Rebirth Junior High School: The Excelling Top Student Goddess Chapter 2285

“Come in.”

His voice, which was originally natural and clear, became a little hoarse at this moment, sounding a little tired.

But Yun Hua felt that his voice was also very sexy.

Pushing the door in, she saw him tiredly leaning on the sofa at a glance. He seemed to be resting on the sofa just now.

“I … Did I wake you up?” Yun Hua purse one’s lip, “Why don’t you go to the room to sleep when tired, lying on the sofa is not good for your physical recovery.”

Bo Siqing didn’t say anything. He had been watching her since she came in.

After staying up all night, exhausted, with red blood in his eyes, when his gaze was projected on her, she was as if he had been fixed, and could not move.

Heartbeat is fast.

Nervous, shivering, resonance.

She took a deep breath, her fist clenched and loosened, and she walked towards him: “Uncle Lin prepared breakfast, have some breakfast and go back to the room to have a good rest. Uncle Lin said that you stay in the study all night …”

Before she spoke, he stood up.

When facing her, his height was exceptional. Yun Hua roughly compared it. The top of her head seemed to reach the position of his shoulder. At such a close distance, she looked up and could only see his perfectly contoured chin. …

“I’m going to wash.”

He looked away from her head, without crutches, and walked at a very slow pace.

Yun Hua hesitated, still stepped forward, and grabbed his hand indiscriminately, and put it on her shoulder. “Your leg can’t bear the force yet. I just saw you dropped your cane downstairs. Then use me as a crutch for now. “

She smiled at him with her head up, “I’m probably better than a crutch.”

He tilted his head and looked down towards her.

The call she called yesterday, he actually could not let her hear the voice of others, but God made Ghost Messenger, he intentionally let her hear the voice of others on the phone.

At that moment, he didn’t know what he was thinking!

Even if he hung up the phone later, the confusion in his heart still remained.

He looked at her, her smile was bright, and there was no haze.

Yesterday’s call, and his deliberate alienation and indifference did not seem to have any effect on her.

Sure enough … it’s just a little child.

Even though her mind is already mature in other aspects, but in terms of emotion, she is probably a pure white paper …

Sure enough, it was his own problem, a very serious and despicable problem!

I wanted to solve it by myself, but now it seems that maybe he should bother Zhou Shengbei Qian again.

The last time I asked Zhou Shengbei Qian to come and evaluate her, but this time, the person who needs to be evaluated should be replaced by himself …

Yun Hua volunteered as a human crutch and took Bo Siqing to the bathroom.

“There are no non-slip mats in it, will it slip?” Yun Hua was still a little uneasy. “Will I help you when you brush your teeth?”

Bo Siqing looked at her, his face pale, and slowly said, “I’m in a hurry now.”

Chapter 382 turns out that this is true secret love

Yun Hua made a big red face and fled quickly.

When she ran to the corridor in one breath, did she feel that she was overreacting?

is not it……

Hey, stop!

Now she is a pure little fairy! Pure little fairy!

Can’t think of mess.

However, there is a famous psychological experiment called “Don’t Think About the Pink Elephant”, which tells testers not to think about “The Pink Elephant in the Room”, but the result is, as long as this After the signal, the first picture that appeared in the mind of the person was the pink elephant.

It’s like, the more you tell yourself to forget one thing or one person, the more you can’t forget it. Because every time you tell yourself to forget, it is time to deepen your memory even more!

Now, Yun Hua tells himself not to think, but … the mind is beyond control …

Yun Hua had to start thinking: pink elephant, pink elephant, she had to fill her head with pink elephants.

But … pink’s elephant, pink’s elephant trunk … like …

At this moment, Yun Hua was going crazy!


Today, Yun Hua has increased his training volume.

She strives to keep herself focused on training.

But after a few laps, she couldn’t help but look up and look at the shore.

Nobody, nobody, or nobody.

Bo Siqing never appeared.

During the break, Uncle Lin brought her some energy-enhancing foods and drinks, and she pretended to carelessly ask, “Where is Aqing big brother? Going to rest?”

Uncle Lin was lightly coughed, and hesitated before he said, “Slightly thin, go out.”

“…” Yun Hua froze all at once.

