Rebirth Junior High School: The Excelling Top Student Goddess Chapter 2288

In the same business suite next door.

On the semi-circular sofa seat, two people sit opposite each other.

If Yun Hua is here, it will startled.

It has been ten days since she started training in Jiangshi, and she has not seen Bo Siqing.

She absolutely could not think of it. In just ten days, Bo Siqing was completely stunned, like a serious illness!

No, he just walked around the Life and Death Trial before it was really a serious illness, but even if it was so dangerous, his entire mental state was not as it is now …

It’s like a male lion imprisoned, and every cell on his body is filled with irritability, letting people see him think of the battle of sleepy beasts …

A fierce beast who had been hungry for more than ten days before entering the water was still very fierce but weak.

Sitting opposite Bo Siqing was Zhou Shengbei Qian.

He rubbed his eyebrows and looked towards Bo Siqing: “I’ve done all the tests I asked you to do?”

“Yes.” Bo Siqing slowly nodded.

Zhou Shengbei Qian lightly coughed: “Okay, then we can talk about the results.”

Bo Siqing un’ed.

“During this time, you have seen 25 women of various looks, figures, ages, and personalities. The stocks in your aunt’s hands are consumed by you all at once. The one who has been with you the longest is the first girl , But your actual time does not exceed 2 hours, can I conclude correctly? “Zhou Shengbei Qian asked.

Bo Siqing didn’t say anything, it was a preset.

“Some girls are extremely hot and hot, and their clothes are very tempting. Confused, how do you feel about them?” Zhou Shengbei Qian asked.

Bo Siqing’s eyes were cold and there was almost no fluctuation: “Nausea.”

Zhou Sheng Beiqian’s mouth twitched slightly. “Second brother, can we switch to the doctor and patient mode officially?”

“… as far as possible.”

Zhou Sheng Beiqian was speechless, but he never thought that Bo Siqing could truly trust him as a psychologist. In fact, this is impossible.

It’s nothing about brother, not brother, but Bo Siqing has received special psychological training, even captive training …

This means that he can never be open to anyone.

This time he could ask Zhou Shengbei Qian to come over to deal with his confusion, and it was already very difficult. Zhou Shengbei Qian did not expect to open his heart as a psychologist.

“Second brother, have you had an X impulse?”


“How to solve it?”


“Have you ever had X Fantasy?”


“Who? Or some kind?”

“Woman, long hair, delicate and soft skin. Soft, good touch …”

“What about your face? What about your personality?”

“There is no specific image, sometimes it is blank, and the brain is resting while the body is solved; sometimes, the task is tricky, and I want to write a war plan while venting.”

“…” Zhou Sheng Beiqian’s mouth twitched fiercely.

He took a deep breath. “Okay, now, you close your eyes and imagine a female body you are interested in. She is standing back to you. Her hair is very long and the exposed skin is delicate and fair. You When she touched her hand, her fingers were as long and tender as white onions, and her skin felt very good … “

Zhou Shengbei Qian’s voice is very soothing, the rhythm and tone of each word are just right, giving a very real sense of picture.

“Now that you are close to her, you see her chin … What is the shape of her chin?”

Chapter 394 You Are In Love

no answer.

Zhou Shengbei Qian did not stop, but continued to ask, “Going up a bit, is her earlobe round enough?”

“Keep moving forward, is her nose straight? Does her cheek have flesh?”

“What color is her lips? What about her eyes? Eyelashes …”

Before Zhou Sheng Beiqian finished, Bo Siqing had opened his eyes sharply.

He looked towards Zhou Sheng Bei Qian, his eyes were like arrows.

Zhou Shengbei Qian also looked at him and let out his hands helplessly, and he knew that this psychological suggestion could not be done in front of Bo Siqing.

“You saw her, right?” Zhou Shengbei Qian asked.

Bo Siqing did not speak.

Zhou Sheng Beiqian was helpless. “Second brother, if you have any questions, you can directly ask me. You ca n’t be a qualified patient, and I ca n’t be your psychological counselor. Then ask the questions directly. . “

There was a silence in the room.

