Rebirth Junior High School: The Excelling Top Student Goddess Chapter 2287

At this moment, her heart, like the bones of Zheng Zhu buried under the saponaria tree, was wrapped densely packed by the roots of the towering tree …

But to her heart, he was the towering tree.

His roots have not only densely packed her heart, but even his roots have connected the arteries on her heart.

To remove him from her heart, she had to destroy the heart.

Yun Hua smiled slowly.

Hurry but not, maybe she should slow down a little.

Moisturizing is silent.

This week, she will send him text messages every morning and evening, and even if these text messages are not answered at all, she is always happy.

She still won’t give up, but she can slow down a bit.

If he really wanted to avoid her, and really didn’t want to see her, her behavior would only make him feel bored …

Wait, he’s hiding from her?

Yun Hua froze for a moment.

She didn’t know why the thought suddenly came to her mind, but when the thought appeared, she was really surprised.

He is hiding from her?




She heard the voice of a woman on his phone that day, and she even guessed that he had a great relationship with that woman …

She felt like he was in a relationship.

But it doesn’t feel like it.

He didn’t look like a man in love at all.

Although his attitude towards her suddenly became cold and alienated, but he didn’t know why, Yun Hua didn’t feel strange to him at all …

So why avoid her?

Maybe she should make him quieter.

Since he wants to hide, maybe she should let him hide.

After all, she is too young, and even if she really catches up with him, she can’t do anything, she might as well give him some breathing time …

The second week of training is to continuously test, training and testing each other friendship.

The results of the first test were really not very good.

Yun Hua’s 100, 200, and 400 freestyle results can also be seen slightly.

Fan Mengying only glanced at her and said nothing.

Yun Hua was also under pressure.

She didn’t swim well enough, she knew, because there were still some problems with her exertion, or more simply, she didn’t do her best.

On the tenth day of training, I tested again.

Yun Hua’s achievements have improved, but they are all mediocre.

Fan Zitong, any tour is amazing!

After training in the afternoon, Fan Mengying found her.

“I said before that your innate talent is good, but what I appreciate more is your hard work, the sharp energy in you. But now, I’m sorry I don’t see any advantages in you.”

Fan Mengying said very politely, “If you keep going like this, then you are just one of the mediocre athletes. Champion? Dreaming!”

Tonight, Yun Hua did not increase training.

She was still in the pool, but didn’t think about training.

She has worked very hard. Every night, people leave at 7, but she has increased her training to 9. She has really worked hard, why …

After changing clothes, Yun Hua was carrying a backpack. For the first time, he didn’t return to the hotel directly after training, but wanted to eat.

I want to eat barbecue, I want to eat French fries, I want to eat all kinds of junk food … When passing by a cake shop, the sweet scent assaults the senses, Yun Hua can’t move in an instant.

Carrying a bag close to the glass window of others, watching those exquisite cakes, swallowing saliva constantly.

“Want to eat?” A voice rang from above her head.

Yun Hua looked back, his face suddenly became cold, Qi Ziheng.

Chapter 390 You Are My Fiancée

“How come alone in Jiang?” Qi Ziheng asked.

Yun Hua turned his head again, looking towards the delicate cake in the window, “Is it related to you?”

“Don’t do that, no matter how you are, I’m fiancée.” Qi Ziheng’s voice was smiling.

Yun Hua was like hearing the most ridiculous joke in the whole world, and couldn’t laugh.

For a long time, she turned her head and looked towards Qi Ziheng: “Hurry to the doctor and start talking nonsense.”

Qi Ziheng tickled his lips: “Grandfather went to see Jiang Aunt in person.”

“…” Yun Hua suddenly turned his head, staring sharply at Qi Ziheng, “What did you say?”

“I said, grandfather went to see Jiang Aunt in person, and discussed our engagement.” Qi Ziheng said with a smile, “You are in S City, and after the game, you just go to see Grandfather.”

Yun Hua stared wide-eyed and will immediately call mother on her mobile phone.

Qi Ziheng also had no intention to stop.

Yun Hua dialed mother’s phone and asked directly, “Mom, what is going on with Qi Family? What did you promise them?”