After a while, she was nodded and whispered, “Oh.”

Steward Lin couldn’t bear it.

Yun Hua laughed again, “Probably something really needs to be busy. Thank you Uncle Lin, go and get busy, I will continue training later.”

“it is good.”


At another 9 at night, Bo Siqing never returned.

After Yun Hua came home, she locked the door of her room and stood by the window while holding her mobile phone, but she touched her finger on the keyboard for a long time, but she still couldn’t dial the number.

She thought about it and sent a text message.

“Are you really busy? You haven’t recovered yet. If it’s not particularly important, you can put it down a bit and rest early. I’m home now, don’t worry, good night.”

Click Send.

Looking at the newsletter sent out, Yun Hua suddenly felt a little upset again.

She looks like …

What are you doing!

In other words, how do girls chase men?

She can’t just, open and honorable chase boldly …

Speaking of which, she really has no normal dating experience.

past life In order to seize Qi Ziheng’s life-saving straw, all she can do is to meet all his requirements. Whatever he asks her, she will do, just like being brainwashed …

But now?

The man Bo Siqing firmly occupied every inch of her heart, filling her heart full.

The desire, the kind of nagging, the kind of suffering, the kind of uncontrollable inner throbbing, she had never experienced before.

When these feelings struck, they were so strange, so nervous, but extremely happy.

Actually, this is true love, right?

Unfortunately, now for her, this is just a crush, a crush that is inevitable, a crush that does not dare to show her heart, it is … I do n’t know when I will have a chance to say a crush!

Chapter 383 Feelings come too early, destined to suffer

The newsletter was sent, but Shen Shen Ocean.

Yun Hua kept thinking, what was he doing now?

Are you busy? What are you doing Who are you with?

Yun Hua knew for the first time that he was so annoying that he wanted to know what he was doing every minute …

She held her heart and tried to empty her mind.

The relationship came too soon and too early, and she was destined to suffer.


Early the next morning, Yun Hua received a call from Fan Mengying.

“Training?” Yun Hua was surprised.

“Yes.” Fan Mengying’s voice on the other side of the phone was very simple. “It’s 1 today. Only 20 days from the start of the game. The players participating in this game have started training. You have stopped training for a month. If you do n’t participate in the second training session, I suggest you better give up the game directly, you do n’t need to go to S city! ”

Yun Hua clenched his fists, took a deep breath, and said firmly, “Coach Brahma, I know, I will go to the training camp, and I will report to you tomorrow morning, can I?”


Hanging up the phone, Yun Hua’s heart seemed empty.

For now, she knew exactly what choice she should make.

Her swimming dream, her dream of two lives, can never be interrupted casually.

Originally, she was going to participate in the Olympic Games. She wanted to win one by one, just for her dream.

But now, in addition to her dreams, she has to add weight to her own life.

She and his identity, as different as heaven and earth.

Then, with your own efforts, narrow the difference!

She will work tirelessly for her ambitions!

Tomorrow will go to training, but Yun Hua still went to the villa training today.

She hoped that he would return to the villa just like when he came here yesterday morning, but … not at all.

Steward Lin says he hasn’t returned all night.

Yun Hua laughed and started regular training.

Until 5 o’clock in the afternoon, when she ended today’s training early, Bo Siqing had not returned.

“Uncle Lin, I won’t be here tomorrow. Coach Vatican told me to go to the provincial capital for training tomorrow, so … I will probably be back after the game.” Yun Hua said with a smile.

Uncle Lin was a little surprised, and quickly asked: “Did you tell Bo Shao?”

“Not yet.” Yun Hua laughed, “I will call him later, rest assured, Uncle Lin. When I come back from the game, I will bring you a gift!”

“You have a good game, I am so old, what gift do you want.” Lin Shu said with a smile.

“I want it,” Yun Hua said with a smile. “Then I’ll go home and pack up, goodbye Lin.”


When she got home, mother Jiang Huanqing had already packed her things.

Full of two suitcases, spread it out for her, and tell her the same place where everything is placed, “Draw, or else, mother will go with you and take care of your ordinary life Otherwise, it would be inconvenient for you to change your clothes, and it would be inconvenient to be hungry if you are thirsty. What if there is something else … “

“Mom, no. I haven’t reached that level yet, there aren’t that many things. Besides, Coach Vatican will take care of me, rest assured.” Yun Hua said with a smile.

