Rebirth – City Cultivation 557

Chapter 557 all the way massacre (first more)

Blood Demon Damon started with mobilization of relatively low-level militants and mercenary. Just give them USD and arms, and the militants who are entrenched in Central Asia and Middle East will rush to their opponents.

But with Chen Fan defeating a wave of armed groups.

Many big armed influence leaders didn’t feel right. Chen Fan is like a bulldozer like, rushing straight from the Kyrgyz State, killing the territory of Uzbekistan, crossing three Country, thousands of kilometers of land, large and small in the middle, annihilating a group of 13 militants.

The fewest have hundreds of people, and the most are nearly a thousand!

In the half-day Time, there are at least two or three thousand people killed and injured in the hands of Chen Fan. These Central Asia’s armed influences are stupid, and they know that they have met hard bones and have shrunk.

Damon couldn’t help but mobilize the international mercenary organization.

Uzbekistan, near the city of Carl, in a valley.

“Boss, our goal this time, is said to be a person?”

A white man robust man with three pythons on his arm, holding a Barrett in his shoulder and holding a cigar in his mouth. Next to him, there are dozens of heavily armed fighters, large and small, who are checking weapons.

Viper Mercenary Group.

On the international mercenary list, ranked 167, belonging to the small and medium-sized Mercenary Group. Active in Central Asia and the Afghan zone, mainly to accept small-scale combat missions, rescue missions and so on.

But their equipment is not bad, the US Armed Forces standard equipment.

Hummers, Armored vehicles, heavy machine guns, Rocket Launchers, and shoulder-shoulder missiles are all available.

“The news from the employer, let us block the target for half an hour, the mission completes the bonus 1000 million USD.” Mercenary Group Head, Reynolds said.

There was a knife wound on his face, which was very embarrassing, so he was called Dao Ba Renault.

“Mom, 1000 million USD, Laozi killed and killed in Afghanistan, United States gave 5 Million. Fight, even if the other is Martial Dao Grandmaster or Battlemaster, we have not played.”

Robust man a slaps his thigh.

Everyone around him hehe smiled.

They are born and died, not for a lucrative profit. In this area, 10 Million USD is even enough to mobilize a regiment’s army. Although the Mercenary Group is small, it has been through the battlefield, in combat, and even several times against the Grandmaster-class Powerhouse, they have the slightest fear.


In the distance, suddenly there was a violent explosion.

“It is the land array of the old four arrange, the target ready to enter the minefield.” Renault’s face condensed.

Others quickly set up their weapons and set up their formations, glare like a tiger watching his prey.

“Mother’s, the fourth is the United States Navy’s retired Lei Lei expert, his array of thunder, is China’s Dragon Ivory, can not find, I think there is that guy.”

White robber man laughed heartily.

It is Top Grade Transcendent, Battlemaster, which was hit by a mine. If you accidentally, you will be injured or even die.

But his voice has not yet fallen, and then.

“Boom, Boom, Boom…”

A series of explosions, like firecrackers, came one after another, and from far and near, quickly spread to the people. The first explosion was still outside, but the recent explosion, the sooner is coming to everyone’s eyes.

“How can it be?”

Everyone is discolored at the same time.

The Mercenary Group, on the way to Chen Fan’s, has dozens of mines that stretch from one to the other. It is the top-level mine-detecting master. When you encounter such a thunder, you have to be careful and cautious. It will take at least a few hours to unravel.

However, Chen Fan seems to be like a bulldozer Crushing, and it doesn’t stop.

“It is a Merkava main battle tank, which has been blown up by dozens of mines. It should also be reported to crippled. There is a big might anti-tank mine.”

The white robot man is incredulous.


The last explosion sounded.

In the eyes of everyone unfathomable, an Azure Light figure rushed out of the fire. The violent explosion, the shrapnel in the sky, the hot heat, hit the figure, did not shake his Azure Light. He is black and black, and he is wearing a Black Clothes.

“this is…”

Renault’s eyes looked like he was there.


At this moment, a sharp whistling sound came from him. It turned out that the white robot man had shot. Barrett as a heavy-range long-range weapon, might strong enough to penetrate the steel plate of Armored vehicles.

Then everyone exclaimed.

Renault also slammed his eyes wide.

I saw the Azure Light figure, and even found a hand, stretched out two fingers, and clipped the long Barrett bullet between the two fingers, like a cigarette.

“my Lord!”

The white robot man couldn’t help but look up and the cigar slipped from his mouth, but he didn’t notice it.

These are the men’s armored armor, the Martial Dao Grandmaster or Battlemaster who can’t unhindered the battlefield, and don’t dare to use the Mortal Body Hard Shoulder Barrett? After all, Barrett’s might is far better than the common rifle, which is not inferior to the machine gun. The man could actually hold it with two fingers. What is the realm? Transformation Realm above?

“No, he is…”

What Renault thought of suddenly, the pupils shrank, they must be loudly warned.

