Rebirth Junior High School: The Excelling Top Student Goddess Chapter 2286

Yun Hua ducked his head with his head down.

She cheered herself up in her heart: Well, the revolution has not yet succeeded, and comrades still need to work hard.

He is her.

Even if it is not now, it will be in the future!

Yun Hua, while chopping rice, couldn’t help but look up at him, that look, as if to treat him as a bowl of rice, chop it into his mouth …

It’s delicious, and of course you can eat.

Yun Hua is eating under the beauty of someone. Uncontrollably, the beauty turned and looked over.

Four eyes opposite …

Uh, got caught.

Yun Hua blinked his eyes twice and continued to eat casually.


When eating dinner was about to go, both Shen Shiying’s mother and daughter and Chu Yu came to see her off, and the new Teacher from 15 class came out.

“Ming Teacher, please take care of 15 class.” Yun Hua said with a smile.

Mingqi smiled: “No problem, it’s you, don’t drag 15 back when you come back.”

“Guarantee not!” Yun Hua said with a smile.

She hugged Shen Shiying again.

Shen Shiying laughed so meaningfully, “Opportunity to paint, you must seize it when it comes, don’t waste it …”

“…” Yun Hua was speechless. “What about your chance?”

Shen Shiying was lightly coughed and didn’t speak anymore.


It ’s already 8:30 in the evening when you set off. If there is no accident, you will arrive in Jiangshi at 10:30.

The car is running smoothly.

Yun Hua and Bo Siqing sat side by side in the back row.

He was busy with a laptop. Yun Hua was sitting beside him and couldn’t help but look at him, but he couldn’t help it.

She always felt that he was watching her, but when she looked at it, she knew nothing, and he was still working with the computer with a single hearted devotion. It seemed that everything just now was just her illusion.

The car is very stable, shaking very slightly, making people feel very comfortable, the air in the car is also very warm, Yun Hua … drowsy.


Feeling the pressure from his shoulders, Bo Siqing turned to look at it.

She slapped her big face against his shoulder and fell asleep.

He adjusted his posture a little to make her sleep more comfortably, and the screen of the notebook in front of her was turned off because of unattended operation for a long time.

He took one hand to prevent her from falling when the car was slowing down or turning, and took out her phone with the other hand.

The column of missed calls in the call log is finally no longer blank.

He flipped into the short message box again and opened the information one by one. All the information came from “the painting in my house” …

It took a long time for Bo Siqing to put away his mobile phone, and turned to glance at the sleeping girl resting on his shoulder, and his heart was completely stunned.

He seemed to be really sick.

Terminal illness.

And she is the medicine that The Only One can work …

When Yun Hua woke up, he was embarrassed to death.

She, she leaned on Bo Siqing’s shoulders and fell asleep that’s all, she actually … she was drooling!

Drooling like this is normal, but it’s really embarrassing.


The hotel was the one she stayed at when she was here, very close to the swimming center.

The room was changed to the top floor of the hotel, business suite, this is the best room in this hotel! But isn’t it wasteful for her to live in such a large business suite?

What made Yun Hua speechless was that his room was next to her.

It’s weird, but … inexplicably secure.

Today is too tiring, Yun Hua plans to pack things out tomorrow, after all is going to live a long time, it is not convenient to keep things such as clothing in the box.

Before going to bed, Yun Hua took his mobile phone and sent Bo Siqing two words: good night.

Then she held her cell phone and went to sleep …

386 Chapter old cow eating the young grass Aunt

Waking up the next morning, Yun Hua looked at his phone for the first time.

Hmm … there are no unread newsletters, really, I feel a little down.

But she can still ridicule herself now.

Yun Hua washed quickly and packed the prepared training supplies into a portable backpack, so he hurried out.

It’s already 7 and she has twenty minutes to eat breakfast.

He didn’t know if he got up …

Oh no, his routine is definitely getting up, but the question is what is he doing?

Yun Hua hesitated, but chose to send a text message.

She always feels on the phone, she ca n’t say anything, and she ca n’t be as shameless as she is now, cough cough ……

Yun Hua picked up the phone and quickly edited the newsletter: [Aqing big brother, I’m having breakfast, and I’ll go to the swimming center right away. At that time, the mobile phone will be placed in the locker, and the call may not be heard. If there is something urgent, please go to the swimming center to find me. If it is not urgent, just leave a message for me. 】

After sending the newsletter, Yun Hua felt like a strange Aunt.