Jiang Huanqing was still worried, but was pushed out of the door by Yun Hua: “Mom, please hurry up and make a good meal for me now, you will not be able to eat it tomorrow. The team must be all nutritious meals, rich in nutrition, but Don’t mention the taste … thank you mother! “

Pushing Jiang Huanqing to the kitchen, Yun Hua closed the door, held the phone, and dialed Bo Siqing’s number …

Chapter 384’s Secret Love

“Sorry, the number you dialed is temporarily unanswered …”

Yun Hua is a bit stunned.

She hesitated a moment, paused for ten seconds after dialing the phone, and dialed Bo Siqing’s phone again.

Dialed three times in a row, and no one answered.

It’s not shutting down, it’s not in the service area, but it’s not being answered.

Is the phone somewhere forgotten?

Yun Hua pressed the dial button again, but after a second, she hung up the phone quickly.

She was suddenly a little scared. If after the call was connected, the person who spoke to the other side was not him, but … the gentle female voice …

Yun Hua clenched his phone.

After hesitating for a while, she edited a text message and sent it over: [Aqing big brother, I received a notice from Coach Vatican, and I will go to Jiangshi for training tomorrow. No one answered the call just now, so I’ll send you a text message. Hmm … I’ll take the last shuttle bus tonight, and I will report to Coach Vatican tomorrow morning. I won’t say goodbye to you in person. 】

Modify, modify, delete.

I do n’t know how to start, or how to end … Just like that.

After Yun Hua pressed the send button, mother Jiang Huanqing has come to ask her to eat.

“Isn’t it possible to leave tomorrow morning? I have to take a late bus?” Jiang Huanqing asked her anxiously as she prepared food.

Yun Hua laughed, “Don’t worry, I’ve been to that many times, I’ll go directly to the hotel after getting off the bus, don’t worry.”

“I can’t worry about you alone, no, I’ll go with you …”

“Mom, I really don’t need it!” Yun Hua was helpless. “Everything is prepared so well, what else can you worry about. Rest assured.”

“… find a better hotel, be safer. Remember to lock the door in the middle of the night, and the door latch is also good. No one should ask the door to open at night!”

“Know it.”

“Listen to Coach Vatican during training. If there is anything, hurry up and call me.”

“Know it!”


Before Chu Yu followed, Jiang Huanqing was not so worried. Now it is during the class. Yun Hua has to go to training again that many days. It is impossible for others to have time …

Jiang Huan’s halal is not at ease.

Just then, the door of the room was suddenly knocked.


Jiang Huanqing hurried to open the door, and as soon as she opened the door, she was a little surprised, “Little Secretary, why are you here?”

Yun Hua suddenly looked up.

Sure enough, Bo Siqing stood on the door with a cane.

Yun Hua quickly walked over, with an overwhelming surprise in his eyes.

“I just … want to call and tell you, you didn’t answer …” Yun Hua whispered.

“The phone was muted and I didn’t hear it.” Bo Siqing’s voice was still clear.

Yun Hua nodded: “Oh … Well, I just want to tell you right now, I will take a late bus to Jiangshi later, and coach Fan asked me to go to training.”

“Well.” Bo Siqing was nodded, “I saw the newsletter.”

“Oh.” Yun Hua didn’t know what to say.

Jiang Huanqing hurriedly brought Bo Siqing in, “Did you have dinner? Let’s have some together …”

Yun Hua has gone to serve a bowl of rice. He took chopsticks and placed it where he used to sit.

Bo Siqing glanced at the arranged chopsticks, and turned his head towards Jiang Huanqing: “Thank you Aunt, I have eaten. I want to say that I have something to go to Jiang, and by the way take Yun Hua by the way , I will let people arrange the hotel, Aunt need not worry. “

“Aiya, this is great, it’s too much trouble for you! I was too worried just now. How can a girl feel relieved when a girl goes out. She had to let me follow …” Jiang Huanqing Sigh of relief, “I’m really relieved to help you set it up.”

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