Rebirth Junior High School: The Excelling Top Student Goddess Chapter 2279

Just east of the tree.

Where Yun Hua stood just now!

A concrete fence was dug to protect the ancient trees. Below, about two meters deep, was a bone bone wrapped densely packed by numerous tree roots!

In fact, the police excavated around the roots of the tree. Although it can be inferred that if there is a body, it must be buried in the surroundings, but the direction is really uncertain. It can only be excavated together at all locations.

When it was finally dug, a round tunnel was actually dug around the saponaria tree.

The bones are on the east side.

The slightly yellowed white bone was entangled with densely packed tree roots. It was almost cocoon-like.

Look around …

In this circle dug out, there are the most roots in this position. It seems that many, many roots are attracted by this skeleton, and the roots are wrapped around the white bone intricately.

In fact, this situation is well understood.

The crown of the big tree will move towards the sun, and the leaves on the sun side tend to be more dense.

The root of the tree is not affected by sunlight, but it is affected by water and nutrients.

Originally, the water around this ancient tree was similar, so the branches of the tree roots in all directions should be similar, but in Dongfang, there was an extra skeleton … Oh no, when she was first buried, it was a A corpse is a nourishment for the big tree …

Therefore, countless roots moved towards this group of nourishment stretched over, wrapped with nourishment, extracted nourishment, squeezed nourishment …

Seeing this scene, the people present could not help fighting a cold war!

The corpse sucked up by the big tree … it’s …

Yun Hua closed his eyes when he saw this scene.

She pushed Bo Siqing away from the scene and came to the emergency light. She whispered, “Bo Siqing, when I was just under the tree, a picture appeared in my mind … exactly the same as what we see now . “

Bo Siqing’s breathing was frozen for a moment, and he was back to normal when no one noticed: “That’s why I said, you are a natural hunter!”

“Is this … not dreadful?” Yun Hua asked hesitantly.

Bo Siqing laughed, “This is your innate talent. Gifts can be used to describe people’s innate talent in English. Gift represents a gift. I think it is appropriate. This is a gift from heaven! Ling Nan dreamed of it but never even thought about it. A daring gift! “

At first Yun Hua was still a little uncomfortable. You can hear Bo Siqing did not forget to tease Ling Nan, and she couldn’t help laughing.

gift, gift, innate talent, gift from heaven and innate talent too!

Thinking about it, it seems to really make her a lot easier!

“A lot of people have all kinds of innate talent, some use innate talent for good, some use innate talent for evil, innate talent itself is not at all good or evil, there are good and evil, but only the human heart.”

Bo Siqing said slowly, “Draw, keep in mind, take control of your innate talent, use your innate talent, and enjoy your innate talent. Also, since God gave you a hunter’s innate talent, then Don’t disappoint this innate talent, keep in mind that there are many people waiting for you to save! Be an excellent hunter! “

Yun Hua was gently nodded, relaxed, and seemed to let go of the burden!

“Continue looking for tomorrow?” Bo Siqing’s voice smiled.

“Okay!” Yun Hua was also eager to try, “I will definitely find all the victims so that they can be buried and at rest!”

“Well. If they have a soul, they will thank you!”

Chapter 370 Strange Things

That night, Yun Hua thought she might not be able to sleep, but in fact she slept heavily and never dreamed.

Woke up early Sunday and the whole person was refreshed.

She stood at the window and sprayed water on the green dill with a watering can. The sun came in, dry and warm.

Ling Nan came early in the morning.

“Painting, the director said, if you can find three more … Oh no, the remains of the five victims, I will get you a police special counselor’s card!” Ling Nan said in a low voice.

“Is it three or five?” Yun Hua glanced at Ling Nan.

“Ah, why bother with the numbers, right? Anyway, you can find them anyway, so that this case can be quickly understood, right, consultant Cloud?” Ling Nan said with a tight voice.

Yun Hua bit his lip and was a little worried: “How could the director … promise me to be your consultant?”