If she counts the real age, she is indeed a strange Aunt, a mature, naive, timid and timid Aunt!


In order to prepare for the winter nationwide winter swimming championships, some areas of the swimming center have been closed to the outside for training.

When Yun Hua arrived at the swimming center, it was half past seven, and someone was already there.

Coach Fan hasn’t arrived yet. Yun Hua thought about it and went to the locker room to find a locker. Inside, change the swimsuit first, then wrap the long coat outside, so you won’t waste time changing clothes later. .

In the locker room, two girls are already changing clothes.

“Have you heard? The men’s team is training together here.” The taller girl said with a smile, very excited.

“Wow, aren’t we able to meet Zuo Ning? I heard he has been training in Australia before! This time back? Just to participate in this competition?” The girl with darker skin had both eyes Glow.

The tall girl smiled a little coyly: “Zuo Ning is so handsome. If he comes to the competition, he will definitely win all the gold medals in the projects he reported!”

“Yes, yes, Zuo Ning is too good, but he is a swimming genius!”

The two girls talked excitedly while changing clothes. Turning their heads and glancing at Yun Hua, the two frowned suddenly.

“Hey, this is the locker room dedicated to the provincial team. It is not open to the public. Social workers please go to the public locker room next door.” Tall girl Chong Yun Hua said.

Yun Hua laughed, “I’m here for training as well. My coach is Coach Vatican. Hello, my name is Yun Hua.”

When she heard that, the faces of the two girls changed immediately.

Just now you are not too polite. At this moment, the eyes of the two are with contempt and hatred.

“You are the airborne soldier. There are no Three Heads and Six Arms. It looks so small … Can you swim? What’s the best score? Is it a Level 2 athlete?” Tall girl coldly snorted and said.

Yun Hua raised an eyebrow. The hostility toward the two was completely unconceptual.

What did she do? Pulling hatred like this?

It’s not speculative, and others despise her, so why should she stick to her cold face?

Yun Hua smiled at the two of them and stopped talking about it, choosing a locker and changing clothes.

After changing clothes, Fan Mengying has arrived.

When seeing Yun Hua, Fan Meng nodded his head, and didn’t say much, so he summoned all the team members to speak directly …

Chapter 387 He Will Not Do That

“From now on, the training period will be two weeks.”

“The first week is the basic training and the second week is the performance measurement. Starting from the second week, the performance measurement will be performed every day.”

“If the training results are not up to standard, City S should not go.”

Fan Mengying’s voice is very flat and the tone is not high, but her serious expression makes people know at a glance that it is absolutely true!

“Okay, it ’s time to change clothes, warm up after the change, and the men ’s team will come to train later. I hope that in this game, you can show impressive results, not let people mention it. When I was in Jiangxi Province, I only knew how powerful the Jiangxi men’s team was and how many swimming geniuses they had, but the women’s team was worthless! “


After Fan Mengying spoke, she went straight to Yun Hua.

“If your results for the second week are not up to the mark, I would rather waste a place in the competition than let you lose Jiang’s face.”

Fan Mengying’s words are hurting, but it is true.

Yun Hua nodded very seriously: “I understand, Coach Brahma.”

When she warmed up, Fan Zitong followed her: “Our test is still forgotten, just in your state and win you, I have no interest.”

Yun Hua turned to look at her, “I’ll make you interested.”

Fan Zitong shrugged, “I hope.”


After warming up, start doing various training in the water.

Yun Hua is very serious.

Fan Mengying looked at her for a while, nodded, and focused on the issue of paddling.

Yun Hua’s hand before her hand, although the injury is now healed, but maybe because of psychological factors, she is always awkward when paddling. It seems that the skin of the wound will hurt when it touches the water.

This is a psychological factor and must be overcome by yourself.

Yun Hua slowed down the Stunt Team and practiced paddling …

Just then, the two girls who met in the locker room in the morning were also training near Yun Hua.

The tall girl is called Ye Min, and the girl with slightly darker skin is called Bai Xue.

