Rebirth Junior High School: The Excelling Top Student Goddess Chapter 2283

“Come on.” Zhou Sheng Beiqian said to her with a smile.

Yun Hua un’ed, glanced at Bo Siqing again, and then turned around.

But until she left the main building, she didn’t hear any voice from Bo Siqing.

Yun Hua’s hand in his pocket could not help but clenched, his heart seemed to be blocked by a stone, it was boring and uncomfortable.

What happened to Bo Siqing?

Just meeting Zhou Shengbei Qiang, he suddenly became indifferent and alienated …

What makes Yun Hua even more unexpected is still behind.

After she warmed up again, re-entered the water, and spent more than an hour exhausting, Steward Lin came to call her ashore.

“Um … Uncle Lin, what about Aqing big brother?” Yun Hua couldn’t help but asked in a low voice.

“Bao Shao is in the study. There may be something to deal with. I ordered not to disturb.” Steward Lin said with a smile. “I prepared some food for you. Let’s take a break. It’s almost noon.”

“Thank you Uncle Lin,” Yun Hua said.

The snacks prepared by Steward Lin are not high in sugar, which is perfect for Yun Hua.

After eating dim sum, Steward Lin said that it would take half an hour for lunch to let Yun Hua watch TV to pass the time. However, Yun Hua brought a notebook and he could write something in half an hour.

After writing about a thousand words, Steward Lin came over: “Draw, it’s time for lunch.”

Yun Hua quickly saved the document and put away his notebook. Looking towards Steward Lin: “Uncle Lin, what about Aqing big brother?”

“Oh, I haven’t finished the little things yet, so I’ll send the food to the study, and he won’t come down to accompany you to eat. Hmm …” Steward Lin’s expression was a bit inexplicable.

Chapter 374 Bo Siqing Avoiding Her

A well-prepared lunch with all colors and aromas.

But Yun Hua has no intention of tasting, no matter what you eat, it tastes the same.

She ate slowly, but she did not see Bo Siqing until she finished eating!

On several occasions, she heard her footsteps quickly look up, but either the steward Lin or the villa maid came.

After lunch, Steward Lin whispered, “Draw, go to the room and rest for a while. I’ll call you in two hours. It won’t delay your training plan.”

“Thank you,” Yun Hua whispered.

“You’re welcome with Uncle Lin.” Steward Lin smiled.

Yun Hua pursed her lips and asked what she wanted, but she didn’t know where to start.

There are special rooms for her to rest in. The rooms are very warmly furnished. She has taken a break here many times before and is familiar with it.

But at this moment she couldn’t sleep at all, turned on her notebook, her mind was too chaotic and she couldn’t concentrate.

Before going to see Zhou Sheng Beiqian, he was fine.

How can you work hard for a while, as if everything has changed?

What exactly happened?

Yun Hua really couldn’t figure it out.

With this mood, after barely writing a chapter, the quality was very unsatisfactory. Yun Hua had to delete all and shut down the computer.

When training began in the afternoon, Bo Siqing did not show up.

Halfway, Steward Lin came to remind her to pay attention to rest, and brought her snacks and drinks to strengthen her body.

Yun Hua worked hard to empty his brain and focused only on training.

In fact, she really had a hard time focusing.

She kept wondering what happened to him, and what happened? Why did she think he was hiding from her?

These thoughts constantly affected her condition.

When it was more than five o’clock, Yun Hua was really upset, so he went to the shower to change clothes and was ready to go home.

“Is he still busy? That’s all for today’s training. I should go home.” Yun Hua told Steward Lin.

Steward Lin lightly coughed, “My Sect will take you there. I’ll be busy in the afternoon. I’m out …”


She thought he was still in the study!

For a moment, the feeling of loss in his heart made Yun Hua breathless.

What happened?

With such an uncomfortable mood to go home, Yun Hua was very irritable.

During dinner, Yun Hua couldn’t help but ask Chu Yu: “Is there a mission recently?”

Chu Yu shook his head and shook his head directly: “The boss’s last movement was too great, and he was too injured, so he will not perform the task these months. The team’s current action is under the responsibility of Deputy Captain . To be precise, the boss is now suspended. “

Suspended status, naturally there will be no tasks.

