Rebirth Junior High School: The Excelling Top Student Goddess Chapter 2284

If she is a little lax this time, she may lose her qualifications for various competitions next year!

She really doesn’t have time to think too much about other things, does she?

Yun Hua kept admonishing himself to focus on the game.

Let go of everything outside the game, and just think about the game!

However, it is not so easy.


The exhausted training at the end of the afternoon was already over at 6 in the evening.

Yun Hua ate something and decided to take a break before continuing to train until 9 before returning home.

She didn’t know if she really wanted to train for two more hours, or wanted to … wait for him to come back!

But when there are too many 9 points, she has no need to think about anything.

He did not return.

Yun Hua changed her clothes and took the car arranged by Steward Lin to go home. When she got out of the car and entered the community, she couldn’t help but stand under the street light and called him again.

“It’s too late to finish it so late. I just finished training and am ready to go home.” After the call was connected, Yun Hua said in a brisk tone.

There was another silence on the other end of the phone.

After Xu Xi, Bo Siqing’s cool voice sounded lightly: “Pay attention to safety. I have some things to deal with these days. If you don’t go back to the villa for the time being, you can do it yourself …”

“Dinner is awesome, thank you! Ah, are you on the phone? Sorry I didn’t notice that I just took a shower and listened to the waiter saying that watching the stars on the hotel’s terrace is beautiful …”

Yun Hua could hear that the female voice she heard on the phone in the morning was very gentle and sweet. She could imagine the other person to be an elegant big beauty by her voice alone.

Yun Hua’s hand holding the phone couldn’t help but tighten, tightening again. There seemed to be a stone in her throat, and she couldn’t pronounce a word.

“Yun Hua, I’ve been really busy these two days, and it’s not convenient to answer the phone.” Bo Siqing’s speech was very slow and his voice was very cold, such as the cold spring water, cold and cold.

“Oh, okay,” Yun Hua whispered.


“Again …” Before Yun Hua finished, he had hung up on his end.

Yun Hua held the phone, a gust of wind blew, and his face was cold.

She reached out and wiped her face. She didn’t know when she was already in tears.

Chapter 378 My Painting

Bo Siqing’s hand pressed on the hang-up button, pressing it very deep.

He could hang up with a single click, but he pressed it for a long time, as if he had forgotten to let go.

“Thin second brother, are you in a bad mood?”

Da beauty looked at Bo Siqing’s face, cautiously said.

After she took a shower, she wore a seemingly simple but big-name pure white dress, and she even put on light makeup on her face, making her look very good.

This is the careful machine of the girl. The so-called plain face is just a light makeup.

In the eyes of many men, girls do n’t draw eyeliner or lipstick, it ’s equal to a plain face. Only the girls know that plain face also requires many steps and requires great care.

The girls also wore a special Italian high-end brand dress, a white collarless sleeveless dress, which was loose on the waist, and a thin chain was used to buckle the waist, exposing a slender waist.

The skirt is very long, layer upon layer, it seems to cover everything, but if you have seen the show of this brand, you will know that the skirt below actually has an opening to the waist.

If you wear it like this and there is no wind, it will be a beautiful and elegant skirt; but if you want to wear Celebrity / star for some occasions, you only need to press it lightly. The place where the bifurcation from the skirt is faintly revealed is extremely sexy.

Unfortunately, the girl was fully prepared, but Bo Siqing, who was sitting on the sofa, still held the mobile phone, and even his eyes stared straight at the mobile phone, as if … as if the broken mobile phone was bigger than her beauty More charming!

“Thin second brother, shall we go to the terrace to see the stars? The environment here is so good. You can see the starry sky at night. I have n’t seen the starry sky at Imperial Capital for many years. What time is the starry sky? “The girl came over and sat down beside Bo Siqing.

Bo Siqing’s attention finally moved away from the mobile phone and looked towards the girls around her.