“I didn’t promise anything.” Jiang Huanqing said quickly. “Don’t worry about drawing. You saw Qi Ziheng? That’s the case. Qi Old Grandpa came to me in person two days ago to talk about the marriage contract. The marriage contract was verbally ordered by your grandfather and Qi Old Grandpa, although there is a written statement, but now the society is not allowed. Qi Old Grandpa also said that everything depends on you. If you can agree with Ziheng, Then this engagement is also beautiful. If you can’t get along, Qi Old Grandpa says he wants to recognize you as a granddaughter … “

Yun Hua hung up the phone and stared at Qi Ziheng.

Qi Ziheng put his fist against his lips and chuckled, “It turns out that you really have no interest in this engagement …”

“Crap.” Yun Hua turned away, “I hate seeing you, please don’t show up in front of me, okay?”

Seeing Qi Ziheng, she would think of those bad times.

His gentle traps, step by step, made her mistake him for his life-saving straw, and fell into it step by step, unable to extricate himself …

She doesn’t hate Qi Ziheng, she only hates that stupid self.

She didn’t want to see Qi Ziheng at all.

Qi Ziheng converged with a smile on his face, stared straight at her, and said for a long time: “I can’t figure out why you hate me so much. Did I offend you when I didn’t know? Or Others? I really can’t remember, could you remind me? “

Yun Hua pursed his lips: “I just hate you, can’t I? Why do I have to find out, why should I explain to you? Who do you think you are?”

Yun Hua turned and left.

I was not in a good mood, but it is even worse now.

Qi Ziheng obviously didn’t let her go so easily, and she followed him …

“Qi Ziheng, can you stop following me?” Yun Hua gritted his teeth.

Qi Ziheng was innocent, “This road is not yours, can’t I go?”

Yun Hua coldly smiled, suddenly grabbing Qi Ziheng’s sleeve, and moved towards shouting around: “Grasp hoodlum, grab hoodlum …”

At this point in time, when there are the most people on the road, many people come out to visit, coupled with the famous North Street near Jiang’s side, there are more people at night.

Yun Hua shouted, many people came to see this, and many people rushed over.

Qi Zi was so angry that he reached out and wanted to cover Yun Hua’s mouth.

His Stunt Team makes Yun Hua’s yelling even more convincing. It’s a stinky hoodlum!

“Hey Gao Yang, do you think that girl is the youngest girl in the women’s team?”

“Fuck, really, playing tricks. The rogue is playing on our swimming team, courting death …”

Chapter 391 Swim Genius Seeing Justice

Yun Hua hasn’t responded yet.

Several young men rushed up and turned Qi Ziheng over.

“Have a fight, right? This place dares to play hoodlum with girls!

Gao Yang punched Qi Ziheng for a long time without a word.

Yun Hua discovered afterwards that why these people who rushed up were so familiar … Isn’t this for the men’s team?

She knew the boy who was holding Qi Ziheng’s head. He had a big ear and a loud voice, called Gao Yang.

The other one is thinner, called Lotte, and the other … Zuo Ning?

In fact, Yun Hua only saw Zuo Ning once.

Zuo Ning did not arrive at all during the first week of training. Bai Xue and Ye Min were very disappointed. Their topic was about Zuo Ning almost every day.

So the second week of training began, when Zuo Ning appeared, the two were almost crazy.

Oh no, it can’t be said that they are the problem of the two of them. Obviously, most members of the women’s team are particularly crazy, and the leader knows that everyone’s minds are fickle, so they have arranged a meeting.

The women’s team even went to take a photo with Zuo Ning, even Fan Zitong was no exception! In the end, because everyone was so enthusiastic, the team leader decided to take a group photo! This makes many women’s team members unhappy, after all, they want to take a photo alone.

Yun Hua certainly knows Zuo Ning, a swimming genius. He was once known as the swimming star of China. He set the Asian record of men’s 50 meters and 100 meters freestyle at the Asian Games just ended! Personally won four gold medals in 50 meters, 100 meters freestyle and butterfly swimming!

The point is, this person looks so handsome!

Regardless of the industry, the face is very important. Although everyone says that talent is needed, a good-looking face can really add points.

