of induction. This way, he flew through the large and small space with thousands of fragments.

There are still broken corpses in some spaces, and battles have obviously taken place.

However, to his comfort, most of the corpses are from the heavens.

But Four Great Holy Clan has fewer people, even if they die less, that would be a huge loss!

Shen Longxuan has a solemn face, uncomfortable and helpless in his heart, but for the reincarnation of the world to be opened, whether it is the Ten Great Family, the Twelve Celestial Clan, or the Four Great Holy Clan, sacrifices should be made. .

At this moment, even the powerhouse of ten thousand worlds is fighting, ten thousand within the realm, there is nothing to avoid this catastrophe.

Among them, very few even know what this World War is for, and most of them are just innocent involved in it until they die.

Shen Longxuan gritted his teeth, speeded up and flew in.

As he approached, he finally saw the battle ahead break out, but not at all as heavy as he imagined.

The people of Four Great Holy Clan are all there. They formed a four-elephant array. The four-color rays of light that burst out were turned into Four Great Saint Spirits, firmly guarding the camp and letting the enemies attacking them always Unable to succeed.

However, the offensive of the powerhouse of the heavens is also very violent. In the long run, the Four Great Holy Clan will inevitably fall, and it is only a matter of time before it is killed.

“Use a sword?”

The enemies of the heavens that Shen Longxuan saw were all using swords. At this moment, they were on the periphery, forging an array of swords.

To be honest, Shen Longxuan saw this sword array and didn’t think it was surprising, and even saw some of its shortcomings.

But in this environment full of sword qi, their unsurprising sword array actually aroused the surrounding sword qi, which increased the power of this sword array several times.

It can be said that this is borrowing the power of the entire Danger Land, so that they can firmly control the Four Great Holy Clan.

Shen Longxuan understood. He was still far away, so he stretched out a finger and shot a sword glow on it, and then suddenly touched the surrounding sword qi.

“Purple Demon Eye!”

He wants to see what is special about this sword qi, it can last for so long, and there is such a formidable power.


His sword glow was too strong, and it directly shattered the surrounding sword qi.

At this moment, what Shen Longxuan saw in his eyes was not at all in reality. When he saw one after another sword qi broken, a sword intent escaped.

This is artificial manipulation! !

Shen Longxuan suddenly woke up, the so-called sword qi here was manipulating, because the sword intent just now was alive and just ran away.

This is not the reason for his shock, but in that sword intent, he actually has a familiar feeling, which should have been seen somewhere long, long ago.

“This is…is…is Tianxuan Sword Art?”


A picture suddenly appeared in Shen Longxuan’s mind.

That was when he had not ascended to the immortal domain, his strength had reached the Peak of Chaos World and Foreign Domain world, and then he walked into a secondary immortal domain.

The subxian domain is also very big, just like a Small World. He saw a plaque in front of the Supreme Profound Palace and then comprehended the Sword Art.

With this set of Sword Art, after he soared to the fairyland, he was also strong in battle strength.

In the sword intent just now, there is the breath of the old man from Supreme Profound Palace. The old man once asked him to find the Taoist of the Universe after he arrived in the fairyland, but Shen Longxuan almost wiped out the Universe afterwards. Saw this person.

Now that he senses this familiar breath, Shen Longxuan feels that the old man was probably not simple.

Who is he?

I have been to Xianyu three times, but I can still go back…No! After arriving in the fairyland, there is no way to go back to Small World. If you want to go back, it can only be the Avatar, and it is the Avatar of the sealed power.

Then this old man’s deity is probably a person in the fairyland, or a person in the Profound Yellow World.

This person can control his every move, why is he here now?

“hahaha……Shen Longxuan, long time no see!”

Shen Longxuan thought, a hearty laugh came into his ears.

Immediately after one silhouette appeared from the sword qi, it solidified in front of Shen Longxuan in an instant, and turned out to be the old man in the subxian domain.

“Fellow Daoist, I trust you have been well since we last met!”

The old man slightly smiled, and Shen Longxuan, who didn’t care about surprise, continued: “My real name is Sword Ancestor. What you see in Small World is just my incarnation.

It was a kind thought, so what he told you was good. Even the Taoist Heaven and Earth in his mouth was my incarnation, but I took it back after I felt it.

Because I need all kinds of news within the realm to determine where the source of the beginning is hidden, so my incarnation is all over the realm.

For so many years, some people have been asking you to challenge you, and even some people are asking you for trouble without any reason. In fact, most of them are my incarnation.

Because you have risen so fast, you must have a close relationship with the ten thousand worlds, or that the beginning of the day was deliberately nurturing you, so I want to observe you closely, and also clearly know your changes.

This time, I shouldn’t show up, but the power you showed just now is very strong. I was afraid that the trash could not stop you, so I came out. “

Shen Longxuan was really surprised. Faces appeared on the head of the old man in front of him. There were thousands of men and women, all of which were transformed by the sword Ancestral God before him.

This is too terrifying!

If he hadn’t had a plan for himself, I’m afraid he wouldn’t know how he died.

He reveals this now, I am afraid he is already confident.

“Sword Ancestor, do you want to get the source of the primordial beginning, has anything to do with me? Can you use such a big battle to lead me here?” Shen Longxuan asked.

Sword Ancestor coldly smiled and said: “My strength is also limited, especially when you were recently in the void within the realm, which is not under my control.

Moreover, your strength is so much stronger all of a sudden, now without any means, I’m afraid you will get out of control.

Don’t question what I said, my sword intent Spirit Transformation is tens of millions, and the divine sense is billions. Maybe there is me by your side, but as long as you are obedient, I won’t hurt anyone. “

Sword Ancestor said that, Shen Longxuan’s face has changed. This threat is simply too great, and he will never allow this to happen.

“Whatever divine sense you do, it blows up your deity, and divine sense is dead.”

Shen Longxuan roared and punched out.

Now he can integrate the Supreme Critical Strike into his simple attack. Therefore, under this fist, he immediately exploded with a lot of power and went straight to the Sword Ancestor.

“Okay! I respect your choice. If you want to fight, then fight! I also want to see, what is the difference between your body?”

Sword Ancestor finished speaking, but just pointed and met Shen Longxuan’s fist.

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