After Xu Xun, Bo Siqing finally slowly started, staring at Zhou Shengbei Qian: “She is only 14 years old, and she is only 15 years old. I really have a psychological change, right?”

Zhou Shengbei Qian raised an eyebrow, not surprising.

“Second brother, did you watch the videos I gave you?” Zhou Shengbei Qian asked.

Bo Siqing’s brow frowned, and there was no disguise in his eyes, nodded: “Look.”

“What do you feel?”


Zhou Sheng Beiqian nodded: “Yes, normal people will feel sick, because that is a group of real LTP, real perverts. Second brother, do I need to explain to you the diagnostic criteria of LTP?”

Bo Siqing was silent.

Zhou Shengbei Qian took a deep breath and said in a very serious tone: “LPT is a pathological preference for X to satisfy the minors. The first and most important point is that the pre-pubertal Child (usually under the age of 13) repeatedly and strongly exhibits X interests, such as X fantasy, X impulse, or behaviors involving X. This state lasts at least 6 months. Do you tell me, do you have these behaviors? Do you have Do you think of X when you see her? “

Bo Siqing did not answer.

Zhou Shengbei Qian asked again, “Have you ever thought about that kind of behavior with her?”

Bo Siqing shook his head.

Zhou Shengbei Qian continued to ask: “Apart from her, have you ever liked any girl of her age?”

“No.” Bo Siqing gave the answer almost without thinking.

“Then have you ever felt this way about anyone else? It doesn’t limit age and identity.” Zhou Shengbei Qian asked again.

Bo Siqing frowned, and still answered directly: “No one.”

Zhou Shengbei Qian leaned back on the sofa back and relaxed his body. “Second brother, I can understand that you have never felt this kind of affection for her before. So in fact, you don’t know this. What is your relationship, right? “

“You just discovered that you have a good feeling for her, a kind of feeling that you have never had for the opposite sex, but she and your age difference exist, so you are confused, you think you are LTP, is a metamorphosis … … but it’s not the same at all. “

Zhou Shengbei Qiang sighed before whispering: “The real metamorphosis will not care whether it will hurt his target object. Their eyes only have the fantasy and impulse of X. They see themselves Goal, you will think of X, you will imagine the kind of contentment and vent … “

Bo Siqing squeezed his lips, and the fists on his side tightened.

Zhou Shengbei Qian laughed: “Second brother, although you are 19 years old, you have not experienced real puberty. If you have a puberty at the age of 12-18 in ordinary junior and high school, you will find that Girls and boys are prone to have hazy emotions, which is normal. And this kind of hazy emotion is called, early love! “

“Second brother, your early love, came a little late.”

Chapter 395 Thin Second Class

Early love.

Bo Siqing never thought that the word would be used on him.

Zhou Sheng Beiqian stood up and poured himself a glass of red wine, and toasted the engine toast: “Knowing that you don’t drink, I won’t pour you.”

Bo Siqing was still sitting in place, frowns stared at Zhou Shengbei Qian.

Zhou Sheng Beiqian slowly took a sip of wine before lightly said with a smile: “I’m 5 years older than you, but I never feel that there is nothing unwilling to call you second brother, because everything you have is above me But at this moment, we should really exchange the names. I never thought that there was any advantage to being older than you 5 years old, now, cough, finally found out. Emotionally, you are kindergarten-level! “

Looking at Bo Siqing who was a little black, Zhou Shengbei Qian was in a good mood.

“My adolescent age of 12-18 was spent in a real ordinary school. Unlike you, elementary school, junior high school, and high school are all completed in college. You have to know that people have the same psychological and physical It ’s about growing up slowly, and you ’re totally helping with Miao Miao. “

Zhou Shengbei Qian hooked his lips, “In other words, second brother, your mind is mature enough, but your feelings have many regrets! Do you know when I first had a hazy affection for little girls? ? “

Mr. Bo’s slightly wrinkle, listened to Zhou Shengbei Qian’s speech with unprecedented seriousness.