Bai Xue twitched his lips and said to Min Ye: “I thought she was so capable, but the Stunt Team couldn’t do well … Why did she top out Tian Mi’s place because she was brought by Coach Fan? . “

If it was Yun Hua of the past, she would probably choose to forbear and choose to fight back with her own strength and achievements.

But now Yun Hua …

She turned her head and smiled towards Ye Min and Bai Xue: “I also heard for the first time that Coach Vatican is the kind of person who would be selfish. If you said that Tian Mi’s score is really good, Coach Vatican unless he Blindness will make me replace her. So please tell me aloud, is Coach Fan blind? “

Bai Xue and Ye Min are a few years older than Yun Hua, but they have not yet reached twenty. The two little girls have never seen such a powerful mouth!

For a moment, they didn’t know what to say, and stared angrily at Yun Hua.

“The results test will start next week, rest assured, Coach Vatican has just said, if I have a poor result, I don’t need to go to S City. Is this satisfactory?” Yun Hua said with a smile.

Ye Min and Bai Xue both turned blue and white for a while, and they simply had to go far from Yun Hua to train.

Yun Hua turned back, his face was a little serious.

She did not believe that she had replaced the place named Tian Mi, because the registration had been completed a long time ago, and indeed every province had a place for participation, but Yun Hua absolutely did not believe that Fan Meng Ying would treat her selfishly.

Uh, no.

If Bo Siqing greeted and explained, as the Bo family, of course, he can direct the fan dream, but … Bo Siqing will definitely not do such a thing!

This point Yun Hua firmly believes!

Chapter 388 He Was Completely Disappeared From Her World

Bo Siqing will use the relationship and human relationship to make Fan Mengying her coach, but she will never use the relationship and human relationship to win her place.

Because during the competition, there is no leave to do, one is one, the second is two, she ca n’t swim, even if there is a quota, it is just a joke.

Therefore, Bo Siqing will never give her hands on the entry quota.

Let her participate in the competition, and even planned her next year’s competition regulations, are all fan dreams …

This shows that Fan Mengying deserves her innate talent and hard work!

Although this month was wasted because of her own death, fortunately, she was completely awakened.

It is not too late!

Yun Hua abandoned all thoughts in his heart and began to concentrate on training.

In the afternoon at 7, everyone else had already finished training and went home. After Yun Hua had a meal and rested for more than half an hour, he continued training.

The hotel was close anyway, she didn’t need to think about going home.

It wasn’t until nine o’clock that she landed back to the locker room to change clothes.

When opening the locker, her first thing was to find her mobile phone.

But turned on the phone …

There was only one missed call, it was mother Jiang Huanqing. In addition, there were no missed calls and no news …

Yun Hua leaned on the closet and took a deep breath.

After a while, she cleaned up, changed clothes, and returned to the hotel.

When returning to his room, Yun Hua turned his head and glanced at the next room, purse one’s lip, picked up the mobile phone and sent a short message to Bo Siqing: [Aqing big brother, I ’m back after training, I ’m tired, I ’ll sleep first Goodnight. 】

Holding a newsletter, Yun Hua stood in the corridor for a few minutes before opening the door and entering the house.


It’s still early, and she wants to code.

To train during this time, she needs to ensure sleep. Fortunately, she had a meal at noon and took a nap for a while, otherwise it would not be enough.

Writing for her is also a kind of relaxation.

I was immersed in the character’s World and imagined that I was in that World. The feeling was wonderful.

You can control the destiny of the character, you can let the story develop as you wish …

Without knowing it, I wrote two chapters.

Yun Hua looked at the time, it was almost 11, you have to rest quickly.

Look at the phone again … Still no reply.

If it wasn’t for the phone call from mother, Yun Hua would even think that this phone has no signal!

After a long day of training, I slept soundly at night.

Early the next morning, Yun Hua trained as usual …

The time of the week is fleeting.

What surprised Yun Hua was that this week, she had never seen Bo Siqing, nor heard his voice, or even heard anything about him …

He seemed to disappear completely from her World.

Yun Hua even feels unreal.

But she knew more about another reality: if he didn’t want to see her, how could she not find him …

This is the gap between them, just like nature.

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