“Is there anything I can’t agree with? Bo Erqi said casually, the director didn’t ask much, what should I give … cough cough, in fact, you are outstanding, we did not find the victim’s remains, no matter how much manpower and resources we spent. You can find it at a glance. What awesome! “

Yun Hua face full of black lines, “You say I’m the same as the goddess.”

“Isn’t it?” Ling Nan sneered.

“But … doesn’t the Secretary find it strange?”

“I still feel weird. How do you say you can find the victim so accurately? I almost thought you opened Heavenly Eye! But … the director didn’t think it strange, even said so In the end, I finally saw talented people like you again! “

“People like us?”

“Yeah!” Ling Nan said in a very mysterious tone. “The chief is about to retire soon. He is a well-known old policeman. The chief said that he was fortunate to have met a capable man when he was young. It ’s called God at the age of one. You can tell at a glance what sin this person committed! At first no one believed him. When he was mental disorder, then he pointed to the chef of the canteen at the police station and said that The chef is a murderer, with 26 lives on hand … It was later confirmed that the chef was really committing crimes in eight provinces, and there were more than 20 lives wanted on his hands! “

“…” Yun Hua faced an aggressive look.

“It’s not just that. In the early 1980s, there was a case that caused a sensation in the whole nation. It is now called the ‘Dalian Central Extermination Gate Massacre in the 1980s’. The murderer started a massacre in a northwestern province. It lasted a year and a half. Three provinces, north and south, created a total of 6 massacres. Men, women, children, and young people died and injured more than 40! At that time, consultation was underdeveloped, and there was no such thing as a photo network. It was difficult to catch criminals! Police in all provinces were nervous, but nothing good idea.”

Ling Nan said, “Do you know how to catch that person in the end? Still the capable person! But the capable person was not in our province at the time, but arrived in the nearby province A. It happens that we are old now. The director also went to Province A on a business trip and witnessed the process of the able man catching the wanted criminal! “

“So god?” Yun Hua was incredible.

Ling Nan lowered his voice again: “The director said that no one believed the capable person at first, and no one even wanted to verify the identity of the murderer he identified! After all, it was difficult to check the identity of a person at that time! But do you know what the capable person showed before we let our grassroots leaders obediently check the identity of the suspect? “


“Special consultant certificate of the Ministry of Public Security! That capable person held the consultant certificate of the Ministry of Public Security in his hands at that time! It is true, not fake!”

Chapter 371 Imaginative Hidden Site

Yun Hua was stunned.

Ling Nan pats her shoulder, “You are still young, and you have a long time to see it! The director said, there are so many people in this world, not everything can be explained clearly, it doesn’t matter, it can keep one party safe Is the most important thing! “

“How’s it, open-minded?” Ling Nan said.

Yun Hua couldn’t help being nodded.

Yeah, very open-minded.

“That capable man …”

“I know you’re interested in this, but the director said that the capable person’s file has a very high level of confidentiality. It should still be sealed now, but not everyone can see it. After all, how do you say this scientific explanation? Qing thing … someone is superstitious! “

In fact, this is also normal. There are indeed many things in the world that cannot be explained by science, or that science cannot explain today.

For example, does human power really exist?

In fact, the existence of powers has been proven internationally, such as the ability to move objects and change the shape of objects temporarily with thoughts; for example, some people have magnetic fields all over their bodies; others are completely afraid of high-voltage electric shocks, etc. A series of bizarre things!

These are all unexplained by science, but they are real.

For example, the Feng Shui doctrine of China, Zhou Yi, and even the demon and spirit do exist, but in order not to fool those who are fooled and deceived, they are all included in the category of feudal superstition. .

Yun Hua’s ability sounds weird, but in fact it is open, compared with those strange things, it is nothing.

“Hey, Mr. Yun, the director asked me to make it clear to you, that the consultant card will only allow you to enter the scene, there is no other use, and the bureau does not have such a position for you …”

“I see.” Yun Hua was speechless. What was she doing?