“Oh, my third year of elementary school, 8 years old, let the most beautiful girl in the class be my girlfriend. Of course, she later became another’s girlfriend because of a packet of chocolate.” Zhou Shengbei Qian shrugged “When I was in my first year, I fell in love for the first time. I deliberately borrowed an exercise book with that girl, and then wrote a note in her book to give it back to her … and deliberately borrowed her eraser on her eraser. Write my name. Oh yes, I also engraved the words ‘XX I like you’ on the inside of her desk, but she never seemed to find it.

“Who is XX?”

“Ah, it doesn’t matter … well, it’s actually too long, I really can’t remember her name …” Zhou Shengbei Qian was a little embarrassed, “That’s not the point, the point is that after so many years, I can’t remember Her name and appearance, but I can remember the feeling at that time. Have you ever felt that second brother? “


“That’s not right!” Zhou Shengbei Qian said again, “I really fell in love seriously, probably in the third grade, when I was 14 years old. The English class representative in our class was very beautiful, with two Little dimple, and a pair of tiger teeth, like a little pepper, I wrote her dozens of love letters! “

Zhou Sheng Beiqian’s eyes flashed with excitement. “At that time, I really thought she was so cute. She hated me so much in the beginning. I couldn’t help but tease her and see how angry she was. .I called her home and called her every day. If it was her mother who answered it, I said it was wrong and hung up. If she answered it, I let her guess who I am … cough … … “

Bo Siqing looked at Zhou Shengbei Qian, his eyes were extremely complicated.

“Why do you look at me like this?” Zhou Shengbei Qian was very speechless. “Is this normal? Isn’t that the case for early love for junior high school students? You can ask this kind of thing, there have been more people! Just you This kind has no childhood and adolescence, and has never experienced premature love! “

“Oh no, you have finally started to fall in love now, but unfortunately you haven’t experienced it before, so this emotion suddenly came to you, it scared you stupid! And you were afraid you were a pervert!”

Zhou Shengbei laughed politely, “Second brother, are you believing or not in the matter of early love, any boy in Yun Hua’s class is better than you?”

“I’ve heard that Yun Hua can pile up desk drawers with letters and chocolates every day.”

“A few days ago, Mingqi didn’t say that the high school section was a guy who invited Yun Hua to watch him play in public. No, this is the sign of early love …”

“Second brother, you missed too much.”

“It’s not too late to experience what it means to be in love now …”

Chapter 396 She Is The Missing Part Of His Soul

Early love.

The word sounded so sweet.

For a moment, Bo Siqing only felt that his heart was going to melt.

He took out his phone.

The newsletter box is already full of newsletters from “the painting in my house”.

She sent him many text messages.

But he didn’t return any.

Because he didn’t want to hurt her until he was not sure what went wrong, he even wanted to stay away from her, but he couldn’t bear it.

The near and far distance is probably the distance between him and her at this moment.

Now, Zhou Sheng Beiqian used the word “early love” to perfectly express his mood, and finally allowed him to let go of the burden. Fortunately, he is not that disgusting pervert.

However, he can’t really fall in love like middle school students.

Although there are also many high school students who are the same age and have fallen in love several times, he cannot really treat himself as a high school student and play early love.

He was not afraid of anything but fear of hurting her.

He would never allow his feelings for her to be a weapon for others to attack her.

People in this world are like this. They are afraid of being bullied. They dare not tell him what to do, but they will vent all kinds of emotions to her.

No matter who is right or wrong, the relationship between men and women is almost always accused of girls.

Bo Siqing can fully foresee how much pressure she would bear if he and she had and so on! How much insult and harm she will suffer!

She is still young and he is not old.

They have time, take your time.

He doesn’t want a childish early love without an ending, he doesn’t want an irresponsible early love, he wants more and thinks more!

No one has ever made him feel this way.

It has nothing to do with age, identity and gender.

Only her can make him so confused, so distressed, so difficult to let go.

He believed that she was the missing part of his soul.

She deserves him, treats it with care, and works with her heart.

She deserves the most perfect thing in the world!

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