“I’ll ask you to book a ticket to 11 tonight. It’s still an hour and a half before departure. You can get to the airport at the fastest number of minutes, and you have to go through security check-in and board 20 minutes in advance … About 30-5 minutes to pack my luggage and go out. “Bo Siqing’s voice was very muted.

The girl froze for a moment.

“I … I won’t go, I …”

“Are you sure?” Bo Siqing’s eyes looked at her indifferently.

The girl cried all of a sudden, and kept shaking her head: “Thin second brother, don’t rush me away, okay? Is there something I can’t do well … I change …”

Bo Siqing was too lazy to say a word, but the chill in his eyes continued to spread.

The girl was still crying and coquettishly, trying to give herself another chance, but in the end, Bo Siqing didn’t say a word, and her voice became weaker and weaker.

After a minute, the girl had disappeared quietly.

He was left alone in the room.

Bo Siqing leaned on the sofa, still holding his mobile phone in his hand. He didn’t know when to retrieve the communication record. The latest entry in the caller’s record came from “the painting in my house”.

Below is Zhou Sheng Beiqian, Ling Nan, and …

Going down, there is one more, which also comes from “the painting in my house”.

Bo Siqing suddenly felt that the records in the middle were unsightly.

He moved his finger and deleted the call records of others in the middle one by one.

Continue to delete …

Soon, his call history page, from top to bottom, all left was “the painting in my house” …

Looking at it this way, I was finally slightly satisfied. ,

Chapter 379 She will never let him die!

Bo Siqing, who was more and more satisfied with this page, suddenly seemed to start a new continuous.

He started cleaning up various records on his phone.

Just now this is the call history, as well as missed calls and outgoing calls.

Outgoing records are also very clean, but missed calls …


Looking at the missed call that was deleted into a blank page, Bo Siqing’s heart that had calmed down slightly suddenly became irritable again.

How long has he been out of this mood.

But at this moment, he had absolutely no control over his emotions.

Extra irritability.

Just then, the phone rang.

He pressed the on button and said without waiting for the other party to say, “Change another pipe down!”

After speaking, he hung up.

Then … he moved his finger again and deleted the call record.

In this way, all the records in his mobile phone are “the painting in my house”.

Sitting in the hotel for a long time, he finally returned to the villa.

Steward Lin hurriedly greeted, “Slim, would you like to have some supper?”

“No.” Bo Siqing’s face was hidden in the darkness, and his expression was unclear, but his voice had already spoken his emotions.

Steward Lin quickly nodded, hesitated a moment, and whispered again, “Thin little, painting comes early in the morning to train today, and only leaves at 9 at night.”

Bo Siqing’s footsteps were lightly paused, without any snoring, and he continued on.

Steward Lin is lightly shook the head in his heart.

This night, the lights in the villa’s study lit up all night.


Dreamed for another night.

After Yun Hua woke up, he tightened his lips.

She didn’t dare to tell others about Bo Siqing’s ambition, did she dare not tell herself?

She just likes him, she just wants him to belong to her from head to toe, no other woman can look at it! She wants to be part of his life and wants to spend the rest of his life with him.

She is a person who has died once. She is a lunatic. What else does she dare not face?

She finally faced her ambitions.

But … seems a little late?

No, it’s not too late.

She knew how big the gap was between her and him.

Everything from status to age is a gap.

As she said before, the difference between her age and her age is really big now, but when she is her age, is there a big gap?

When she was 20, did he have a big gap?

No, no.

If he follows the historical trajectory, he will be dead at the age of 22, but when he is 22, she is already 17, and her virtual age is 18. This gap is not big, right?

Moreover, she can be born again, and the fate of her and mother can change. Why can’t his fate change?

She won’t let him die!

She would rather pay any price than let him die!

As long as he does not die at the age of 22, her ambition for him will be fulfilled one day!

So age is not a problem, nor is time.


Anyway, even if he is in love now, what about it?

He did not have a fiancée, nor a wife, until he died at the age of 22.

That means the love he is talking about is unsuccessful!

That means she still has a chance, doesn’t she?

The most important issue now is the identity gap between her and him.

