Rebirth Junior High School: The Excelling Top Student Goddess Chapter 2281

Ling Nan looked at Zhou Shengbei Qian silently: “Are you replacing Ouyang Mu?”

Zhou Shengbei Qian shrugged, “I’m just a minor in psychology.”

“…” Ling Nan was helpless, “Anyway, this kind of metamorphosis, we normal people can’t communicate.”

Zhou Shengbei Qian smiled, “It doesn’t matter if you tell me this, but you want the second brother to hear …”

“Okay, I’m scared, right?” Ling Nan hurriedly begged for mercy.

Hesitating for a moment, Ling Nan said, “I remember Zheng Zhu’s file, she had congenital heart disease, was frail and sick since she was a child, and was often isolated by her classmates when she was at school, because one of the classmates quarreled with her. She was fainted, and then no classmates dare to ignore her. She dropped out of high school after finishing high school, and her family did not dare to let her go to work … “

Zhou Shengbei Qian squinted his eyes, “So her biggest wish should be the desire for health.”

“Health … shouldn’t she be taken to the hospital?” Ling Nan was speechless.

Zhou Sheng Beiqian didn’t say anything, but his eyes looked towards Yun Hua.


Yun Hua sat on the bench for a while, then slowly looked up towards the distance.

She stared aimlessly.

A few minutes later, her eyes suddenly fell into one place.

She stood up and walked forward, walking out of the flat path, stepping on the soft grass, and there were many children playing around …

“pèng! ”

A child was playing football and accidentally hit Yun Hua’s feet.

“Elder sister, sorry!” The little boy quickly apologized.

The boy’s mother hurried over to apologize.

Yun Hua didn’t seem to hear anything, and went straight ahead. The little boy and mother both looked at each other in dismay.

“Mother, what happened to that elder sister?” The boy couldn’t help asking.

Bo Siqing controlled the wheelchair and followed, and whispered to the little boy, “The grass here is uneven, and it is easy to hurt ankle. It is better to play at Dongmen.

The little boy quickly looked towards mother, “Is the big brother right? Big brother, did your foot hurt because of kicking, so you are in a wheelchair.”


“Mother, I don’t, let’s go to Dongmen to kick …”

The little boy and mother walked away, and Bo Siqing’s eyes fell on Yun Hua again.

At this point, Yun Hua had gone deep into the grass.

There is a tree there. In order to protect the trees, a square concrete fence is built around the tree. It looks half a meter high and can also be used as a chair. It is very Chinese-style protection.

This is a very large saponin tree. The trunk is about as thick as two people embracing each other, and the old black saponin which has fallen down is scattered around the ground.

At this time, several parents who watched the child were sitting on the concrete fence of the soaphorn tree and chatting, and the children were playing in the surrounding grass.

Yun Hua came over and stood under the saponaria tree, looking up at the saponaria tree whose leaves had turned yellow and began to fall off, her face had no expression.

After a few minutes, she lowered her head and looked towards the trunk of the saponaria tree and a part of the bare roots, such as the thick arms of a baby’s arm.

For a moment, she reached out and covered her face.


“On the contrary, hospitals never mean health. Except for staff and family members, why would healthy people go to the hospital? Those who go to the hospital are all sick and unhealthy! As a patient who has been sick since childhood, Zheng Zhu must go I’ve been to the hospital countless times, and she probably hates it most! “

Zhou Shengbei said slowly, “And in my understanding, health means vitality. In this park, what is the most vigorous?”

Chapter 367 Bone Under The Tree Root

A nameplate stands on the concrete fence of the saponine tree.

Saponaria, also known as acacia tree, has a flowering period of 3-5 months and a fruit period of 5-10 months. It is planted in the North and South Streets of China, and the tree age can reach thousands of years …

According to the growth of this saponaria tree, it is said that it has hundreds of years of age. In Jiangxi apartment Anon, this tree is called a thousand-year-old tree, and it still has a certain reputation.

Ling Nan glanced at Yun Hua, who was standing in front of the saponaria tree, and turned his head towards Zhou Shengbei Qian who was facing the tone barely fell. He stuttered. Tree it! “

Zhou Shengbeiqian looked towards Yun Hua’s direction. The huge saponaria tree was too conspicuous.