People are still more subtle now. After a few years, this is the era when Yan is righteous, and Yan dogs go around.

Zuo Ning can be so hot, in addition to his own strength, and that face is also inseparable!

Rarely seen athletes, so handsome.

But for a reborn Yun Hua, there is always a burden to know a celebrity, especially when she knows something about the other person.

Zuo Ning’s swimming career was not smooth.

His starting point is very high. He is only 18 years old this year and has already won the Asian Games gold medal, breaking many Asian records.

But who would have thought that his Qingyun Road would have been ruined by one act of justice.

The former Yun Hua is also a powder of left lemon. After all, left lemon is really great. In fact, the Chinese have never gotten very good results in swimming. The appearance of left lemon is just a flash of lightning in the black night sky. It is particularly dazzling.

In addition, Zuo Ning is a native of Jiangxi and is often regarded as a representative of athletes in Jiangxi, so Yun Hua still knows about Zuo Ning.

For example, she knows that Zuo Ning will have a very good result in the next year’s City Games, reach the Olympic A standard, and successfully get tickets for the 08 Olympics.

But … he failed to participate in the Olympic Games in the end, because at the beginning of 08, in order to save a little girl, he was hit by a car dozen meters away and seriously injured.

A rising swimming star fell.

Yun Hua will not worry about the question of whether to save people now, she will save, but how to save, she is really embarrassed!

Her personal strength is too weak to do anything.

She couldn’t ask for help, let alone explain …

At this time, a police officer from a nearby security booth came over and took Qi Ziheng away.

Yun Hua left the scene surrounded by the men’s team members.

“Thank you.” Yun Hua bowed.

“Xie Han, why do you come out to play alone, just figure it out, and you should call a few friends together.” Gao Yang said with a smile.

“Hey, I remember you practice every night. Why don’t you practice tonight?” Lotte asked with a smile.

Chapter 392 New Friend

Yun Hua froze, “How do you know I’ll practice more?”

Rakuten chuckled, “Who doesn’t know about the team. Everyone knows that the women’s team has a training madness, and every night they practice more. The training attitude is particularly serious and active.

Gao Yang also said with a smile: “That is, you are too desperate. You are still young, and you should pay attention to the training intensity, and you should not overdo it.”

Yun Hua sighed. “I was delayed for a month. Without training, I couldn’t maintain my condition … so I could only practice more. The stupid bird flew first.”

“You’re not stupid!” Rakuten said quickly, “You swim well.”

Yun Hua was surprised, “Have you seen it?”

Lotte lightly coughed and scratched his head: “Just passing by your training area during a break, glanced …”

Yun Hua couldn’t help laughing, it was normal.

But her smile was a bit bitter. “My grades are not good, and my condition is extremely bad …”

“What does Coach Vatican say? I heard that you are a member of Coach Vatican?” Gao Yang asked.

“Well,” Yun Hua nodded, “but Coach Van has been disappointed with me.”

Yun Hua said what Fan Mengying said.

Both Rakuten and Gao Yang look at each other in dismay, and no one knows how to comfort her.

Zuo Ning, who has not spoken at all, suddenly spoke, “If Coach Fan is really disappointed, he will not say anything.”

Yun Hua froze for a moment, suddenly looking up towards Zuo Ning.

Zuo Ning looked at her: “You are too anxious. I can see that you are too eager to succeed and you take your results too seriously. This is correct, but you are putting too much pressure on yourself. You are still young and there are opportunities to participate. Competition. Just exercise. “

Yun Hua pursed his lips and gently shook his head: “No, I want to participate in the Olympic Games in 08.”


As soon as he said this, Gao Yang, Lotte and Zuo Ning all looked at her with a surprised look.

Gao Yang lightly coughed: “Is this goal set too high? You’re only 15, not in a hurry …”

Yun Hua shook his head without explaining anything.

“Thank you, it’s late, I’ll go back to the hotel first.” Yun Hua said with a smile.

“Don’t, you haven’t eaten yet, just eat together. We’ll take you back later. How unsafe is a girl for you, what to do if you run into hoodlum again!” Lotte said quickly.

Gao Yang also quickly nodded: “Yes, let’s go, eat together …”

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