However, with such an event, Yun Hua finally accepted his “super power” with complete peace of mind!


Yun Hua really had to admire Ouyang Mu’s imagination.

None of the dozen victims’ corpses were the same, and each one was quite imaginative!

One of the play actors was put by Ouyang Mu in a column beside the theater stage; there is a person, a blind girl, was buried in the rose garden …

As more and more victims’ remains were found, the DNA comparison results of the victims found at the beginning also came out. Bai He, Zheng Zhu, Lin Lin … their identities and remains all matched, and their families were notified. Come and claim …

The remaining remains are still being cleaned up and compared.

Yun Hua’s excitement from the beginning, but later the whole person was completely exhausted.

That skeleton is a living life of each and everyone!

Bo Siqing said that because of her, they would be able to retrieve their names, reunite with their families, and be buried and at rest in their thoughts and sorrows, and get rest!


But Yun Hua thought it was too late.

They have become bones, is it important to find their identity and name? But that’s all for the living, for them, they know nothing at all.

It’s too late!

If she could find them before they were killed …

Then they can walk out of the abyss of darkness and despair, and reunite with their families with smiles and tears, which makes more sense, doesn’t it?

Bo Siqing squeezed her finger and said softly, “Don’t think it’s too late. It’s never too late to catch criminals, because you never know when they are committing crimes, but when you catch them, they can’t Continue to sin. You can’t save your former victims, but you have saved countless potential victims! That’s enough. “

Chapter 372 End and Begin

11 at the end of the month.

The remains of all the victims of Ouyang Mu have all been found and are still being compared for evidence.

Ouyang Mu was finally discharged and was transferred to a very tight detention center to enjoy the highest level of care.

Bo Siqing can finally get rid of the wheelchair, but he still needs to abduct. At the same time, the doctor has explained that he should not exercise violently!

Yun Hua’s hand was completely healed, but those pale pink scars were not eliminated in a while!

The novel has been renewed.

On the first day of renewal, the book review area was almost a sensation.

With countless comments, recommendations, and rewards, fans are like a grand event …

The second volume of the manuscript has been basically completed, and it was handed over to the Publishing House for proofreading. In addition, the first volume of 12 was reprinted. She would sign another 12 book, and the book had already been mailed.

In fact, these are not anxious, and it will not take her much time. What really makes Yun Hua anxious is the winter swimming championship that is almost in sight!

First, this year’s Winter Swimming Championships is a threshold that determines whether she can participate in the Spring Swimming Championships next year, the whole nation Swimming Championships, and the City Games. These follow-up games determine whether she can get tickets to the 08 Olympics …

Secondly, she bet with Fan Zitong on the number of medals she won at the Winter Swimming Championships. Now it seems that she is afraid to lose.

But even if she knew she was going to lose, she would not abandon the game. After all, she still needed to get tickets to participate in those games next year based on the results of this game!

In these days of injury, Yun Hua has not completely given up exercising, so she ca n’t exercise in water. She does strength training for her limbs, but it ’s not as easy as water.

Today she is finally going to launch training. Without so many days, every cell in her body is eager to try.

At the end of 11, the weather was already very cold, and the swimming pool on the villa side had a constant temperature system. After the transformation, it was more perfect.

After Yun Hua fully warmed up, put on a bathing suit and dive into the water.

“Be careful of the cold, try the water temperature,” Bo Siqing on the sofa not far away said.

Yun Hua’s face was slightly warm. She was wearing a bathing suit, and although she was wearing a towel, she always felt …

Well, it is probably not an illusion. Since the holiday, some places where she originally had a flat place have started to develop. Her chest has a small lump and it feels a little painful to the touch.

In fact, her development has already lagged behind her peers. The girls in the same class basically no longer wear small vests, but only underwear. Only she usually wears small vests with pads.

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