It is definitely a topic that cannot be bypassed.

Yun Hua clearly understands that marrying a person is actually not just marrying that person, but marrying that family.

Love is not enough for two people.

If it’s the ordinary rich-poor gap, that’s all, and nothing can be solved with money.

But the gap between her and Bo’s is not only a gap in money, but also a gap in status.

This is actually the hardest obstacle, isn’t it?

Chapter 380 She Wants To Be His Forever!

Throughout the ages, the entrenched mentality is not without reason.

It is not of the same class, even if it is combined with love in the beginning, it can not last long.

that many married into the celebrity / star of the giants, how many have a good ending?

That’s just the so-called giants.

Not to mention Aristocratic Family, a politician like the Bo family, judging from the memory of Yun Hua from the rebirth of 2017 in the past, no one celebrity / star has been married to an Aristocratic Family like Bo family!

Entertainment celebrity / star Not to mention, but there are cases of sports celebrity / star marrying giants.

But the other giants can’t talk to the Bo family on equal terms …

Yun Hua couldn’t help laughing.

She thinks so much!

Now that everyone is in love with another girl, she is thinking about how to bridge the identity gap between herself and him.

It’s … a little funny!

However, this can be considered as a precautionary plan, as if it is prepared in advance.

Her ambition towards him will not disappear, she will only grow wild, and she does not want to suppress her ambition anymore.

Now that you have ambitions, work hard to complete it!

In this way, I live up to my life in this world!


As she had thought before, she is still too young to be at all impossible with him.

So why not take a step back?

Taking a step back does not mean cowardice, but you can get a piece of The Boundless Sky And Sea!

Not to mention, her retreat is just that’s all.

No one knows better than her. Everything in this world needs to be managed, and worked hard and attentively. Life is so, love is even more so.

Temporarily retreated to the position of the young younger sister and looked at him silently.

A man always has to experience a few emotions before he can mature and know what he really wants.

She doesn’t want to be his first love, she only wants to be his forever! !!

Now, her most important tasks are nothing else, but training, competition, and learning and writing.

These are her dreams and ways to enhance her status.

It was not for him that she fulfilled her dream.

But if you are working hard to realize your dream, and you can rely on the added value of the dream to try to make up for the identity gap between her and him … why not?

One move, two gains.


With this in mind, Yun Hua was finally able to relax a bit.

Therefore, reason is still very important, reason can give her a clear head and analysis.


Yun Hua couldn’t help but sigh.

How can it be if you don’t mind at all?

She minds dead!

She really, really, minds dead!

Even if she is two years old, no, one year old, and even if she is one year old, she dares to confess to him.

But now…

A mature soul is imprisoned in the body of a young girl, enjoying the vitality brought by youth, but also bearing the naive side effects …


When Yun Hua arrived at the villa, it was over eight o’clock.

As soon as she entered, she immediately turned her head and looked towards Steward Lin: “Aqing big brother came back last night?”

Steward Lin was a little surprised. “How do you know?”

Yun Hua pointed at the crutches leaning against the door, and the hanging coat.

Steward Lin nodded and said anxiously: “Well, Bo Shao came back late last night. I didn’t know what was urgent, and he got into the study as soon as he came back … The study light turned on all night. His body hasn’t fully recovered yet. How is it so hard to do it? Draw, or should you go and see? “

Chapter 381 Is Something Wrong

He stayed all night in the study?

Hearing Steward Lin’s words, Yun Hua’s heart fluttered.

Is there anything urgent?

But Chu Yuming said clearly that Bo Siqing is currently in a suspended state and will not arrange emergency work for him at all. What else needs him to stay up all night in the study?

As Steward Lin said, his body is not ready yet, and the doctor repeatedly told him to take a good rest.

Yun Hua didn’t care what to say to Steward Lin, quickly changed his shoes and quickly ran upstairs.

But at the entrance of the study, she was stunned again.

Standing at the door of the study, taking a deep breath, it took a full minute before she rang the door of the study.

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