“Is you guys, blocking me?”

I saw that the blue figure looked up slightly, the figure swayed, and suddenly crossed the distance of a hundred meters, appeared in front of everyone, accompanied by a sly cyan blade light.

“bang bang bang.”

The Mercenary Group of the snakes, have not had time to raise their guns to meet the enemy.

This cyan blade light traverses a hundred meters of Void, and the volley is like a pull out of a cyan fan. All the objects within this plane, including many Mercenary Groups, weapons, machine guns, hummers and even Armored vehicles, were smashed into two pieces.

“He is Chen Beixuan…”

Renault trembled and said.

But the evening is late, the entire Viper Mercenary Group, dozens of people, all of them are two by Chen Fan a blade. Even if they are a few, they are also proficient in Martial Dao, fighting expert, but how can they block Chen Fan a blade?

After Chen Fan hits the take action, he shakes the figure and continues to shoot at a distance.

As for the dead people, he did not look at it.

The Mercenary Group was just the beginning. Since Chen Fan entered the Uzbek country, waves of small and medium-sized Mercenary Group received bounty and began trying to block Chen Fan.

The combat literacy of these Mercenary Groups is far stronger than the militants.

Landmines, bomb trucks, Rocket artillery cover, gas bombs…and even some guys, got the Anti-Materiel Rifle, with a special armor-piercing projectile, which is a Super weapon that can shoot the tank with one shot.

If Chen Fan didn’t pay attention, he shot a shot, and his body’s body, True Essence, could be directly penetrated and a white spot on his chest. If might is several times larger, it can even threaten Chen Fan’s life.


Chen Fan, who is angry and angry, directly reads Trigram Fiery Golden Pupil.

Put that guy, even his Mercenary Group, in the hundreds of people, directly baked into a blue smoke.

These Mercenary Groups are very cunning, tactical and versatile, and killing and killing, seriously hindering Chen Fan’s journey. His speed has dropped dramatically since entering the Uzbek state.

However, Chen Fan defeated a large 500-person Mercenary Group in front of the Turkmenistan country.

He suddenly opened up in front of him.

No one is going to stop Chen Fan anymore.

Chen Fan naturally didn’t know that he was continually killing, already in Central Asia, Middle East Middle East, and International Dark World.

“Damn, what are the tasks released by the Western organizations? Why are several of my Mercenary Groups disappearing quickly, and no news is coming back?”

“Mys too, the three serpents, the teeth, the tiger, the Mercenary Group, which I was responsible for, have not been contacted.”

“Not good, according to the frontline news, the Red Shield Mercenary Group, the whole army is gone!”


As soon as the news came, the entire international Mercenary community was boiling.

Red Shield is one of the top ten Mercenary Groups in the world. Although it is not as good as Destroyer God Mercenary Group and Crimson Wing, it is also famous. There are 500 members, all of whom are warriors, including several A Levels, and combat expert.

Be aware that the A Level is super, and the ready is equivalent to the Internal Strength Peak.

The five hundred people united and even Encircling to Kill Grandmaster, even if the Dark List Powerhouse saw it, they had to retreat three points.

“Who is it? Can you destroy Red Shield so quickly. Don’t tell me is China’s Dragon Ivory, or Russia’s Blood Wolf Guard?”

Everyone is puzzling.

The task publisher only said that the target number is relatively small, but did not point out the true identity of the target, they can only rely on guessing.

“The latest news, the three largest Dark Organizations in the West, has raised the bounty to 1 Billion USD. Any one of the Powerhouses or organizations that receive it, each billion, is not capped, kills the target, rewards 10 Billion!”

When this news came.

The entire Underground World was sensational.

1 Billion USD , already allows several Top Grade killers to be organized to kill the Grandmaster. And every billion people, even the big handwriting, is the Encircling to Kill Dark List Powerhouse, even Odin, Adam is enough.

“My Heavens, they don’t tell me want to kill Azure Dragon, Ye Nantian not?”

People who understand the insider, all dumbstruck.

“In the case of the influence of the three major organizations in the West, it is still spending money to ask people to take action. This is obviously the opponent’s too powerful, let us die. The opponent may be God Realm, never go.”

There are wise men who shake their heads again and again.

But more immediate was 1 Billion USD, stunned, screaming, flying to Turkmenistan.

For a while, Turkmenistan Domestic, Powerhouse gathered, and the influence was like rain. Countless large organizations, top Powerhouses, blocked in front of Chen Fan, glare like a tiger watching his prey waiting for the target. They are all gearing up and want to get this 1 Billion USD.

At this time, Chen Fan is traveling across the Turkmenistan country.

He was killed all the way, and he was a little tired, just taking a break.

“Through the Turkmenistan country, the Caspian Sea is in front of you. After crossing the Caspian Sea, it is not far from Europe.”

Chen Fan’s eyes shine, looking to the West, in the eyes of the Killing Intent.

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