He laughed, “What could be more vitality than a thousand-year-old tree? This tree looks very healthy. In spring and summer, it must be lush and green … nothing could be better than it Symbolizes vitality! “

Ling Nan twitched mouth corner.

He glanced at Zhou Shengbei Qian with an extremely horrifying look, and quickly ran towards the ancient tree and ran to Yun Hua under the tree.

“Ah, draw, do you see anything?” Ling Nan asked.

Yun Hua lowered her head, put her fingers in her mouth, and bit her nails unconsciously. At this moment, her mood was really mixed feelings.

She can really feel it!

That … feeling.

Bo Siqing suddenly held her hand, “It’s a bit cold, take me to a place where there is sunshine, just leave them here.”

Yun Hua glanced at him for a moment, randomly nodded, pushing him out of the shaded area, and the sun re-sprayed on him, warm and shivering.

Ling Nan is calling someone to come over. It is not fun to dig people from the root of the tree, but also to coordinate the park and the Forestry Bureau. This tree is a thousand-year-old tree. What can I do if the root system is destroyed?

He Ye is also busy negotiating with people in the park.

Zhou Shengbei Qian stood in place, watching Yun Hua pushing Bo Siqing away, he looked down slightly, and all emotions were absorbed.

Yun Hua pushed Bo Siqing back to the bench next to the side of the road. She sat on the bench and looked towards Bo Siqing.

Bo Siqing smiled softly and reached out to help her pinch her forehead hair behind her ears: “You are their redemption.”

Yun Hua pursed his lips without snoring.

“Without you, she would always be buried in the roots of the tree, and let the big tree draw nutrients from her body, and let the roots hold her bones tightly … she would never have a rest day, and her family It will also endlessly endure the torment of hopelessness … It is you who redeemed her and redeemed her entire family! “

Yun Hua couldn’t help it, reached out and covered his face, and cried with his head down.

Bo Siqing clenched his fists, and he stretched out his arm uncontrollably, trying to embrace her.

But in the end, he controlled himself, just holding her hair gently, and patting her back with the other hand.

“Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to be with me.” His voice was very low and gentle, with enough strength to reassure him.

Yun Hua looked up at him with tears in his eyes: “Why did I have that terrifying feeling? Last time I was in the bathroom at the scene, my blood was going to boil, and that excitement made me feel cold … now Also. When I get near … near them, I can feel the bloody excitement … Why do you say I recognize Ouyang Mu? Actually, it ’s because I ’m near Ouyang Mu It feels like this … So, Ouyang Mu is right, I may be his kind! “

Chapter 368 You Are A Born Hunter

Yun Hua said in tears.

Her emotions are almost going to collapse!

Bo Siqing laughed suddenly, he couldn’t help but reach out and squeeze her cheek: “Stupid!”

Yun Hua was pinched a little, and she stretched her hands to cover her face involuntarily, and her eyes filled with water mist were full of complaints, “It hurts!”

“Well. It hurts to be awake.” Bo Siqing looked at her with a trace of regret in his eyes. “You are not his kind, he is a prey, and you are a hunter!”

Yun Hua instantly stared wide-eyed, and even a drop of water was hanging in the corner of her eye, she looked at Bo Siqing unbelievably, “You … what did you say?”

“I said, he is a prey, and you are a hunter! A hunter with an extraordinary sense of smell!” Bo Siqing’s voice was very firm. “Painting, although I am very reluctant to admit it, you are most likely born. Hunter! “

Yun Hua was stunned.

Is she a hunter?

“Perhaps Ling Nan is right, it should give you a more relaxed identity, such as … a special adviser to the police.” Bo Siqing smiled lightly.

Yun Hua was in the mist, she couldn’t even believe it.


Police officers arrived quickly, the park management team arrived soon, and the person in charge of the Forestry Bureau, Ling Nan was communicating with them to dig.

It ’s not the same section, it ’s really hard to speak, but Ling Nanxun used his three-inch tongue that was not bad to intimidate and tempt the park and the forestry bureau to come up with a way, that is, to dig from the periphery, try Don’t hurt the main root …

As soon as the excavation started, there was nothing going on with Yun Hua.

