Rebirth – City Cultivation 574

Chapter 574 begins the battle (ninth)

“This is Northern Jade Faction? It’s hard to beat.”

The terrifying lord’s eyes swept over Chen Fan behind him, sneered, and the scarlet Double Pupil, full of disdain.

Today’s Northern Jade Faction is in full swing, and it is almost impossible to compete with Kunlun. It can be placed in the eyes of the Dark Arbitration Division with a period of several hundred years, like clay chickens and pottery dogs.

“Chen Beixuan, you can appeal against the resolution, the five big arbitrators, will be fair and just, judge against you.” Death left hand indifferently said.

“Hey, what appeals to protest, everything is not said by your mouth!” A’Xiu held a small fist and said with anger.

“On a few of you, I want to sentence the Master to death, and then cultivation a 1000 years.”

Yukiyo Suna has a white sword and sneer.


Many arbitrators are ulteriorously angry.

“How many years have been experienced, no one dares to hit our arbitration department like this.”

Blood Knight Claude said with a sneer.

“The last one who refused to accept the verdict was Vulture High Priest of South America. He was twisted by my head. The entire tribe was swept by the Arbitration Department and there was not enough for hundreds of thousands of people to kill.”

The undead War God Barro said.

The outstanding status of the Dark Arbitration Department was created with countless blood, and those who dared to rebel against the Arbitration Department were all wiped out, and even their tribes, relatives, and families were leveled.

Even after more than a hundred years of separation, there are still many terrifying Legends handed down.

“Several half-blooded mice that’s all.” Chen Fan has no joy or sadness in his face, and his eyes are indifferent:

“Just with a few of you, plus a bunch of mixed blood hybrids, still not enough, call your Master.”

“Master has slept on 100 years and will not be born easily. Chen Beixuan, you killed the Master’s favorite son, we will slash down your head and give your blood to the Master. The blood of an Earth Immortal Body I want to let the Master have a good meal and calm the anger.”

The blood knight sticks out his tongue, licks his bright red lips, looks at Chen Fan, and shines with the evil rays of light.

In the eyes of the ordinary person, Chen Fan is just a personal class. But in the eyes of Blood Clan and other bloody Blood Clan, Chen Fan’s Earth Immortal Body, exudes ten miles of fragrance. His blood is full of sly Spiritual Qi, a mobile oversized Ginseng.

Blood Clan feeds on blood.

The blood of Immortal Cultivator is High Grade. And the blood of Earth Immortal is even higher Grade!

“Kill them!”

The black duke directly said.

With his order.

Many of the abbots wearing silver masks and black robes of clothes suddenly took a phantom and rushed toward Chen Fan. Each of these arbitrators has the speed and power of the Battlemaster, especially the Double Pupil, which is red and bloody, with sharp fangs in the mouth, apparently also a descendant of Blood Clan.


Yukiyo Suna kuāng dāng pulled out the Ancient Sword and spoke softly.

Many Daoists, suddenly in groups of three, one by one array Array. In the Merit Law that Chen Fan taught, not only the cultivation method, but also the battlefield. Immortal Cultivation World’s battle method is far more brilliant than Li Changsheng’s ‘Killian Array’.

Array 10%, suddenly Magic Force rushed, and even ignited the power between Heaven and Earth, numerous water dragons, ice swords, rain screens danced between Heaven and Earth.

Zhenwu seven kills!

True Martial Immortal Sect most basic battle array, made up of seven people, after the formation, you can see God Realm!

More than 20 Daoist have a total of three Arrays, each of which kills a murderous aura, Internal Qi is grand, and even the five big arbitrators are miniaturized. So the seven Daoists teamed up, even enough to compete against God Realm, and the real Wu Qiu squad, is known as the more order to kill the enemy.

A’Xiu, Yu Wenjing, and Zhou Jingyi each led a seven-killer. Like three meat grinders, they rushed into the group of arbitrators, and suddenly took a broken limb, until the three God Realm arbiters took action, they barely resisted.

Yukiyo Suna of cultivate base strongest, with Tong Shan two people, stood behind Chen Fan and faced five big arbitrators.


Blood Knight indifferently said.

“It’s just a little that’s all, our subordinates, but all of the descendants of the Flood Clan of the company, have far more fighting power than the Grandmaster, and the number is large, they only have twenty, can’t support for too long. But the big man next to Chen Beixuan, It seems to be Violent Refining God Realm, which is difficult to solve.”

Terrifying Earl Pico frowns.

“I am going to pack him up.”

The undead War God said, and they came out. His figure is among the top five arbitrators, the tallest, the figure is long, with a mask, and his eyes are red. Barr said that the batting department of the Arbitration Department would never want to say more, only relying on fists to calm the world.

“Tong Shan!”

Tong Shan also called.

He is three meters tall and tall, like a little giant. Tong Shan stepped on the ground and brought the vibration of Boom, just like a tank. Tong Shan is all over the body, a bronze color, muscle steel knots, roots like iron water, like the Terminator is alive.


The two people did not have a trace of nonsense, almost always, and suddenly turned into two shadows, as if they were hit by a heavy chariot, making a thunderous roar.

Although Barr, like Tong Shan figure, is small,

But his power is extremely terrifying, and he is so hard to take advantage of Tong Shan, step by step.

“dōng dōng dōng.”

The two people collided three times in a row and were equally divided.

You know, Tong Shan has cultivated Tiger Demon since the Tiger Demon Body Refining Small accomplishment. The powerful Mortal Body surpasses the like Violent Refining God Realm, almost second only to Chen Fan. Didn’t expect Barr is better than Tong Shan.

“Come back!”

Bal Yang laughed wildly and his hair was long.

His all-in-one clothes burst open, revealing a sly body inside. Bar figure is extremely thin, there is basically no muscle in the body, the root ribs are exposed, the fingers are thin, like a white bone, just like a warrior.

Although Barr has no muscles on his body, his Root Bone head is ten times harder than steel. The strength of the skeleton is added and terrifying to the extreme. I saw the spine of Barr, and the figure instantly broke the sound barrier and punched Tong Shan.


Tong Shan also burst into a roar, like a tiger.

The substantial sound waves are transmitted from his mouth, and the surrounding air is shattered into water mist. A huge tiger head, Phantom, appears behind Tong Shan. As soon as this Phantom appeared, Tong Shan’s strength exploded, his claws were like sharp edges, tearing the sky and slamming into Barr.

“Boom. Boom.”

The two people are like the Antiquity behemoths, and they all have infinite might, and they fight to the outside of the manor. Anyone involved in their battles, whether it is a horse-roof, a villa, a fence, or even a careless arbiter, was torn apart by the Qi Strength of the two people.

Until Tong Shan and Bar are gone.

Only Chen Fan and the others were left.

“It’s us.”

The terrifying count looked at Chen Fan Road.

Several other people were sneer and no one could escape from the arbitrators.

Blood Clan, four semi-blood, wants to be the four perfect Human Immortal, which is almost the most terrifying power on Earth. Faced with them, Yukiyo Suna also suffocated. The sly Killing Intent echoed among the people, and even the rain curtains of the sky were torn apart.

“You go to protect A’Xiu them and see me kneel down their heads.”

Chen Fan waved and shot Sword Raising Gourd.

A golden sword glow, shot from the gourd, like lightning, the sky.

The war began.

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