So, what is he doing?

“Did you not go to the villa for training with the boss? Where is the boss?” Chu Yu asked strangely.

Yun Hua shook his head: “I don’t know.”

“Don’t you know?” Chu Yu looked at her suspiciously.

Yun Hua pursed his lips. “I was training in the afternoon and he left the villa.”

“Where do you leave the villa?”

“How do I know …” Yun Hua was a little sullen. “He didn’t tell me he was leaving, let alone tell me where he was going.”

Chu Yu froze, her eyes full of surprise, “You mean, the boss left without telling you?”


“What about the boss’s phone, can you get through?” Chu Yu quickly said.

Yun Hua is also stunned, yes, the phone.

But this call, does she really want to call?

She could feel that he was avoiding her deliberately, otherwise he would not leave her in the villa silently, but he left alone.

Knowing he didn’t want to see her, would she call him?

Chapter 375 My greatest ambition is you


Yun Hua had another dream at night.

In the dream, she seemed to be back in the mental hospital again, and turned into that filthy self.

She was imprisoned in a pure white ward, with thick glass doors blocking all free fresh air.

What made her creepy was that Bo Siqing stood in front of the glass door and looked at her!

Beside Bo Siqing, the director of the disgusting mental hospital, he was charmingly saying something to Bo Siqing, pointing and pointing at her …

She dreamed, looked towards his eyes.

His eyes were filled with apathy and disgust, and he looked at her as if looking at a pile of rubbish.

Go away!

stop looking!

Don’t look at it …

Yun Hua shouted from the bottom of her heart, she didn’t want him to look at her, he didn’t want him to look at such a filthy woman, his eyes were so dazzling …

His sight made her ashamed and unable to show one’s face.

She could only curl up, bury her head in her knees, and her whole body shrank without seeing him. She could think that she didn’t look at him, and pretend he didn’t look at her …

Yun Hua suddenly woke up.

She sat on the bed, panting heavily.

A cold sweat.

It’s a dream, it’s really just a dream.

It was just a dream, she was still here, she didn’t go back to that hell, and she didn’t appear in front of him in the worst image …

Yun Hua suddenly jumped off the bed and couldn’t care about wearing shoes. She rushed to the study room separated by the bead curtain, picked up the small heart-shaped ball orchid on the desk, and wrote Happy Birthday on it …

She cautiously held this small flower pot, as if holding a rare treasure.

She likes him.

Like crazy like crazy!

From the admiration and envy of the beginning, to the enthusiasm of the later, to the sorrowfulness of the later …

She was so patient.

But feelings are never controlled.

The more she forbeared, the more she longed.

She knew she didn’t deserve him, and knew the gaps between her and him.

But she just … just couldn’t control it!

If Qi Ziheng of past life is to her, it is a life-saving straw appearing in the abyss of despair. It is the “brightness” that she can see in The Only One.

Then Bo Siqing now evoked her original desire, and even changed her whole body!

After going through such a miserable life and having been so lucky to be born again, she is truly realistic.

But the desire for him made her even disregard the reality!

After Shen Shiying’s reminder, Yun Hua also suddenly found that her inner desire for him had exceeded the limit she could control.

That desire made her breed ambitions, crazy ambitions, and exclusivity.

She never knew that her possessiveness was so strong; she never knew that her ambition was so great!

She wants to monopolize him, she wants to spend a lifetime with him, she wants this perfect man to be an integral part of her life.

The ambition of this overestimate one’s capabilities is simply ridiculous.

But she indulged and even continued to nourish her, making this ambition bigger and bigger …

Yun Hua bowed her head, her fingers gently touching the green leaves of the mood ball orchid.

Her voice was very low, but extremely firm.

“Rebirth is the best gift that God has given me. When you meet you after rebirth, it is the perfect opportunity that God gave me. I will not let go, never let go!”

“My ambitions are born of you, and I grow crazy because of you. If I keep cutting, I can only …”

Chapter 376 A Woman Having A Good Night With Bo Siqing

Early in the morning.

Yun Hua didn’t sleep well, but his spirit was good.

After breakfast she then went to the villa.