But Yun Hua didn’t leave, just stayed here. She wanted to see Zheng Zhu’s remains excavated with her own eyes. She wanted to verify whether the real situation was the same as the picture in her mind.

Yes, just after feeling that kind of thing under this tree, Yun Hua’s brain appeared a bit fuzzy …

Although the picture was blurred, she could vaguely feel what it was.

Especially when Bo Siqing said, “The big tree draws on her body’s nutrients, and the roots are holding her bones tightly”, the originally fuzzy picture in her brain seemed to be clear at once!

That picture was too terrifying, and she wanted to verify that it was just her imagination, or … really!

The excavation was very difficult because the root system of the saponaria tree was very developed.

After more than two full hours, I can generally see something.

It was not until the sunset was getting late that the park administrator even pulled the emergency light over, and the whole picture of the tree roots was revealed!

She was not completely buried directly under the tree roots.

It is impossible to think, because if you want to bury it like that, you must first pull up the tree, bury the person, and then plant the tree. That is impossible.

The explanation of Bai He in the Academy statue of Music is that the statue was not installed long before 7 years ago. Some students accidentally knocked down the statue, broke their legs, and damaged the statue. The school had to send the statue back for repair, and reinstalled it when it came back.

So it must be that when the statue was sent for repair, it was replaced by the statue with Baihe inside …

The replacement of the statue is easy, and the IQ of Ouyang Mu is enough to think of countless ways to replace the statue.

It is not a problem that IQ can solve by silently pulling up the thousand-year-old tree and planting it again.

Therefore, it is certainly impossible for Zheng Zhu to be buried directly under the tree roots, it must be next to it.

Digging the results, it really confirmed this inference!

Chapter 369 Be an Excellent Hunter!

Just east of the tree.

Where Yun Hua stood just now!

A concrete fence was dug to protect the ancient trees. Below, about two meters deep, was a bone bone wrapped densely packed by numerous tree roots!

In fact, the police excavated around the roots of the tree. Although it can be inferred that if there is a body, it must be buried in the surroundings, but the direction is really uncertain. It can only be excavated together at all locations.

When it was finally dug, a round tunnel was actually dug around the saponaria tree.

The bones are on the east side.

The slightly yellowed white bone was entangled with densely packed tree roots. It was almost cocoon-like.

Look around …

In this circle dug out, there are the most roots in this position. It seems that many, many roots are attracted by this skeleton, and the roots are wrapped around the white bone intricately.

In fact, this situation is well understood.

The crown of the big tree will move towards the sun, and the leaves on the sun side tend to be more dense.

The root of the tree is not affected by sunlight, but it is affected by water and nutrients.

Originally, the water around this ancient tree was similar, so the branches of the tree roots in all directions should be similar, but in Dongfang, there was an extra skeleton … Oh no, when she was first buried, it was a A corpse is a nourishment for the big tree …

Therefore, countless roots moved towards this group of nourishment stretched over, wrapped with nourishment, extracted nourishment, squeezed nourishment …

Seeing this scene, the people present could not help fighting a cold war!

The corpse sucked up by the big tree … it’s …

Yun Hua closed his eyes when he saw this scene.

She pushed Bo Siqing away from the scene and came to the emergency light. She whispered, “Bo Siqing, when I was just under the tree, a picture appeared in my mind … exactly the same as what we see now . “

Bo Siqing’s breathing was frozen for a moment, and he was back to normal when no one noticed: “That’s why I said, you are a natural hunter!”

“Is this … not dreadful?” Yun Hua asked hesitantly.

Bo Siqing laughed, “This is your innate talent. Gifts can be used to describe people’s innate talent in English. Gift represents a gift. I think it is appropriate. This is a gift from heaven! Ling Nan dreamed of it but never even thought about it. A daring gift! “

At first Yun Hua was still a little uncomfortable. You can hear Bo Siqing did not forget to tease Ling Nan, and she couldn’t help laughing.

gift, gift, innate talent, gift from heaven and innate talent too!

Thinking about it, it seems to really make her a lot easier!

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