But what made Yun Hua unexpectedly is that Bo Siqing … didn’t return all night!

“I thought Bo Shao went to Chu Yu last night …” Steward Lin was also quite surprised.

Yun Hua’s heart sank, and he looked at Steward Lin anxiously, “Isn’t he going to encounter something?”

“No, no, don’t worry, there are things you can’t solve,” Steward Lin said quickly. “I’ll call Bo Shao.”

Yun Hua held the phone and hesitated, but eventually she said, “Let’s call.”

“Alright.” Steward Lin laughed.

Yun Hua held the phone and dialed. She was too nervous. She even pressed the wrong number. The shortcut 1 was his number. She forgot it and went to each and everyone to dial …

The telephone rang quickly.

It rang once, and it was not answered until the second time: “Hey.”

His voice was a little hoarse, with a little exhaustion, as if he just woke up.

Yun Hua’s breathing was slightly delayed, and she took a deep breath to say with a smile: “It’s me, Aqing big brother, where are you? Are you all right?”

There was a silence on the other end of the phone.

“Who is it? Call over so early?” A soft, watery female voice came from the microphone.

in an instant, Yun Hua froze.

Is Bo Siqing a woman?

There is a woman beside Bo Siqing who just woke up …

Yun Hua’s head was completely chaotic for a moment, and his head was buzzing.

“Nobody, just a little younger sister.” Bo Siqing said lightly, “go and wash first, and take you to breakfast later.”

Bo Siqing’s voice on the phone was so clear, so familiar, but so strange.

Who called you

Nobody, just a little younger sister …

One, little younger sister.

Yun Hua looked down at himself. It seemed that he was really small everywhere, young, and small …

What Bo Siqing said is really in line with her image, a younger sister.

The whole blood seemed to have frozen into ice, without any temperature.

Her ambitions are constant, so he finally shot, to help her die?

At this point, Bo Siqing’s voice sounded again.

“Yun Hua, is there anything else? I’m busy now.”



He only said a word and then hung up.

The phone came back to the desk.

Yun Hua held his cell phone in place, almost freezing into a statue.

She could even smile and tell Steward Lin that everything was fine.

She can still remember to warm up before entering the water …

But as soon as she got into the water, her hooligan’s head was clear.

She was swimming tirelessly in the pool, repeatedly playing in her mind, but what was on the phone just now.

“Who is it? Call this early?”

“Nobody, just a little younger sister.”

“Yun Hua, is there anything else? I’m busy now.”


He didn’t return all night. When he woke up, there was a woman beside him, and he asked that woman to wash …

So he and the woman stayed overnight, right?

Yun Hua keeps telling himself not to think too much, don’t guess anything that you haven’t seen in person.

How can you not think or guess?

The more you care, the less sensible you are.

What hurt her most was that he said: No one, just a younger sister.

Just like the younger sister of the neighbor’s house, or the younger sister of anyone on the road, they are irrelevant younger sisters, even the names are not worth being introduced, the younger sister …

Chapter 377 His Indifference, Thoroughly Cold

From morning training to noon, Steward Lin came over halfway to remind her to pay attention to rest.

Yun Hua tried hard not to think too much, but she really couldn’t do it!

At lunch, Bo Siqing had not yet returned.

She continued to train in the afternoon. The month she had delayed interrupted her original training plan. Fortunately, her physical fitness has been very good. Even though she has suffered a lot of blood loss and cardiac arrest before, she has recovered now Already. She can now gradually increase the amount of training.

In the afternoon training session, Yun Hua kept thinking about how she would be coached if coach Brahma was there.

Entries for the Winter Swimming Championships have been reported, and 100 meters, 200 meters, and 400 meters are freestyle.

Yun Hua herself feels that she is in good physical condition, but she is not sure if she has recovered to the best condition and whether she can achieve the results before the injury.

She’s thinking about training at The Only One now. Double training!

This year’s whole nation winter swimming championship will be held in the international metropolis S city 22. She has at most 20 days of preparation, adjustment and sprint time.

She knows that she may not get a good position this time because she has interrupted her training for a month, but she has to strive for good results and lay the foundation for other games next year!

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